Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Huniepop In The Real World ❯ Chapter 10: The Hardest Choice I’ve Ever Had To Make ( Chapter 10 )

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“What do you mean ‘if I want to?’” I asked. “Well, you could stay here with us! There’s no problems here!” said Momo, hopeful that I’d stay. This was actually a really hard choice. I could go back to the real world, full of problems, but still amazing, or stay here, say goodbye to my family, but live in a video game paradise. “Oh wait!” I said, “Venus, Kyu. You guys know magic, right?” “No, we’re just called fairies for fun,” said Kyu sarcastically, “It’s not like we brought you into the game or anything!” “Oh, yeah,” I said. “Well, bring my sister in right now, and we’ll take it from there.” Venus muttered something, and then Emma showed up. She was singing The Fall Of Jake Paul by Logan Paul and Why Don’t We while sitting on our couch, which Venus also brought over. Usually, I can’t stand that song, but I just smiled, and started singing along. No matter how corny and annoying it is, it’s pretty catchy. She looked up from her phone, and her mouth dropped open. “Hey, Emma, I need to talk to you about something,” I said, walking over to her. I told her all about what happened today, from coming into the game, to possibly moving here. “WHAT?! Nick, you can’t live in a video game,” she said, after I was done explaining. “I can. There’s this house in the game just called “Your House”. It’s already mine. All I gotta do is switch. And I was thinking...wanna come with?” I asked. “I’m sorry, Nick, but I’m not staying in a game I know nothing about!” she said. “But that’s the good thing!” I said, “Because this game is on the internet, you can go to any part of the World Wide Web you want! Just like in Wreck-It Ralph 2!” “Oh, then heck yeah! I’m in!” she said, “First place I’m going is Y8!” “Okay, Venus, Kyu?” I said, “As long as we’re in the game, make sure nobody remembers us in the outside world. We don’t want anyone reporting us missing.” Venus and Kyu muttered something, then smiled. “There ya go! Now you’re free to stay here and the Internet as long as you want!” “YES!” I yelled, and went right up to Momo. “Momo, would you go out with me? We’ve been through so much together, I don’t think it can end as us just friends.” “Of course!” she yelled, and we kissed. “Our friend Momo is growing up, Chocola,” said Vanilla, matter-of-factly, as always. “Wait, how do you guys know each other?” I asked. “Oh, I was supposed to be in Nekopara because I’m also a catgirl. But, three days before the game’s release they fired me and took me out of the game for no apparent reason,” Momo said. “It was because you are TOO cute,” explained Chocola, “the game was already too cute to begin with. With you in it, people would FAINT of cuteness!” “Anyway, you’re in a better game now,” I told her, kissing the top of her head. “Thanks…” she said, blushing. “Ugh! Nick, enough with the lovey-dovey stuff! Do that later!” said Emma, “Let’s go check out this town!” “Oh yeah!” I said, “Come on, Momo! You can give us the grand tour of Huniepop City” And with that, the three of us ran off to enjoy all this small little town had to offer.


Wait, wait! Don't leave yet! There is an epilouge. Might wanna read that!