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Into the Void

By: Revamp/Melissa Norvell

Chapter 31: A Beautiful Sin


Valentino laid down, flat on his back. He was not transformed into his true form. Rubio laid on top of him with his head on the other male's chest, listening to his heartbeat. Long claws ran lazily through his hair lazily. The both of them laid in the middle of the forest, nude.

Memories of what happened hours before ran through the silver-haired man's head. Valentino was on top of him in his demonicform as he laid beneath him on his stomach. Claws dug painfully down his back as he moaned out in pleasure. The b;ack-haired experiment's cheeks were tinted in red as pure pleasure crossed his face.

Lifting his head, Rubio looked at his boyfriend through hazy eyes and slowly reached up, caressing his face and smiling tenderly.

Slowly, Valentino cracked open his eyes to see the silver-haired man above him, staring down on him with kindness in his eyes. "I told you. I can take a lot of pain."

"You look horrible," red eyes scanned over his lover's body, eyeing the contusions, lacerations and bruises. "You should be glad that you wear a full uniform and not anything revealing." That would have been problematic.

"The important thing is, I'm building a sense of trust with the more wild side of yourself." That was all that mattered to Rubio. He was happy just to have a chance to be able to witness Valentino's wild side. Sure, it battered his body and wore him out, but taking the pain was worth it to him.

"Just because that side of me let you have sex with him doesn't mean that he trusts you," Valentino reminded him. He wasn't going to let Rubio get too delusional over that fact. It was a moment that they co-existed, not a personal conquest.

"I take it you know from personal experience," Rubio could have figured something similar probably happened to him.

"It took a lot for me to agree. I've killed friend and lovers in that form." It was nothing that he was proud of at all. Valentino knew how dangerous his form was and he couldn't stress that enough with his boyfriend.

"The fact that I lived makes it better on you, then. It felt good to do it, actually. I don't feel as depressed as I did before." Being with him like that, and being able to let out his animalistic aggression took a lot of edge from him. Rubio felt at peace, for the first time in a long time.

"Intimacy is temporary relief anyway," Valentino knew their moment of peace wouldn't last forever.

"By the way," Rubio sat up, "I love you, Valentino."

The dark-haired assassin propped himself up on his elbows, blushing a little at the kind words of the silver-haired male, he smiled a little. "I love you, too. I never thought I'd be saying that to you, but I do love ou and because I do, I gave that part of myself to you. I would trust you with controlling it even if you had to use your body to do it."

"I don't mind being submissive to him. There's no way he'd let me be dominant for too long, but it was fun having that struggle. I have to say, you're more exciting than any girl I've ever been with." Just thinking about all of the rough, kinky things they had done in the forest together excited him all over again. Rubio never thought that he would be doing such things with another make, but there he was, taming a savage beast.

Valentino stood, dressing himself, "there are some girls who like that kinky stuff, but most just want to be held or hold you. Women are sensitive like that." Of course, the assassin spoke of the women that he had been close to throughout his life.

"That's what Angora liked to be, cuddled and held..." Rubio's thoughts wandered for a moment at the thought of the lime-haired beauty. Then he looked down solemnly. "I wished she was still alive, sometimes."

It was just then that he noticed the silent male was staring at him. Even though it looked like his typical stare, Rubio could tell that he was glaring daggers into his body. "It's not like that. I wanted her to be alive, but that doesn't mean that I don't care about you."

"I killed her," Valentino stated. "I know that you can't forgive me for that."

After all, he had taken something precious from him.

"I'm used to it," Rubio didn't want him to think too hard over it, especially after he just killed Ryouzonia like that. "In the back of my head, I knew that Ibuki knew about us." It was only a matter of time before they were found out.

"Why did you have an affair with Angora?" If Rubio knew that they would eventually get caught, why would he risk his life like that? Valentino didn't understand his method of thinking.

"Ibuki never treated people humanely. Human being were all the same. They were imperfections that he could make better through experimentation. He would experiment on his own kids if he had them. I'm not even sure if he does or not." For the sake of everyone, Rubio hoped and prayed that he never had children with anyone. He could only imagine the kind of horror that they must have gone through.

"He's participated in DNA experiments," Valentino educated. "I'm sure that he does have some type of clone or test tube child."

"Angora loved science," Rubio reminisced. "Science saved her grandfather by giving him one of the first artificial hearts.It also allowed her to have reconstructive surgery when she was disfigured in a car crash as a teenager. She felt that she owed him her life to the very thing that saved it." Ibuki had done a lot of kind things for that woman, and no matter how badly he treated her, she always felt as if she could never get away from him because of that. Angora felt obligated to stay by his side because of his efforts to make her into the person she was.

"She met Ibuki at a science seminar and the two became friends. They had a common interest in science and Ibuki's strong attitude drove her passion. The two fell in love and eventually married. She dedicated herself to him and lowered herself to abducting subjects for his experiments. She even became an experiment herself."

This was something new to the red-eyed assassin. "I never knew Angora was an experiment."

"There are a lot of things you don't know. You might think you know what's going on, but you really are just an experiment," Rubio knew that he didn't know everything, either but being Ibuki's right hand man allowed him to know more than most.

"Even so," Valentino pulled his cape around his shoulders, "I've found out enough to know a few things. You were his right hand man..." His eyes narrowed, "that means that you were also responsible for my experimentation."

As Rubio pulled his jacket around his shoulders, he looked solemn and tilted his head down. "I knew more than I should have," he admitted. "At the same time, I knew what your job as. You were the executioner of the organization. You but a death sentence on whoever betrayed Ibuki. You were his hell hound; his loyal pet...So I knew you would come after me. That's why I hated everything about you. Even so, I felt sorry for you.

"I heard about the endurance experiments that stretched your limitations. They were torture. He made his scientists perform strange surgeries to empower you or alter your insides. They made you stare death in the eye, push the limit of pain and inject you with horrible substances."

"You knew everything," Valentino's voice was low.

"How could I not?" Rubio turned away as he finished dressing himself. "I knew that you were an incomplete experiment as well. When you were injected during our fight with Shigeki...that isn't the first time you've been injected since you were out."

Valentino said nothing.

"You have to constantly inject yourself with those needles to stabilize yourself. It wasn't just convenient for you, it's something you've been dealing with for a while." As much as the assassin tried to hide it, Rubio knew the truth. There was no hiding that kind of thing from him.

"You're right," his boyfriend admitted. "I do have to inject myself at least three times a day to keep myself under control or the DNA inside of me will convert to that monster."

"You almost pulled off never being found out. You were pretty sneaky, hiding it from everyone." If they would have found out, Rubio didn't know what they would have thought about the assassin.

"You knew all along." Why was he not shocked? Valentino should have known that Rubio knew everything from the beginning.

"I'm a closed experiment, so I've been perfected but you are a whole different breed. You're technically a walking bio weapon. Even as much as I know about you, I don't even know what that creature you transform into is," Rubio thought that doing something sexual with that side of Valentino might have helped him learn more about him, but in all reality, he was mystified even more than he was before.

"I was hoping that you might know, since you knew about some of my experiments." Now, Valentino would never get his questions answered. It seemed the only person who did know was Ibuki.

"I could guess all day long, but I'd probably never be right. I've heard that you have some pretty scary altered DNA. To be honest, I've seen your DNA readings. It's not humanly possible to carry that many prominent genes. Once I heard it was rumored that if they experimented on you enough that you could have a lot of transformations." In all honesty, Valentino was quite strange and powerful as a bio weapon. Rubio couldn't believe that one man could have so many abilities. He had limited knowledge about what all actually went into Valentino's experimentation. While Rubio was involved in it, the entire process was highly secretive and the part he played was minimal.

"Yes, I can transform into 120 different things depending on what I'm exposed to. It's extremely painful to undergo. What you saw was my Berserker form. It's my second most power form, behind Kaizo but no one wishes to see that reborn." Those were memories that the assassin didn't want to relive.

Shock crossed Rubio's face and his blue eyes widened. "You were Kaizo?"

"Yes, I'm Kaizo's vessel," the assassin nodded shamefully.

"That makes sense. When Kaizo is brought up, it's like saying a forbidden word. I never knew what it was. The only thing I really knew about Kaizo was that it killed nearly every scientist who either worked on the INSIDIOUS Project or was a part of it." Just knowing that was enough for Rubio.

"Yes, I'm Kaizo...I just hate admitting it. I won't use Kaizo's power. I'd rather have it die inside of me." There were some things that should never have been introduced into that world, and Kaizo was one of those things. Valentino would make sure that Kaizo never saw the light of day again.

"What exactly is Kaizo?" Rubio was curious, as much as he knew that he shouldn't be.

"Kaizo is a genetically altered section of the brain," Valentino educated. "It's an enhancement of the arebellum in order to make telekinesis a primal function. Kaizo can kill with its mind alone. It's limited in distance and I can only throw large objects and bend human bodies. Kaizo is known as the one-winged reaper of the INSIDIOUS Project."

"I've heard of the INSIDIOUS Project and that it was banned because of how dangerous it was. No wonder they want to kill you or take you back," the true gravity of the situation was settling in to Rubio.

"I warned everyone about me at first. They should have known that I was a hazard." It wasn't as if it was that much of a secret. Valentino had his own way of telling them that they should stay away from him.

"I don't think they knew or cared, really. Besides, we all have the same goal. We needed someone to side with. Why not Sari, Vincent, Agata and Ionna? Let me ask you something," Rubio gave his boyfriend a serious gaze.

"Sure," Valentino waited for his question.

"Is she your blood sister? Since you're an experiment, it's hard to tell if you're biologically related," Rubio had been curious for a while. The two of them were supposed to be twins, and they looked it, but looks were deceiving.

"I thought you knew everything about me," Valentino's words caused the other experiment to narrow his eyes. That was all the satisfaction he needed. "Yes, we are biologically related. I know that for sure."

"Is she after Ibuki for your sake?" Ionna had mentioned that she was after Ibuki when they first met, but Rubio never knew her motives.

"I believe that she has her own reasons. I may be part of it. I'm not sure," Valentino never knew what ran through his sister's head.

"She doesn't know you're INSIDIOUS, does she?"

"No," Valentino shook his head. "No one does, except you."

"So...should we keep it a secret?"

"Right now, I don't really know if it's worth keeping. Everyone knows I can transform, and I don't want another incident like Ryouzonia-" Valentino was cut off.

"With INSIDIOUS, that could come to light. You could kill everyone here." There was no doubting it; Rubio knew that Valentino was lethal.

"That puts a whole new spin on things, doesn't it? Do you see what I was trying to say long ago?" Were things coming together for Rubio after all of this time?

"I didn't know anything like that, since no one ever said who or what INSIDIOUS was," Rubio admitted that he was naive. There was no way that he could have known about something that top secret.

"They didn't want them to know. Do you think they would have wanted to pursue me, knowing I was Kaizo?" That didn't make any sense at all.

"Not even someone like Shigeki has those balls," Rubio admitted that no one wanted the job of taking him down.

"He wasn't stupid. He found out that I was INSIDIOUS during our battle." It hit him a little late, but it eventually soaked into his mind.

"That's why he tried to suicide bomb us." It just hit Rubio. That made sense now. The only way to destroy INSIDIOUS was to kill it, and taking himself with INSIDIOUS was considered an act of heroism among Ibuki's troops.

Valentino nodded. "He knew there was no other way to win but to destroy me. If he would have gotten back to the others-"

Rubio cut him off, "then Ibuki's plan would fall apart."

"Ibuki would have blown him up regardless. He knew that Shigeki was far too smart and would figure me out. That was why he assigned him this mission. Shigeki was just another sad puppet." As much as Valentino didn't like him, to a degree, he felt sorry for Shigeki.

"This changes everything...Given who you are, that did take a lot of balls to let me sleep with you like that. Before I just thought you were being a worry wart, but...you really weren't and I love..." All he could do was senselessly babble as his mind was flooded with all those thoughts. Rubio was truly lucky to even be alive and standing there before him. He could hardly believe all of what he had just talked about with the assassin.

"Still want to risk it? Loving me is more sinful than you can imagine," Valentino's boyfriend seemed as if he was overwhelmed. What was going through his mind right now?

"I won't just dump you because of that. I'll take you some day," wrapping his arms around him, Rubio leaned into his boyfriend. "Besides," he smiled, "I like a dangerous kind of love." His voice lowered into a seductive octave.

"I suppose you do," Valentino closed his eyes.

'I can't believe I'm in love with the INSIDIOUS.' Rubio's thoughts still reeled through his head. It was crazy, and he wasn't sure if it was a good idea or a really foolish one. However, he truly loved Valentino and would make that sacrifice for him.


Sari stared down at the food on her plate. It was half-eaten and she didn't like wasting it, but she couldn't find it in herself to finish it. The girl twirled her chopstick around in some noodles and sighed. "I should eat all of this but, I lack motivation."

"Are you nervous?" Zidane asked her.

"I was just thinking," Sari paused, "about a lot of things."

"Were you thinking about Valentino's transformation?" Loreli knew that question was on a lot of people's minds. She wouldn't blame Sari if it was on hers as well.

"A little," she couldn't deny that it wasn't, "I mean, I knew he was an experiment and Valentino will always be Mr. Silent to me. I know I'll never know everything about him, but I'm okay with that. Besides, who goes around saying everything about themselves anyway?" Sari wasn't going to hold it against him, and she had hidden things from everyone as well. It wasn't like everyone didn't have their secrets.

"Is this about fighting Ibuki and Esta?" Yaritza inquired.

"We barely beat Shigeki. I don't know how we're going to fair against either of those creeps," a lot of things worried the girl, and this was one of the main problems. Valentino's transformation didn't even bother her as much as this subject had.

"Esta will be harder to beat, but I've never been up against Ibuki before," Udo had trained with the female general. He had at least an idea of her fighting style from missions and training sessions but Ibuki was a mystery to him.

"Few have and lived to tell the tale. I've heard that he was powerful but I don't know for sure," Loreli could only go on assumptions and hearsay.

Agata gazed out of one of the windows; the sun's rays kissed her skin as she thought to herself. 'It's always so strange the day after someone dies. It's like the energy in the atmosphere is mourning.'

Vincent put his hands on the window sill as he stood beside of her, and Aeris looked at them.

"Are you hurting over what happened to Ryouzonia?" Vincent asked the white-haired woman.

"I am sad, but people die in battles. No one could have helped it," Agata knew they couldn't be saved, but it didn't make the situation any less sad.

"If you need someone, I'm here you know," Vincent knew that she needed someone right now, even if she didn't outwardly show it.

Ionna sat at the table across from Sari, resting her head in her hand and giving the two an irritated frown.

"I'm not interested in sympathy," Agata turned from the window to leave and bumped into him. Recoiling, she glared up at the smiling bounty hunter. "What are you doing?"

"I want to be the man whose here for you," and he wasn't going to back down now.

"I'm not interested," Agata couldn't out it any plainer.

"Why are you so cold? The least you could do is show me some affection. Let me try for you-" Vincent wasn't going to let the issue go. He loved her, and he wanted her to let him in and stop being so cold to her. Couldn't she see that he was trying for her?

"I've had enough of this! Just shut up already!" Ionna abruptly stood up, balling her fists to her sides with an angry expression.

"Uh-oh," Sari knew what was coming next.

"I'm sick and tired of being ignored," the dark-haired girl walked up to Vincent and glared at him, looking him in the eye. "I exist, you know. I want your attention. I'd like for you to be the one who comforts me. I think you're handsome. I want to be closer to you, but you didn't even care! All you see is someone who doesn't even care about you. For your information, I actually have cried over you before. I'm so glad you can go to sleep every night knowing you treat people like that. You're such a douche!" Ionna screamed, kicking him so hard that the force of her blow knocked him into the wall. His body bounced off of the hard surface and he lay on the ground in the fetal position, holding his stomach.

"You make me sick, and yet, I still like you and I don't even know why," Ionna's fists shook with the emotion that she felt as she looked down on the bounty hunter.

"Ionna..." Vincent was beginning to realize what was going on.

"Sorry I'm not good enough for you. All I ever did was try. I'm sick of being treated like that! Just stop it!" Bringing her fists by her head, she shook in a mix of emotions, anguish, anger and sorrow. He made her want to vomit and yet, she truly loved him and just wanted him to look her way.

"Ionna, I-"

Her expression morphed from angry to sad. "Am I just that horrible? Am I not even worth talking to? Is it because I'm Valentino's twin sister? Just tell me."

"It isn't that," Vincent admitted lowly.

"Then what is it?" Ionna wasn't letting go of this conversation without an answer.

"This isn't a game to me. I actually do love Agata. You guys might think I'm just being stupid, but I'm not," he knew that no one ever took him seriously, but he wasn't just doing it to do it or to be intentionally annoying. He wanted Agata to notice him, to at least pay attention to him and think he was worth something to her. "I don't want to hurt you by making you think that we could be together. I care about you in a lot of different ways, more than you'll ever know."

Each word was like a harpoon being fired into her heart. Ionna didn't know how much more of his rejection she could take. The dark-haired woman tilted her head down, crestfallen.

"Vincent, I respect you but you can't be with me," Agata decided to kill Vincent's hopes where they stood.

"Why?" Vincent turned to the woman in the eye patch.

"Those reasons are my own," her words reached the ears of Rubio and Valentino as they walked into the room. "I value your friendship but I'll continue to deny you." There was really no point in him even trying for her.

"But, I know we can make this work." All he needed was a chance to prove himself to her.

"No, we can't," Agata pressed.

"She doesn't want to be with you, jeez. I know it's not easy to just ditch it but still, move on," Yaritza was tired of watching things fold out like a television soap opera.

"It's not like I can just get rid of the way I feel-" Vincent turned to the female ninja, but was cut off by Ionna.

"Neither can I."

"You don't think this is hard on me?" He was really stressing out. He hated that he loved one girl while another one loved him. Vincent wished all of these problems would go away.

"You seem to take it well," Ionna frowned and crossed her arms over her breasts.

"What did we just walk in to?" Rubio blinked, confused as he stood by his boyfriend. Why did something always happen when they were gone?

"What's going on?" Valentino asked. Whatever it was, it had to do with his sister and that concerned him.

As soon as he asked, Vincent and Ionna began talking at the same time. Both of their pitches were the same, and they were both complaining and screaming at him, talking with their hands and pointing at each other like hormonal teenagers in an argument. This only confused Valentino even more than it did when he walked in to the middle of their conversation. He blinked, and an awkward expression crossed his face.

"Sometimes, its best not to ask," Zidane sighed.

"They're discussing their little problem," Sari commented.

"There's nothing left to say. I'm taking a walk," Ionna turned with a huff to go, but her hand was grabbed. Whirling around, her long ponytail ran across the bounty hunters face as she leveled him with a glare.

"Can I have some time to myself? I want to think about things." It wasn't a promise of doing anything. Vincent just needed to cool off.

"I won't ignore you. I'm glad I got that out. It's about time you knew how I felt." Even if she was just going to get rejected, she couldn't stand it anymore. Ionna had to let him know how she felt.

Just then, arms wrapped around her stomach as Vincent rested his chin on her shoulder. Ionna flinched a little and gasped at the touch. "I'm sorry," she didn't expect that, nor did she know what to do. Ionna looked conflicted as she was held by him. She thought that having a moment like this with him would be like a dream or a romance novel. This moment was anything but.

"We'll...talk later," funny enough, that was all she could say. Ionna pulled away from him and walked over to the door.

"Wait," as soon as her hand touched the door, she was stopped.


"Do you...love me?"

Of all of the things to ask her, why would he ask her that right now? Frowning, she opened the door and walked outside, slamming it behind her.

"Like she would have told you after all that," Sari was amazed at how dense of stupid he was being. Did he not consider her feelings at all? Not that it wouldn't be the first time.

"You don't understand women at all," Yaritza thought he was stupid as well.

"You fail at relationships," according to Sari, he'd never get a date.

"You guy are so supportive, you know that?" Vincent needed friends like that. He didn't know what he'd do without their positive feedback. It inspired him to pursue his future thoughts of dating anyone ever.

"You really are bad with women," Rubio wasn't going to lie to him. Vincent sucked at dating anyone.

"Where have you been?" Vincent put his hands on his hips. Why did he all of a sudden show up? Rubio and Valentino were gone all morning and he just now decided to talk?

"Patrolling the area," it was only half of a lie. "Ibuki still has terrorists there. We have to stay on guard." Valentino hoped that he could avert the subject away from him. He didn't want a situation like the one his sister had just been in...or worse.

"Why does Rubio have claw makes on his neck and hands?" Vincent pointed to the lacerations. Try as he might, Rubio couldn't hide everything.

Thoughts ran through Rubio's head of what happened just moments before. Valentino pinned him to the ground. The loamy soil and blades of grass were pinned beneath his body as the experiment kissed down his neck, lips hot as magma on his skin. Pants, moans and growls echoed through his head as their bodies touched. A searing pain soon turned into pleasure as sweat glistened on their skin. Valentino drug his claws down his neck as he moaned in pleasure, fresh, sanguine blood surfaced on his skin.

"I transformed but Rubio knocked me out to it," Valentino hoped that would be an excuse that they bought. He didn't want to explain their sexual escapade.

"We just had a minor tussle," Rubio noted matter-of-factly. They fought so much in the past that they more than likely would overlook it for their usual quarrel.

"Does that mean that Valentino is unstable?" Vincent was worried. If Valentino transformed before, what made him think that they were safe around him now? He didn't want to end up like the bird woman, even if it wasn't on purpose.

"I should be fine now," the assassin reassured him that no harm would come to them.

"Are you sure?" Bosnia inquired. She didn't want to run into that form again. He was scary, like a demon from a nightmare. In truth, the girl was petrified of him and if she had her way, she never wanted to see that again.

Valentino nodded, hoping to chide her fears.

"You two sure are close," Vincent was a little suspicious of them.

"We've made amends," Valentino was quick to cover for his actions.

"It's weird," Rubio and Valentino had never been close, much less got along. The bounty hunter wasn't quite convinced.

"Leave them alone," Sari butted in. "As long as they aren't trying to rip each other's eyes out, I could care less." Honestly, who cared what the two of them did, or what kind of relationship they had. Vincent, of all people, didn't need to talk about people's relationships right now.

"Didn't anyone tell you not to question the good things?" Yaritza liked the fact that there wasn't any more drama than there had to be.

"The battle took a lot out of me. I'm going to rest and you all should as well. We wake up early tomorrow and move out," Valentino knew that it was more than the battle that made him so tired, but it was only half of a lie that the previous battle wore him down. However, he was still suffering from wearing himself down during it. He wanted to rest as much as he could before they faced off against Ibuki.

They would need all of the help they could get.

'This is it...This is what it all comes down to. Get ready, Ibuki. I've come to settle the score.'

...To Be Continued