Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Muchi Muchi! ❯ Is This a Muchi!? ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Episode 1 Part 1: Is This a Muchi!?
“That cat is so cute! I'll take it!” Saki grinned at the white cat in the cage, trying to escape. The worker opened the cage, picked the cat up, and handed it to Saki.
“She's all yours.” The worker grinned.
Saki thanked her and headed home. At home she placed the cat on the carpet.
“Hello, kitty!” Saki said. “I'm so happy to finally have some company after living alone all these years!” Saki rubbed the cat. “What should I name you though..?”
Suddenly the cat had a light sparkly ball forming around it. “Hmm? What's going on?” Saki touched the ball then immediately pulled her finger back. “Ouch!” she sucked on her finger. The ball got bigger and bigger. Then it popped. The cat was gone. But there stood a girl with white hair. She wore a white tank top with a big blue ribbon in the middle. On her head was a big blue ribbon too. On her two ring fingers were blue rings. She also wore a blue skirt and white boots. Finally, on her arms she wore blue arm sleeves. Her hair was in a long ponytail and she had blue eyes.
“W-w-waahhhh!” Saki screamed. “W-who are you? What have you done with my cat?”
“I am your cat.” the girl said calmly. “I'm a muchi, though! I can transform and battle other muchis!” she said more cheerfully.
“WAIT! Are muchis just anime characters? They aren't real!”
“So you are familiar with Muchi Muchi! The creators never told the fans this, but they came up with the idea when they found out their cat is a Muchi!”
“Wait..so Muchis are…real!?”
“A-a-ahhh!” the girl blocked her mouth.
“Quiet. No one can find out I'm a Muchi. I'll need normal clothes when I go out in public. And I need a name too!”
“Hmm..how about Yuki? You're costume is white..but you have blue too..Ai means indigo right? How about Ai? But then I would leave the white part out?”
“How about Yuki Ai?”
“Perfect!” Saki said. “But I'm going to have to get used to this `Muchi' business..”
“Here's a guide!” Yuki Ai held out a huge book that had “HOW TO HANDLE YOUR MUCHI!” on the cover. “Read every single word.”
“Oh..” Saki sweatdropped and grabbed it. “Well, I guess it'll help..”
The next day Saki woke up smelling pancakes. “I smell pancakes..” she walked to the kithcen and saw Yuki Ai cooking.
“Ohayo, Saki! I made you pancakes!” Yuki Ai held out a plate with perfect pancakes on it. On top was butter and syrup.
“Yummy!” Saki snatched the plate, placed it on the table, then sat down and ate. “Oh, by the way, would you be okay at home by yourself? I have to go to school.”
“You saw Muchi Muchi, right?” asked Yuki Ai. “The muchis got to go to school with the main character!”
“But I have to enroll you first. I'll enroll you today, if it'll make you feel better.”
“Hooray! Yes it does!” she sat down beside Saki with a plate of pancakes. “I can't wait to see what actual school is like!”
“Boring.” Saki told her. “You'll hate it, but I guess you want to go!”
“Who cares? I'll still go!”
Saki sweatdropped. I really just said that so she wouldn't want to go..I think she'll embarrass me!
Commercial Break! (The screen shows a picture of Saki in her school uniform grinning with her teeth showing and her hands held out in front of her)