Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Vacation Girl ❯ Volume One, Chapter Seven: City ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
There came a knock on the front door in the afternoon. Fumio looked and blinked.
“Fergi?” he asked. “What are you here?” She gave him a huge grin.
“Let’s go out today!” the girl said.
“Why?” he asked. She gave him a little giggle.
“You have to get out, silly!” she said. Fergi gently pulled on his arm. He pushed her off.
“What about Sui-Topii?” he asked.
“Take her along too!” she said. “Now come on!”
“Okay, okay,” Fumio said. “Hang on.” He went into the dorm to collect his sister. Fergi waited patiently. In minutes, brother and sister came to the door. She smiled at them.
“Ready to go?” she asked.
“Yes!” Sui-Topii cheered. Her brother nodded. Fergi clapped her hands together.
“Great!” she said. “Let’s go!”
“Yay!” the little girl cheered. The freshman boy sighed. I can’t win here.
Tokyo in high afternoon.
Sui-Topii jogged around the streets, smiling. Fergi and Fumio followed behind.
“See?” Fergi asked. “She likes it!”
“Meh,” Fumio said. She in a deep breath.
“Mmm!” Fergi said. “Such a nice day today.”
“Meh,” he said again. She frowned at him.
“What’s wrong?” she asked. Fumio shook his head.
“I should be doing my debts,” he said. She pouted at him.
“That’s not fun,” she said. Fumio shrugged.
“Sorry,” he said. “That’s how like is.” She leaned all on him.
“Come on!” Fergi said. “Live a little.”
“Can’t afford to,” he said.
“You don’t need money for that,” she said. Fumio frowned at her.
“How so?” he asked. Fergi gave him a little smile.
“Let me show you,” she said. She took him by the hand dragged him further into the city.
“Whoa!” he called out. “Slow down! You’re hurting me!” Fergi didn’t listen. She turned to the child.
“So, where to Sui-Topii-chan?” she asked. The little girl turned to her with a smile.
“Toys!” Sui-Topii cheered. Fergi laughed.
“Okay then,” she said. “To the toy store it is!”
“Yay!” the little girl cheered. Her brother shrugged.
“Sure,” he mumbled. Fergi gently put her arm around his shoulders. She leaned in close to his ear.
“Follow her,” the freshman girl whispered.
“Huh?” he asked. Fergi grinned.
“Just for today,” she said. “Think like a kid.”
“What? Why?”
Fergi laughed aloud. “I have a little bet with you, in fact.”
Fumio blinked at her. “What?”
His crush chuckled. “Tsurimi Fumio! I dare you to see the world through your sister’s eyes!”
The freshman blinked at her again. “Why would I do that?”
Her face came within inches of his. “I don’t know. I might be your girlfriend by fall semester.”
Fumio’s cheeks reddened. “What?” he yelped.
“I will be your girlfriend if you loosen up,” she repeated slowly. He nodded with red cheeks.
“Okay,” he said. Fergi stuck out her hand.
“Deal?” she asked. Fumio smiled and took her hand. They shook on that bet before following Sui-Topii into the toy store.
Sunday Afternoon