Other Fan Fiction ❯ 2003 ❯ VI-VIII ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Winston made it to the room above Mr. Charrington’s shop. He placed Willa there for the time being. It was not safe to hide her in his apartment. Now the only problem was, should he stay with her or not.
When Winston opened the door, he found Willa sitting on the floor. She was setting up thirteen black dominoes evenly. Winston walked over to her. Willa looked up to see her father standing over her.
“Hi dad.” she said. Winston looked at the line of dominoes. “What are those?” he asked. “Dominoes.” Willa answered. “Come and sit. I’ll show how to play.” Her father complied. “Now,” Willa began. “You knock down the very first domino and the rest fall as well.” Then, she pushed down the first one and rest fell.
Winston was amazed. “Impressive.” he said. Willa just grinned. “You know,” she went on. “While you were out, I began to play with these. As I was doing so, I began to think, these dominoes are like the Party.” As Willa spoke, she set up the dominoes again. This time, Willa added more. Winston began to see her logic. It did make sense that these small black blocks of plastic were the Party.
When Willa was done, she had made a circle around them. She turned to her father. “Now it’s your turn.” she said. Winston paused. “Me?” he asked. “Yes,” Willa said. “You can even pretend they are Big Brother.” Winston just eyed her. This was defiantly Julia’s daughter. They both had danger in their souls.
“Just knock down anyone of them.” Willa spoke again. Winston reached out to one of the dominoes in front of him. He hesitated at first, but then, he pushed it down quickly. In an instant, the rest collapsed down one by one. Strangely, Winston found delight in this game. Both father and daughter were amused when the last domino fell.
“Willa,” Winston spoke up as she set up the dominoes again. “Yes?” she asked. “Where are you from?” her father asked. “North Country.” Willa answered. “Ah.” he said.
North Country was a province in Belgium. It had declared independence from Eurasia five years ago. It was a bloodless political battle. But North Country won out. They were strictly capitalist. Different things were always in demand to sell. Right now, red diamonds were in high demand.
The people of North Country were almost free. Women held high-paying jobs, couples could marry and divorce, technology was advanced, people could have feelings and say what they wanted, truth was allowed, and all forms of media were free. But there were some catches. Belgium had constant energy crisis and had strict power limits during the day.
Winston noticed his daughter’s engagement ring. He took her hand and looked at the ring. He took her hand and looked at the ring. “Do you like it?” Willa asked. Winston couldn’t speak. This ring was too beautiful for words. Winston began to understand why North Country was red diamond crazy. “Brian gave it to me.” Willa said. Winston looked up from the big rock at his daughter. “Who’s Brian?” he asked.
“Brian is my fiancée.” Willa answered. “This is why I am here. I want to invite you to the wedding.” Winston froze. “Your wedding?” he asked. Willa nodded. Her father didn’t know what to say. “Uh…” he began. Winston didn’t know how to answer. He wanted to go but he couldn’t leave.
Willa placed her hands on his. “It’s all right.” she said. “I’ll give you time think on it. Now, you should go. It’s better that I get caught then hanging both of us get caught.” Winston felt better. At least now, Willa was quick to understand. “Okay then, good night.” he said at last. “Night.” Willa said.
Willa watched Winston leave. Once he was gone, she put away her dominoes, undressed to her underwear, and went to bed.  


Brian was not so swell. Julia was breathing fire. One single word could send her into a tirade. Brian was praying “Hail Mary” in silence. The trip to the tube was an awkward icy still hell-ride. And that was just on the way there!
Brian tried to call Willa Julia caught him. “Dial a single key and you’re dead!” she hissed. “Yes ma’am.” he whimpered as he put his cell phone away. Julia watched him like a hawk.
Brian about texting Willa but was caught up on how to do so without Julia watching. Why didn’t he talk his girlfriend out of meeting her father?
On the tube, two women passed them. Brian looked destitute at them at them. “Please don’t ask! She will bite!” he seemed to say. Julia shot a death look at the ladies. The women rushed away.
Brian hung his head. He was in hell now. He hated to see the outcome of this one. “Willa,” he thought. “I hope you are okay where ever you are!”  


Winston was dreaming again. He was walking home in the heavy night. An icy feeling was in him this time. Willa was by his side as well. Even though things were tranquil, something was amiss.
Then, Willa stopped cold in her tracks. Winston stopped with her. “Dad,” his daughter spoke in a strong tone. Winston kept silent. “What would you say if I were to die right now?” Willa asked. “What do you mean?” Winston asked.
Then without warning, Willa shoved him away. Her father was confused. Willa turned around to face the firing squad. She held out her arms with her fists clinched tightly. She parted her lips and mumbled something. This time, Winston heard what she said.
“Daddy, I forgive you.” Willa murmured. Then, gunshots rang out into the dead night and Willa fell back into a pool of her cold blood. “Willa!” Winston yelled as he raced to his dying daughter. He held her close. Willa mumbled something inaudible and died.
    Winston awoke in a cold sweat. A swarm of worry swept over him. He had to check on Willa. So, Winston got up, got dressed, and rushed to the antique store in a heartbeat.

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