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Chapter 3: Evidence and Tasks

***Frank's POV***

After we disbanded from the meeting, I removed my jacket, then looked at the slab markings on the ground. It had to lead to the church conspiracy I had to find after all.

Then, I saw a foot near one of the slabs, replying, "Please stay off the slabs, okay? You're interfering with my research."

Then, as the voice prepared to speak something, I stopped and glanced, "Wait...wait...waaaaaait..."

However, I groaned, saying to the person whom arrived, Lilli, "No, nothing. I thought I detected a resonance echo on the floor. And where there's a resonance echo in a floor, the hollow space can't be far. A crypt or a hidden pool salon. For Templars with outrageously hip hairstyles."

"What?" she asked in confusion.

"Your question is completely justified: what would Templars be doing in a pool salon? It's just one of the countless mysteries surrounding the Templars. Where did they come from? Where did they go? Did they get a group discount ticket for their journey? And who was their hair stylist? There's just one answer to all these questions. The great Church conspiracy!"

She looked more confused as I continued, "And we can be certain that the evidence is buried beneath these stone slabs. If only I had the right tool to dig it up. Ahem. Find it."

She prepared to speak before I hushed her, saying, "Shhh for a second."

I tapped another slab, though no echo was heard. I looked a bit annoyed, realizing nothing was there.

I then frowned, glaring at Lilli, stating, "Oh great! If there's just been a landslide in the Templar's subterranean crypt, then now I've missed it. How the hell are you supposed to uncover Church conspiracies if you keep getting interrupted?!"

My hand was on my face as I sighed, "Just the constant stream of people going to confession is getting on my nerves! But compared to you, they're as quiet as church mice. I have no idea who they are. They creep into the confession booth and only come out when it gets too noisy for them. All that will be over with as soon as I have the right tool for any excavation, anyway."

"Church Conspiracy?" she asked me.

"Sorry, Lilli," I replied, "but I'm just not interested in small talk. All I care about are Church conspiracies. There's a lot to talk about there, but unfortunately, most of it's secret and without the right tool, I won't be able to uncover the secret."

I then pointed outside as I shouted, "So either you go and get me the tool I need or you just leave. That would be fine with me too."

Besides, I don't like it when anyone, especially Lilli would just stand there and do nothing. I mean something was wrong with Lilli today. She looked as if she couldn't speak anyway, but I rather get my conspiracies finished though.

Then, as I heard her trying to speak about the stones, I only frowned, "SHHH!! You're destroying the holy illuminescence of the stone slabs and if they lose their illuminescence, they certainly won't be in the mood to reveal their secret anymore. And there's no doubt that they have a secret. I know Templar symbols when I see them."

I patted one of the slabs, continuing, "Where there are Templars, a secret crypt with details on Church conspiracies can't be far. If only I had the right tool to drill them out, then all I'd need to know is which slab to drill under to get my hands on the Church conspiracy...if it's one that has a neck because there are those with a neck and those without."

I then saw Lilli showing me something. A jackhammer, of all things. She must have stolen the key from Mother Superior and stole a bunch of items in the cellar. Meh, I bet it was probably worthless junk otherwise.

However, I took the jackhammer as I smiled, "Ah, very good. That's exactly what I need. Now if I only knew where to drill, but such knowledge was probably lost long ago. No one is old enough to still remember the age of the Templars. Otherwise, I'm sure I'd have long since had that Church conspiracy by the scruff of its neck. Oh well, I'll just start."

With that, I placed on some soundproof earmuffs, then began drilling the ground a bit. Or at least close by the slabs. After all, I didn't want to destroy anything without knowing where to dig anyhow.

I wasn't sure how long I dug for, but for a long while, I continued digging. Nothing was going to stop me from getting what I needed.

Then, I saw Lilli arriving with a book, glancing, "What's the matter now?"

Then, to my notice, she held the book I was hoping to search for: The Templars Conspiracy one!

"My goodness! That does look very interesting." I said, examining the book carefully.

"Let's see...hmmmm...At least those are the same symbols as on the stone slabs, but the patter is full of gaps." I nodded, "I'm a pro when it comes to riddles. That's why all I need is a single glance to be able to declare, without a doubt, that...YES this is a riddle, but the solution's page seems to be missing. This book is useless to me like that. Unless of course, YOU have the solution."

I watched as she was playing with the symbols randomly in the book. What was she doing? This wasn't a game, you know.

However, I saw the symbols forming before finally, I noticed something, placing the X on one of the symbols as I spoke with glee, "YES! YEEES!! That has to be it! I have solved the mystery! Thanks for holding the book all this time. You're blocking the way. May I?"

I took the book from Lilli before placing it near the pew. I then dug a hole in one of the areas, then uncovered the hollow ground. To my surprise, I saw what I needed.

"Wow! If these bones aren't evidence of a Church conspiracy, I'll eat Tom Hanks' double chin. And what's that?" I spoke to myself, quickly digging more.

"Hey! This just keeps going!" I said, continuing to dig more and more with the drill, "Let me just drill through this stone slab and..."

I kept drilling before noticing a sword on the ground, gasping, "But that's...a sword! A real Templar sword! It's incredible!"

I tried pulling the sword out, struggling as I grunted, "Man, it sure is wedged in tightly. I hope that isn't a load-bearing structbeam."

Finally, the evidence I needed. However, when I drilled and pulled out the sword, the last thing I saw...was the cross coming toward me as I realized too late what my conspiracy searching had led to...

***Shy's POV***

There we were, hanging by the side of the window near Edna and Lilli's dorm room when Lilli approached.

We had a bit of talking about Riot Girl and trying to cheer Lilli up. However, she looked more depressed or blank to my vision.

Eventually, she arrived back with, to our horror, a bomb.

It was thanks to Suka's quick thinking that I'm still alive. And yeah, we may hate authorities and such, but we somewhat well, we hate Lilli even more so, even by turning to the teachers.

Suka decided to leave me in the halls to think away the disaster that almost killed us at the swing. For some reason, I felt like it would be the last time I would see her alive.

After a while, I noticed Lilli approaching me. Sure we disliked her, but sometimes she had some nice things to give to us.

"Oh! Hello, Lilli." I said to her, "I was just thinking of Riot Girl. Riot Girl is totally cool because Riot Girl wears Shibuya clothes. Don't you think that's totally fascinating!?"

She wanted to speak something before I continued, not listening, "Suka also thinks that Riot Girl is totally cool. And Suka likes Shibuya too. Shibuya is totally cool, don't you think so too?"

The girl prepared to say, "Erm-"

"Yeah, it certainly makes you think. I think way too much about things like that. My brain is getting all fuzzy." I interrupted, "But Riot Girl is cool, right?"

She sighed, leaving the room. She was probably off doing some meaningless tasks for Edna again. I mean I hope it doesn't involve hurting me or worse.

Finally, after a short while, Lilli approached me with a letter as I noticed, "Oh! What fabulous thing do you have there? Is it for me by any chance?"

It looked like she hesitated before she nodded. Seemed like she was jealous of my crush on Capu, I bet.

Finally, I took the letter, opening it before I gasped. It was a love letter, and it was from Capu!

"Wow!" I grinned, "It's from Capu!"

I read the letter carefully before smiling, "A date? How exciting! I have to put on more glitter."

With that, I left, placing on some glitter and such, getting ready for my date with Capu.

Today was so exciting for me, I don't know what could possibly go wrong.

***Capu's POV***

I watched Shawny take the recipe from Mother superior, pocketing it like he owned it. He shouldn't have gone and done that to her. I mean after all, she was just a kid.

Lilli was then left on her own as I stayed by the door where the gargoyle clock resided, sighing.

There were so many things on my mind, especially on Shy. But how would I tell her how I felt?

Then, I saw Lilli approaching before she prepared to speak. Whatever she had to say, I think I know what she was gonna say anyway.

I spoke to cheer her up a bit, interrupting her, "Lilli! Nice to see you. I hope Shawny didn't upset you too much. He's an idiot. I think you're great just as you are."

It looked like it worked as Lilli was smiling with a sigh. I guess that did the trick.

Finally, I watched her depart, leaving the area before I slowly wrote my letter to my special someone. I wanted to deliver it myself, really I did, but sadly I'm kind of a bit shy around her.

After a while, I spotted Lilli walking around before quickly speaking, "Psst. Lilli. I really have to task you something. Do you like me?"

She nodded as I continued, "Thank goodness. I wasn't really sure because there's something on my mind."

I looked away, continuing, "It's...it's about my feelings...and I'd like to ask you a really huge favor...would you do something for me?"

The girl gasped, grinning and nodding as I smiled, "Really? Wow. I'm so excited."

I sighed to myself as I continued, "Okay, calm down, Capu. So...would you..."

She looked eager as I showed the letter, continuing, "Give this letter to Shy?"

Lilli looked a bit stunned when I asked her that. Seemed that she had her own crush on me. I guess I couldn't blame her for that.

Reluctantly, she nodded as I spoke, "I really have to meet her. So, could you just give her the letter?"

She took the letter, looking heartbroken as I continued, not noticing, "Man, that's soo cool of you. You're really the best, Lilli."

Finally, I watched her leave. I hope Shy got my letter. I mean after all, I am hoping that it would at least give us some time alone.

Later on, Shy approached as we both went out to the balcony, both looking awkwardly and trying to figure a conversation. I mean would she want a date, a movie, or what?

All of a sudden, as we heard the clock struck, the final thing any of us saw was a gargoyle statue about to fall downward to us.

***Shawny's POV***

After Mother Superior's meeting, the guys and I stayed at the stairway before that creepy Lilli approached.

There, we confronted her and I stole the recipe from Mother Superior. Ha, she was going to get what she totally deserved.

After we left the convent, I was outside near the well, setting fire to some ants. Then, I heard a familiar voice.

I turned and saw her, Lilli. The girl who was going to try to get the recipe back.

"Ooooh!" I mockingly began, "Look who's coming to get her recipe back. If it isn't our little goody two-shoes, Lilli. You better split before I tie your shoelaces together or worse."

The brat prepared to speak before I interrupted, showing the paper, "Oh you REALLY do want the recipe back, don't you?"

I fake pondered a bit, continuing, "Well, I didn't know that. Just give me a sec so I can wrap it up for you with a bow."

The girl grinned before I scoffed, "Pfft! You soooo don't have a clue, do you? Get lost, Lilli or I'll be forced to call you names."

She prepared to speak before I laughed, "Ha-ha-ha! Yeah, I'm a real bad ass! Just face it: You're not tough enough to make any demands around here."

She growled as I smirked, "Well, well, well, what's this? Is this you standing up for yourself? Ha-ha-ha-ha. Just look at you, Lilli. With your bow and your braids. You don't actually think you can stand up to a bad boy like me, do you? I was playing with matches before you'd said your first morning prayer. How could I ever take someone like you seriously? Do you know how to spit cherry pits or hunt sparrows with a slingshot?"

I rolled my eyes, continuing, "Just face it: You'll never be as tough as me and that means you won't get your recipe either."

She sniffed as I noticed, mockingly speaking, "What? Now you're upset? Did the nasty boy bother you again?"

She nodded while I laughed, "You're such a crybaby."

"Uh-" she began.

However, I quickly interrupted, "Tell me, how come you've even dared to come here, anyway? You know we're not allowed to play in the garden anymore. Or did Mother Superior send you?"

I frowned, crossing my arms, "You can tell your beloved Mother Superior that I don't give a damn about her stupid rules. Ha! But I bet you're too scared. You're scared of your echo, right? And you should be, because one day, when you least expect it, who knows. You might turn around and see that someone has stolen your milk! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

Finally, as I turned away, lighting the cobwebs near the well, I heard some sort of rustling, then firing before a splat was heard. However, when I turned around, I gasped in horror, noticing what I saw. A dead corpse near the bench!

In fear, I began shivering. What the hell did Lilli do to that thing?! Was she really a psychopath or something!?

At that moment, I was given something for my mouth, quickly taking it and lighting them.

For odd reason, I felt as if I calmed myself practically well...so well, I feel like my life was going...

(End of Chapter 3)