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Chapter 4: Lilli the New Test Subject

***Lilli's POV***

After I decided to go with "Edna's Plan", I left to pursue my tasks. As I did, I helped most of the other kids around.

At one point, I met an old man who needed help remember something about the Templars. Plus it'd probably stop Frank from digging once he finds what he was looking for.

However, I didn't realize about that weird thing that Suka and Shy were screaming about, so I got rid of it and took the hairpin.

For a long while, I went around the covent, doing many tasks while trying to figure a way to trap Gerret. After helping Frank, I managed to trap Gerret inside the secret compartment.

I didn't feel glad to do it, but it's what Edna would've done.

Later, I returned and told Edna about me trapping Gerret. She started to smile about it. I hadn't seen her that happy since we first met.

"So Gerret is out of the picture." she said, "Very good, but I'm still in danger. Before I can leave the convent, youhave to help me cover my tracks. The doctor can't find out that I was ever here. Could you do that for me?"

I nodded as she grinned, "Great."

She began to ponder, "Let's see...first you have to get rid of the balloon that I left in the main hall. It even has my portrait on it. The doctor would recognize me immediately. I also played with firecrackers down by the school clock. Let's just say it was part of a weather experiment. And I would have succeeded if I'd had a real Delorian. You can't imagine how hard it is to get a lawnmower up to 80 miles per hour. And of course you have to remove the inscription on the swing tree. It hurts me just as much as you, but I could hardly leave the doctor better evidence that I was here than that. Do you think you can handle all that?"

I nodded to her before she smiled, "Thank you, Lilli. You're the best!"

Then, as I left, Edna ducked back into the covers once more.

As I went around the covnent, doing more tasks and getting the recipe back, I one time encountered a frustrated clown. He looked pretty bitter about performing here, apparently. At least he wasn't Doris. She sometimes scares me.

However, as I was almost done with the tasks and had retrieved the recipe I needed, I kept noticing these potato gnomes appearing randomly, painting pink paint over something. I don't know what, but they must be doing something important.

Finally, when I finished retrieving what I needed, I went back to Edna, trying to explain to her.

However, the worried girl only spoke, "Lilli! Thank God. I have a new and much more serious problem. I can't find my diary anywhere! And all my escape plans are written in it! I even drew a map where I marked my hiding place. So forget about getting rid of the evidence."

"Um-" I prepared to speak.

"No, no. Just forget it! It wasn't THAT important anyway."

I groaned in frustration, annoyed I went through all that trouble for nothing.

"The diary is now top priority. Please, help me look for it. If Mother Superior gets her hands on it, I'm done for. It has to be somewhere around here..." she said, ducking back into the covers.

Though someone would probably have mentioned what I knew I would do, I actually didn't know what to actually do. At least for Edna anyway.

However, when I left the bedroom, I saw the pigeon that had the diary, quickly trying to take the book. However, it flew toward the roof to Mother Superior's office. This was not good I thought as I sighed and darted off.

I have to hurry and not only get the diary, but also destroyed the rest of the evidence like I did with the inscription.

Finally, approaching the office, I saw Mother Superior petting her cat, Lumpy, before noticing me.

"Ah, there's the missing child." she frowned as usual, "I was beginning to hope you had been eaten by a wild animal on the way, but at least you've brought the food. I have to finish a few tasks now. Feed Lumpy while I'm gone and don't even think about leaving the office before the work is done."

Finally, I watched her leave. I then snatched up the roast duck, sighing in frustration as I showed it to Lumpy. However, the cat turned away from it.

It figures that she got the recipe backwards.

I gave it to the piranha plant nearby, letting it devour it before the dumb waiter showed the cat food. THIS was what was I was trying to feed it in the first place: Pigeon flavor cat food.

Sometimes, I wish I could understand Mother Superior.

After taking the can of cat food, I fed the cat whom gobbled it up. Why must the nun be so difficult sometimes?

The cat looked upward, wanting to climb to the roof, I guess. So I used the embroidery of the unicorn to help the cat go up.

When I looked up as well, there on the beams was the pigeon with the diary I needed.

Maybe I could use the balloon and fireworks to scare it off, I thought as I light the fuse.

Finally, the pigeon, noticing, only snatched the items, quickly leaving. Ugh, getting the diary was going to be more difficult than I thought.

***Mother Superior's POV***

I had just finished the last of my tasks before arriving to my office. There stood Lilli, looking blank and stupid as ever. I could never understand her Autism or learning disorders.

I then looked at the empty bowl that was licked clean, glancing a bit.

"My goodness. I see that Lumpy has finally had her meal. Why, this is quite a surprise. Perhaps all hope is not lost for you yet, after all," I said to her before pointing to the door, "And now leave me alone."

Finally, I watched her go. She did what she was asked to do and there was no need for her anymore.

When she was gone, I turned to the window behind my desk, sighing a bit.

"Maybe I was too strict with the girl and her fellow students," I said to myself, "They're only ch-children, after all."

After all, I couldn't understand why I had to be even more strict than usual, but they needed the discipline to learn from their mistakes. However, seeing Lilli had finished her task, it was giving me some second thoughts.

Finally, I looked up to the sky, asking to my Lord, "Was I too hasty, Lord? Should I stop Dr. Marcel from coming before he tries his new..."method"...on the children? Please, give me a sign!"

I waited, looking for a sign before I saw something.

"What's this?" I asked to myself, fixing my spectacles.

To my notice, I saw a bird flying with something in its mouth. One of them shaped like a balloon of a sort or something.

I then looked up as I continued, "A dove or at least a pigeon of peace? Is this your sign? Should I spare the children?"

I began to smile a bit as I started to say, "Oh Lord, thank you, I-"

However, before I could finish what I was about to say, an explosion happened. I had noticed the bird was blown up.

Dear Lord! I thought as I watched the horror.

"What?!" I shouted in shock, "That ch-ch-ch-"

So it was official: I shouldn't call off the doctor. In fact, Lilli would be the first to go through the proccess.


However, she had not arrived as I continued, "Where the Holy Hell has that brat gone off to?!"

***Gerret's POV***

I couldn't believe what had happened: I was locked in the front way to the secret headquarters where I could listen in. I had a feeling this was Edna's work.

Oh Edna, why must you be so suspicious of me? I thought as I struggled with the front door.

It was after an hour of struggling that I had just remembered that there was a backway from where the dorms were leading out of this place. I would have to act fast and quick.

As I made my escape, I thought I saw Edna running from the convent. Seems my suspicions were correct: Edna was running off once more and this time to probably stay away permanently.

It wasn't easy being undercover, you know. I had to make my fake background and everything just to make Mother Superior and the students be convinced that I was a new student as well.

Anyhow, after unlocking the front door to my secret hideout, I heard the screams of Mother Superior. Seems like things were about to be horrifying if Lilli or Edna stayed any longer.

Quickly, I made my way to the controls, overhearing what I had hoped NOT to hear: The voice of Dr. Marcel. Dr. Marcel had arrived to the convent and he was planning to use his method on the children. I had to get them out, IF I could find any of them.

When I made my way through the backway exit of my secret headquarters, I saw Lilli, near her dorm. I could at least get to her right now.

"Pssst! Lilli!" I shouted to Lilli whom looked confused, "Hurry, this way!"

She looked a bit reluctant as I approached her, continuing, "The doctor and Mother Superior are already hot on your heels."

I pulled her into my HQ. When we entered, the girl looked surprised at what she saw.

"You're probably asking yourself what kind of strange place this is, right?" I asked her, "But there's no time for explanations now. Come on! Hurry!"

Quickly, we left the room, exiting the entrance from the confessional.

"Stop dragging! Let's go!" I shouted quickly as both of us hurried. We had to make it as quickly as possible before we were both caught.

We made our way to the main hall, though I heard voices.

"Stop!" I spoke quietly, halting her from the exit as I pointed, "Look. That's Dr. Marcel with Mother Superior."

I sighed in relief, replying to her, "I don't think they've seen us yet."

We waited until both left the area. That was close, I thought as I turned to Lilli.

"Let's go!" I ordered, "This is our chance!"

Quickly and swiftly, both of us left the convent area, hurrying to where the tree once was. However, the gate was locked up tight. There was no way I could go without leaving someone behind. However, as an officer, I rather not do that.

Until then, I hid behind the bushes, waiting for the slow girl to approach. Then, when I saw her, taking out a map from the burned up diary, I approached her, preparing to take her.

"Psst! Lilli! Hide! Dr. Marcel and Mother Superior are coming!" I quickly whispered.

However, I noticed them approaching, jumping away as I shouted, "Oh no! Too late!"

Finally, I remained in my hiding place, ducking and hoping the coast was clear. However, all that was heard from outside the bushes was the sounds of electricity and Dr. Marcel's laughter.

Ugh, why did my job have to be so complicated?

***Marcel's POV***

I arrived at the convent, being led around by the nun. She was informing me how cruel and unorthidox each child was, especially this Lilli.

Thankfully, with the experiment I had finished with the newly recent 8th restriction, that would not be a problem here.

However, we saw no sign of Lilli nor of the other students in any of the bunks. This was very peculiar, I thought as I smoked my pipe.

"She isn't in her bunk, but she can't be far." she obviously told me.

I frowned a bit, glaring, "I'm surprised that you tolerate this kind of insubordination in your convent."

"I'll have the entire grounds searched for her immediately."

"Do that." I ordered her.

Finally, when she left, I began pondering, "All of this seems unpleasingly familiar to me."

Then, I heard the door slam. I looked out the window a bit as best as I could with my good eye, noticing Lilli and another person running from the convent.

Quickly, I shouted, "Mother Superior, I know where Lilli's going!"

Outside, we made our way to where the tree once was and gate were with only Lilli nearby where the tree once was. Apparently, Lilli looked more confused.

"There she is!" she snapped, pointing at her.

"Ha! You probably thought you could escape my examination, hmmm? Or is there another reason for disobeying Mother Superior's instructions?" I glared at her.

She nodded a bit as I waited, "Well? Let's hear it. Entertain us."

The girl prepared to speak, but my impatience only spoke out, "This is taking too long for my taste."

With that, I took out my taser gun, firing and hitting the girl, knocking her out. She was to be subjected to my experiment, just like my assistant who's oddly embracing one of them.

"Was that really necessary?" she asked, interrupting my train of thought.

"Not really, but it brought some satisfaction to an old man who has had to deal with defiant children one too many times." I told her.

We then pulled the girl, departing back to the convent and Mother Superior's office. This final restriction WILL be the key to stopping everyone, even my assistant back in town.

If she is in love with who or what I think she's in love with, then this would end her silly affections for it once and for all...

***Harvey's POV***

I had wait a long time in the box, waiting, acting eager to be used.

For you see, I had been modified to be polite and never question the good doctor's word. After all, my new eyes made me see clearly...I believe I am sane now, or at least that's what he would tell me.

Finally, I felt an arm pulling me out of the dark box, taking me out. To my notice, I saw a girl. A blond girl in bow being awakened.

"Doctor?" I quietly asked my new master, "Who is this?"

"This is our new test subject." The doctor said quietly to me.

"But doctor, don't we always used your assistant for testing?" I asked politely, trying not to talk like I was contradicting, despite it being bad.

"I thought I try someone new. Besides, a child works better than an adult any day, don't you think?"

Softly, I nodded as I spoke, "Of course, doctor."

Finally, as Lilli awoke, the string on my belly was pulled as my eyes glowed, shooting my glowing hypnotic eyes toward the new test subject.

As I did, my voice box activated, saying the seven old restrictions and the last one the latest new restriction: "You must not contradict adults. You must not lie. You must not play with fire. You must not use sharp objects. You must not touch alcohol. You must not hang around dangerous places. You must not lose control. And you must never follow your own wishes."

Her eyes began spiraling as my voice box continued, "Woogie woogie!"

She squeaked a bit as my voice box continued, "Woogie woogie!"

"Oooogiiiie." the hypnotized girl spoke, looking very dazed.

Finally, I was pulled down by the good doctor. After all, he had saved me from drowning in my own suicide.

For you see, I was given replacement eyes. I was reluctant and scared at first, but when I awoke, Dr. Marcel had helped me. He had started helping me become sane.

He even tested my new abilities on a girl. He couldn't tell what was actually going on, but I could...ever since I started hypnotizing her with the restrictions, she was doing the one thing that Dr. Marcel never understood...she was falling in love, with a restriction block.

However, unless she found a way, I knew this was going to end up in heartbreak.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the doctor, smirking, speak, "Pah! Woogie, indeed! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ha."

As he put me down, Mother Superior asked him, "And? Did it work?"

"We'll find out in a moment." He spoke to her.

He then turned to the girl, asking, "Lilli, I'm sure you can tell me who's responsible for all the chaos in this institution."

"Oooogie." Lilli only spoke.

"Ahem, the chaos, Lilli! Who's responsible?" he demanded.

In anger, the nun snapped, "Now start talking, you useless ch-ch-"

"Remain calm, Mother Superior." the doctor ordered, "She will answer. She'll answer."

He then turned back to her, continuing, "Do you know the answer, Lilli? Who's responsible? You can tell me, can't you?"

Then, I watched as the girl whispered to his ear, telling him all she knew and truthfully. After all, lies were bad right?

At that moment, the doctor looked surprised as the nun asked, "What's going on? What did she say?"

Finally, the doctor glanced, asking her, "This case is more complicated than I thought. It's eminently important that you tell me something...Do you know a girl by the name of "Edna"?"

The nun looked stunned at what she was asked as did I.

Edna? She was here at the convent?

(End of Chapter 4)