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Chapter 7: Edna's Hideout

***Lilli's POV***

I just got through the fourth restriction, the weird crossdressing lying demon, Justitia as I'll call him.

I then used the power to lie to get out of jail. However, he told me not to go to dangerous places and stay at home.

I sighed, but I wanted to find Edna first. She's one of the only friends I had.

At that moment, before I could leave, I saw Harvey blocking the path. Why must he make it so difficult for me?

"But Lilli! Where are you going?" he asked me, "You've heard that it's dangerous out there."

I rolled my eyes when his voice box stated, "You must not hang around dangerous places."

He held my hand, continuing, "There are so many other nice places for children to visit. At a spelling bee, for example. Or a Rolf Harris concert. Hmm."

Rolf Harris? I don't even know who that is. Does the rabbit knows?

I took out the ball once again as he noticed, then we both got hypnotized once more.

Once in the mental realm, I finally departed from the jail cell with ease, then saw a gold digger potato gnome with pick axe and gold buffalo.

We briefly chatted as he mentioned about a gold mine alongside a Wendigo. I am curious about the Wendigo. The gold, however, is pretty much useless to me.

He also told me about a shaman. That must be where the smoke signals were coming from. I had to find a way to get the shaman over.

Going to the fire and with me out of the lie block, I asked Miranya for advice. She mentioned about putting coins on dead bodies or people in trances.

I then knew what I had to do: I returned to the saloon, then drank a cup of coffee to get me out of the trance. After all, I was never restricted from drinking coffee anyway.

Once I awoke, I then looked at the guy struggling with the Volcano Berserker he drank, quickly using the piggy bank for him to break it.

I snatched the coins, then used a coin to get the Flounder I needed to make a drink to help cure his Volcano Berserker: Sunnycup Narcotic.

With that done, he drank it, then probably lost consciousness. After that, I put the coins on his eyes like Miranya instructed.

Once more, I prepared to depart as Harvey appeared, speaking, "Where are you going? You heard that it's dangerous out there."

I rolled my eyes, ignoring the advice. Harvey really was starting to get on my nerves.

Once more, I used the wool ball, causing Harvey to hypnotize me to the mental realm.

Once there, I saw the bartender. He looked more ghostly, but he was kind enough to give me some coins.

I then looked at the dogs playing poker with the cigar boxes, having an idea.

After five seconds of playing with them, where I purposely lost and folded, they let me keep a cigar. Now I had something to summon the shaman.

I went back to the smoke signal, making signals to contact the shaman. After directing him to the place he needed to be, his smoke was thanking me. I really hope he could help me or I would be in trouble.

And I STILL had to figure out who this Cindy was after all this.

Arriving back to the Indian Country, I noticed no one, except the Shaman, who turned out to be a potato gnome as well, sitting by the fire and using a laptop of a sort.

I tried to get his attention before he spoke, typing, "Mom...afk. r-e."

I prepared to say something before he continued, interrupting me, "Auto completion: Did you mean smoke signal?"

I nodded a bit as he continued, "Rofl! Those aren't real smoke signals. My router just ran a little hot in this prarie heat. Now you probably want to know what kind of server I'm running, right?"

I shook my head as he spoke, "It's Apache."

I looked annoyed at the bad joke he made.

I groaned a bit. Great. One of these techno nerds! At least, that's what Suka and Shy once called them!

I prepared to ask about the Wendigo before he spoke, "Auto completion: Did you mean Wendigo?"

I nodded as he spoke, "Wait."

He typed a bit before noticing, "Got it. Wigwampedia entry: 'Wendigo. The Wendigo (omnivore; also windigo, plural wendigos) Demon from the Anishinabe mythology. Wendigos are considered to be especially stubborn and inflexible. FYI: They stink horrendously'. Lol!"

Now I can see why Mother Superior forbid computers at the convent. It's to keep guys like this one out.

I prepared to ask for a weapon before he interrupted, "Auto completion: Did you mean weapon against Wendigos?"

I nodded in annoyance as he continued, "W8. Just getting it on Teepee-Bay."

He tapped it a bit, continuing, "Print order confirmation: yes/no/cancel."

"Yes!" I shouted.


The printer on his laptop printed the receipt as I took it. This could help me against the Wendigo after all.

"Here. Apparently, there's only one effective method to combat wendigos. Give this receipt to the quack doctor. He should have received the order. I hacked his Wi-Fi. And while you're at it, I ordered something from Apalachazone. It's uh...not really for me. I clicked on a pop-up by accident. But seeing as you're going there anyway, can you pick it up for me? Thx."

Glancing at some of the junk food, I decided to use it and take it with me. Afterward, I pondered about the digger's mine where the Wendigo blocking the entrance was, placing the food in his buffalo's bag without him noticing.

I went back to the doctor who gave me Alcofix earlier, giving him the receipt orders. I was given both anti hair removal and some sort of deodrant.

I sighed, knowing that I would have to use every bit of my cunning against this Wendigo monster, if it's who I think it is.

***Wendigo Harvey's POV***

The miner died when I watched him eaten by the vultures. I tried to warn him, but no one would listen to me. I'm trying to prevent those that want to enter dangerous places.

But since Lilli was coming over, I could relax a bit outside.

Lying on my lounge chair with a glass of lemonade at the table, I waited. Then, I saw a familiar girl approach me, trying to speak a bit.

"Here she is, our demon killer." I spoke calmly.

"Huh?" she asked in confusion.

"Did I surprise you? I know what you've done to my brethren." I spoke truthfully to her.

For you see, whenever one of us demons falls, another senses what she or he has done. And frankly, she took them by surprise.

She used cunning to deal with Lepus, had Mother Superior's gigantic form squish Hase, got Arnab sick to get him to drink before she drank him, and had Justitita's mind and logic had so much trouble, that he commited suicide over it.

"But you won't succeed with me." I said to her, "I'm always on guard and you should be too."

I then pointed to the mine, asking, "Do you see the mine back there?"

She glanced at it, then nodded a bit. She obviously did.

"I know why I stay away from it." I explained, "It's about to collapse and the suspended bridge is wobbly. And it is as dark as a buffalo's butt. Who knows what dangers lurk there. So I'd rather stay out here, in the sun where it's safe. Nothing and no one can budge me from here nor from my opinion: dangerous locations are no place for little children, no matter what you say."

She winced from the smell of my stench, taking something out. What was it that she had anyway?

I looked carefully at it, frowning as I glared, "Are you crazy? Stop that! Those spray cans contain tons of CFCs. If that stuff gets into the atmosphere, we'll have an ozone hole here in no time. You don't want a hole in the ozone layer, do you?"

She shook her head quickly as I continued, "You see?"

It wasn't my fault that I'm a worry wart. Sometimes, dangerous deodrants are pretty dangerous. That's why I don't usually use them.

After a few moments, I noticed the sky changing, looking worried as I spoke, "Oooh...the sky looks strange. It could be an ozone hole approaching. That's not good. Where's my suntan lotion."

I patted around, then to the chair before I found my sunscreen.

"Ah...there it is." I grinned under my fur.

Then, I place some on me, rubbing it around myself before putting the bottle down.

"I better leave it outside. Safe is safe." I said to myself.

Besides, I wasn't stupid enough to get burned up by the sun after all.

Just then, I noticed the hole starting to hit where I am, realizing with worry, "Uh oh. It's starting...Quick, apply the lotion!"|

I snatched the bottle Lilli was nearby, not noticing her switching with another possibly better suntan lotion.

Maybe she found more or something. I don't know.

Placing it on, I sighed a bit of relief. However, I noticed something odd, looking concerned.

Just then, my fur fell off, revealing my skinny body as I looked stunned. She tricked me, that little brat!

Finally, as the sun hit my body that was burning, I turned to Lilli weakly, speaking, "What a drag." before I felt myself dying.

***Ruben's POV***

I arrived to the area, glancing around a bit as I heard the men speaking, "This damn piece of junk. Can you believe it? We finally found the girl and now the car won't start."

"Should I perhaps push?" another spoke to his comrade.

"This car should have been inspected months ago. But ever since the accident, the doctor has let everything go downhill. It's a shame."

I wanted to strike, to frighten them. However, I heard someone making hooting noises before I glanced. It was a girl, holding some damn owl sounding whistle.

She made it loud enough for an owl to appear, but not herself. She was probably using it wrong.

I wanted to spook her good. Especially since she looked like the kind of girl who would jump and scream.

However, before I could, the thin man spoke, "Did you hear that too?"

"Someone's out there...Just wait, we'll take care of it." the fat man spoke, shining the headlights to me and the girl.

As we both winced, the fat man came out of the car, glancing, "Well, who do we have here? But that's..."

Then, both looked at me as I rose my arms while coming out of the bushes, glaring hatefully at the two men.

"THE PHANTOM!!" the foolish men screamed.

With that, I gave chase to the screaming men. They were pretty fast for a fat guy and a weak thin guy, I can give them that.

After a good while, I left the area, heading back to the asylum where the girl was probably trying to get into. I knew a shortcut inside while heading off.

I then heard a noise, turning to where a strange stuffed rabbit lied on. It was Harvey, Edna's dumb imaginary stuffed rabbit.

"Lilli...Edna...Cindy...where the hell are you?" I heard the rabbit speak.

I then formed an evil idea on what to do...

***Gerret's POV***

As I stayed hidden, I watched the men digging in the lake as one of them spoke, "And, have you found anything?"

"Do you have to keep asking that? I'll let you know if I discovered something." the other replied.

"Hmm, I guess you're right. I think Dr. Marcel's madness is starting to rub off on me. Ever since he found this stuffed rabbit by the lake, he's been obsessed. We should be taking care of patients instead of poking around the moor."

"And then there's that absurd plan with the hypnosis doll."

"Stop already. And keep looking...have you actually found anything yet?"


I sighed quietly, shaking my head. This was going to be a long night for me.

After a while, after watching Edna get taken away half an hour earlier with me being powerless to come out to save her, I thought I heard owl noises, but then saw the men screaming from a strange figure in paper bag with hoodie. That must be the asylum phantom that was rumored months ago.

Anyhow, I went ahead, checking if anyone's at the path to the asylum. Thankfully, no one was there.

Just then, the familiar girl approached as I spoke, "Lilli! Oh, thank goodness. I thought they'd caught you."

I wanted to explain to her. About Cindy, the truth, the things going on. However, there were other things in my mind at the moment.

I looked back at the asylum, explaining to her, "Unfortunately, Edna wasn't as lucky. I saw how she was snatched and taken back to the institution. This gives us all the evidence we need."

I looked at her, continuing, "I will contact the task force leaders right away. It's best if you stay put until I come back with reinforcements. However, it could take some time. And I can't guarantee that Edna will still be alive when we finally get the green light."

She gulped as I continued, "If we're lucky, Dr. Marcel will torture her for a while before finally dissecting her or whatever else it is he intends to do with her. That would give us some time. She'll probably have to part with a few toes or fingers. Oh well. That's the way it goes."

I finally looked seriously to her, saying, "In any case, you wait here. I'll come and pick you up from exactly this spot tomorrow...or the day after tomorrow at the latest. Although the day after tomorrow is a holiday. But oh well...you'll see. Just wait here."

Finally, I left her side, heading off. After all, reinforcements was going to be difficult to retrieve.

For a moment, however, I thought I saw Lilli use her powers to contradict me and head to the asylum anyway, but I was still on other things in mind.

For now, I would not only have to get reinforcements, but also see if Cindy is safe and NOT in Dr. Marcel's clutches.

However, before I could do so, I was hit by a taser gun, starting to fall unconscious.

The last thing I saw was the man whom was going to harm Edna: Dr. Marcel with a wicked grin.

***Harvey's POV***

I searched around after Lilli last used me to hypnotize her. She had to be around somewhere.

As I continued my search, I started feeling tired, lying down as I called for her, Edna, and even Cindy.

At that moment, however, someone or something came toward me as I noticed. He had a hatred glare at me, lifting me by the ears painfully, at least to me.

"So this is Edna's disobedient and most idiotic creature, huh?" he spoke darkly, "And father even made a bit of modification to you as well."

I began to gulp a bit, starting to shiver a bit.

"Alfred was a jerk when he didn't rip you apart when he had a chance," The man said darkly to me.

"What? Who are you and how do you know about that stinkin' weasel, Alfred?" I snapped back at him.

Wait, no. I shouldn't have mocked him. It was bad. And I was suppose to be sane, but now I only got 3 restrictions on me left: not using knives, anger control, and not following wishes.

"I'd tell you, but then I'll kill you." he glared. "Besides, I have plans for you. It's time we take a trip to father's asylum."

Huh, father? That must mean...Alfred had a brother?! And I thought Cindy and New-something's crush on each other was weirding me out.

(End of Chapter 7)