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Chapter 9: Truth and Determination

***NPC Harvey's POV***

I had approached the campsite earlier, glancing at the three warriors whom I put in charge: Petrulla who was to assist in keeping the noise down while she brewed some tea, Snippo who's task was to juggle one ball, and Sir Droggelot whom was to ensure that the fire didn't go out, all while trying to lull them to sleep.

I mean after all, there's no reason to lose your anger on the goblins I had calmed earlier.

At that moment, I saw a newcomer approaching me. It was her: Lilli, but she was currently starting to join this game with the role players, taking the name Lilligrim.

I glanced at her a bit as she approached, groaning a bit. She looked frustrated.

It's cute she acted like this. It reminds me of her.

"My goodness! Who do we have here, then?" I asked, glancing from the hood covering my head, lifting her chin with my staff, "A little barbarian warrioress?"

She nodded a bit.

I noticed the frustration on her face, the way she looked impatient, the way she was twitching her body a bit.

"I sense great anger in a few of you." I spoke, "Could it be that the thirst for battle sits in this little chest?"

The girl nodded, "Uh-huh."

Afterward, I calmly spoke to her, "Then let me give you some advice: Swallow it. The most successful battle is the one that doesn't even have to be fought. So be a good little barbarian warrioress and take a nap."

Apparently, my advice wasn't enough for her as she went off to talk with the goblin king. However, I was confident: I made sure he would relax and that no battle would take place.

Even if it meant having one's rear be itchy, tempting you to scratch like I wanted to...

No wait! I shouldn't! Why am I thinking this?! I should continue to keep control of everyone's anger.

After all, she melted Lepus, had Hase squashed, drank Arnab, suicided Justitia, dehaired & burned Cherokee, and let Oryctolagus bleed to death. I wouldn't make the same mistake as my younger brothers. This HAD to stop.

At least the other mes, if he had placed the programmings on others aside her, would probably fare better.

Just then, she returned, growling a bit as she glared at me.

"But, but!" I asked, "What's got you so worked up?"

It was then I realized, "Oh, let me guess: You spoke to the goblin king and now you're furious because there's not going to be a battle. Aren't you happy that I found a peaceful alternative to fighting?"

She only shook her head as I shrugged, smirking smugly beneath my hood, "Yeah, but what are you gonna do about it?"

I showed my hand and fingers that sometimes appear, smirking, "I've already got your friends wrapped around my little finger. And as long as everyone stays calm, that's how it's going to stay. Just face it: I've got it all under control. And as you know, throwing a temper tantrum is just bad behavior."

I then patted her head, continuing, "So be a good little barbarian warrioress and take a nap."

As I watched, I continued to keep them calm, faking clearing my throat while trying to make them remain until they slept.

At one point, when Lilli was trying to warn someone about me, I spoke, "Hush. There's no reason to get worked up. As long as we keep calm and don't lose our nerve, we'll remain a step ahead of the goblins."

Little did any of them realize was that I was actually preventing this game from finishing.

I think Lilli realized this too. So she did the only thing she COULD do: Make them sleepy and bored.

Afterward, the three warriors, all 3 I had controlled earlier, had dozed off, just like the plan had gone to.

However, I felt a bit bored as well, watching them waiting to strike and the tea I had them make not heating up before they fell asleep.

Maybe if I were to start thinking about my dream girl, I would...

No, that's what Lilli would probably expect me to do. She already killed the others, which was bad enough as it was.

At least the restriction wasn't 'you must not fall in love' or that would have complicated things more than it already had.

Besides, I have to put my duty over love for...

Just then, I heard a whistling noise before I looked. To my notice, Lilli had made the fire bigger while sealing the kettle hole, making a huge noise.

"But child, what are you doing? This noise can't possibly be good for the group harmony." I tried to tell her, "Without warning to rush any of you, maybe now is the time for controlled, well-considered action."

I walked up to her, continuing, "If you proceed with the required calm, I'm sure you'll be able to defuse the situation before there's a disaster."

She only shook her head as I sternly spoke, trying to keep control futilely, "I...really must insist...you stop making that sound! Can't you see that you're threatening to destroy the idyllic calm?"

At that moment, the kettle blew upward, departing from the area we were in. At least the noise stopped.

However, I spoke too soon as I then heard the noise of the Goblins' horn.

Struggling, I covered my ears folded under my hood, groaning, "Argh! That sound...Have to...keep...calm..."

As I struggled, what seemed to be memories began flashing a bit. Eight human children? But why would...

"Must focus, must focus..." I mumble, trying to keep calm. If I fall, there will be only one restriction block left and if he falls...

The noise continued on as I struggled, "Naaaaaaaargh!!"

In anger and fury, I snapped, removing my hood as I shouted, "ENOUGH!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! THIS NOISE IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!! I'M LOSING CONTROL!! TO ARMS!!"

My face started fuming and turning red from the anger. So much, I felt my head starting to explode from all that anger bottled inside.

As I was about to die, my final thoughts were that on one person I had fallen for as I spoke the name quietly: "Cindy..."

***Peter's POV***

After Lilli joined us in our game, we played the game like any other fantasy role playing. However, there were some delays in there.

However, we finally played the game, though at one point, Lilli ran away screaming, like she seen a ghost. Lucky her, I guess.

After a while, Lilli arrived, looking no worse for wear. Whatever she saw, she probably forgot about it.

I sighed, interrupting whatever she was about to say, "It's so depressing. I'm supposed to award experience points to improve a talent. "Expressive Dance", "Making Music", "Lockpicking"...I don't actually wanna be able to do any of those things. Isn't there a talent such as "accepting one's fate" or "assigning experience points without experiencing an existential crisis"?"

Lilli growled a bit, probably a bit annoyed. I couldn't blame her one bit.

Afterward, when she jolted, she slapped me, as if trying to get attention.

"Ouch." I yelped, then sighed, "You're right. I'll just increase "pick locks" and that's it."

With that, I wrote on her character sheet. She took it, looking at it.

"There." I told her, "Why don't you just hold on to the character sheet. I don't want anything to do with it anymore."

Finally, after she slapped me a few more times, I watched her leave. She may be a child, but her slaps really did hurt.

***Lilli's POV***

After beating the dragon, I awoke and stabbed the phantom, whom darted off, leaving me and Harvey, calling me a "disobedient brat".

'Disobedient'? I thought, while gasping for air. Now where have I heard that before...?

I then looked at Harvey on the ground. You know, for a rabbit who manipulated me and tried to turn me into some perfection freak, I couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him.

However, there was one problem: The door was locked and I needed to find a way out to get to Edna.

Then, I went into the lit bedroom, meeting four inmates of the asylum playing a role playing game. Maybe this would help me get a chance to lockpick while in a trance.

My task first, however, was to get them some pizza, which I eventually did, meeting a Washing Maniac, the Beeman, Mr. Frock whom was temporarily dirt lover before being clean, and even found Miranya.

It was from her that I learned what Dr. Marcel was truly planning: Making people create many Harveys and use them on every kid in the world.

This doctor wasn't going to help us! He was gonna turn us into his slaves!

Sadly, all I could do is get the necessary stuff to make the pizza topping, recalling the four's color blindness and using the correct dye on their favorite food. Finding and getting rid of the evil doctor would have to wait anyway.

Afterward, I returned with the food, the four satisfied and I began to role play.

For some strange reason, though, I felt like I was being pulled into the trance world, this time without hypnosis.

When I found myself in the forest, Adrian being the dungeon master, I met with a hooded figure, the NPC, trying to calm everyone and make everyone not fight.

This HAD to be the 7th demon. I mean who in their right mind would dress up as a pedophile in a dress?

Sadly, I was prevented from getting ticked off wildly or I'd tell him off about his poor choice of clothing.

Anyhow, I asked the Goblin King earlier about sounding the horn, but he insulted my comrades and only relaxed in his chair. The nerve.

So there was only one thing to do: Figure a way to get him mad and good.

And with that, I got Petrulla, Snippo, and Sir Droggelot, at least what their RP characters were named, to sleep in the mental world, getting the items to use on the kettle.

It provided a noise with the NPC guy trying to talk me out of it. However, my determination was stronger and after it blew up, the sound of battle was heard.

The guy, who turned out to be the 7th Harvey himself, got so mad, his head blew up.

Although I thought I heard one last sentence before he blew up and once again, I had to ask myself this: Who in the world is Cindy?

I shook it off, awakening my friends in the mental world, then we charged for battle.

And to be honest, it was actually quite fun fighting off those goblins, who looked like those potato gnomes I kept seeing.

After the battle ended, I came to the fallen king, sliced up, looking proudly at my work.

At that moment, the dying king only spoke, with his dying breath, "Lilli...poor foolish Lilli. That was a terrible mistake."

What did he mean by that?

Just then, I heard a crack on the damn, turning too late as the waters swept me and my friends up.

This pink water, however...it felt familiar, but why?

Finally, the four of us came to the safety area while my friends looked at the site of the place we needed to be: The Valley of Unpleasant Memories.

"Will you look at that?" Petra as Petrulla spoke.

"I have to admit, I'm really blown away." Droggeljug as Droggelot said, speaking while in this world.

"We shouldn't be here." Snippo aka Peter spoke with concern.

"Ha! You're always been quite the comedian, Snippo."

"No...I mean it. This valley is cursed. I heard that..."

Then, I began to turn, wondering why they call it the Valley of Unpleasant Memories.

At that moment, I looked shocked in horror as Peter asked, "Wait a second...Lilli?"

"What's wrong with her?" Droggeljug tried to ask me.

Suddenly, as ia locked door in my mind was opened, as if something that was blocked from my sight been restored...the disappearances from before...are starting to reveal themselves...

I only watched in horror on what was actually in the Valley of Unpleasant Memories and I found out why it's called that: It's making me see the truth on what I actually committed through the statues!

Freeman eaten by ants, Frank crushed by a cross, Birgit hung herself, Memphis blowing up to pieces, Capu & Shy crushed by the gargoyles, Suka fallen from the tree and dead on the rocks, and Shawny choking on too many cigarettes in his mouth.

In fear, I could only scream as I returned to the real world, darting to the bathroom.

I quickly came to a toilet in one of the stalls, throwing up and nearly choking from what I saw.

As I was doing so, the only other person in the bathroom, the Washing Maniac, became concerned as he spoke, "Do you feel alright, little girl? Little girl? Hello?"

Finally, I came out terrified, shivering as he noticed, asking me, "Erm...are you okay? I was worried, you know."

However, I slowly departed as I saw him shivering, "Brrr! Am I crazy or did it just get colder in here?"

As soon as I left, I wiped whatever was left in my mouth in a napkin, realizing what I had done...I killed my fellow students!

No wonder I was put in those restrictions...I was a monster!

For a while, I only sat down near the cell where Harvey lied, becoming worried and terrified of what I just did...

And as I sat down, I just...I just didn't know what to do at that point anymore.

They were only students after all, just like my friend Edna...

...who may still be alive!!

I began realizing this, standing up and remembering my determination, to find Edna and save her from that crazy doctor.

After slapping some sense on Peter, I managed to use my new lock picking ability to unlock the gate at the mental world, causing the real one's to unlock.

However, before I could go on, I looked back, looking at Harvey and feeling a bit more sorry for him. He only did what he thought was right after all.

Afterward, I took Harvey with me.

Crazy as it sounds, I would definitely need him for what's about to come.

I arrived to the top floor where Edna was held, remeeting the phantom who had the keys I dropped and learning he's Dr. Marcel's son.

Guess the doctor prefers that weird kid in the picture at the hall, huh?

That gave me an idea, though. With some knick-knacks and the picture of the boy, I was able to make him drop the keys that Ruben held while choking the fake ghost I created.

Afterwards, I hurried inside the cell where Edna was hopefully, hoping to remeet Edna after all this time searching for her.

After all, she had some explaining to do leaving me and forgetting to take me with her in the first place.

***Ruben's POV***

After that nasty encounter with the girl, I had to recover from the damage she inflicted on me, holding the same keys she dropped earlier when I saw her in the sewers.

Besides, that brat and rabbit were BOTH bad habits anyway.

I stayed in the closet, glancing around before I saw that little brat girl arriving.

"Leave me alone." I frowned to her as she groaned.

I turned away, continuing, "I'm a hopeless case. Father was right."

She looked a bit stunned as I glanced, "Yes, you heard correctly. I'm Ruben, Dr. Marcel's secret second son. Alfred's older brother."

I looked at her, becoming stunned at the shock. She probably heard about my brother from Edna, probably.

"We were supposed to have the perfect upbringing." I explained to her, "Pops thought traditional methods were inadequate. That's why he began developing his own. While Alfred responded to his practices, I developed...conspicuous behavior."

I looked at my hands, becoming a bit saddened as I continued, "I was a failed experiment. Pops was so disappointed that he kept me in the asylum's cellar hidden from the outside world."

I bitterly turned to her, glaring, "Alfred, on the other hand, was presented as a shining example of his parenting methods. I never had a chance to make him proud of me. Since Alfred died, everything just got worse. I'm invisible to him. A ghost. A bad dream. The strange circumstances surrounding Alfred's death showed him that childishness is a disease that needs to be eradicated."

I sighed a bit, continuing with tears secretly coming from my eyes, "I should've died back then. If I could only see my brother one more time. I never got to say goodbye to him."

I looked down, knowing my brother was gone and realizing I never got a chance to make father proud.

How could I? He wouldn't even acknowledge my existence, let alone mother who he accidentally killed when trying to keep the asylum up.

Just then, I noticed a ghost as I glanced, "What's that? A ghost?"

I glared at it, speaking, "Hey, listen here! If anybody's gonna do any haunting here, it's me! Beat it! If you see Alfred, tell him to haunt round this way some time. I never got to say goodbye to him."

I sniffed a bit, looking down once more.

After a few moments, I noticed another ghost, glancing, "What's that? A ghost? Hey, listen here! If anyone's gonna be haunting around here, then..."

Just then, I gasped, noticing the familiar stupid looking face of his. It couldn't be!

"Wait a minute. Alfred?" I gasped with shock, more tears coming from my eyes, "Alfred! It's really you. I...can't believe it. Oh, Alfred. I never got to say goodbye. Ho, ho, ho....and I have so much I still want to tell you...where to begin?"

I then realized, speaking, "Oh yeah, I know."

Finally, my sadness turned to anger, angrily choking where Alfred's ghost was as I dropped the key.

"You lousy dirty toad!" I snapped, "Because of you, I've lived my whole life in a stinking sewer! Just you wait! RRRRAAAAAAAGH!!"

As I continued to try to choke the ghost, I felt the bowling ball hit my foot, causing me to scream before I accidentally hit my head, causing my world to temporarily go black.

***Edna's POV***

With worry, I kept hidden under the bed covers, worried about Dr. Marcel while giving Lilli instructions on locking Gerret, then getting rid of the evidence.

However, I became more worried when I realized that I couldn't find my diary, telling Lilli to forget about it.

Sigh, things were more easy with Harvey around, even if he didn't mean to help me murder Alfred.

However, when Lilli was gone, I saw Dr. Marcel's car approaching the covent, forcing me to depart while hastily leaving behind a letter I had written down.

Once I made it to Moor Lake, I kept hidden for a while before realizing I forgot snacks, leaving behind another letter for Lilli.

However, I regretted arriving to town in secret for as soon as I arrived, Dr. Marcel's men quickly snatched me, dragging me back to the asylum, AND to the room where I was locked in, tied up in yarn.

Maybe I should've waited for Lilli after all, I thought as I was dragged back to the asylum.

For a short while, I waited while I watched Mother Superior, looking as if she was in a trance, knitting copies of what seemed to be Harvey.

Then, I noticed Gerret shoved in and tied by the doctor himself. It was then I realized this: Gerret wasn't a spy for Dr. Marcel after all!

Oh, how could I have been so stupid?! I thought as I struggled to slap my forehead unsuccessfully.

"So, back home again, huh?" The doctor grinned cruelly to me, "How do you like these new and improved stuffed rabbits?"

I frowned to him, glaring, "Harvey was better looking than these rejects."

"You became a big pain in my ass, Edna. Look at me, you made me a crippled old man." Marcel said with a cruel snarl. "I was lucky to survive what you gave my son Alfred!"

"Alfred was better off dead than to continue being your little slave!" I scowled furiously at the man who tried to make me forget my pal.

"Never you mind. I am sensing your little friend Lilli should be on her way soon." Marcel said with a shrug. "So far, my little friend gave me reports that she has gotten by the restriction blocks planted on her."

"Good, I hope she can give you what's coming." I said with a smirk.

If I can't do anything to Marcel now, I can count on Lilli, despite how shy she is.

Marcel just gave a cruel chuckle. I can tell I don't like that at all.

"Can she? Well, if there's one thing I know about children, it's that they have a wild imagination." Marcel said darkly. "And how to exploit it."

"No!" I gasped.

Finally, he slammed the door, locking me and Gerret, whom was tied up and starting to regain consciousness, inside the room with Mother Superior knitting more Harveys.

As we both struggled to try to escape futilely, we both talked for a little bit about how to escape, the truth on what he does, what Dr. Marcel was going to do once Lilli confronts him, and finally who Cindy was.

"So looks like Doctor Marcel has an extra ace up his sleeve." I said seriously.

"If what he said is true, he will try to use Lilli's imagination against her, even if she managed to get break that final block." Gerret said grimly.

"And Cindy, what about-?" I began before a click sound interrupted me.

Then, we heard the door open up as we saw Lilli enter. Thank goodness she was okay.

"Lilli! Oh thank goodness. We were so worried that they had gotten you too." Gerret spoke with concern.

"The doctor has completely lost his mind. He wants to turn us all into mindless puppets. Just look at what he's done to Mother Superior down there!" I tried pointing to her.

She turned to the hypnotized grinning nun in gown, smiling a creepy grin, "Oh, Hello, Lilli. Nice to see you, but what are you doing here in the middle of the night?"

Lilli yelped as if surprised to see her here. No surprise, so far only I was the only one she knew was being held captured.

She patted her, continuing, "Did the other students make you do this? They are such naughty children. You, on the other hand, were always so good. Soooo good. I'm sorry that I was always so strict with you, but now, thanks to Dr. Marcel, I'm a good child, too. Come, Lilli. Sit down. You can help me embroider the dolls for the doctor."

Gerret, however, frowned a bit, glaring, "Just ignore them. Please concentrate on finding a way to get us out of here. We have to split before the doctor-"

Just then, the door slammed behind her as we realized too late. It was actually a trap set up by Dr. Marcel!

Behind the door, with the window opened, we heard the doctor's voice laughing cruelly as he spoke, "I've finally caught you. I was hoping you'd show up. I can use all the help I can get to speed up production of my hypnosis dolls. Soon, I'll be delivering them across the entire world. And then naughty children will become the stuff of fairy tales! Once I've subjected you to my improved hypnotherapy, nothing can stop me! Mwahahahahahahaha!!"

He continued laughing as I rolled my eyes. He was soooo sounding like a cartoonish villain right about now.

I began to worry now. Things were not looking up for me or my friends at the latest.

"I'm so happy to see you, Lilli!" I grinned, "I'd give you a hug, but...oh well. This wool version of an H.R. Giger nightmare is sort of restricting my movements."

Gerret frowned, glaring, "Can we postpone this touching reunion scene until later? First we need a plan for how to get down from here."

"Yo mama needs a plan."

"My mother has a plan. For example: to convey me a sense of reality. What's your mother's plan? Oh, I forgot: you no longer have any parents."

"Whoa, that's mean." I frowned.

"Um..." Lilli tried to speak.

"What?" Gerret asked before realizing, "Oh. Lilli's right."

Lilli sighed, looking defeated.

"We should concentrate on getting out of here." the officer near me spoke.

"Agreed." I nodded before I fake coughed, "Twit."

I then watched Lilli and Mother Superior try hypnotizing themselves, but something was causing Lilli to not break through to her.

Lilli then looked in the trash can, finding something useful. Something told me that it would be the key to freeing Harvey.

***Harvey's POV***

After Lilli broke her 7th restriction, I looked seriously at the depressed girl, traumatized by the truth she actually saw.

She then realized something, heading back to those role players, then came back, pulling my string so I could hypnotize her once again.

When she returned to consciousness, we both saw the gate unlocked as she picked me up, taking me with her.

After all this time, after what I tried to do with her, she STILL wanted me?

Poor Girl. She reminded me of Edna...who was traumatized when she found out that she was the one who killed Alfred, right when the nerd tried to choke me. I almost feel sorry for me...

Well, if I was my old self, I would be fully...

After a while, the girl and I entered Edna's cell where Dr. Marcel trapped us.

So he had a plan after all. Which is probably a good thing.

However, Lilli began to use me, pulling the string on my belly as me, Mother Superior, and Lilli were about to enter the mental world.

When I woke, I found myself in a referee shirt and a giant while I stated this from my voice box: "Intruder alarm! Intruder detected!"

At that moment, I glanced at the old woman in the trance world, noticing her as she spoke in confusion, "Lilli?"

I looked back, noticing Lilli in the same world as the nun continued, "What are you doing here? This is my trance!"

She growled a bit with the nun in confusion, speaking, "What's that supposed to be? A challenge to a fight?"

"Defensive measures initiated!" my voice box continued, "Demons in defensive positions! I'm expecting a fair fight. Stick to the rules."

Lilli looked a bit worried, preparing to use anything to try to get near Mother Superior.

I would have none of that, however.

My voice box only spoke out as I glared, "Rule violation! You must not contradict adults. You must not lie. You must not play with fire. You must not use sharp objects. You must not touch alcohol. You must not hang around dangerous places. You must not lose control. And you must never follow your own wishes."

"But-" the girl began to ask.

However, Mother Superior only laughed wickedly, "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! You can't beat me in my own trance!"

Had she violated the rules, she would have beaten Mother Superior and her OWN restrictions.

Lilli and I came out of the trance as she frowned, knowing that she can't be beaten while I was on duty.

The girl looked in the trash can with hesitation as I noticed her pulling something out, then she went through the sharp object restriction, taking a needle and thread, then turned to me, as if she had an idea.

I gasped as she struggled to stitch something over my red eyes. What the heck was she doing?!

"What are you doing?" I spoke out, struggling futilely.

I winced in pain as I struggled, "Stop that! You're hurting me!"

I feel like...I have gone through this before...but how?

"You must not use sharp objects." My voice box spoke, despite her still passing through it.

It didn't mean I couldn't try to stop her.

" You have..." my voice box struggled as I was powering down, "You have...to..."

Finally, when Lilli finished on me, I stayed still for a moment. Something funny was going on.

At that moment, I started realizing as I slowly grinned, finishing in my normal and true voice, "...have to scratch my fuzzy butt! Ha! Ha! He-he-he-he!!"

I started blinking from what Lilli was actually attaching me with: My real eyes before I hopped around, shouting, "YAY! YAY YA YA YA YAAAAAAAAAAY!! I'M BACK!! Hoo-hoo-hooo!!!"

Wow, I feel like I was a coma for years and someone took my body for a joyride! I hate that.

I smiled happily and truly like the me that I truly was, hugging myself.

"I can hardly believe it!" I continued before somewhat singing, "I'm my old self. Ne-he-he-he-he."

"Harvey? Is it really you?" A voice familiar to me spoke.

Looking up, I noticed Edna, grinning, "And there...and there's Edna. Come on! Go go go! Let's set fire to something. And fly to the moon just so we can eat it up!"

It was true: Edna was still around and alive! So I haven't lost her after all!!

I then turned to Lilli, whom held me, shouting, "Go for it, Lilli! What are you waiting for? Let's tear this joint apart! Yippee!!"

"Harvey, what happened to you?" Edna calls out to me.

"Story of my life. Police found me, Marcel got me, and let's say I went through one hell of a surgery." I remarks, feeling my eyes. "Makes me wish we broke his arms too!"

"Harvey? Is it really you?" Edna continued, tears streaming from her eyes.

The last I saw her, I had to separate myself from Edna for her own safety. But this time, things were a bit different.

I looked at her, smiling and hugging myself, "EEEEEDNAAAA!! Yeah, it's me! I'm my old self."

And best of all, I can scratch my butt again!

It was then I realized, pointing to the cord on my belly, "No, no, no, even better! I'm the new improved Harvey! Look, I've got a string! Please pull on it, Lilli."

She did so before a fart sound was heard, making me chuckle.

"You shouldn't save the fart sounds until after dinner." I spoke with a voice box.

"Well, I don't know if that's an improvement." Edna glanced.

"You haven't pulled it after dinner. He-he." I told her, chuckling.

She giggled with a smile, the same smile I had missed for a long time, "He-he-he. Oh Harvey. You're really back to your old self."

"Claro Clarissimo! But you seem a bit stiff. Do you have a new hat?"

"I'm tied up, Harvey."

"Ah, I see. I seeeeeee."

I glanced at the tied up two, continuing, "Since when do you bother about tiny little things like that? We've had to deal with a lot worse than that before."

"Exactly." Edna nodded.

After all, we still remembered what happened during our escape from the asylum. May Aluman rest in peace or pieces, wherever he was.

"So help Lilli to get us out of here, okay? She's really good at stuff like that. She's my best friend." Edna explained to me.

I only scoffed, "Ha! You wish! Lilli is in fact MY best friend. He-he."

"No, she is."

"No she...wait, why are we fighting for? Let's share her and maybe cause mischief, all three of us."

"Good idea!"

"Have you almost got it?" Gerret interrupted, stopping our conversation, "If you don't mind, I think we should let Lilli find a way out. BEFORE the doctor comes back."

Edna only mockingly repated, "Before the doctor comes back. Yeah, yeah, okay."

"Party pooper." I fake coughed a bit.

For a detective, he sure was stingy.

Lilli then turned me to Mother Superior as she noticed, Gerret shouting, "You have to get us free, Lilli! I think Mother Superior has a knife to cut the threads. Unfortunately, she can't use it while she's hypnotized."

With hesitation, I watched as Lilli pulled the string, hypnotizing me, Lilli, and Mother Superior.

"Wooooogie." my voice box went as my eyes spiraled, acting hypnotic.

"Woooogie..." the nun went.

"Oooogie..." Lilli spoke before a flash of white appeared.

When I awoke, I saw myself back as a giant referee in referee shirt, noticing what I had just remembered was there: Lilli's freed restrictions about to fight Mother Superior's restrictions.

"Hmmm? Hey, Lilli!" I waved a bit to the girl with her anti-restrictions, "You're here, too! Coooool. What's that? Some kind of fight?"

"Less talking, more fighting!" Mother Superior snapped.

It was at that time that Mother Superior and Lilli were going to fight one another, hopefully to break the final restriction.

(End of Chapter 9)