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Chapter 10: Lilli's Choice

***NPC Harvey's POV***

I opened my eyes, noticing myself and my bretherin preparing to attack Lilli's anti restrictions.

With Mother Superior's orders, we used as much of our skills as we could against them. Oddly, since the true Harvey was modified, Lilli and her own rabbits were starting to violate the rules with the referee NOT stepping in to stop them.

We used whatever strategy we could use: Hase protection, Lepus a blizzard shield, Oryctolagus his claws & fire breath, Arnab his thunder attack, Cherokee his stench, Justitia using healing on us and me using spells.

All of this, however, was proving futile as one by one, each of us were picked off.

No matter how hard we tried to beat them at their own game, these anti us-es were using their skills to defeat us.

As I fought and struggled, most of my comrades fell before me before eventually...there was only just me, alone, against 7 Harveys.

It was then I realized this: I was going to die!

However, I looked at my fallen brothers, younger than I, each having fallen to the others that Lilli had created on her own.

I frowned, gripping my staff tightly, gritting my teeth with tears shedded on my eyes.

If I was to go down, I would NOT go down without a fight! Cindy would've wanted it this way, I...

Finally, with tears, I shouted, "FOR CINDY!!"

At that moment, I felt the seven hitting me down to the ground.

I groaned weakley, my eyes closed for a long moment, me about to die as I struggled.

As I peeked with one eye, I could hear the giant referee shouting with glee, "You won! Yippee!"

"No, it can't be!" I heard Mother Superior shout in anger, "You damn rabbit! You were supposed to make sure she would stick to the rules! She can't just do whatever she wants!"

"Of cooooooouuuurse!" I heard Harvey speaking, "RIOT!"

I looked up, watching Mother Superior starting to shiver and sniff as she spoke, "But we need rules! Otherwise...otherwise..."

Finally, she started to cry as I watched weakly.

It reminded me of what Cindy was going through: heartbreaks, rape, almost dying...

It looked as though it was up to Lilli to take care of the last copies of myself and my brothers.

There is one problem though...if Lilli were to destroy the last copy of myself, not only would Cindy lose the one she actually fell in love with, despite complications, but it may cause the already unstable woman to...

Finally, with one last gasp, my world faded to black as I finally called out weakly, "Cindy..."

***Mother Superior's POV***

I didn't know what happened after I was given the tea, but when I awoke, I felt like I had just awoken from a nightmare. A nightmare I had for a long time.

Something about Shaggie, being put under some sort of treatment, knitting rabbits...

Then, as I awoke from my trance, tears began running from my eyes as I saw her...Lilli, looking worried for me.

And for the first time in my life...I feel sad...guilty, especially for the way I treated her...

It was then I started remembering one thing: Lilli reminding me of my childhood and what it was like to be in her shoes.

"Thank you, Lilli." I sniffed, "I had completely forgotten what it's like to be a child. All the unfair rules."

I began crying and weeping, "All the restrictions Ooooh. Oh, Lilli...what have I done to you all?"

I hugged her a bit, tears streaming down a little.

"Bravo, Lilli." I heard Gerret exclaim, "Now we have her where we want her. Take the knife from her so you and the others can finally cut us loose."

Lilli looked at me, feeling guilty a bit. As she did, I noticed something: a stuffed rabbit with its eyes different from the others that I made.

"Awwww, isn't that cute? Do you think I could hold it?" I grinned a bit.

She began to ponder a bit, looking unsure.

"But...But Lilli, what are you up to?" I thought I heard from somewhere, "Do you REALLY want to give me to Mother Superior? I mean she could do with a bit of pizazz in her life, from the looks of it, but I thought the two of us are friends. We could try so many things. Come on, let's light a few things on fire or talk with Edna or build something crazy out of different stuff...or...or..."

She looked seriously as the voice I heard continued while sniffles were heard, "Do you REALLY want to give me to Mother Superior?"

She nodded, "Uh-huh."

I sniffed with surprise, "Really?"

"Really?" The voice spoke with surprise.

She nodded, "Uh-huh."

I started smiling while sniffing, "Oooh. Oh, Lilli."

I sniffed more, wiping the tears as I continued, "How can I ever make this up to you?"

I took the doll, lying it on my lap as I realized while softly smiling, "I'm sure you want something to make up for it, don't you? Unfortunately, this knife is all I have. Do you think it would be enough?"

I showed it to the girl whom took it while Lilli nodded.

"Wonderful." I grinned and sighed, "Thanks for everything, Lilli."

I grinned wonderfully, hugging the rabbit doll. He was nice and soft for a terrycloth plush, though.

However, I get the strangest feeling...what was she going to do with that knife?

***Gerret's POV***

Recovering from my injuries while tied up with Edna, I talked with Edna as we explained a few things, including on who Cindy Gingers was.

Her case was actually interesting, despite her love complicated.

However, we saw Lilli arrive to the padded room Mother Superior, Edna, and I were kept, though it was a trap by Dr. Marcel.

After Lilli tried to use the Harvey device on Mother Superior, after a good while, she finally had the knife from the nun, just like she would have it.

"Well done." I spoke to her, "If you carry on like this, I could imagine hiring you as a deputy someday."

"Or I could hire you as a cosmonaut's assistant which is even cooler than a deputy." Edna spoke in her own weird way.

I rolled my eyes, speaking, "Whatever. Just please cut us loose fast, then we'll figure it out."

Edna only spoke, "I've already come up with a plan. I'm sure you know the story of the girl who ran away from Dr. Marcel's asylum long ago? The same girl that pushed him down the stairs that same night? Well...I never told you this, but that girl was me."

"What a surprise." I spoke dryly.

However, as she spoke, Lilli only started looking concern while Edna explained, "Yes, and that's why I know my way around here so well. Behind the cushion over there is the famous ventilation shaft that I used for my escape back then. We'll be free in no time at all. We'll have to get past Dr. Marcel's office first, but-"

However, she stopped as we noticed something wrong with her.

"Lilli? Is something wrong? Come on, Lilli. Cut us loose!" Edna demanded.

However, Lilli shook her head, "Uh-uh."

"What's going on?" Edna spoke in confusion.

"You're not going to do something stupid, are you?" I began to realize.


At that moment, Lilli kicked the door to the asylum opened, revealing that the door was opened this entire time.

And they say irony was dead.

"Where are you going?" Edna spoke in shock.

"Lilli!!" I shouted.


"It's as I feared." I spoke seriously. "Without the restriction blocks, she is free to do what she wants...even being a horrible murderer!"

Granted, I wanted Marcel brought to justice, but killing is going beyond that!

This was not good. We had to untie ourselves quickly before she did something awful.

"Mother Superior, can you cut us loose?" I asked her.

"I'll see what I can do." the nun spoke as she used what she could to untie us.

We can only hope to get out before Lilli does something drastic...or worst, Marcel would use her imagination against her!

However, as soon as she cut the ropes on me, I fell downward, losing consciousness once more. Why must it happen at the worst time!?

(Killer Ending)

I awoke after what seemed to be a moment, then looked up, hurrying to where Lilli was at: Dr. Marcel's office.

It was there I saw her glaring at the doctor dead straight at him, slowly raising the knife at him.

"No, Lilli! No!!" The worried doctor shouted.

As all I saw was blood gushing, I could hear the doctor scream "NOOOOOOOOOO!!"

Just then, I was awakened by Edna stepping on me when she landed, realizing this: It hadn't happen just yet and there was still time to stop her from doing something foolish!

"Gerret, this is no time to lie down. We have to save Lilli!" she spoke to me, lifting me up.

"Lilli, we're coming!" I shouted.

(Marcel Ending)

***Marcel's POV***

I waited in my office, pretending to sleep and waiting for Lilli to arrive. I could imagine her approaching me with the knife.

It was then I opened my eye, noticing her behind as I spoke, "Are you sure that's what you want to do?"

I chuckled a bit wickedly, "Excellent. I knew right away that you're dangerous. The other children...those were accidents."

The girl just growled, I just said slyly, "Oh, you knew you killed your classmates, did you? Well, accidents happened. Look at what happened to my son when Edna pushed him down the stairs. And that other freak I disowned who somehow got out of his...but then again, now is not the time to speak of that."

I looked carefully at her, glancing, "But now you're here with a sharp knife ready to kill a helpless old man. You might feel well, but the truth is you're sick. Very sick. You need my help."

She gulped in fear as I spoke in a somewhat mock tone, "You don't believe me, do you? You think you're doing all this for Edna's sake."

I frowned to her, glaring as I prepared what I was about to do to her. After all, imagination was a powerful thing.

"Oh Lilli. There's something you should know about your friend." I spoke, "She doesn't exist."

The girl looks confused. I smirked wickedly in secret. I knew if I could use her imagination, I can make her think whatever I want her to do without use of hypnotism.

I scoffed, "There was a girl called Edna once. You probably once heard about her, but the girl that YOU know is nothing more than a figment of your own imagination. An attempt to escape your friendless life at the convent. You think I'm lying, right? Because there's someone else who can also see Edna."

She nodded as I fake pondered, "Let me guess: a priest perhaps? No. A policeman, right? The manifestation of a higher authority. When you thought that Edna was in danger, your subconscious invented him too, to legitimize defying Mother Superior's rules and helping your friend. Just ask her yourself. They're here. They're a part of you, Lilli."

Lilli only shivered in fear, looking back a bit, then at me.

"Wonderful. He-he-he. Finally, you see the truth." I smirked, "All the reasons that brought you here in the middle of the night, armed with a knife, none of them were real! Now put the knife on the desk! I'll hypnotize you immediately. Only my therapy can heal you."

And if I'm lucky, I will get my new Alfred after all. What happened with Edna was a setback...

She looked down, sadly looking depressed as she set the knife aside. I then grinned wondrously that all was going to plan.

Now the therapy could truly begin, I thought with my eye closed.

However, I awoke, realizing no one was there, not even Lilli.

Damn, it was just a dream, I thought.

Or maybe not as I heard footsteps approaching.

It was time I use imagination against her and make her my test subject for real, whether she wants to or not.

(Contradict Ending)

***Lilli's POV***

After defeating the final restriction, I looked at Mother Superior, feeling sorry for her and giving her Harvey to cheer her up.

Then, I was given the knife, ignoring Edna and Gerret's conversation. For my mind was on other things.

With that, I quickly opened the door that was ironically unlocked, hurrying to his office.

This madness has to stop, I thought as I arrived.

Then, he awoke, telling me things, that I was sick. And I was imagining Gerret and Edna.

If that was true, then that means...

"Oh Lilli, I'm sorry." Edna materializing with Gerret spoke.

"The doctor is right, Lilli. You're just imagining us. Now put the knife away. The game's over." Gerret said to me.

He even told me that only hypnotherapy could cure me with Edna replying, "Unfortunately, he's right, Lilli. Don't do it!"

"Put the knife away, Lilli." Gerret spoke.

"Be a good girl and do what you're told." The evil doctor glared.

I was close to tears. I could do what I want, but now it's wrong?!

My mind was only telling me to 'continue' while the voices kept shouting, "Don't do it! Don't do it! Don't do it!", "Put the knife away!", and "Do what you're told!"

I struggled, trying to say 'stop' to them. However, the voices and doctor kept interrupting.

I groaned, feeling like the pedophile NPC, about to lose control, struggling to keep my mind straight.

Finally, something snapped inside me as I found my voice, shouting in anger, "STOOOOOOOOOP!! SHUT UP ALREADY!!"

"Very good, Lilli! Let him have it!" I heard Edna's voice speaking.

However, I angrily interrupted, "That goes for everyone!"

In fury, I tossed the knife away in anger, destroying the images behind me. It was then I realized what I was about to say for the first time in my entire life since I lost my parents:

"You've just been bossing me around this whole time! "Lilli do this! Lilli do that!" But get this: I'm NOT your lap dog!" I angrily shouted.

I then turned to Marcel, snapping and pointing as I began departing, "And you, Doc, if you want to hypnotize me, you'll have to walk first, because that's what I'm going to do now! Your therapy is garbage! Why don't you worry about yourself, grandpa?!"

Everyone looks stunned, even Marcel is stunned. It's like he realized that he made a big mistake in pushing me too far, but hell, I don't care! I am pushing back!

As I left the office, fuming in anger, I didn't notice someone approaching as I shouted, "GET OUT OF THE WAY, YOU ASS!!"

I shoved the person, whoever it was, down to the ground, almost causing whoever it was to fall down the stairs. I didn't care anymore who it was.

It was then I heard her crying and saying, "You...you bitch!!"

Just then, I was slapped before knocked to the ground. Then, I looked at who it was that slapped me: A newcomer that I never saw before.

This must be Cindy Gingers.

I saw her backing away as she shouted, "Keep away you psychopath!"

From the way she acted, she was acting like me before I stood up for myself.

I looked into a nearby mirror, seeing...a crooked version of myself. And...I calm down.

Dear goodness, what was I turning into? I let my frustrations over what happened...from Mother Superior's harsh actions, the bullying, to being pushed around and...

Oh God, I'm turning into someone I am not!!

Cindy panted a bit in fear while the familiar voice called out, "Lilli!"

Both of us noticed and to my surprise, I saw them: Edna AND Gerret with Mother Superior holding Harvey in her arms.

However, I backed away, shivering in fear as I spoke, "What am I becoming?"

"Well, concerning the fact..." Harvey begins to spoke as if making a comment.

"Harvey, no, don't make it worst." Edna interrupted Harvey quickly. She feared that any smart comment would make my problem worst.

"Lilli, we heard you scream and rant." Gerret spoke, "We feared for the worst, but it seems like you're all right."

"Gerret's right. I couldn't believe you actually felt this way." Mother Superior spoke, hugging me, "I am so sorry about all of this."

I looked a bit stunned at what she said, then looked at Gerret and Edna near me.

"Wait, you...you can see them?" I spoke.

"Why of course I can."

Then Marcel was wrong, they are real...but how is it that...

"Lilli, listen." Edna said in concern. "Marcel was trying to use your imagination against you, try to make you think you were sick...and then mold you into what he tried to made me."

After a brief moment, I hugged Edna, crying a bit, "Why didn't you just wait for me like you should've earlier?!"

Tears came from my eyes. I was glad to find her again. And she was real all this time. Never had I felt so free...

Then, my eyes came to the woman who was held up, Cindy. I don't know what her story was, but she looked like she had been in the restrictions I was in.

Her eye was twitching, reminding me of someone.

"You actually trust her?!" she spoke in somewhat upset anger.

"Cindy, listen. She's all right now." Gerret explained, helping her up, "And she may try to help you with your situation like she did with Mother Superior, if you allow her to do so."

Her head turned away, however, looking as if she was struggling with something.

"And besides," Edna went on, "after listening to what you're going through I have this to say: This type of love isn't right, even WITH a good reason."

Love? Wait a second, she was actually in love with...

"What was his name?" I only asked curiously.

"Heck if I could remember," Harvey spoke and shrug, "She was the one who named those restrictions I placed on her before I got my eyes back. I think it was Nat-something or other."

"His name is Nousagi," Cindy spoke coldly to him.

"Whoa, Miss Touchy." Harvey remarks at Cindy's cold tone.

At that moment, I heard a gun cocking.

Oh no, the doctor was going to...

When we heard the bang sound, everyone looked as we saw the bullet coming. It was heading to me and...

"WATCH IT!!" Cindy, despite being shocked by the restraining bolt, shouted as she jumped.

I watched as Cindy shoved me aside, taking the bullet which hit her, causing her to fall and me to stare in horror.

Everyone was shocked with horror as we looked, noticing Dr. Marcel with a revolver, the gun steaming from the bullet fired, looking anger and bitter at us.

"No, no, no!!" he snapped, "Lilli was SUPPOSE to be the one to be injured, not Cindy!"

At that moment, Edna and Gerret furiously jumped Dr. Marcel, causing him to fall from his wheelchair and land on the hall ground.

"MURDERER!!" Edna snapped.

She was even more furious than I was.

"Dr. Marcel!" Gerret glared, "You're under arrest for illegal methods on patients, kidnapping, attempted murder, malpractice, brainwashing, and other illegal methods."

I only turned to where Cindy was, looking worried at the woman who saved me. But why would she do so?

Mother Superior and I rushed to her side, trying to hold the bleeding and hoping to make sure she was still alive.

I let my fellow students die because of me. I wouldn't let the same happen to her!

All she could say as she struggled was, "Nou...sagi..."

I didn't even know what else to do at this point.

(End of Chapter 10)