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(Neuro is trying to earn Mrs. Katsuragi's approval.)

Case 11: Son in Law

He brought two dozen roses, a dozen for each of them, he held doors open, he was polite and sweet, sugary even, and he was the most loving man she had ever seen, yet she couldn't help it but to feel he wasn't the right man to marry her little girl.

Yako was clumsier than her mother ever remembered her being. She dropped things, which Neuro was nice enough to pick up. She tripped, she fell, she was a mess, but she was loved none the less.

The final drop came when Yako's mother looked away for a second and her daughter let out an ear splitting scream, Neuro had stepped on her foot, hard, and the open sandals she was wearing did not protect her. Of course, her mother didn't witness it.

"Are you alright my love? Sit down, let me see," Neuro softly placed Yako on the living room couch and gently took off her sandal, "did my sweet Yako stub her precious little toes?"

Angered at how Neuro caused all sorts of accident for her all day long, while remaining the sweet loving hero in her mother's eyes, she decided to play along. "Yes, I did, will you kiss it better?"

Time stood still, Neuro did not want to kiss Yako's feet, but her mother was watching. If he was going to convince her that Yako was in good hands, so she wouldn't feel the need to move in with them and get in the way of his torture, he would have to make certain sacrifices. "Of course, my love, whatever you say."

"I've seen enough," Mrs. Katsuragi suddenly spoke with indignation. "Neuro, I need to speak to you, in private."

Neuro followed her to the kitchen, wondering if she had somehow seen through his act.

However, his would be future mother in law's words took him by surprise. "Listen Neuro, you're a nice man, but that's just it, you're too nice. Yako keeps bossing you around and taking advantage of your kindness, she's my little girl, but that's not the kind of person I thought she was. It seems you've spoiled her rotten by bending to her every whim. In the end, you'll just get hurt and this can't be good for her either of you. She's gotten so used to you doing everything for her, I fear one day you'll be so exhausted you'll fall ill and she'll be helpless to do anything by herself. I'm sorry, but I can't give you my blessing, Yako needs a stronger man, a man who stands up for himself, a man who helps her become a better person. I know it's not my choice to make, since you're both adults, but I strongly disapprove of this marriage!"

Neuro could feel his eyes twitch in annoyance, nothing could be further from the truth than what Yako's mother just said. Neuro was strong, he didn't let anyone boss him around, especially not Yako, and he did help her become a better person. Yako had evolved because of him.

Infuriated, Neuro showed his claws. His green eyes glowed brightly and his pointy teeth were visible. "Listen lady, Yako is my slave and I intend to make her evolve to her full potential!"

Yako's mother promptly fainted.

"Mrs. Katsuragi, please wake up!" Neuro called gently with abundant worry.

"Oh... what happened?" Mrs. Katsuragi woke up in the arms of her would be future son in law, who was watching her with concern.

"You fainted, I was so worried! Please sit down, let me get you some water." He retrieved the water from the refrigerator and patiently waited for Yako's mother to drink it and compose herself.

"Did I say anything to you just now?"

"Yes, you said 'listen Neuro, you're a nice man...' and then you fainted, it gave me quite a scare, do you want me to take you to a doctor?"

"No, no, that' fine, I'm okay," a dream, the monster with the glowing green eyes was only a dream, but it made her realize something. "A moment ago, I thought you weren't the right man for Yako, but I was wrong. You are indeed a very nice man, too nice, but I suppose that's better than having Yako marry an alien monster who's mean to her. What I mean is, you should really try to stand up for yourself and not let Yako enslave you, this is for her own good as well. As for the marriage, you have my blessing, I feel safe entrusting my daughter to a good man."

Neuro smiled sweetly, "thank you, I'm so happy!" Victory was his and as soon as Mrs. Katsuragi was gone, Yako would pay.

End of Case 11

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(The moon looks delicious...)

Case 12: Rocket

The boy curiously looked out the window, his green eyes glowing, that's odd the moon looked smaller than it did yesterday. He yawned, it was late and he had already been put to bed, for now he would sleep and ask about the moon tomorrow.

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The next day, "dad, how come he moon is getting smaller?"

"That's because it's made of cheese and someone is eating it. Soon it will be all gone!" Neuro replied.

The little boy pouted, "not fair, I wanted to eat the moon!"

"Well too bad, because you can't get there without a rocket," Neuro teased.

"Then I'll make a rocket!" Thus it was decided and he ran off to work on it.

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"Where are you going with that camera?" Neuro grabbed Yako's head with his clawed hand and pulled her back towards him as she walked by.

"I'm going to take a picture of Kaiyo," she practically squealed with joy. "He's so cute; he's making a little rocket out of cardboard boxes! I did that when I was little too and I would pretend I went to the moon and ate it." Before the conversation could continue, there was an explosion, but Neuro was right there in front of her, so Yako concluded the culprit had to be their son and rushed to see what this was about.

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Out in the yard, there was a large crater on the ground and Kaiyo was quite dirty. "Kaiyo, are you okay? What happened here?"

"My rocket blew up," the boy pouted.

Yako observed her surroundings and her son, the yard was a mess and Kaiyo really needed a bath, his glowing green eyes were bright with determination still, but he was covered in dirt and his blond hair was instead the color of mud. "What did you put in the rocket that made it blow up? I thought it was just made of cardboard."

"The engine blew up," Kaiyo explained, "I borrowed it from uncle Godai's car."

"Without asking I assume?" Yako didn't need an answer for that question.

"You ruined my prank you little monster, now I'll have to make you pay," Neuro's eyes glowed threateningly; he pushed Kaiyo into the crater, hard enough to leave the boy stamped on the bottom. Kaiyo recovered quickly and retaliated by throwing a multitude of handfuls of dirt and mud at Neuro, which evolved into a muddy wrestling match between two partially transformed birds, a big one and a little one.

"Stop it!" A stray muddy projectile collided with Yako's face, "if you don't stop right now, I'm not feeding either of you for a month!" In a split second the pair was back to their human forms and standing out of the crater. "Go take a bath, now!"

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Later that day, after Yako verified that both Neuro and Kaiyo were clean and they were not getting into mischief, she went off to get dinner started, that always took a long time to make.

Time passed and several hours later, Yako went off to announce that she was done making dinner. Her son had her appetite, and though when he was little he ate mostly raw meat, as he grew, he started eating all sorts of foods, albeit raw meat was still his favorite, not counting mysterious and evil energies, which he was able to consume as well.

Yako found that Neuro and Kaiyo were no longer watching TV like when she last saw them. She searched the house but didn't find them, they were not in the yard either, but she could hear them near by. She set up a ladder and climbed up to the roof where she found Neuro and Kaiyo building a rocket together. "Why are you two building another rocket?"

"To go to the moon before it's eaten, I want to eat some moon cheese too!" Kaiyo announced.

"That guy on TV said the dark side of the moon was mysterious and I want to eat those mysteries," leave it to Neuro to take things literally.

Yako shouldn't be surprised that Kaiyo or even Neuro wanted to go to the moon and eat it, because she too wanted to eat it when she was little. Kaiyo had her appetite and Neuro was a bigger glutton than he would admit. However, Yako's rockets were not an atomic menace.

End of Case 12

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(Neuro helps Yako train.)

Case 13: Spoon

Smiling from ear to ear, Yako prepared to savor her ice-cream, but before she could taste the chocolate, her spoon was stolen by Neuro, who twisted her head to make her look at him. With a pained neck, Yako observed as Neuro held the spoon in front of her eyes and bent it. He handed her the bent spoon and retrieved another from the silverware drawer.

Neuro took away the bent spoon and set it on the table next to Yako's melting ice-cream. He gave her the new spoon and held her hands in his, moving them to bend it. Allowing Yako a few seconds to examine the newly bent spoon, Neuro retrieved a third one from the silverware drawer.

Yako was given the third spoon, she set the bent one down on the table and used her new spoon to try to eat her ice-cream; however, Neuro stopped her. Again he took her hands and moved them to bend the spoon, then went to get another.

Neuro handed Yako a forth spoon and watched her for a few seconds. She bent the spoon by herself this time, knowing that if she went for the ice-cream, Neuro would stop her. She might as well cooperate with his bizarre request to resolve whatever Neuro wanted as quickly and peacefully as possible.

"Well done slave, continue your spoon bending training, I heard this is how humans strengthen their mind." He leaned close and whispered in her ear, "if you bend a hundred spoons by tonight, I'll reward you," he winked and went away, leaving Yako to her training.

Blushing deeply, Yako began to bend all the spoons she could find. She decided it was not in her best interest to mention that this only counted as training for psychics who could bend the spoons with their minds.

End of Case 13

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(Yako the yakuza?)

Case 14: Fork

Godai finished compiling his report and walked over to Troy, placing the folder on its smooth polished surface. He watched as Yako stabbed her fork into a steak and couldn't help it but to comment, "if she wasn't such a goody-goody, she's make a really good assassin."

Godai went on a day dream, imagining himself as the boss of a large mafia organization. He would sit in his throne, with a beautiful lady with long dark hair at his side. Yako, code named 'the stabbing pig' would report in to inform them that all those who didn't pay their debts had been permanently sent away...

"Interesting theory," Neuro's voice brought Godai back to reality. "I don't think Yako is the culprit of the recent stab wound murders but her technique is not bad..." Neuro got up from Troy and walked over to where Yako was eating. He twisted her head towards him and kissed her long and deep. When they finally parted, Neuro concluded, "no, she's not the culprit," then went about his business, reading Godai's report as if the interruption never happened.

End of Case 14

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(Yako gives Neuro a valentine's day gift.)

Case 15: Valentine Gift

"Happy Valentine's Day!" It wouldn't be the first time Yako tried to give Neuro a Valentine's Day gift. She liked to hand out those silly little heart shaped cards to all her friends, though his gift was always different.

The past year, Yako had mustered all her willpower to give Neuro chocolate, though the real gift as far as he was concerned was showing she had evolved just enough to have the determination not to eat it without having a total nervous breakdown, even if she was still very tempted.

Neuro had thrown those chocolates out the window, much to Yako's sorrow, if Neuro didn't want them, and she secretly hoped he didn't, she was planning to eat them herself.

Neuro could tell the box wrapped in shiny red paper, which Yako had placed on Troy's polished surface, was not a box of chocolates, their distinct aroma was not present, though there was another even better scent coming from the box: the fragrance of mystery. Curious, Neuro ripped off the paper, making it into a ball in his hand, which he threw at Yako's face. Lucky for her, the light paper ball bounced off her nose harmlessly.

Beyond the shiny red wrapping there was a plain white box, with little red hearts, doodles in red ink and a short message from Yako written on the cover. Neuro didn't bother to read it, instead taking the lid and throwing it at Yako's face, albeit this time she was ready and caught it.

Inside the box there were a multitude of tiny colorful puzzle pieces, there must have been about ten thousand pieces and the strangest thing about them was that they were not flat. Unlike the regular cardboard puzzle pieces Neuro had seen before, these were thick, made of plastic and oddly shaped. It would be next to impossible for a normal human to put together this mysterious 3D puzzle without a clue about what it was supposed to look like.

The pictures on the strangely shaped pieces didn't seem to make a lot of sense with they're random colors, though dark lines stood out in some of them, hinting that there was a secret message spelled on them that would be revealed when the unknown 3D figure was built. Maybe it was a riddle; that would certainly be the icing on the cake, as Yako would say. "You are a brainless slave with your stupid meaningless holidays; they're a waste of time."

Yako smiled, catching the slight grin on Neuro's face which he did not, or maybe could not hide. She watched in satisfaction as he began to build the puzzle, savoring the process. She had it specially made out of the most random 3D figure they could make, with the drawings on it made from a picture Yako herself doodled, along with a riddle written on it. "Two words to say, two clues for each, guess it today, a goal to reach, today's celebration, the best sensation, my inspiration and fascination..."

End of Case 15

Disclaimer, I don't own Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro. Special thanks to Unknown D Flamerose who suggested the name Kaiyo. xXxblacklilyxXx requested a story with a fork and that's where Case 14 came from. The answer to the riddle in Case 15 is "love you".