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Neat Freak

You were laying on your bed with your phone next to you, listening to Mikasa's tale of her latest date with Eren, when you suddenly heard Levi's voice calling you, and he sounded like he was close by. "Did you hear that?" You asked unsure.

"Levi's there, but why do you look surprised? You said you were expecting him in a little while," Mikasa reminded, her face showing a hint of puzzlement at your expression on the cell phone screen.

"Yes, but he sounds like he's already here, as in here, like inside," before you could further explain yourself, Levi appeared at your bedroom door.

"Oh, the key," Mikasa recalled with a teasing smile that requested further details in the future. "Talk to you later, (Name)."

"Bye," ending the call, you stood from your bed and went to greet your boyfriend with a kiss. Last time you picked what to do together, so now it was his turn to choose.

After the kiss, Levi handed you a key, "you can use it whenever you want." You had given him a spare key to your apartment nearly two weeks ago, though this was the first time he actually used it, rather than waiting for you to let him in.

You smiled at the key, he didn't need to tell you what it was for. It was obvious it was a key to his place, which was basically an open invitation like the one you had given him. You've been to his place before on several occasions, but it would feel different to be able to just walk in knowing that you were welcomed to do so. "Thank you," you giggled at the keychain attached. It was a cartoonish plastic soap bar with a funny face. "So, what do you want to do today?" You prepared yourself for one of his silly oddities like taking a romantic walk around the cleaning product section at that huge super market downtown or cuddling on the couch looking at cleaning product reviews on a tablet.

"Lemon," the word took you by surprise and you were unable to reply at first, while your face turned crimson. Levi caressed the side of your warm red face. "You don't have to be so embarrassed."

"I'm just surprised," you finally managed to recover your ability to speak. Not wanting to discourage him, you clarified, "I mean, yes, if you want to, I want to, if we both want to." You decided that was clear enough and made yourself shut up before you started rambling.

"Alright, I'll get everything ready," Levi exited the bedroom and you wondered what he meant by getting everything ready.

You waited with a mix of nervousness and anticipation, but the minutes stretched long and Levi didn't return. You became impatient and couldn't resist the urge to go see what was taking so long. You searched for Levi all over your apartment, but didn't find him anywhere. Did he just change his mind and leave? But it was his idea, why would he bring it up if he wasn't sure that's what he wanted? Nothing made sense and Levi was nowhere to be found.

You dropped into the living room couch in disappointment and sat there trying to figure out what just happened. Then you heard someone entering your apartment and found Levi had returned. "I couldn't find any lemons in the kitchen, so I went to get one from my place. C'mon, let's get rid of that stain on your sheet."

Your mouth hung open as the realization washed over you. Levi cut the lemon in half, got a damp towel, some cleaning spray and a bit of salt, then went to the bedroom. The blue and white wing-shaped pattern that was all over the sheet made it hard to see any little spot that might be on it. Yet somehow Levi saw a bit of black from when you were sitting on the bed inking a drawing and put your pen down for a moment to fix something in the pencil sketch. You were so focused on your art that you didn't put the pen's cap on and it bled a little bit onto the sheet.

Levi carefully used the lemon juice with a little salt to remove the stain, cleaning it with the towel and sprayed on some lavender scented cleaning spray for good measure, then turned the towel over and used the other end to clean over it again. "There, the ink stain is gone." Levi went off to put away the supplies, while you stared at the spot where the stain used to be. You haven't even noticed it, how did he even see it? It's like he had a sixth sense for cleanliness.

Levi returned, "you can still use that lemon to clean other things, so I put it in the fridge. Lemons are surprisingly useful, it's good to have one on hand just in case." You nodded quietly, still recovering from the misunderstanding. "Why are you so quiet?" Levi hugged you and caressed your hair reassuringly. "I know you really focus on your art and sometimes you get paint and ink all over. I understand now it's part of the process, stains happen sometimes. I don't mind helping you clean, it's worth it, your art is beautiful, and more importantly, it makes you happy."

You found it in your heart to smile. "Thanks," you remembered when Levi first saw you after you had been painting, you must have looked like a creature of nightmares, an extremely colorful and festive nightmare, but a neat freak's nightmare nonetheless. "So what do you feel like doing today? Hanging out at the cleaning product area at the super market? Or would you like to stay here and research cleaning products? You seemed to have fun cleaning the ceiling fans a few days ago," and the view as you held the ladder for him was quite good, "but I think those are still clean."

"All of that sounds wonderful," Levi smiled dreamily, he was such an adorkable neat freak. Those were unusual activities for couples to do, but Levi was so happy when he was cleaning and you knew he tried to make you happy, so you wanted to do the same for him too. "But now that the stain is gone, I'd rather do something else." His expression suddenly turned... seductive? "Non-fruit lemon."


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