Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Cassiopeia ❯ The New Neighbors ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter One: The New Neighbors:
Alternative Time.
New neighbors came to the city today. All eyes came upon the apartment near the library. Apartment 333 had remained vacant for two years. Many thought that it would remain so.
Until today.
High noon.
A moving van pulled up into the parking lot. The people watched with bated breath. The dragon trio watched from the fence.
“Who’s living here?” Lizzie asked. Jim shrugged.
“Don’t know,” he said. Ruthie sneered.
“Who would want to live here?” she asked.
“Beats me,” Jim said. The brain crystal snorted.
“What do you know?” she asked.
“Not about this,” he said.
“Useless,” she mumbled. Lizzie held up her hands.
“Stop it, guys,” she said. Both went quiet.
“Look!” Lizzie said. A red sports car pulled up in the parking lot. Ruthie gave off a low whistle.
“Wow!” she gasped.
“Sweet car!” Jim said. The driver cut off the car and stepped out. A man stepped in front of his car. He looked like a biker with his jeans and leather jacket. A cigarette hung lit out of his mouth. The girls blushed at the sight of his shades.
“Whoa!” Ruthie murmured. Lizzie nodded as she drooled. Jim watched on still quiet. A woman and a teenage girl joined him from the car. The woman herself looked like a biker chick. The American flag design on her shirt drew attention to her small, well-rounded chest. Her shades were a light caramel-colored shades. The sun caught her red-brown hair.
The daughter looked fairly normal. Long hair to her waist. Simple jeans and a t-shirt. The dragon trio scoped them out.
“Who are they?” Ruthie asked. The other two shook their heads. The brain crystal frowned.
What the heck…, she thought. The family walked up to the apartment building. The couple held hands while their daughter followed behind. Her parents looked like they owned the world. Proud and arrogant. She nuzzled on his neck many times. He smirked to himself. The daughter looked down at the ground. Even in the sun she looked so pale.
“What’s with her?” Lizzie asked. “Is she sick?”
“Maybe…” Jim said. Ruthie frowned. She didn’t like this, but her curiosity wouldn’t let her look away. She had to see more. She had to know more.
They look trashy, she thought. A smile came on her face. The couple walked up to the front entrance. The woman paused in her tracks. Her husband turned to her. The wife smiled and kissed him on the lips. He happily kissed back as their daughter walked inside. The dragon trio looked shocked.
“No way!” Lizzie said.
“They just… in public!” Ruthie gasped. Jim nodded.
“Yep,” he said. The three couldn’t turn away. The trash train had them hooked.
The dragon trio aren’t the only ones watching, however. Blood-filled eyes trained hard on the daughter. She needed her blood and body to survive. But, not yet. It’s not time for the harvest. Too peaceful. The peace needed to be shot into discord.
After all, the dead is on its way on horseback.