Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Gift of the Rose ❯ Bums, Asses and Far Behind ( Chapter 4 )

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Gift of the Rose

~(Chapter 4: Bums, asses and far behind)~

"Aniki…." I groaned. He was snoring his head off and it was in the middle of the afternoon! We were supposed to go out looking for jobs to do to work up a little money to pay for the ship parts as soon as they arrived. But, as usual, I was on my own for this one…lazy bum…I sighed to myself. It was surprising that we made it this far without being hunted down for repayment to everyone we owe money to. And that is quite a lot of people…

"Jim…?" I turned around to see who was talking to me. It was Melfina.

"Hmm? What is it, Melfina?"

"There is a phone call for you, I think it is a possible job offer? Do you want to take it?"

"Oh yes, of course! Thanks! " I was a bit relieved, we don't usually get phone calls for job offers and this one happened just when we needed it. It must be a lucky day; those parts to repair the ship weren't going to be cheap.

"Hello?" I spoke into the receiver.

" This the Hawking kid? I hear you're real good with computers."

"Well, you heard accurately." I grinned, glad that someone appreciated my talents.

" Yeah, yeah, don't get smart, listen! There was one hell of a virus attack all the computers in my building and I want to know if you would be willing to come down and fix them?"

"How many are there?"

"50 on the first floor and 60 on the second."


"I'll pay 150 wong per computer if you fix them."

I sighed, this was going to be a lot of work…but at 150 wong per computer and there are 110 computers…you do the math…that would help pay for the parts, so I reluctantly accepted the offer.

"Melfina, don't bother making dinner for me, this is going to take a while…" I said with a half-hearted smile. She looked at me with concern, just like a big sister or maybe a mother would give.

"Well, wait a minute and I will pack you food to eat as you work. "

"Ok. Thanks, Mel!"

As soon as she packed me off with enough food, I set out for the address the guy on the phone gave me. I knew this was going to take a long time, but at least I will get my money's worth.



I was just outside of Sentinel 3, but it was taking a while to get permission to dock. I just hope I don't get lost when I do land; I have never been to Sentinel 3. I groaned a bit inside the huge carrier craft I was piloting. This was going to take awhile, there were other people in front of me. And then I got a distress call from the other transporting craft a few ships in front of me…it seems that some of the cargo is a bit wild.

I thought that I should help, so I pulled up beside the craft and used the bridge I had made to cross into the ship. I was right, it was a wild creature of some sort…and it was big. I immediately took a fighting stance and started looking for some sign of weakness that this creature had.

"What are you doing here? Get out! You'll get killed, little girl! Are you crazy?"

"You made the distress call, didn't you? Well I am the help now either shut up and deal with it, or get back to the control panel, but whatever you do, get out of my way!"

The pilot just stared at me blankly, for a moment and then I realized that it was Kenji, the deliveryman that rescued me all those months ago.

"Misaya-san, hurry! There isn't much you can do here! Go!"

He blinked and then ran off to the control panel, but not before yelling to me that this creature was blind without light.

"Misaya-san! Go turn off all the lights on the ship!"

"Alright, but be careful!

"Hai! Just hurry!"

A moment later, the ship went pitch black, and as he said, the creature began stumbling around blind as could be. Luckily for me though, Kemi and Mata taught me to advance my night vision when I was younger. I jumped up high, so the creature couldn't hear my footsteps, and then I landed a hard kick to the spot in between it's many eyes, and it went down, unconscious, but not before it gave one last swipe in defiance to try and knock me off. A few moments more, the lights came on again. Misaya entered the cargo holding area.

" Are you alright? How did you do that?"

" I am fine, and let's just be glad it is down for now."

He carefully walked over to the unconscious beast and used some kind of tranquilizer on it.

"There. That should keep it down until I get it to it's new owner. I see it's you again, little one…did you ever remember your name?" He asked cautiously.

"Yes. It is Hanmyo." I said with confidence. Now that Hazanko was dead, I could say that without much fear.

"Hanmyo, ne? It's a pretty name little one. Thank you."

" It's the least I could do after you saved my life." I replied, smiling. He grinned.

"Do you still have that flower?" I nodded and pulled it out to show him.

"It really is magic, I say. How else could it have survived this long?"

" I think you may be right. Well, I suppose we ought to get back to delivering our cargo. I hope we meet again, Misaya-san."

"Hai. And you can call me Kenji."

"Ja ne. Kenji-kun!" I called over my shoulder. He nodded and waved.

Maybe now I can get through to Sentinel 3…



Gene had just woken up. It was 4:30 in the afternoon. As he stumbled his way downstairs, he asked Melfina where Jim had gone.

"Jim went to fulfill a job offer he got. He said he wouldn't be back for a while. I haven't seen Suzuka or Aisha all day." She said as she was putting on her shoes.

"Where are you going, Mel?" Gene asked as he splashed water in his face.

"Oh, just to the store to pick up some food for dinner, Aisha is sure to be hungry and even though Jim said not to, I am going to make him a big dinner so it will be waiting when he gets home."

"That's really nice, Mel, do you want me to go with you?"

"Oh you don't have to, as a matter of fact, Jim wanted me to ask you to stay behind to take anymore job offers you might get."

Gene closed his eyes and smirked. Jim really was a smart partner.

"Alright, thanks Mel."

"Mmm hmm, I'll be back soon!" And she headed out the door. Gene went to the fridge to get a beer.

"Huh? What's this?" He said as he picked up a small note with something scribbled onto it. It said that the shipment of the parts should be in at about 2 days from now…there was another piece of paper with an address on it…

"Must have been the job offer Jim got." Gene thought.

"I guess I should go looking for a job to pull together some money…ah well, tomorrow." He said as he sat down on the couch.



I made it! I finally got onto Sentinel 3! And I am a few days earlier than what the owner of the repair hangar on Symka 5 said I would be. Maybe I would get the chance to explore this place a little. I docked the cargo into the repair hangar and was about to help unload it when the owner stopped me.

"That looks like a nasty cut, miss."

"Huh?" I looked down and found that my arm was all bloody. I didn't even notice it, it must have happened back when I helped Kenji-kun…

"Maybe you should go to the hospital to get that bandaged up."

"What? No way, not for a little cut like this, I have suffered through much worse, I'll just go to the store to pick up some bandages and ointment and I'll be as good as new!"

"Well, alright, but hurry! It closes soon and you don't want that to get infected."

"Ok. Where is the nearest grocery store?" I asked.

"Oh, about a few blocks south of here, about a block from Gene's place."

"Gene? Gene Starwind?"

"Yeah, that's right, how'd you know?"

" Uh…your cousin asked me to stop in on him to ask him about compensation for doing a repair job for him."

"Heh yeah, That Starwind is always saying he'll pay us off when he hits it big, but he has been saying that for sometime now."

" He sounds like quite a character…well, I better be off for those bandages, thanks a lot!"

"Sure thing! Say hello to Gene for me since you have to stop by his place anyway."

"Ok!" and I was off to the store, and I didn't run into the doors of this one. I wrapped my sleeve tighter around my arm to try and keep in the blood. I really didn't want to be sent back to a hospital. I turned another corner, looking for the aisle with medicine and gauze, but I accidentally ran into a lady there, knocking her packages everywhere…

"I'm so sorry, miss! I'll help you pick this up!"

"Why thank you, it's alright…oh my!"

"What is it?" I asked, a little worried I broke one of her packages.

"Your arm, it's bleeding!"

"Huh? Oh yeah, well it's alright, I just need to go get some…" and then I remembered that I didn't have any money yet, and I didn't know if the owner of this repair shop had a tab, or was willing to share it.

"Oh great…" I muttered. The lady looked at me funny.

"What's wrong?"

"Huh? Oh, it's nothing you need to worry about, I just forgot to ask for money to go get my bandages… I'll have to turn back and-" I started off again.

"Wait!" she cut me off. I stopped and looked back at her. "I don't have anymore money with me at the moment, but there are plenty of bandages at my home, if you'll just come with me."

"Really? How can you trust me to go to your home when we just met?" I asked, thoroughly baffled by how kind she was.

"Well, you were so kind to help pick up my packages and you are hurt. Don't worry; we can go as soon as I pay for these items. Can you hold on that long?"

"Uh huh! Thanks!"

The lady paid for the packages and we set off for her home. I stood really close to her because it was getting dark, and I knew the kind of people that came out at this hour, and I wanted to make sure nothing happened to this lady.

"What's your name?" she asked after we got to the door of a garage. I stopped looking around for thieves and told her.

"Oh, I am sorry, my name is Hanmyo!" I said. She smiled at me.

"Hanmyo, that's such a cute name!" I blushed a little. She opened the door and we stepped inside. I closed the door after her with the one good arm I had.

" Who's the girl? She's cute." I heard someone say from upstairs.

" Gene, this is Hanmyo. Oh, I almost forgot, my name is Melfina, Hanmyo."

I paled. This was Gene Starwind's place and I was here waiting for bandages in his home! He came downstairs and smirked at me.

"Nice to meet you, Hanmyo."

"Hey, is Melfina back yet?" I heard a sleepy voice say from the couch. It was a Ctarl-Ctarl. So this must be Aisha ClanClan. There is also supposed to be an assassin traveling with him, Twilight Suzuka, if my memory served me correct.

"Yes, Aisha, I'm here. I just got back with dinner."

"Alright!" she purred.

"You seem to be hurt, Hanmyo." I heard a voice say. It was Suzuka; she had been sitting at the table, drinking tea. I just hadn't noticed her.

"Oh my! I almost forgot! Let me go get those bandages for you, Hanmyo. Would you like to stay for dinner?"

"Ano…I don't know if I should…" I stuttered.

"Melfina really can cook, you know, Hanmyo."

Melfina came back and set me down at the table.

"Would you pull that sleeve back for me please?"

"Oh, ok." I pulled it back, trying to wipe away some of the bloody mess. It had stained my sleeve all the way up to the shoulder.

"Oh dear…what happened to you, Hanmyo?" Melfina asked as she started cleaning my wound.

"Oh, it was just some accident I had when I was helping the other delivery man settle his cargo down. That reminds me, Gene, the owners of the repair hangars on here and Symka 5 send you their greetings…and the owner on Symka 5 wanted to know if you were ever going to be able to pay him back for the repair job he did for you 6 months ago." I said, smiling, a bit embarrassed.

Suzuka kept looking at me like she was trying to remember something about me…I started feeling nervous, but I kept it inside. I wanted to come here to apologize to Gene Starwind and I planned to do it before I left tonight.

"Ah, tell him what I always say, when I hit it big, then I'll pay him back." Gene said, smiling. Aisha bounded from the couch and said, " Gene, you still owe me for all the times I saved your life, you know! You should worry about paying me back as well."

"I know, I know…geez, when will you ever let up?" I giggled a bit. I can't believe I tried to kill these people so long ago. I fought the urge to run at that moment, seeing as how I was still being cleaned and bandaged.

" Oh my, your pretty clothes are going to be stained for good. Tell you what, let me go bring you some clothes to barrow while I wash yours."

"Oh no, you really don't have to…"

"Aww, don't worry about it, kid, she won't ruin your clothes! " Aisha said, ruffling my hair a bit.

"Hey! Quit it!" I whined, giggling a little," that's not what I am worried about…"

"Then there is no problem, go ahead and change into this." Melfina said, handing me a T-shirt and some shorts. They were a bit big, but I'm not picky.

"Ano…thank you…" I said as she directed me to the bathroom. She patted my shoulder.

"Dinner should be ready in about 20 minutes. Don't be too long."

" I won't."

As I changed into the clothes she gave me, there was something very familiar about them. But I put them on quickly, I was starving and the food she was making smelled great! I just hoped I worked up enough courage to tell them I was sorry for what I did…