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My Brother's Keeper

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Warning and Author's note: this is rated PG-13 for some content and cursing. This takes place in Hefong about a half a year after the whole layline thing. I don't know much about Jim's past, so if something is inaccurate, tell me and I'll see what I can do. *`````````* Are Jim's thoughts and ~999999~ are Gene's thoughts.

It was about one PM. And Jim had yet to find any jobs. He sighed as he closed his precious laptop and grabbed his jacket and walked outside. He walked to the park slowly. He always left the studio at the same time and always went to the same place. It was a little corner in the park that had about 5 or 6 big trees. It had a little picnic table near one. On one of the trees swung a tire swing and one had a regular swing hanging from its branches. He always brought his lunch and his jacket, even if it was way to hot out for it. Also around this time everyday a father and his 4-year-old son came to the park. Jim would watch them every day, always keeping his distance but just watching wistfully.

Over the past months he had found out that the kid's name was Tom and he was quite the amazing artist. His father would take him to the park every day after his preschool classes on their way home. Jim didn't know why he watched them, he just sort of did. It was kinda like watching a movie. You get to know the characters and their lives so well, but no matter how much you would like to touch their lives you can't.

He had been coming here more often for about two months now. That was when him and Gene had a big fight. They both claimed to have gotten over it, but deep down he knew it wasn't true. Everything was falling apart. Gene spent more and more time with Malphina and less and less time with Jim, so they never had anytime to talk. He never before felt like he was in the way or that he was just the tagalong, but right now that's how he felt.

Sure, Gene and him had fought before, but it was mostly petty fights, usually caused by too much testosterone as opposed to a real cause. They usually just made up simply or just forgot about it. But not this time. This time it was so different. Gene had acted like he hated Jim. He had made him feel like he meant what he was saying, and that it wasn't just out of anger. And that had stayed with him. He had always been so sure that Gene cared for him, that Jim Hawking was and forever be Gene Starwind's little brother, that he could always trust him and go to him. He was barely sure of anything anymore.

With a huff Jim got up and walked home. * Why would he care about me in the first place. All I am is a troublesome little brat that is ruining everything, it's a wonder this didn't happen before. Only reason he took me in was out of pity. When have I really helped him anyway? * He knew deep down that what he was thinking wasn't true, but on the surface he felt like it was. He stepped in the front door. Gene and Malphina were sitting on the couch making lovey dovey faces at each other and talking. Jim crept into his room and laid down on his bed.

Dinnertime came and went and Jim didn't come out of his room. He just didn't feel like eating, or being in the same room as Gene to do so. He just laid on his bed and let his mind wander aimlessly. Hours past and Jim decided that he needed to get ready for bed. He got his pjs on and went down to the bathroom. He past the living room and overheard Gene and Malphina talking. * Jeez, she's still here? * He sighed but stuck around long enough to hear a part of the conversation.

" You should talk to him. It's important. You know that, don't you, but your just being stubborn and so you won't. After a while you'll see what you had and you'll won't be able to fix it. He'll be long gone by then. You can't do this forever and you know it!" Malphina said. Gene just huffed and got up off the couch to stretch.

" Yeah, yeah. Whatever, listen I'll see you tomorrow Mal, okay? Don't worry so much. It's not that big of a deal." Gene said back. Malphina got up and left without saying another word. * Hmmm… must be another fight about Fred Lou or something. Malphina can give him hell if she wants I guess I don't have the right anymore. *

Jim finished in the bathroom and as he walked out he bumped into Gene. He just walked on like a stranger would do if they bumped into a twelve year old on a busy street. Jim stumbled back for a moment, unsure of what to do. He then just walked back to his room and crawled into bed. It felt like his world was being turned upside down. The way Gene had just walked past him proved it. He was no longer wanted here.

Jim didn't really think. He got up and walked to his dresser. He got dressed, his body knowing what it was doing but his mind remaining blank he grabbed his sack he always had ready in case of an emergency. He went back to the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of Advil; he couldn't remember how many he should take, his head was so numb,so he took around them all. * That ought to do it* he walked down the hall and then out the front door of the apartment. He didn't know where he was going, his feet were in control for the moment. He walked towards the park and found the park bench he usually went to. He laid down on it and fell asleep in an instant.

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