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My Brother's Keeper-Part 2

Hey there! How are y'all? Here's the second chapter. More up soon, that is if I don't get writers block in the near future. Italics are flashbacks, and the same rules as the last chapter applying to thoughts. Enjoy!

Gene walked in the door around four in the morning. The smell of whisky hung around him like a thick cloak. Jim was sitting on the couch, his little face scrunched up in worry. He had apparently waited up for Gene and did not like his little entrance.

"Gene, my God where have you been! I was so worried! How could you do this? Your drunk again, that's just a waste of the money we worked so hard for! Oh for crying out loud," Jim said in more of a worried tone then one of anger. Gene just stood there for a minute.

" Who are you to tell me what to do anyway? You're just some kid. You're nothing! Go away you little brat. Hmph telling me what to do, just some stupid kid, who the hell does he think he is, I'll tell you, he's nothing! Little brat, you hear me! You're just a worthless fucking little brat!" he yelled back at Jim. Jim made a little noise in his throat. He backed away slowly.

" Gene you have to calm down, your drunk. Come on, I know you don't mean it, I'll help you get ready for bed." Jim stuttered out, his face pale and his body shaking. Gene turned to go. Then he stopped. He turned around walked towards Jim. Jim relaxed a little, thinking that his friend had finally come to his senses. Gene lifted his hand and slapped Jim. It wasn't much of a slap, but it was definitely enough. Jim was sent sprawling. Gene walked off. Jim just laid there, silent tears streaming down his face. This had never happened before. Why?

Gene opened his eyes. He couldn't sleep and the memories of that night that most likely ruined his brotherly releshonship with Jim were coming back to haunt him. He never meant a word of what he said that night. He got up, and walked to the bathroom. ~Dammn I got one major headache. I'll take some advil.~ Gene opened the medicine cabinet and saw that the Advil wasn't there. ~I know we just got some about a week ago and had half a bottle left last time I checked, so where did it go. ~ Gene took a step back and nearly triped on something. An empty advil bottle. Gene just stared at it for awhile, unable to put two and two together. Then it hit him. About a half hour before Jim had walked into the bathroom. He then had walked out the door. Gene looked stricken. He realized what must have happened.

Gene could barely stand up. Thoughts raced through his head so fast it sent him spinning. He walked out of the bathroom and sat on the couch in the living room. He took a deep breath and attempted to sort his thoughts out. ~ he wouldn't do something like that, would he? I know he was mad at me but he wouldn't do something like that! And for God's sake he has seen me drunk before. It wasn't like it was something new…..~ Gene stopped that thought in its tracks. Yes Jim had definalty seen him drunk before. But never once before had Gene yelled at Jim. He usually just drank and drank and made jokes that made no sense then passed out. He couldn't remember once, drunk or sober telling Jim he was useless or bad. And never, ever, EVER had he hurt Jim before. Gene shuddedered remembering the hatefull, cold things he had said that night. ~ My God what have I done?~ Gene broke into sobs as a new relization hit him. It was usually Jim that cared for him, whenever he was drunk, whenever he was hurt, whenever he had needed a friend. And so many times over Gene had gave none of this back. Jim was like a brother to him, and more like an older one at that. Jim had always just worried over him, never wanting or asking for anyone to care for him in his times of need. ~ Jim's all I got for a family. But he deserves so much better. He doesn't deserve me for a brother.~

Deep down a little voice said that ether he can keep thinking that way, or he can start acting like a older brother. Like Jim's aniki. He got up quickly and sliped on his shoes and coat and litterly ran out the door. ~ so where could he be? I really don't know where his usuall spots are. I know he leaves the flat every day at one. I think he said somethin' once about going to the park. ~ Gene started running for the park.

He searched nearly everywhere. He was about to give up when he saw a little secluded area he had not checked before. There was about five big trees and a picnic bench there. He saw a figure on one of the benches. ~ I hope that's him.~ Gene thought running towrads the bench. He came to the bench and Jim was laying there, asleep, and yet barely breathing because of the over dose. Gene lifted Jim effortlessly and carried him back home.