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Super Giant Robot Carnival

By Lord Raa

Disclaim- Me-Do!:- The inspiration for this story came from other people (or I might have stolen certain ideas off them): Black Dragon, David A. Tatum, Rumiko Takahashi, Headgear, Penny Bigglesworth and probably some others that I can't remember at this time.


Prolo gue/teaser - Oh, how I love to tease you folks! ^__^


< br> The woman from the publishing company was shown to the captain's office, thanking the officer, she introduced herself.

"Hello, my name is Megumi Kawamitsu, I'm here to talk with you about a book deal."

"Ah, yes I vaguely remember something about that. What kind of book are you looking to write?"

"I'm sorry, but you misunderstand. I don't write the books, I here to see you want to write an autobiography or if prefer to have it written for you."

"Oh, I see. I do apologise. What makes me so important to warrant a book, whomever writes it?" The man was deadpan, but those who knew him suspected that he was quite aware of what made him so interesting.

"Well, you're something of a legend among the police force, especially the labor units. I bet even the construction industry divisions look up to you."

"If you say so, Miss Kawamitsu. But so was one of my predecessors, Captain Goto. He was someone you wanted on your side."

'But he wasn't as handsome as you.' "Well, our research shows us that you are a someone the public likes. We think it could be a best seller."

"Hm, I wonder what the Chief had to say about that?"

"The higher ups, thought that it was a good idea, that it could help the image of the Special Vehicles divisions."

"I thought that was the case, I doubt that I had much say in it anyway. So where do we start? How far back into the mists of time do you want to travel? Just my career in the police or why I am the man I am?"

Megumi thought for a few seconds. "I think that the people would like to hear the story from the beginning."

The captain's face darkened for a moment as he remembered his early days, before breaking into a smile. "This meeting is over."

"What? But I thought that..."

Cutting her off, the captain spoke with a friendly tone, "The story is a long one, Miss Kawamitsu. We will have to arrange a series of meetings, why just to get my life up to when I joined Special Vehicles would take until the morning. Besides, I have yet to hear about how much I'm going to get paid."

Megumi was stunned, she glanced at the clock on the wall, it read 6.30. "Oh, sorry, then you'll do the book?"

"Yes, when I can. But I can't allow it to interfere with my job, so it will have to be an authorised biography or you get me some assistance with writing it."

"Yes, I'll talk with the company and we'll see what we do."

"I'll leave it up to you to organise the next meeting."

"Thank you once again, captain Yotsuga." Megumi bowed.

"Don't mention it. Do you think that we should serialise it in a magazine, or wait until we're done for the book?"

"I think we should serialise it and when we're done, we could release a book with a new forward or something." 'Like a photo montage of his early days as a labor pilot.' Megumi allowed herself a brief, but naughty fantasy.

Captain Yotsuga muttered to himself "not again, why do I attract so many women?"

This brought Megumi back from her reverie. Blushing slightly she made her farewell.

Turning to the window in his office, he looked out at the yard and in turn to the city skyline. "I've come a long way from a little boy training to take over a dojo. So much has changed in those 30 years since I last used my birth name, Ranma Saotome."


T o be continued


I am warning you all in advance:- this is going to be an AU/divergence/crossover type thingy, starting with when Ucchan met Ranchan. Many things will be different, like Ranma's primary focus in life, why he does what he does. Y'know, that sort of thing

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