Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokémon and Digimon Injustice: Gods Among Us ❯ Chapter 1: Goh ( Chapter 2 )

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It is in the world where Ash and Goh are still friends and Team Rocket was still around. Speaking of which, the Pokémon trainers and DigiDestined have joined forces when Team Rocket had recruited an army of evil Digimon to attack the real world.

One of the battles was taking place in Viridian City.

TK and MagnaAngemon was face-to-face with Devimon as Piedmon drew out his swords.

"Trump Swords!" Piedmon called out as he threw his swords.

"Pikachu! Thunderbolt!" Ash ordered. Pikachu launched Thunderbolt and it destroyed the swords. "Enough clowning around!"

"Now, you've gone and hurt my feelings!" Piedmon taunted.

"Metal Wolf Claw!" MetalGarurumon shouted as he fires his attack at the clown-like Digimon. Piedmon had a sour look on his face to see Matt riding on MetalGarurumon.

"Still thinking you can defeat me?" Piedmon asked.

"WarGreymon and I did it before, we can do it again," Matt said. Ash and Pikachu went right towards him as Agunimon, Kazemon, Beetlemon, Kumamon, Lobomon, and Loweemon attacked Mercurymon, Ranamon, Grumblemon, and Arbormon. Misty and Kiawe had Starmie and Marowak deal with the attacking Pokémon. Serena and Braixen deals with Puppetmon along with Mikey, Shoutmon X7.

"Taking on Piedmon should have been a team effort," Misty said.

"I know, but this is Ash we're talking about," Kiawe said.

The D.AT.S. members along with Marcus and ShineGreymon, Thomas and MirageGaogamon, and Yoshino and Rosemon dealt with the Royal Knights as Kenan and Ravemon went for Belphemon.

In D.A.T.S. HQ, Team Rocket had successfully infiltrated the place as Tai, WarGreymon, Sora, Garudamon, Kari, Angewomon, Yolei, Aquilamon, Ken, Stingmon, Mimi, Lillymon, Takato, WarGrowlmon, Henry, Rapidmon, Ryo, Cyberdramon, May, Dawn, Iris, Cilan, Sophocles, Lana, Mallow, Lillie, and Jeremy, holding the star sword launched their attack. Ogremon, Arukenimon, Mummymon, and Etemon were also attacking.

"You're interuppting tonight's entertainment," Giovanni said.

"I dislike anyone who would exploit Pokémon! And that includes you!" Lillie said.

An Aggron grabs Iris's Dragonite and gave it a toss. Cilan's Pansage is tossed to the side by a Beartic and a to a Machamp.

"I thought you would have this mess cleaned up by now," Iris said.

"Hey, you think it's easy? It would be if we were miracle workers," Sophocles said. Takato makes contact with Goh.

"Takato to Goh, you there? We could use your help," Takato said through his com. Goh is being riding on Suicune.

"I'll be right there. I just need to check up on the prison to make sure Team Rocket didn't bust anyone else out," Goh said.

"Hurry up! We might not last long!" Takato said.

"I'll meet up with you as soon as I'm done!" Goh said. He arrived to the prison, being led by a guard.

"We've been watching them around the clock just like the international police instructed. The rest of them hadn't moved in hours," the guard said. Goh spotted a tripwire in front of them. The guard spotted it too. "What the hell? What is that?" Goh's Dewgong froze the tripwire with Ice Beam and carefully opened the door to an empty cell. "How did Team Rocket do this?"

"He didn't. The real trap's-" Goh said before he was cut off by a dart coming towards them; Cinderace gave a Pyro Ball block "-is behind us." The attack was caused by Kouki Tsubasa.

"You're so clever," Kouki said.

"Kouki Tsubasa," Goh said. Cinderace headed for Kouki, but he fought back. He gave the striker Pokémon a series of punches and kicks. Cinderace fights back and overcomes him. "So, being Kurata's lap dog not good enough for you?"

"His money's green. And as a bonus," Kouki paused, "I get to kill you!"

Fight 1: Goh and Cinderace vs Kouki Tsubasa

Fight Start.

Kouta takes the first hit and Cinderace kicks him back. Cinderace gave him a series of kicks onto him. Kouta uppercuts the striker Pokémon up on the chin. Cinderace kicked Kouta twice and gave him a punch in the face and in the gut, but, he sweeps it with his feet.

Cinderace gets back up on its feet and dashed into Kouta with its Quick Attack. There was an elevator in their path and they pummel each other in it. The elevator goes down and they tumble out. Goh comes down stairs to catch up with Cinderace.

"Going to call it quits?" Goh asked.

"Not on your life!" Kouta said, cracking his knuckles. Cinderace and Kouta ran towards each other into a clash. The clash between them ends a draw. Kouta gave Cinderace a couple of punches as Cinderace gave Kouta some punches of its own and then, a punch in the gut. Cinderace gave Kouta a Pyro Ball. Kouta tackled Cinderace and gave him a punch in the face again and again.

Cinderace gave Kouta a Blaze Kick, knocking him out.

Fight End!

"Sorry, Kouta, no bonus for you," Goh taunted. He makes contact with D.A.T.S. "Okay, Takato, I'm done here." No response came. "Takato? Lillie? Anyone?" He knew something was up, so he makes contact with Clemont. "Hey, Clemont, I need your help with something."

Back at Clemont, dealing with a Dobermon with his Ambipom arms.

"You don't say!" Clemont said.

"I'm not getting through to D.A.T.S., so I need help getting there!" Goh said through his com.

"Gimmie about two minutes to crack it and I'll have you sent there!" Clemont said. Luxray came and got the Dobermon off as Beelzemon fired Double Impact on the dog-like Digimon.

"Bad dogs needs to be put to sleep!" Beelzemon said.

"Makes my task so much easier!" Clemont said, breaking through Team Rocket's firewall.

Back outside, Beetlemon flew right at Ranamon.

"Thunder Fist!" Beetlemon shouted as Ranamon went falling.

"Horn Buster!" MegaKabuterimon shouted as the rest of the evil warriors went falling.

Davis along with ExVeemon and TK and Brock.

"What was that?" Davis asked.

"Thunder of the Gods, Davis," Brock said. "Thunder of the Gods."

"And what does that make us?" ExVeemon asked. Grumblemon gets on his feet with a growl.

"Grumblemon Slide Evolution... Gigasmon!" Gigasmon attempted to crush Davis and Brock when Joe and Zudomon came and gave the Beast Warrior of Earth a toss.

"The poor slobs who clean up the mess," Davis said.

Back over to D.A.T.S., the Team Rocket Pokémon make quick work of the Digimon and the other Pokémon as Giovanni was smiling proudly.

"Now, if there no further interruptions," Giovanni was cut short when Goh and Cinderace came in.

"Took Clemont nearly two minutes to break your encryption," Goh said.

"Cinderace!" Cinderace added.

"Nice work," Goh said. Giovanni turned to Ogremon.

"Ogremon, if you would," Giovanni said. Ogremon swings his club, ready to go.

"You stand a chance against me, bunny wabbit!" Ogremon taunted.

Fight 2: Goh and Cinderace vs Ogremon

Fight Start!

Cinderace makes the first move with Blaze Kick. Ogremon swings his club, knocking Cinderace on his back, but gets back up. Cinderace gave Ogremon a Quick Attack hit as Ogremon fires Pummel Whack! Ogremon misses as Cinderace jumps and lands a Double Kick onto Ogremon. Ogremon gave Cinderace a punch and a couple of kicks. He stomps and whacks it with his club.

"I'm going to enjoy ending you!" Ogremon said.

"Try it if you want!" Goh dared him.

They both charged with a clash. Cinderace won the clash. Cinderace gave Ogremon a Blaze Kick and Ogremon blocks with his arms. Ogremon comes at Cinderace and plows through him. Cinderace gets back up and tries again.

Cinderace jumped and gave Ogremon a Blaze Kick in the face and then gave Ogremon the finishing blow with Double Kick.

Fight End!

"Ogremon, Etemon, Arukenimon, and Mummymon," Goh said, going up to the Team Rocket boss. "You're all alone, Giovanni."

"Geniuses often are," Giovanni said.

"Psychopaths like you!" Goh countered.

"You children simply cannot understand how the world works. Allow me to educate you," Giovanni said.

"Class is in session, but the lesson's going to be yours!" Goh stated. Cinderace gets ready for a Pyro Ball and sends it right out at Giovanni, landing a hit.

"Reduced to kicking balls?" Giovanni asked, still coming towards him. Cinderace kicked another Pyro Ball his way, landing a hit. "YOU DAMN BRAT!" Giovanni kept coming at them, but Cinderace kept kicking Pyro Ball at him again and again until he has taken enough. He took out a Pokéball and threw it. "Rhydon!" His Rhydon came on out.

Fight 3: Goh and Cinderace vs Giovanni

Rhydon begins with Drill Spin, but Cinderace dodges and gave Rhydon a kick on the side. Rhydon fought back with Fury Attack and followed by Mega Punch.

Cinderace fought back with Double Kick and then followed up with Blaze Kick on the stomach. Rhydon plows Cinderace with Drill Spin. Cinderace gave Rhydon a Double Kick as Rhydon blocks and gave it a Mega Punch.

"You are testing my patience!" Giovanni said.

"You're going to jail!" Goh retorted.

Both Rhydon and Cinderace charged at each other. Rhydon gave Cinderace a series of Fury Attack while Cinderace was blocking. Rhydon gave Cinderace a Mega Punch.

Cinderace gave Rhydon a series of Double Kicks in the stomach and a Blaze Kick on the side. Rhydon had been taken down.

Fight End!

"Try this on, genius," Goh said, cuffing his hands. The members of Team Rocket and the evil Digimon were being rounded up. He activates his com. "Come in, Ash."

"We're done! All of the attacking Digimon are being taken back to the DIgital World right now! And hopefully this time they'll stay there!" Ash reported.

"Me too," Goh said.

An alarm started going off.

"What's that?" One of the female grunts asked.

"That would be the 'None of Your Business Alarm', lady!" Jeremoy said. The screen on the D.A.T.S. screen shows Jessie, James, and Meowth with a nuclear device.

"It's in Viridian City," Sora said. Giovanni laughed.

"I'm sorry, I think we missed the joke. What's so funny?" Yolei asked.

"I can see the headlines! DigiDestined and foolish trainers Fails, Team Rocket kills millions!" Giovanni said. Everyone all looked right at him horried.

"You gave them a nuke?!" Goh exclaimed.

"Many of you brats dies and Viridian City is vaporaized! I could offer to have it rebuilt of course, but it'll be in my own image! And that will teach you not to get in mt wa-" Giovanni is cut off when Tai knocks him out.

"He's done," Tai said.

"We got to get there right now!" Kari said.

"She's right! Too much is riding on this!" Goh said. He makes contact with everyone.

"Everyone! We have a huge problem! There's a nuclear bomb in Viridian City! Jessie, James, and Meowth are going to set it off!" Goh said.

Everyone started to head on over there. Clemont uses his teleporter to transfer Goh there as the rest starts to head towards Viridian City.

"Now, the boss said to remember to," Meowth said. The timer on the bomb starts running. "Eureka!"

"It really works!" James said.

"Of course, because of my hardwork," Jessie gloated.

"What work? You didn't lift a finger," Meowth said, spotting Goh teleporting in. "Uh-oh, trouble in paradise!" Jessie and James turned to see him. Cinderace uses Pyro Ball and it sends Meowth flying in the air. Goh and CInderace stop when they were close to the bomb.

"What's wrong? You being jumpy?" James asked.

"It hink it's this button you gotta worry about," Jessie said, holding the remote control.

Tai and WarGreymon joins up ith Misty and Kiawe. Davis and ExVeemon joins up with them as well.

"There they are!" Serena said.

"Keep them talking, Goh," Misty said under her breath.

Matt and MetalGarurumon are right beneath Tai, WarGreymon, Misty, Kiawe, Davis, and ExVeemon. Tai knew they couldn't afford to wait.

"Matt, don't wait for us! Go!" Tai called out to him.

"Right! Let's go, MetalGarurumon!" Matt said.

"On it!" MetalGarurumon said, picking up the speed.

"You push that button and millions of people will die!" Goh said.

"Is that so? Well, we were going to enjoy the fireworks from a safe distance, but we can have one last dance!" Jessie said. He thumb was heading for the green button as Goh and Cinderace jumped to stop her from pushing it. The trainers and the DigiDestined were attempting to do the same thing.

Blue energy was surrounding Tai, Davis, Misty, Kiawe, WarGreymon and ExVeemon. Serena notices this. They got close enough, so Goh, Jessie, James, Misty, Kiawe, Tai, WarGreymon, Davis, and Veemon all vanished. The bomb is then disabled and it shuts down.

"Where did they go?" Joe asked.

Goh, Cinderace, and Team Rocket ended up in Viridian City. Goh and Cinderace tackles them. Goh and Cinderace were the first to notice.

"Viridian City? It looks so different!" Goh said. Jessie pushes the button and nothing happened.

"What the hell is wrong with this thing?" Jessie asked. Team Rocket turned to Goh and Cinderace.

"Somehow this is your fault!" James said, acccusingly to Goh.

"Something isn't right here," Goh said.

"Ace," Cinderace agreed. James looked around and he sees some banners with a symbol that is a Digivice inside a Pokéball.

"Jess, did we always have one of those?" James asked.

"One of what?" Jessie asked.

"Look," James said, pointing to the banner. Jessie saw what they were loooking at. THe sound of sirens are then heard as cars, trucks, and helicopters are coming, barring the same symbol. Many men wearing black and has the Pokéball Digivice symbols. They drew out their rifles and aims at Goh and Cinderace.

"Hands up!"

"Put your hands where we can see them, Goh!"

"I said hands up!"

"Do it or your dead!"

Goh didn't know what was going on. Team Rocket lookoed around and they found it funny that Goh was going to be arrested, but they couldn't risk on being caught themselvs, so they took out some smoke bombs and they fled as soon as they went off. Goh and Cinderace used the opportunity to get away as well. The soldiers saw they were all gone as soon as the smoke cleared.

Later, Goh and Cinderace were on the run as they were looking at the same kind of soldiers, rounding up some innocent people.

"Amatuers, next time, don't abandon your post!"

"Aren't they Insurgents?"

"No, just some punks, just like that Team Rainbow Rocket idiot we almost had."

"Still can't believe we freakin lost Goh!"

"Yeah, let's hope the big boss doesn't find out."

Goh was scared more than he had ever been in his life. Cinderace shared Goh's fear.

"We're in a nightmare, Cinderace," Goh said.

"Cinder," Cinderace agreed.