Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokémon and Digimon Injustice: Gods Among Us ❯ Chapter 8: Goh ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Ash and his Regime forces stand outside the Odaiba Prison. Dawn, May, the DigiDestined, Devimon, Lucemon, Grumblemon, Ranamon, Arbormon, Mercurymon, and many Regime Soldiers, Pokémon, and Digimon stand to wait for the assault to commence. Mercurymon is silver instead of green as Arbormon is dark brown. Thomas is wearing a black jacket and sunglasses as Yoshino is wearing a two-piece battle suit. Kenan is wearing a gladiator armor.

Matt, Ken, and their Digimon partners appear before the High Councilor.

"Matt, Ken, this better be good!" Regime Misty said to them.

"The Insurgents have attacked!" Ken said.

"And they stole one of our experimental weapons!" Matt said.

Ash stated, "They're making their move. And we shall do the same." Just then, giant robot versions of Greymon, and sea creatures emerge with Tai and Misty controlling them. Kiawe rode alongside Tai as Agumon had Warp Digivolved to WarGreymon prior to the assault. "There they are!" He addressed his forces. "Attack!" The Regime forces all charge at the otherworldly heroes. Tai had commanded the Greymon robots to attack as Misty has used an octopus robot to grab some of the Regime Digimon and toss them down.

"Brave Tornado!" WarGreymon shouted as he spun around and caught many of the Regime soldiers in the mix. Kiawe jumped off and he gave some of the soldiers a beating. Ash and Pikachu charged in to fight.

"The distraction's going better than I thought!" Tai said.

"Don't pat yourself on the back yet, Tai. Goh, Cinderace, Davis, and Veemon still has to rescue our Goh and Clemont has to get them out of there before they notice," Misty said.

Over to the prison grounds, Goh, Davis, and Veemon had emerged from a manhole.

"Here we are. Let's go," Goh said. They started walking. "We're getting close. Stay alert."

"Air Slash!" A voice commanded. Goh pushes Davis out of the way as Gladion and Lillie come to launch their attack. Cinderace gave Silvally a Blaze Kick as Snowy fires Powder Snow at Veemon. Davis saved him, so Gladion and Silvally set their attention onto him. Lillie has pinned Goh down.

"You shouldn't have come back when no one wanted you, Motomiya!" Gladion said. Davis growled.

"Hello, Goh. It's been a long time," Lillie said.

"Lillie, why am I unhappy to see you?" Goh asked.

"I'm sorry. Ash didn't give much of a choice. I had to join him to protect you. He said if I didn't do what he said, he was going to-" Lillie explained before Goh cut her off.

"Spare my life?" Goh finished her sentence.

"I didn't believe him. Goh, please just run away while you still can!" Lillie pleaded.

"Did you tell that to the rest of our friends before they died?" Goh asked, pushing her off of him. Goh went to proceed before Lillie stopped him.

"Goh, please listen to reason! Our friends dying is the reason that I joined the Regime in the first place! It was to protect both you and Chloe!" Lillie argued.

"I'm sure they're proud of the decisions that Ash made for you! The way I see it, you just sat there, scared out of your wits and sided with him because you knew he'd do the same to you!" Goh said.

"Goh, please don't make me do what I'm going to regret!" Lillie said.

"It's too late for regrets, Lillie. And I have a job to do," Goh said. Lillie's expression turned sour and she gave the Insurgent leader a push back.

"So do I," Lillie said.

Fight 1: Goh (Insurgency) vs Lillie (Regime)

Fight Start!

Cinderace begins with Pyro Ball as Snowy dodges and fires Powder Snow. Goh came Lillie with a series of punches and kicks as Lillie threw her hat at Goh. Cinderace blocks and gave her a kick as Snowy rams into Cinderace. Lille gave Goh a punch in the face, but Goh counters as Cinderace gave a Blaze Kick to Snowy. Both had gotten ready for a clash.

"You're nothing like your brother," Goh said.

"I'm my own person!" Lillie said.

Both ran towards each other and they clashed into each other. Lillie won the clash as she threw her hat again. Cinderace gave Lillie a Pyro Ball and then, both Goh and Cinderace gave her and Snowy the finishing blow.

Fight End!

"You joined thw wrong side, Lillie," Goh said.

Davis, Veemon, Gladion, and Silvally were still fighting.

"I don't get you, man! I mean, Gary, Trip, and Paul were all jerks, but you! I actually respected you! You were better than all of them put together as trainers and as people! You threw all of that away for Ash?!" Davis exclaimed.

"Gary, Paul, and Trip joined the wrong side!" Gladion spat as Goh and Cinderace intervened with Pyro Ball.

"Those three knew what Ash was doing was wrong!" Goh said. "I do agree with Davis, because you're better than this, Gladion!"

"Many of our comrades were in Viridian City, Goh! You know that! Team Rocket changed the world, so we had to change along with it!" Gladion said.

"Is this what your mom, Lusamine would want? Is this what your father, Mohn would want? Ask yourself those questions," Goh said. Gladion growled.

"Don't you put those on me! Ash made me see the truth! Gary, Paul, and Trip all died because they didn't want to accept the new way of life! Ash's way!" Gladion said.

"They died fighting for what's right! They saw that Ash was going too far!" Goh said. "And they would never resort to murder like he did! And not like you did!"

Fight 2: Goh (Insurgency) vs Gladion (Regime)

Fight Start!

Cinderace begins with Pyro Ball as Silvally came at the striker Pokémon with Multi-Attack as Goh gave Gladion a punch in the face, but Gladion responds by giving him five punches. Goh gave Gladion four punches and a kick. Cinderace gave Silvally Blaze Kick as the chimeric Pokémon gave Cinderace a swipe of Crush Claw. Both of Goh and Gladion a clash.

"You standd a chance against me!" Gladion said.

"Ash beat, so can I!" Goh replied.

The both of them ran towards each other and Goh had won the clash. Goh and Cinderace gave their opponents some punches and kicks and then, they gave the Regime members a finishing blow.

Fight End!

"Just be glad your parents are here, because you would be dead to them," Goh said.

Outside the prison walls the battle between robot giants and the Regime Forces raged on. Ash uses his aura power to take down one of the robots. Kiawe jumped to give him a kick. Pikachu rammed into him and attempted to dig his teeth into Kiawe's throat when Marowak landed an Iron Head onto the Regime mouse Pokémon. Kiawe got on his feet.

"You're not fit to call yourself my rival!" Kiawe spat.

"Take that to your grave!" Ash said as he smirked. Misty grabbed him from behind and gave hi a toss.

"It's time for an overdo spanking!" Misty said. She was about to let Ash have it when, Ash grabbed her by the neck and started to choke her.

"Challenging me is a fatal mistake!" Ash said. Tai grabbed Ash by the cape and threw him on the ground.

"It's not nice to choke girls!" Tai said, about to punch Ash, but he smacked him and he cruelly kicked him on the ground. Marowak gave the High Counclior a bash with Shadow Bone. Pikachu came to Ash's side and gave Marowak a tremendous shock. Pikachu was about to finish Marowak off when Staryu smacked him by spinning at it.

Inside the prison, Insurgency Goh went to a cell where Goh was being occupied. Goh used a card key he swiped from Lillie after taking her down. Goh was surprised to see himself looking back at him, and not a mirror.

"So, you're what all the fuss is about," Goh said.

"I could say the same about you. There's no time. We better move fast," Insurgency Goh said.

"What about my Pokémon?" Goh asked. His Insurgency double handed him the Pokéballs.

"Got you covered. Can you walk?" Insurgency Goh asked.

"I think so," Goh said. Veemon then comes at the Gohs. "Veemon, what are you doing?"

"Not my fault! Something's controlling me!" Veemon said. There were strings on both Davis and Veemon.

"We're not doing this on purpose!" Davis said, coming at Insurgency Goh. He saw the strings and knew who was calling the shots.

"Puppetmon," Insurgency Goh growled. The Gohs saw the puppet Dark Master using both Davis and Veemon as string puppets. Puppetmon was laughing as he was doing it.

"It's about time you showed up, Go-go! I was starting to get bored! Looks like it was worth the wait! I knew the blonde siblings were going to fail to take you out, because I get to have fun with you, before we kill you!" Puppetmon said, laughing.

Davis and Veemon came at Insurgency Goh. He dodges from left to right. Davis and Veemon were being pulled against their will.

"Goh, takes us down!" Davis said.

"I don't want to hurt you!" Goh said.

"That walking pile of firewood isn't giving you a choice here!" Veemon said. Goh saw how right he was.

Fight 3: Goh (Insurgency) vs Davis Motomiya and Veemon

Fight Start!

Davis and Veemon came at Insurgency Goh and Cinderace with a punch each, but Cinderace blocked with Blaze Kick. Davis grabbed Insurgency Goh and slammed him down on the ground as Veemon gave Cinderace a punch and a headbutt. Insurgency Goh and Cinderace gave Davis and Veemon one more punch, tangling the strings. Cinderace cuts the strings with Blaze Kick.

Fight End!

"I'll apologize later," Insurgency Goh said. Puppetmon jumped off and he gave an angry growl.

"You ruined my fun! I'm going to bash you into powder for tha-" Puppetmon said, being knocked out by Goh from behind.

"You earned a timeout," Goh said. Davis and Veemon got back up on their feet. "You okay?"

"I'm good," Davis said. He turned to Insurgency Goh. "Don't tell anyone about this." Goh was weakened and he was caught by Insurgency Goh and Davis. "Easy."

A crash is heard as Regime Tai and WarGreymon came crashing through the ceiling. The Regime duo stood right up.

"Get him outside!" Insurgency Goh ordered.

"We're not leaving you!" Davis said.

"DON'T ARGUE! JUST GO!" Goh said. Davis, Veemon, and the injured Goh took off as Tai and WarGreymon stared at the Insurgency leader.

"Goh. Isn't this a nice surprise?" Tai asked.

"Time to end the Insurgency," WarGreymon said.

Fight 4: Goh (Insurgency) vs Tai and Agumon (Regime)

Fight Start!

WarGreymom started by coming at Cinderace with his clawed gauntlets, but it ducks and gave the Mega form of Agumon a kick as Goh gave Tai a punch and an uppercut in the face. He then gave the Regime Child of Courage a kick as Cinderace kicked a Pyro Ball at WarGreymon. He blocks with his shield and then comes at Cinderace again. Goh gave WarGreymon a kick and then a ram with his shoulders. Goh and Tai got ready for a clash.

"You're going to lose!" Tai said.

"Not today!" Goh countered.

The both of them ran towards each other and landed a hit. Goh and Cinderace gave the Regime duo a slip and they both fell, beaten. WarGreymon reverts back to Agumon.

Fight End!

"Ash is the enemy, Tai, not me," Goh said, before joining Davis, Veemon, and his counterpart.

Back outside, Ash has gotten hold of Misty again as Pikachu was about to pop Psyduck's head, but Marowak saved them both with Bonemerang. Pikachu went after the Alolan bone keeper Pokémon when Turtonator smacked him with Dragon Tail. Kiawe then comes at Ash and gave him some punches, but Ash pushes him off. WarGreymon came at Ash, but Pikachu charged at him as Ash went up and started to fly thanks to his aura ability. He grabs WarGreymon by the arms, pulling them when he and Pikachu noticed an explosion. He turned to see the Gohs, Davis, and Veemon coming out the walls. Ash growled in anger. He drops WarGreymon as he and Pikachu went to the prison. Davis, Veemon, Cinderace, and the Gohs were at the ledge, waiting to be teleported.

"Isn't this the part we make like Star Trek and teleport out of here?" Davis said.

Over on D.A.T.S., Clemont saw they were still in range with no time left before it explodes.

"Shoot!" Clemont groaned.

Back the prison, they turned to find another way around when Ash and Pikachu shows up before them. They backed up to the ledge as Ash approaches.

"You thought you could fool me, Goh? The way he did?!" Ash snarled.

"This isn't about Team Rocket! This is about you!" Insurgency Goh said.

"I perfected this world! Millions of lives were lost because I held back! I should have used all my power!" Ash said.

"For what? To oppress? To control? To corrupt?" Insurgency Goh asked.


"You aren't the only one who was hurt that day, Ash," Insurgency Goh said, being as comforting as he could be.

"YOU WEREN'T THE GUN!" Ash said.

"Now!" Insurgency Goh said as he, Goh, Davis, and Veemon jumped. They're then teleported out of sight. Misty, Kiawe, Tai, Agumon, and the Pokémon were also being teleported. Ash made a realization.

"D.A.T.S!" Ash said as he and Pikachu flew to D.A.T.S. Clemont teleported himself out before he could arrive. As soon as Ash and Pikachu were close enough, they landed on the ground. Ash saw the facility blow up in smoke as he gritted his teeth. "NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!" His roar echoes through the land as his aura gave off red lightning. Ash was officially having a bad day.

Just then, he recieved communications from Brock.

"Ash, come in!" Brock spoke. Ash answered it.

"What is it, Brock?!" Ash asked. "Where are you?"

"I'm in Odaiba! Right in front of the TV station. I-" Brock said, before cuts him off.

"BROCK, tell me what's going on, or I'm going to make your life more of a living nightmare than it already is! Is anybody else with you?!" Ash demanded. Static emits from his link. "Brock? BROCK!"

Screens from all over Odaiba is being broadcasted as a masked man is seen on screen. Everyone all over the world was seeing it.

The man spoke and Ash recognized the voice, "People of the world! I stand before you to reveal to you the truth! The truth of the ones who claims to be our protectors! The ones who claims to be our saviors! The High Councilor has claimed to bring us paradise, peace, and prosperity to us, but lies spews from thier mouths! The PokéDigi Earth Government has brought us nothing but fear and oppression! They brought us nothing but more pain and more suffering! Do you remember when the DigiDestined were the bringers of hope and when Pokémon trainers like Gym Leaders inspired new generations of trainers? I do! And it is this High Councilor who has enslaved us all, so I draw my sword and raise it against the PokéDigi Earth Regime and all it stands for! I declare war against this power hungry tyrant and destroy what he has created!" The people were all cheering for the man as Ash and Pikachu growled in anger. "Hear me, Ash Ketchum! Your oppressive Regime shall fall! And your hold over us all shall loosen! Your time is over! Come and face me!"