Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokémon and Digimon Injustice: Gods Among Us ❯ Chapter 9: Yukio Oikawa ( Chapter 10 )

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Three hours earlier

Oikawa was getting ready to what he had to do to take down Ash's Regime. As he gets ready, the news is displaying the battle commencing on the prison. Oikawa swallows the pill as he listened on.

"As reports continue to flood in from Odaiba Prison, we now go live to the scene with reporter Rhonda from Sinnoh Now! Rhonda?"

"Thanks, John. It's absolute pandemonium outside Prison Island, one of the PokéDigi Earth Government's fortified military bases. High Councilor Ash and his PokéDigi forces are battling what can only be described as giant robots designed to look like Greymon and sea creatures. The PokéDigi forces are holding on their own, but the regular military is in disarray."

"With Goh in custody; is there any sign of who's directing the attack?"

"It's hard to tell! It's possible that it has to be the Insurgency, by far the only resistance opposing the full power of the PokéDigi Earth Government."

"And have they breached the prison's defenses?"

"It's very unlikely since the battle is most likely taking place outside the-"

Oikawa gets into his suit of armor.

"Seal appendage armor," Oikawa instructed the suit. "Activate reactor core." Whirring and hissing, the armor sealed up all over Oikawa's body.

A computerized voice speaks, "Affirmative. All systems functional. All inputs tethered. Neutral command scheme now online." Chloe stepped in and sees what he's doing.

"Oikawa! What are you doing?!" Chloe asked.

"What I have to do," Oikawa said.

"What do you mean?" Chloe asked, seeing the weapon and she gasped. "You're going to use it, aren't you?"

"Goh is the face of the Insurgency and if he dies, then everything he fought for will be for nothing. When he comes back, tell him I'm sorry for doing this," Oikawa said.

Later, Oikawa flies in his battle suit in Odaiba. Oikawa knew there was no going back after this, but as long as it meant the Regime's downfall. Just as he gets to the battle, missles home in on Oikawa. Oikawa tries to lose them, but they locked onto his move since they were homing missles. Oikawa gets struck and he fell as he screamed. He bashes against the roof of a hospital and rolls onto the ground.

"Computer, damage assessment," Oikawa requested.

"Reserve energy drained. Engaging recharge," the AI replied. "Propulsion system offline."

"How long until fully charged?" Oikawa asked.

"Full restoration in fifteen minutes," the AI replied.

Oikawa turned when he heard a vehicle coming. It turns out to be Team Rocket who shot Oikawa down in a stolen Regime vehicle.

"Prepare for trouble, follower of Ash!" Jessie started.

"Make it double, so we're here to take out the trash!" James said in a rhyme.

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all peoples within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth! That's right!"


"It feels so good to do the motto again!" Meowth said.

"Unless you want Ash to win, you three will stand aside!" Oikawa said. Meowth was surprised to hear Oikawa is siding against Ash.

"You're heading to beat Ash? Your best buddy is his pop! And you're fighting against him?! Why?" Meowth asked.

"Everything I did under his services was a ruse to aide the Insurgency. For the last five years, I have done such a good job at covering my tracks. And by the way, Meowth, how is life without your claws treating you?" Oikawa asked. Meowth growled.

"You had to bring that up! Your Regime buddies took my claws when they tortured me!" Meowth said.

"Yes. How unfortunate that they had to resort to torture since they forced you to tell them where Team Rocket HQ is," Oikawa said. Jessie and James were shocked to hear that the Regime knew where to look because Meowth told them.

"They forced the truth out of me!" Meowth said.

"But then you escaped when they weren't looking. And they thought you died from your injuries," Oikawa said. Meowth eye filled with tears as he remembered the torture he endured, but his heart sank deeper when he heard Jessie and James had both been killed by Ash and the Pikachu they were trying to steal.

"How did you know about me escaping?" Meowth asked.

"I know because I played a role in your escape. How else the Regime weren't able to find you until their attack on Team Rainbow Rocket," Oikawa said.

"You mean, it was you who made up that story about me being dead?" Meowth said.

"Who cares! We're here to get that suit and use it to take down the High Councilor twerp!" Jessie said.

"You are welcome to try, but I doubt it will do you any good," Oikawa said. Jessie and James attempted to claim the battle suit, but he has overpowered them both. As Oikawa looked at them, he huffed. "Seeing you two again after all this time, I'm beginning to think maybe Ash had the right idea about you people."

"How dare you!" Jessie hissed, disgusted by those words.

"Jess, wait!" Meowth said. "Let him keep it!" Jessie looked at him.

"What are you saying? This is our chance for revenge? Why are you denying us that chance?!" Jessie asked.

"The Jessie and James were took part of the Insurgency when Team Rocket fell. The Insurgents were skeptical to let ya in, but they didn't have a choice. So when they went to get the PokéDigiX98 pill, they died. The Jessie and James here died to save the world from him," Meowth said. Jessie and James were shocked. Team Rainbow Rocket all arrived, pointing their guns at Oikawa. "Stand down, guys! He's on our side!" Team Rainbow Rocket was shocked to hear it.

"You made a wise decision, Meowth. Gather the rest of Team Rainbow Rocket and do what you can about the Regime," Oikawa said.

"We'll keep them busy. You take Ash down!" Meowth said.

Over to the Prison, the two WarGreymon were fighting as Ash and Pikachu were dealing with Misty, Kiawe, and Tai, while Insurgency Goh, Davis, and Veemon went to rescue Goh. Kazemon, Devimon, Lucemon, and the rest of the flyers were dealing with WarGreymon. WarGreymon sends his Regime counterpart through the prison roof. Oikawa came to the aide as he fires his missles at the remaining Regime DigiDestined and Digimon.

"WarGreymon! Go help your partner!" Oikawa said.

"Really?" WarGreymon asked.

"I'll handle them!" Oikawa said. WarGreymon nodded and went to help Tai.

Oikawa led the Regime flyers after him. TK and Kari rode on Pegasusmon and Nefertimon as Oikawa flew ahead of them. Pegasusmon and Nefertimon kept on firing at Oikawa. He gets behind them and he blasts them. Kari and Nefertimon fell.

"KARI!" TK cried. He growled as Pegasusmon flew towards him. He led the two in front of the Odaiba TV station. He smacked them both and they fell on the front. Oikawa hovers down.

"Surrender, TK. This is the end of the line," Oikawa said.

"Like I'm going to do what you say, you filthy traitor!" TK spat.

"I'm giving you a chance. End this without further bloodshed," Oikawa said.

"It's too late for that!" TK said. Pegasusmon fires Eques Beam, so Oikawa reflects it.

"You're done, TK. Overmatched," Oikawa said.

Fight 1: Yukio Oikawa (Insurgency) vs TK Takashi and Patamon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Oikawa fires a laser at TK, but Pegasusmon blocked with Star Shower and then galloped at Oikawa as TK gave Oikawa a punch, but he responds with a punch on the side. Pegasusmon attepted to stomp on him to deliever pain to him. TK and Oikawa prepared for a clash.

"You're breaking your mother's heart!" Oikawa said.

"By protecting her?" TK asked.

The two of them charged at each other and landed a hit. Oikawa won the clash and he gave TK a laser blast then then a punch in the gut. He fires his laser at the Regime Child of Hope and at the Armor Digimon of Hope. Pegasuson reverts back to Patamon.

Fight End!

"Like I said, overmatched," Oikawa said, He was about to take something from TK to use, but Brock blitz attacks form the back and he sends out Steelix and it fires Dragon Breath at him, but Oikawa's barrier protects him and he fires at the iron snake Pokémon. Oikawa attempts to land a hit, but Brock flips him over. Brock glares at him.

"You're a traitor?! Since when, Oikawa? SINCE WHEN HAVE YOU BEEN SIDING WITH THEM?!" Brock demanded an answer.

"From the day Ash decided to herd us all in like sheep," Oikawa replied.

"Ash only wants what's best for everyone!" Brock said.

"We are not his playthings. And he is no god!" Oikawa said.

Fight 2: Yukio Oikawa (Insurgency) vs Brock (Regime)

Fight Start!

Steelix came at Oikawa as he gave the iron snake Pokémon a punch and then fires a laser at Steelix. Brock came at Oikawa as he punched him, but Oikawa responded with a punch in the gut. Oikawa fires lasers at him repeatedly. The then fires one more and it struck him. The both of them got ready for a clash.

"For a rock, you are soft!" Oikawa said.

"Don't underestimate me!" Brock said.

The both of them charged at each other. Oikawa had won the clash and he gave Brock some more punches and gave him a kick. He fires at Steelix and it was enough to finish the both of them.

Fight End!

"No good comes from blind loyalty," Oikawa said. "Status."

The AI reponds, "Internal circuitry 60% damaged. Flight Mode is offline."

"What did I miss?" Oikawa asked. He heard an explosion behind him and he knew the direction it came from.

"D.A.T.S?" Oikawa asked.

"Affirmative," the AI replied.

"Casualties?" Oikawa asked.

"All personnel safely evacuated. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu were in the blast radius, but are unharmed," the AI said. Oikawa puts on his mask as he sighed.

"It's time for my final performance. May fortune favor the foolish," Oikawa said. He gained access to all of the media to adress his message to the world. Oikawa spoke. Ash knew the voice behind the mask. "People of the world! I stand before you to reveal to you the truth! The truth of the ones who claims to be our protectors! The ones who claims to be our saviors! The High Councilor has claimed to bring us paradise, peace, and prosperity to us, but lies spews from thier mouths! The PokéDigi Earth Government has brought us nothing but fear and oppression! They brought us nothing but more pain and more suffering! Do you remember when the DigiDestined were the bringers of hope and when Pokémon trainers like Gym Leaders inspired new generations of trainers? I do! And it is this High Councilor who has enslaved us all, so I draw my sword and raise it against the PokéDigi Earth Regime and all it stands for! I declare war against this power hungry tyrant and destroy what he has created!" The people were all cheering for the man as Ash and Pikachu growled in anger. "Hear me, Ash Ketchum! Your oppressive Regime shall fall! And your hold over us all shall loosen! Your time is over! Come and face me!"

With that done, Oikawa waited for Ash and Pikachu to show up. He prepares to fire.

"ETA at twelve seconds," the AI said. Ash and Pikachu approach from above.

"I see him," Oikawa said, aiming at Ash.

"Maximum weapons range: 1500 meters. Weapons lock in seven seconds." Oikawa prepared to fire as sweat ran down his face. "Five seconds." The anti-aura weapon was fully charged. "Three seconds." One shot is all it takes. One shot, and victory will be theirs. "One second." He was about to fire…

…but he was interuppted by Steelix using Dragon Breath on Oikawa.

"Systems failure. Systems failure. Systems fail—"

The collision shook the entire TV station as Ash and Pikachu had landed. Everyone inside were grabbing on to something. Hiroaki Ishida had stepped outside as Brock was shielding himself. Oikawa's mask goes flying. The dust clears as Ash and Pikachu approached Oikawa who was greatly infured and blood ran down his lip. Ash knew he was right when he recognized Oikawa's voice.

"Yukio," Ash finally spoke. Oikawa coughed a bit as Ash had stopped in his place. "I trusted you. You betrayed me."

"Who... betrayed whom?" Oikawa responded weakly. Ash ripped the man out of his armor and held him in the air. Ash glared at him full of hateful anger.

"I GAVE YOU PEACE!" Ash roared.

"Your peace..." Oikawa said weakly, knowing it will be the last thing he'll say, "Your peace... is a joke." Hearing enough, Ash began to choke him. Oikawa's breathing became shortened by each passing second. Ash was growing more vicious as Ash was choking him. It went on until the sickening sound of a bone snapping is heard and he drops Oikawa's lifeless body. Just then, a crowd was gathering. Nancy Takaishi, Tai and Kari's parents, and so many people were there and they were all horrified by what Ash had done.

Nancy, "Oikawa's dead."

A random man, "Ash just killed him."

Random woman, "Why would he do that?"

Another man, "Murderer!"

Yuko, "How could he do that? He was his second father!"

Just then, the people started to talk all at once. It was driving Ash mad. Ash gave off a roar that sounded almost inhuman. Pikachu jumped on his back and the two of them flown off. The people were shaken with fear by what they saw, but no more than Brock. He slowly approached Oikawa's corpse and he was shaking with fear as he realized something in the first time in five years. He realized that he has made a horrible mistake.