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News of Oikawa's death has spread all around. The whole world has seen the worst thing that Ash has ever done. The Regime's approval ratings were plummeting at a rapid pace. The attack on the prison has been a great loss for the PokéDigi Earth Regime and because Ash is the High Councilor, he was given the most blame.

At the Regime's HQ, the Regime members being Misty, Kiawe, TK, Patamon, Kari, Gatomon, May, Dawn, Clemont, Rika, Renamon, Koji, Kouchi, Lucemon, and Devimon were gathered as Ash and Pikachu sat alone.

"Those duplicates! They incited insurrection," Misty said.

"We must suppress this filth!" Devimon said.

"Wilfulness only leads to anarchy. It cannot be allowed to spread!" Lucemon said.

"This is all Goh's fault! He did this to us!" May said.

"We did everything to protect everyone, and now they're all against us! We have to do something to teach them all a lesson!" Dawn said.

"Dawn's right. They're never going to learn if we just do nothing about it!" TK said.

"Right! We gave them everything they could want and this is how they repay us?" Kari asked.

Ash finally spoke, "I made them safe." The Regime members turned to the High Councilor. "I made them safe. I shielded them I protected them. I did everything in my power to give them the safety and security they could want. Are they grateful? Do they appreciate my protection? No. They whine, complain, and side with those criminals!" His voice grew darker with each passing sentence. He stood up and he gave a dark expression. "If they prefer chaos, I'll give it to them." He approaches the table as Tai, Agumon, Matt, Gabumon, Ken, Wormmon, Yolei, Hawkmon, Cody, Armadillomon, Grumblemon, Ranamon, Mercurymon, Arbormon, Brock, and JP had walked in. "Viridian City and Odaiba, I'll flatten them! Set an example! And then, I'm finding the dimension these duplicates came from! I'll annihilate it! Make them pay for interfering!"

"Wait a minute! We're wiping out whole cities and invading worlds in other dimensions?" JP asked. Ash turned to JP, preferring not to hear a word from anyone.

"You have a problem with that, JP?" Ash asked coldly.

"Yeah, I got a problem with it! It's crazy! It's going too far!" JP said.

"The people are unfit for self-rule! We must preserve order!" Misty stated.

"By wiping entire cities off the map? How is that making things better? We're supposed to protect people, not kill them!" JP said. Brock wanted to speak up, but Tai stopped him and shook his head.

"That's exactly what we're doing! We're not just protecting them from people like Hunter J or from Kurata, or Team Rocket! We're protecting them from themselves!" Ash cruelly stated.

"What's the point of being protectors if they're going to be afraid of us?" JP asked.

"Fear is the only way to keep them in line!" Ash stated. "If we cannot have respect then we will have fear!"

"People are going to die if we do this!" JP said. "I'm talking innocent people!"

"They made up their minds by siding with the Insurgents! So, if they don't like what they find for their disloyalty, then they will not find a single shread of compassion from me!" Ash said.

"No, no, no! There has to be limits! Even on us! Especially on us!" JP said.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Ash roared.

"We can't do this! Have you gone nuts?! Serena wouldn't wante-" JP was cut off as Ash grabbed him by the neck. The mention of Serena's name drove him. JP was about to Spirit Evolve, but Ash grabbed JP's Digivice and he shoved it down his throat. JP's breathing shortened until he passed out, dying from the lack of air. Ash looked at the body of JP. He then turned to the rest of them.

"Anyone else? Anyone want to voice their own opinions?" Ash asked coldly. Not one of them dared to speak. Ash had already killed two traitors in one day and they all knew he was willing to kill some more if the need should come. He turned the living Regime members. "Clemont, Rika, Renamon, take control of all the media broadcasts, I want everyone to see this. Misty, Kiawe, TK, Kari, Patamon, Gatomon, Lucemon, Koji, Kouichi, May, Dawn, you're with me. Devimon, prepare your ground forces. Tai, Agumon, Matt, Gabumon, Brock, get Mewtwo ready." He took onel last look at JP's body before he walked off. Brock, Tai, Matt, Ken, Wormmon, Yolei, Hawkmon, Cody, Armadillomon, Grumblemon, Ranamon, Mercurymon, and Arbormon all gathered around his corpse.

"Poor JP," Cody said.

"The whelp deserved such a fate. He should have held his tongue when he had the chance," Mercurymon said. He, Ranamon, and Grumblemon left as Cody and Armadillomon decided to bury him.

"Arbormon, let's take him outside. Give him a proper burial," Cody said.

"Yeah, I could use a good hole digging," Armadillomon said.

"Right," Arbormon said. Brock was silent and saddened by JP's death. If Oikawa's death wasn't enough, this was too much. He took one last look at JP's body before Cody, Armadillomon, and Arbormon took off as Ken, Wormmon, Yolei and Hawkmon went with the other three warriors, leaving him with Tai, Matt, Agumon, and Gabumon.

"Brock, come on. We got work to do," Matt said.

"He was right. This isn't what we signed up for," Brock said.

"We did our job, Brock. We eliminated crime," Tai said.

"JP wasn't a criminal! He was-" Brock was cut off by Matt.

"JP was a casulty of war. It was an acceptable loss," Matt said.

"Acceptable?! How is this acceptable?!" Brock exclaimed. This draws their attention. "When I first joined up, it was to protect the people from the bad guys! But now, I can see that we're not making things better, we're making things worst! Worst than Team Rocket would have done! I let myself believe that we were doing the right thing, but we weren't. So, I can't do this anymore. I'm done." Brock was about to leave when Tai stopped him.

"You have a death wish? There's no done!" Tai said.

"Tai's right, Brock! It's too late to turn back!" Matt said.

"It's too late for you, but not for me," Brock said. He was attempting to leave when Tai and Matt tackled him to the ground.

"We can't let you leave!" Tai said. Brock broke out of their hold and he attmepted to leave. He knocked out Matt, but Tai stood in his way. He looked at Brock. "If you're going to leave the Regime, then so be it! The sentence for your desertion is death!" Tai said.

Fight 1: Brock (Regime) vs Tai Kamiya and Agumon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Agumon fires Pepper Breath as Brock calls out Geodude and slams into Agumon. Brock then gives Tai a sock in the face and then a kick. Geodude gave Agumon a Rock Throw attack. Agumon responded by grabbing Geodude and hurling the rock Pokémon in the air and lands a powerful Pepper Breath. Tai gave Brock a punch, but he blocked and gave him a sock in the face. Both got ready for a clash.

"My will's strong as stone!" Brock said.

"Not if we break it first!" Tai said.

The both of them ran towards them and landed a hit. Brock won the clash and gave Tai and Agumon a punch. Geodude wraps up with Rock Throw.

Fight End!

"You didn't give me a choice, Tai," Brock said.

Just then, Arbormon came in and saw what Brock did.

"Brock? What did you do to Tai and Agumon?" Arbormon asked.

"What I had to do. Just like I'm about to. So, out of the way," Brock said.

"You think you're gonna be going anywhere, then you're dumber than ya look! I'm going to pop your head like popcorn!" Arbormon said.

"Don't try it, Arbormon!" Brock warned the Warrior of Wood.

Fight 2: Brock (Regime) vs Arbormon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Arbormon launches a missile as Geodude blocks with Rock Throw. Brock gave him a punch and Arbormon punches him back. Geodude rolls into Arbormon as Brock gave him a push on the ground. Arbormon stretches out his limbs and lands a couple of hits onto Brock. The two of the get ready for a clash.

"I'm going to rough you up!" Arbormon said.

"I'm not easy to rough up!" Brock said.

The two of them ran towards each other and landed a hit. Brock won the clash and he and Geodude gave each other a smack and they take the Warrior of Wood down.

Fight End!

"Ash shouldn't have brought any goon of Cherubimon into the Regime," Brock said, taking his leave. He left the Regime's HQ to warn the Insurgency of Ash's plan. He knew he had to hurry and find them before it was too late. In the distance, he spots what looks like an execution. "Time for a detour." He went to the execution sight. He spots Mallow standing before the soldiers.

"Each and every one of you have gathered here today, because you are the finest, bravest soldiers the planet has to offer! Yours is a noble and heroic mission! It requires that you transcend your humanity and enbody the PokéDigi Earth principles: Obedience, order, and control! Those who defy the High Counilor's commands shall be executed without quall, without mercy and hesitation!" Mallow addressed the Regime soldiers. A small sum of soldiers who refused to carry out on Ash's order are brought out for execution.

"At least Mallow's mom isn't here to see this," Brock said.

"Firing squad assemble!" Mallow commanded. The firing squad assembles and aims their weapons at the defiant soldiers. Brock remembered a device he got from Izzy to disable the weapons of rogue soldiers if the need should come, and he knew that need did come. He activates it and disables the guns before the shots were fired. Brock came out to Mallow. She was stunned to see Brock standing before her.

"That's enough, Mallow!" Brock said.

"Yes, it is enough!" Mallow said. She grabbed Brock and gave him a toss. She went after him and stood before him. "Why did you interuppt the execution?! What are you trying to pull?!"

"Doing the right thing for the first time in five years!" Brock said.

"So, it's desertion, Brock?" Mallow asked. She scoffs. "Your timing is way off to pull this stunt!"

"You're right, Mallow. It was something I should have done a whole lot sooner," Brock said.

"You're turning your back on everything Ash worked to make the world a safer place, Brock! Safe even for your family!" Mallow said.

"The world was never safe with us running the shots! Oikawa and JP's deaths taught me that! The Regime was a mistake we should never have made! And you joined the wrong side, Mallow!" Brock said.

Fight 3: Brock (Regime) vs Mallow (Regime)

Mallow let out Tsareena as Brock let out Croagunk and they began to fight. Mallow gave Brock a kick as did Tsareena. Brock countered with a punch as Croagunk gave Tsareena a Poison Jab. Croagunk fires Poison Sting and then came at Tsareena with Brick Break. Brock gave Mallow a punch and then a kick. The both of them got ready for a clash.

"Plants are better than rocks!" Mallow said.

"Stones don't turn that easily!" Brock said.

The both of them ran towards each other. The clash ends in a draw, but Brock and Croagunk finished Mallow and Tsareena with one last attack.

Fight End!

"Goh was right, Ash was wrong," Brock said. He took one last look at Mallow as he calls Croagunk back. "Now, to warn the Insurgency." He went off to find the Insurgency.

Speaking of which, Davis and Veemon are haing a duel of Yu-Gi-Oh as Davis has lost the duel when Veemon played Salamandra to power up Flame Swordsman. Davis had no cards left and he was down to 2500 LP as Veemon has 2000 LP.

"Salamandra powers Flame Swordsman by 700 and goes up to 2500! And that's game!" Veemon said as Davis took 2500 LP of damage.

"Man, you beat me again!" Davis groaned. Veemon chuckled. Just then, Brock came right in and finally found the Insurgency base. Brock was happy to see Davis and Veemon agaon, but Davis and Veemon weren't exactly jumping with joy since he sided with Ash. "Brock?!"

"Davis, Veemon! Is that you?!" Brock exclaimed with joy.

"Who were thinking it was, Naruto? What do you want?" Davis asked.

"It really is you! Davis, please, tell me where's Goh? My Goh, I mean!" Brock said.

"He's busy, not being a murderer!" Davis said.

"Davis, please, listen to me! I'm not here to fight!" Brock said.

"You should have thought of that before coming here!" Davis said.

"Yeah, you're going down, Regime lap dog!" Veemon said.

Fight 4: Brock (Regime) vs Davis Motomiya and Veemon

Fight Start!

Veemon starts up with a Vee Headbutt as Davis came at Brock, but he gave Davis a kick and Davis a headbutt. Brock then grabbed Davis and gave him a toss. Veemon comes at Brock as Brock jumps and gave Veemon a punch. Davis and Brock got ready for a clash.

"What's with your eyes?" Davis asked.

"What are you talking about?" Brock asked.

The two of them charged into each other and Brock won the clash. He gave Davis and Veemon one more punch to the each of them and they go down.

Fight End!

"That's enough, Davis, I'm on your side," Brock said, approaching Davis and Veemon.

"You? On our side? Why should I believe a word you Regime jerks have to say? The same Regime being led by Ash, the guy who kills his own friends and pretty much everyone else who says no to him!" Davis said.

"Davis, I don't blame you that you don't trust me, but I need you to trust me now, because I know something you should know! So, please! Hear me out!" Brock said. Davis looked at Brock and looked into his eyes. It reminded him of how Ken had changed his ways, so he had to give him a chance.