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Brock stood before the Insurgency about Ash's plan to wipe out Odaiba and Viridian City after the suffering defeat at their hands.

"I'm telling you, Odaiba and Viridian City will be history! And he's not going to stop there! Once he's finished wiping them out, he's going after your world!" Brock said.

"You're kidding!" Agumon exclaimed.

"I can't believe he'd do this! It's crazy!" Clemont said.

"We have to to stop him!" Misty said.

"It'll be a pretty huge fight on our hands," Tai said.

"No!" Insurgency Goh said hotly. They all looked at him. "I brought you here to get the anti-aura weapon and that plan failed! I'm sending all of you back and then, I'm destroying the inter dimensional transporter!"

"Stop me if this sounds like something that a dumb guy would say, but that won't stop him from coming over!" Davis satted.

"It'll give you more time to prepare," Insurgency Goh said.

"Oikawa sacrificed himself to help us! I won't dishonor him just by running away!" Kiawe said.

"He's right. We got to stop them now!" Misty said.

"But how are going to fight an entire army with the ten of us here?" Veemon asked. Goh then got an idea.

"I know how we'ere going to do this. We bring over our Ash and put an end to this fight," Goh said.

"No! One Ash in this world is enough!" Insurgency Goh said.

"He's nothing like yours! I get that you don't like the idea, but he's right," Misty said.

"You shouldn't let your emotion cloud your judgement," Misty said.

An explosion is heard as the Regime DigiDestined with the exception of TK and Kari had all arrived. With them are Tracey, Lillie, Gladion, Mallow, Lana, several Digimon, and Beelzemon. Beezlemon wore an outfit that made him look like Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger.

"Well, well, well, look what we found!" Beelzemon said.

"Beelzemon?! How is that Ash had spared you?" Misty asked.

"He appreciates my talents!" Beelzemon said, taking out a machine gun and started firing. Psyduck came out and blocked with his psychic powers. "Say your prayers!" He fires again as Psyduck blocks with his psychic powers again. Beezlemon kept on firing and Psyduck kept on blocking. "I'll snap you like a matchstick!"

Fight 1: Misty vs Beelzemon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Beelzemon came at Misty with his Darkness Claw attack and struck her, but Misty struck by giving him a kick. Beelzemon shot back with his shotguns. Misty calls out Staryu and spun around, striking him. Staryu fires Swift at the Demon Lord of Gluttony repeatedly. Beelzemon gave Misty a kick with his boot. Misty and Beelzemon got ready for a clash.

"I never forgave you for what you did to Leomon!" Misty said.

"I never asked for you to forgive me!" Beelzemon said.

The both of them went charging at each other. Misty won the clash and she gave an uppercut onto Beelzemon and then a punch in the face to finish him off.

Fight End!

"Unlike your Misty, I'm merciful. At least our Beezlemon fought for the right thing for Ai and Mako," Misty said.

"Your Beelzemon must have been a big softie!" Beelzemon said. Beelzemon attempted to slash her when she vanished and was brought to Cerulean City. She looked around.

"Cerulean City? How did I-" Misty was cut off when Piedmon appeared before her.

"I brought you here," Piedmon said.

"Piedmon! I want do you want?!" Misty demanded.

"Now, now, cool that redhead of yours. I brought you here just for a friendly chat," Piedmon said.

"And why would I want to hear what you have to say to you? Out of all of the Dark Masters, you're the darkest of the Dark Masters!" Misty said.

Fight 2: Misty vs Piedmon (Parallel)

Fight Start!

Misty began with a punch, but Piedmon responded with a slap in Misty's face and he gave her a Trump Sword attack. Misty got hit, but she gave him a kick in the gut and then an uppercut in the chin. Piedmon used his Clown Trick attack as Misty has let out Corsola and attacked with Spike Cannon. Misty and Piedmon got ready for a clash.

"I'm going to wipe that smile off your face!" Misty said.

"It should be fun to see you try!" Piedmon said.

The both of them charged at each other and Misty overcame the clownish Dark Master. Corsola slams into Piedmon and she finished him off with a kick.

Fight End!

"You're sending me back, Piedmon!" Misty said.

"Worried about your little friends? Well, you shouldn't worry, because they'll make it out okay. If you wanna help them, then you will have no choice but to hear me out," Piedmon said.

"I repeat: why should I hear what you have to say?" Misty asked.

"Let's say that I know something that you don't," Piedmon said. Misty didn't want to trust him, but she knew she had to hear what he had to say.

"Okay, Piedmon, start talking and make it quick," Misty said.

Back to the Insurgency base, the Gohs and their Cinderace deals with Beelzemon as Tai, Davis, Agumon, Veemon, and Kiawe deals with the Regime Digimon.

"We have to get the teleporter out of here! If it's damaged then you're stuck here!" Insurgency Goh said.

"Right!" Goh agreed. Goh and his Insurgency double took the transporter out while the rest were still fighting.

Back to Cerulean City, Piedmon has told her about Ash's plan to destroy both of Viridian City and Odaiba.

"I already know about Ash's plan! How is this news?" Misty asked.

"You only know a part of plan. Do you know HOW he's planning on carrying it out?" Piedmon asked.

"I would have if you didn't bring me here," Misty said. Piedmon reveals her Regime counterpart that Misty has risen an army of Cerulean City citizens into battle. Misty was horrified by what she was seeing. "No!"

"Yes! She is using the people of this city to wipe out an entire city," Piedmon said.

"How could she do this? If only there was someone who could-" Misty asked before cutting her off.

"I think the two words you're looking for is stop her, isn't it?" Piedmon asked. Misty looked right at him.

"Why are you helping me out? What are you gaining out of it?" Misty asked.

"That I'll sleep better, knowing that there'll be no more Regime to spoil the fun in chaos. I know it seems bad for you, but the world was getting boring," Piedmon said.

"I don't know if I should thank you or give you another punch in the face," Misty said.

"Oh, neither will be necessary. You scratch my back, I scratch yours," Piedmon said.

"Just keep those hands to yourself, Piedmon!" Misty said.

Just then, Rika and Renamon had arrived on the scene.

"Looks like the beans have been spilled. I'll let you do your thing," Piedmon said, vanishing. Misty glares at Rika and Renamon.

"Piedmon is aiding the Insurgency. I should have guessed it," Rika said.

"Renamon, you're one of the most noble Digimon I have ever known! How could you of all Digimon side with Ash?" Misty asked.

"Ash has opened both our eyes. Peace is to be maintained," Renamon said.

"The only way to maintain peace is by offing anyone who goes against it," Rika said.

"Do you really think that on your own, or did Ash tell you to think that?" Misty asked.

"We wouldn't expect you to get it!" Rika said.

"Prepare to suffer!" Renamon said.

Fight 3: Misty vs Rika Nonoka and Renamon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Renamon begins with Diamond Storm as Rika came at Misty with a tackle, but Misty gave her a punch and avoids Diamond Storm. Renamon attempts to maul Misty, but she sends out Staryu and rammed into Renamon and she rammed into Rika, giving her some punches and kicks. Misty and Rika got ready for a clash.

"Water baby!" Rika said.

"Don't take your daddy issues out on me!" Misty said.

The two of them ran towards each other and landed a hit. Misty won the clash and she gave Renamon a punch as Staryu fires Swift at Rika. Both of Rika and Renamon were both defeated.

Fight End!

"You and Henry made the wrong choice, Rika," Misty said.

With Rika and Renamon dealt with, she went to stop her Regime counterpart from committing genocide.

"Hurry it up! We take off within an hour!" Regime Misty said. A soldier went up to her. "Take those to the Gyarados team. The Kyogre team needs help with the inter-ships transfer! Let's move, let's move!" Regime Misty commanded. Misty runs towards her counterpart, intending to stop her here and now.

"Misty! This has to stop! You won'ttake the name of Cerulean City and abide Ash's madness!" Misty called out to her counterpart.

"You have no say here, pretender! I am leading this army!" Regime Misty said.

"You're about to commit genocide! How could you do something so horrible?" Misty asked.

"After Viridian City, Ash has shown me the truth! The truth is that man's aggressions cannot be tempered. Only quelled," Regime Misty said. Misty knew her counterpart agreed with Ash's decision to create the PokéDigi Earth Government and kill all criminals and warmongers. She wondered the same about May and Dawn.

"I can see that you joined willingly, and the same can be said about May; but did Dawn join in out of her own free will or was she forced into this mess like most of the others?" Misty asked her Regime self.

"Dawn made her choice the same way as we did!" Regime Misty said.

"All of this all because Serena died. Am I right?" Misty asked. "Is it worth it that you kills so many innocent people in her name?"

"Serena filled Ash's life with more happiness than anyone else would have in his entire life. When Team Rocket stole that bomb and used it to destroy Viridian City, they had to pay with their lives! Their corpses were placed on spikes as an example to anyone who would follow in their footsteps!" Regime Misty said.

"And what did you do to get on Ash's good side? Sleep with him?!" Misty exclaimed. Regime Misty scowled at her.


"You just replaced her. You took advantage of his pain and climbed into his bed!" Misty said.

"How dare you!" Regime Misty declared.

"You moved right in after Serena died just so you could replace her! But the truth is that he still loves her and you cannot handle it!" Misty declared.

"SHUT UP!" Regime Misty yelled, hearing enough. She engaged her counterpart. She calls out her Gyarados as she did the same thing. The Mistys fight as same as the Gyarados. "After I'm killing you, I'm going to lead them down to Viridian City and kill every individual I see!"

"Not if I have anything to say about it, sister! We don't kill the innocent! We protect them! And save the lives of both friend and foe!" Misty declared.

"You would lecture me about morals?!" Regime Misty asked.

"I'm not seeking to lecture, I'm seeking to depose!" Misty said.

Fight 4: Misty vs Misty (Regime)

Fight Start!

Regime Misty begins by punching her in the face as Regime Misty grabs her and tosses her to the side. Misty's Gyarados comes at Regime Misty's Gyarados with Crunch, but counters with Hydro Pump. Regime Misty's Gyarados performs Rain Dance and then uses Hurricane to blast Misty's Gyarados with it. Misty gave a kick to her Regime counterpart, but she grabbed her leg and gave her a punch in the face. Misty's Gyarados took advantage of Rain Dance and unleashed Hurricane at the Regime atrocious Pokémon. Both Mistys got ready for a clash.

"You stain the title of Cerulean City's Gym Leader!" Misty said.

"You're too soft to be one!" Regime Misty countered.

The Mistys charges at each other and landed a hit. Misty had won the clash and she gave her evil twin a punch as her Gyarados had finished her off with one last Hurricane. Regime Misty had been taken down at last.

Fight End!

"Now, to rebuild what you destroyed," Misty said. The people of Cerulean City stood there as they had watched the fight between them. They attempted to get to her when Misty spoke up.

"Wait! Stop! I might be of your world, but I am Cerulean City's Gym Leader! And as a Gym Leader, I am telling you what you are doing is wrong!" Misty announced. The people listened to hear. She knew she was getting through to her. Misty points to her Regime self. "She had allowed another trainer down a path of no return. She has allowed him to inflict his rage on the entire world, allowed him to give in to his darkest temptations, instead of freeing him from his pain and despair. Are we so lost that we have no different from Team Rocket or do we still remember the times before the PokéDigi Earth Regime? You all know the answers for yourselves. So, let's all go and fight; not as mankind's destroyers, as mankind's protectors." The people all cheered as they all have the light for the first time in years.

Over to Viridian City, the Regime Forces are marching down as they bring destruction in their wake, destroying all in their path. Mewtwo uses its psychic powers to bring down whole buildings. Ash and Pikachu blasts a bridge with their aura and electricity, destroying it and killing the people, trying to flee.

In Odaiba, the same can be said as the Regime army is proceeding in the destruction. MagnaAngemon uses his sword to slash through the buildings as Angewomon blasts a road with her Heaven's Charm. Lucemon uses Dead or Alive to obliterate an entire truck. Just then, an explosion is heard as Tai, WarGreymon, Davis, ExVeemon, Brock, and Kiawe are still fighting the Regime trainers and DigiDestined.

Over in the abandoned Cerise Research Laboratory, the Gohs have successfully took the transporter to safety. Goh and Chloe were watching the destruction going on as Insurgency Goh was working on sending them back.

"It's getting worse and worse out there. We gotta ge-" Goh said before his Insurgency self cut him off.

"Once I'm done, you're all heading back!" Insurgency Goh said.

"I don't get you! You brought us here to end this and now you're just throwing in the towel? Just like that?" Goh asked.

"Like I said, it was to use the weapon to weaken Ash and that plan backfired! So, I'm sending you back," Insurgency Goh said.

"You can't fight this battle by yourself! Without help, you'll die, and the Insurgency along with you!" Goh argued. Insurgency Goh looked at him.

"Maybe that's my fate," Insurgency Goh said.

"I don't believe that! And I know you don't either!" Goh argued. He went to the transporter, but Insurgency Goh pushed him back.

"Don't touch that!" Insurgency Goh barked. Goh took out a Pokéball and threw it to let out Cinderace. Insurgency Goh does the same thing as the two Cinderace started to fight. The same for the trainers. "This is my world! This is my fight!"

"You made it our fight when you brought us here!" Goh argued.

Fight 5: Goh vs Goh (Insurgency)

Fight Start!

Goh began by running towards his counterpart, but Insurgency Goh grabbed him and threw him on the ground. Insurgency Cinderace started with Double Kick, but Cinderace responded with Blaze Kick and then gave it a Double Kick. Cinderace gave Insurgency Cinderace a Double Kick. Goh punched Insurgency Goh in the face and then kicked him in the gut. Goh and Cinderace kept punching and kicking each other as they got ready for a clash.

"Willing to call it quits?" Goh asked.

"Not on your life," Insurgency Goh said.

The Gohs ran towards each other and landed a hit. Goh gave his Insurgency double a couple of punches and then one more punch as Cinderace uses Pyro Ball and brought them both down.

Fight End!

"If we're done here, we're wasting time!" Goh said. Insurgency Goh got up on his feet, panting.

"You're making a mistake," Insurgency Goh said.

"You brought us here because you have faith. Faith we'd uphold the values you've given everything to defend. A friend said to me that it's not over until it's over. And who was it that said that to you?" Goh asked. Insurgency Goh remembered those words.

"Ash said that," Insurgency Goh said.

"So, trust us. And trust yourself. Let's end this," Goh said.

"He's right, Goh," Chloe said. Insurgency Goh looked at her. "I lost too many friends, I don't want to lose any more friends. I don't want to lose you. Oikawa sacrificed his own life to save you from doing it yourself. He knew the risks and he took it. I want this nightmare to be over." Chloe looked at him with tears streaming from her eyes. Insurgency Goh stood up and he reluctantly had to agree. He looked at his otherworldly self.

"You have no idea how you use it, do you?" Insurgency Goh pointed out. Goh just chuckled.

"I was hoping you wouldn't figure that out," Goh said.

Insurgency Goh activated the inter dimensional transporter and locked in the coordinates. Two figures were being brought in. A certain hat and a pair of yellow ears are brought in. Goh knew it was close to the final battle.