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Goh had filled Ash in on the situation going on in the world where he and the others were transported. Ash and Pikachu were shocked to hear that his counterpart has committed such horrific acts. And it was all because of what happened to Serena.

"We need to get started. Innocent people are dying," Ash said.

"Pikachu," Pikachu agreed.

"We'll take the others so you can focus on their Ash," Goh said.

"We'll have to do it together. It'll prevent more casualties if we band together. I'm more worried about dealing with Mewtwo," Ash said.

"It might cause some collateral damage," Goh said.

"That'll be a battle Pikachu and I will have to force somewhere else," Ash said.

"Pika," Pikachu said.

Ash and Pikachu turned to Insurgency a Goh.

"So, not my Goh, anything else?" Ash asked. Insurgency Goh smiled for the first time since a long time, he went up to Ash.

"I know it's not entirely accurate, but it's good to have you back," Insurgency Goh said. Ash smiled back. He turned to Pikachu.

"Let's go, Pikachu!" Ash said.

"Chu!" Pikachu said.

Ash and Pikachu went off to fight with their friends. Ash injects a PokéDigiX98 pill, building up his temporary strength.

In Odaiba, ExVeemon was losing to Devimon, but Steelix grabbed the fallen angel Digimon as Sudowoodo gave MegaKabuterimon a kick as WarGreymon was holding his own against MetalGarurumon. Davis tackled Sora down to the ground and Mimi forced him off and gave him a kick, but Kiawe punched her in the face, but Palmon wraps him up in her vines and then starts to slam him down. Pikachu then gave the plant-like Digimon a smack with Iron Tail.

"Palmon!" Mimi cried.

Ash came running to the scene.

"That's enough!" Ash said. Lucemon approached him and then grabbed him by the shirt.

"Yes, enough indeed!" Lucemon agreed.

"You have to stop, Lucemon. If the Dark Area exists in your Digital World, then you should go back there now!" Ash said.

"You are weak, human! And your world suffers for it!" Lucemon said. He was going to crush Ash with his hands, but Pikachu darts at the evil angel Digimon with Quick Attack, dropping him. "Disgusting rodent!" Lucemon fires several light and dark orbs at Pikachu, but he uses Electro Web to block it. Lucemon kept on firing the orbs at him, but Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to block the orbs. Pikachu struck Lucemon with Thunderbolt once he was open. It kept on repeating until Lucemon got tired of this. "Enough games!" He charges right at the duo, but Pikachu uses Electro Web to slow him down, but Lucemon breaks through. "There's no place for you here!"

"Maybe not, but I'm not going to let you get away with hurting people!" Ash declared.

"Pika!" Pikachu added.

"Ash modeled his government after mine! We allowed no insurrections!" Lucemon said.

Fight 1: Ash Ketchum vs Lucemon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Pikachu starts up with Quick Attack as Lucemon blocked with his wings. He comes at Ash with Paradise Lost. Pikachu fires Electro Web and struck Lucemon in it. Pikachu then shocks Lucemon with Thunderbolt as Ash gave him a punch. Lucemon gave Ash a punch and then came at him with Paradise Lost again. Pikachu dashed at Lucemon with Quick Attack. Ash gave Lucemon a kick followed by a punch. Both Lucemon got ready for a clash.

"Your chance of a victory against me is laughable!" Lucemon said.

"It's not over until it's over!" Ash countered.

The both of them charged at each other. Both landed a hit. Ash overcame Lucemon and gave him a punch as Pikachu gave him an Iron Tail. Lucemon countered with Paradise Lost. He was going to give Ash another hit from his attack, but Pikachu gave Thunderbolt to Lucemon. Ash gave the Demon Lord of Pride one more punch, finishing him off.

Fight End!

"Your evil ends here," Ash said.

Lucemon attempts to get to him, but Pikachu knocks him out with one more Iron Tail.

"Pikachu," Pikachu said.

"That'll keep him down for a while," Ash said. Devimon then came and reached his claw at him.

"Touch of Evil!" Devimon shouted. He misses as Pikachu gave the fallen angel Digimon a shock with Thunderbolt. He then gave him an Iron Tail across the head.

"How dare you!" Devimon said. WarGreymon came and swiped his claw at Devimon, destroying him. Regime Tai and WarGreymon came at Ash, but WarGreymon came and slammed his Regime counterpart on the ground as Ash grabbed him.

"Tai, you really want to do this?" Ash asked.

"I am doing what I have to!" Regime Tai spat.

"Think Tai. You're destroying your own home. And you would kill your own parents?" Ash asked. Regime Tai realized how right he was and how Brock was right to defect from the Regime when he did. "This is your chance to do something right, Tai. If I were you, I'd take it." Regime Tai nodded as he understood. He looked at his partner Digimon and reverted back to Agumon. WarGreymon went up to his Regime Rookie form.

"Doing the right thing isn't easy, but like it's said in the title, it's right," WarGreymon said. Ash turned to Tai.

"Think you can handle the rest here?" Ash asked.

"We got this! You head for Viridian City! That's where evil Ash is!" Tai said.

"You got it, Tai! Come on, Pikachu!" Ash said.

"Chu!" Pikachu said.

Over in Viridian City, Regime Kiawe is leading his troops down the streets as Ash and Pikachu had shown up.

"Kiawe! This is as far you're getting!" Ash said.

"You ready to take on my might, Ash?" Regime Kiawe asked.

"Yes, we are!" Ash replied. Kiawe was confused as Misty and an army of Cerulean City's citizens have arrived and started to drive the Regime Forces back. Kiawe glared at Ash.

"You are not wanted here!" Kiawe spat.

Fight 2: Ash Ketchum vs Kiawe (Regime)

Fight Start!

Kiawe ran towards Ash, but he counters with a punch. Pikachu gave him a Thunderbolt. Kiawe unleashed his Charizard as it flew at Pikachu, but he dodges and hurls Electro Web at him. Ash grabbed him and tossed him on the ground. Kiawe got back up and gave him an uppercut. Ash and Kiawe got ready to do a clash.

"It's too late to be scared!" Kiawe said.

"I don't scare easily!" Ash said.

Ash and Kiawe ran towards each other and landed a hit. Ash had won the clash and gave him some punches and kicks. Pikachu gave Kiawe some shocks with Thunderbolt. Ash and Pikachu gave Kiawe a punch and kick as Pikachu wrapped up with Iron Tail.

Fight End!

"I might not be wanted, but I am needed," Ash said. The Regime Forces began to retreat Misty approached Ash with a smile.

"We broke their ranks! Most of the military have begun to retreat!" Misty said.

"Good. After we're done here, we can work on the rescue and recovery," Ash said.

"I'll break up a legion as fast as I can," Misty said.

"You always did make it look so easy," Ash said.

"Pikachu," Pikachu said.

"Let's talk about how easy it was after we're done here," Misty said.

"Let's get-" Ash was cut off when he was struck.

"ASH!" Misty cried.

Ash was struck by Mewtwo. The genetic Pokémon slams the both of them on the ground with Psychic and threw them both in the direction of Pallet Town. Ash and Pikachu landed right in front of their house as Mewtwo floats down and fires Shadow Ball. Pikachu blocks with Thunderbolt and it results in an explosion. Mewtwo snarled at the two of them.

"I live to kill you!" Mewtwo said.

"You'll live disappointed,"Ash said.

"Chu!" Pikachu said.

Fight 3: Ash Ketchum vs Mewtwo (Regime)

Fight Start!

Mewtwo begins with Shadow Ball as Pikachu dodged and uses Iron Tail to reflect it. Ash rushed at Mewtwo and gave it a punch and then, a sweep at Mewtwo's feet. Mewtwo grabs Ash with Psychic and then, threw him up in the air. Pikachu ran towards Mewtwo with Quick Attack as Ash makes a landing. He gets back up and gave Mewtwo punch in the face. The two of them gets ready for a clash.

"I am the most powerful in the world!" Mewtwo said.

"Even the most powerful Pokémon has a weakness!" Ash countered.

Ash and Mewtwo charged at each other and landed a hit onto each other. Ash and Pikachu gave Mewtwo a kick and an Iron Tail. Mewtwo struck Ash, but Pikachu gave Mewtwo another Thunderbolt and Ash gave Mewtwo a kick, finishing the fight.

Fight End!

"Judgement day is not today!" Ash said. Mewtwo gets back up and came right at Ash. He took out a Master Ball and threw it at Mewtwo. Mewtwo flows right inside the Master Ball. "That's one fire put out. Now, it's onto the next one." And he was right when a Thunderbolt was fired their way. Ash saw it was the High Councilor coming their way.

"I knew they'd pull you over here eventually. You don't belong here," Regime Ash said.

"Pika," Regime Pikachu added.

"My obligations don't end in the borders of my home dimension," Ash said.

"I am this world's savior! I protect it!" Regime Ash said.

"Is that what's going on out there! Protection? How is that protection when you're out destroying an entire city and killing innocent people?" Ash asked. Regime Ash have an evil grin like some his old enemies have.

"Disobedient children will be punished," Regime Ash said.

"Children? What gives you that right? We are not gods! We don't decide who gets to live and who gets to die!" Ash said.


"PIKA, PIKA!" Regime Pikachu added.

"Pika, Pi," Pikachu said.

"I know what you lost," Ash said.

"And you judge me?!" Regime Ash asked. "Serena's alive in your world, isn't she? After I have killed you, I'll bring Serena here! And when she sees how I perfected this world, I'm going to-"

"She's going to be afraid and disgusted!" Ash stated.

"SHE'LL BE ALIVE!" Regime Ash countered.

"Serena's death doesn't justify what you-" Ash argued before being cut off.

"He stole her from me!" Regime Ash snarled.

"And you stole this world's freedom! And it's time to give it back!" Ash declared.

Final Fight: Ash Ketchum vs Ash Ketchum (Regime)

Fight Start!

Regime Ash began by grabbing Ash by the throat as Ash gave him a kick, making him let go. Pikachu rammed into his Regime counterpart. The two mouse Pokémon fought as hard as their trainers. Ash gave his Regime counterpart a punch, but Regime Ash blocked his fist and gave him a punch in the face. He jumped and fires orbs of his aura at Ash at a rapid pace. Ash had avoided this assault and tackled him. Ash gave his evil twin a series of punches as the High Councilor kicked him off and pulled Ash by his hair and punched his face, repeatedly. Ash broke out of his hold and gave him a punch as both Pikachu continued to brawl. Regime Pikachu came at Pikachu with Iron Tail with the intention of killing, but Pikachu avoids the evil Pikachu's attack and gave him a Thunderbolt attack. Regime Pikachu fires Thunderbolt right back at him. Both held their electric attacks long enough. Both Ashes kept on fighting as they got ready for a clash.

"Serena will be mine again!" Regime Ash declared.

"Serena is no one's property!" Ash countered.

Both Ashes clashed into each other and ended in a draw. The Ashes and Pikachu kept on fighting with punches, kicks, and sparks going all over the place. Ash and Pikachu gave their Regime opposites a punch in the face, bringing them both down.

Fight End!

"Your reign of terror is over!" Ash said.

"No! No, NO! YOU WILL DIE!" Regime Ash roared.

Regime Pikachu fires Thunderbolt at the two of them as Pikachu blocked with his own Thunderbolt. Regime Ash attempts to kill Ash by grabbing him by the throat, but Ash overpowered him as Ash and Pikachu gave their evil selves a series of punches. With one last punch, Ash and Pikachu stood over their fallen counterparts.

"You won't terrorize these people any longer," Ash said.

Regime Ash groaned as he sat up. He glared at his otherworldly counterpart and hissed, "Tell me! What would you have done?! What would you have done if you were in my shoes?! What would you have done if your Serena died?! Tell me that!" Ash knew exactly what to say.

"I would have kept doing the right thing, even when it's not fair. That's what Serena would want me to do," Ash said.

"Even if there was crime? Even there was corruption? Even when there's war? You think she'll be safe as long as those evils are still in your world?!" Ash said.

"Even if all those things are there. As long as there is good, there will always be evil. I honestly think you had the right idea, but you went about it the wrong way. You don't bring peace and happiness to people by ruling them like a king. You don't have the right to decide how people should live and think. You don't understand any of those things. For that reason, you will never be Ash Ketchum," Ash concluded. Regime Ash glared at Ash.

"Fear is the only thing anyone would understand. One day, you'll learn," Regime Ash said. Just then, Insurgency Goh and Tai are being carried by WarGreymon. Kiawe rides on Charizard as Misty and Davis are being carried by ExVeemon. They surround the fallen High Councilor as Regime Ash glares at Goh. "You'll have to kill me."

Goh said as he shook his head, "No, not even you. There's been enough killing."

And that was that. The PokéDigi Earth Government has fallen. The people of the world was now free from the might of its High Councilor. It was finally over...