Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 3: Chap 28: Vacation Part 3 ( Chapter 28 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Summary: As their vacation draws to a close, Blare attacks for one last time. This is the finally battle between her and the children.

Vacation Part 3

Dateline: Blare used  her last nature fairy and the children defeated her.

    "The storm fairy failed miserably!" shouted Blare. "It looks like I'm going to have to pay those little brats another visit!" Then she gave off an evil laugh. "I guess I was wrong to put my faith into my nature fairies. " she said. "Neabot!" yelled Blare. Then a huge robot monster came up behind her. "Let's have some fun!" she said to it. "Sure." said the monster. Then Blare got into the monster and descended down to Minty island in the robot monster.

    "How do we defeat Blare?" asked Grace. "You have to seal in a deep sleep again." said Megan as she was brushing her daughter's hair after she went swimming one last time. "All right. But how?" she asked. "With your combined strength." her mother said. Grace started to get it. "You, know we're leaving tomorrow." said Megan. Grace didn't say anything about it. The queen had her, her daughter's, and her brother's clothes and things packed up and ready to go. "Now go play with your friends." said Megan. "Okay." she said. Then she left the room. "I will help Gracey." her mother thought.
    Grace found her friends in the pool room. "Hi Grace!"  said Takeru. "I've get great news!" she said. "On what?" asked Kari. "How to defeat Blare." she said. "How?" asked Alex. "Put her into another deep sleep." said Grace. "How do we do that?" asked Gezzele. "With our combined strength." said Grace. "Oh!" said the rest of the children. Then they heard loud stomping noises. "What was that?" asked Kari. The children looked out the window. They a huge robotic monster. "Hello brats!" yelled Blare from inside her robot monster. "It's Blare!" yelled Takeru. "I'm going to crush this whole island!" she yelled. "Great! Now how are supposed defeat that thing?!?" yelled Gezzele. "With these." said a voice. The children turned around to see Megan with sliver balls in her hands. "What are those things?" asked Jimmy. Megan threw them out the window and they became robots and the robots became one huge robot. It sucked the children and Megan in. "This is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Jimmy. Megan was head control. Then the robot walked on to catch up with Blare.
    Blare was destroying a building with her robot monster. "Hey Blare!" yelled Grace. The monster turned around and saw the other robotic monster.  "You don't scare me one bit!" yelled Blare. "Snowballs!" yelled Gezzele. It didn't phase Blare's monster at all. "We have to work together! Remember?!?" yelled Nina. "Oh yeah." said Gezzele. "Rocket Bombs!" yelled Blare. The bombs damaged the robot. "We have to fight together!" yelled Megan. "That means we have to attack now! So what do you say?" asked Grace. "Rocket Bombs!" yelled Blare. The bombs damaged the robot again. "All right." said the other children. "Snowballs! Thunder shock! Double kick! Paint Ball! Sting Shot! Reflect! Soul twister! Skull blaster! Double kick! Solar Beam! Seashell whip! Pom-Pom Bomb! Dream bomb! Hearts whip! Fire blast! Rock throw! Spirit feather! Bloodstone disk!" the children yelled together. The attacks combined together. It destroyed Blare's monster. Blare was being held by the seashell whip, hearts whip, and the bloodstone disk. "Now how do we put her to sleep Mommy?" asked Grace. "No! Not again!" yelled Blare. "Let me take care of that." said Megan. "Power of the heavens! Give me the power to put Blare into a deep sleep." Megan thought. Then Blare went to sleep and the queen locked her away for even more years and years. They returned back to the hotel.
    The next day, the children got on the plane and left Minty island. Compared to the battle yesterday, Miraiah was glad to fly the plane back. Noiz: Well, folks this ends our vacation trilogy! Bye-Bye! *wink*
The End

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