Pokemon Fan Fiction / Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction ❯ Pokémon: Sora's Journey ❯ Alolan Days! ( Chapter 82 )

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Episode 82: Alolan Days!

Shortly after Poipole became a prominent member of Sora's team, Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, and the Alolan nine were given a proper tour of Aether Paradise by Burnet, Faba, and Wicke.

"This place is amazing," Sora said. "No wonder it's called Aether Paradise."

"I had hoped you would be pleased," Faba beamed. "Nothing but the best for our honored guests."

"I said this before, but if I was a Pokémon, I'd be happy here," Kairi said.

"And I'm happy to hear that," Wicke said. "The Pokémon here are very happy here."

"And I don't doubt it," Kairi said.

As they continued the tour, they came across statues of the four Island Guardians.

"Are these what I think they are?" Sora asked.

"They're the Island Guardians," Kiawe said. Illima pointed to the statue of Tapu Koko.

"This one here is Tapu Koko; the Island Guardian of Mele Mele Island," Illima said.

Lana pointed to the statue of Tapu Fini and said, "This one is Tapu Fini, the Island Guardian of Poni Island." Kiawe pointed to the statue of Tapu Lele, the Island Guardian of Akala Island." And Mallow pointed to the statue of Tapu Bulu.

"And this one is Tapu Bulu, the Island Guardian of Ula'ula Island," Mallow concluded.

"As you already know, they are the ones guarding the Cosmog at the request of Solgaleo and Lunala," Illima said. Sora pulled out his Pokédex to get information on the four Island Guardians.

Tapu Koko, the Land Spirit Pokémon

Type: Electric/Fairy

This guardian deity of Mele Mele is brimming with curiosity. It summons thunderclouds and stores their lightning inside its body.

Tapu Lele, the Land Spirit Pokémon

Type: Psychic/Fairy

As it flutters about, it scatters its strangely glowing scales. Touching them is said to restore good health on the spot.

Tapu Bulu, the Land Spirit Pokémon

Type: Grass/Fairy

It pulls large trees up by the roots and swings them around. It causes vegetation to grow, and then it absorbs energy from the growth.

Tapu Fini, the Land Spirit Pokémon

Type: Water/Fairy

The guardian deity of Poni, it can control water. People say it can create pure water that will wash away any uncleanness.

"Whoa," Sora said putting his Pokédex away.

"And as you know, they have fought the Ultra Beasts almost destroying Alola in the process," Faba said.

As they went further down they saw two statues of the legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala. Sora remembered seeing the real ones back when he, Red, Ash, Blue, and Green were battling Salnius and King Grevil. He even saw what looks like a Cosmog and a smaller chrysalis.

"I know those are Cosmog, but are these...?" Sora asked.

"These are Cosmeom," Faba said. "Cosmog's evolved form." Sora was amazed and pulled out his Pokédex to get information on Cosmeom, Solgaleo, and Lunala.

Cosmeom, the Protostar Pokémon

The evolved form of Cosmog

Type: Psychic

The king who ruled Alola in times of antiquity called it the "cocoon of the stars" and built an altar to worship it.

Solgaleo, the Sunne Pokémon

An evolved form of Cosmeom

Type: Psychic/Steel

It is said to live in another world. The intense light it radiates from the surface of its body can make the darkest of nights light up like midday. Solgaleo was called the "beast that calls the sun."

Lunala, the Moone Pokémon

An evolved form of Cosmeom

Type: Psychic/Ghost

Records of it exist in writings from long, long ago, where it was known by the name "the beast that calls the moon."

"Whoa," Sora said again putting his Pokédex away.

"Now, that your business with Lusamine has concluded, how would like to continue on with your fun?" Faba asked.

Not one of them could argue with that. They made their way back to Akala Island and arrived at Kiawe's family farm. They all saw so many Mudbray, Tauros, and Miltank on the fields.

"So this is your farm, Kiawe?" Kairi asked. "It's so nice here."

"And I thought Aether Paradise was a paradise," Sora said.

On the farm, they're greeted by a dark skinned little girl with her hair colored in a similar to Kiawe done in a ponytail. She wore a pink dress and a necklace with a red jewel between two rocks.

"Kiawe!" The little girl called out. She ran up to Kiawe laughing.

"Mimo!" Kiawe greeted. He embraced the little girl and laughed as well. "You've gotten taller since I last saw you."

"You grew a few inches yourself!" Mimo said. She saw the rest of Kiawe's friends. "Hey everyone! Welcome back!"

"Hi Mimo!" Lana greeted.

"It feels like forever since we last saw you," Acerola said.

"Sure has," Mimo said smiling. She noticed two new faces with them. "Who are they?"

"This is Sora and his girlfriend Kairi," Kiawe introduced them. "Sora, Kairi, this is my little sister Mimo."

"Good to meet you, Mimo," Sora said. "And Alola!"

"Alola Sora!" Mimo said. She spots Pikachu next to him. "And this Pikachu us yours?"

"Sure is," Sora said.


"Mom and dad are going to be glad to see you again after so long," Mimo said.

"Kiawe!" A new voice called out. That voice came from his mom who has Kiawe's hair coloring as well. She wore an orange midriff baring top and an orange skirt while his dad has dark curly hair and wore glasses. He wore a buttoned shirt and greenish brown shorts. "My baby boy has come home."

"Mom!" Kiawe said feeling embarrassed. She sees the rest of Kiawe's friends as well. "And it's good to see the rest of you as well."

"Right back at you," Hapu said.

"So son," Kiawe's father said. "Aren't you going to introduce us to your new friends?"

"Mom, dad. Meet Sora Ketchum. The one I told you about in my letters. And this is Kairi, Sora's girlfriend. Sora, Kairi, meet my mom, Sima and my dad, Rango.

"So, you're Sora," Sima said.

"Yes ma'am," Sora said.

"Kiawe told me that you're quite a Pokémon trainer," Sima said.

"Well, any friend of Kiawe's is always welcome here," Rango said.

That made Sora feel very welcomed. After a few minutes, Sora along with Kairi and the rest of the Alolan nine did some work around the farm, such as feeding and cleaning the Pokémon living there.

"Look at these Mudbray," Sora said. "They really do eat mud." Kairi walked up to one of them.

"Alola there, Mubray," Kairi greeted before the Mudbray spat some mud in her face. That made Sora laugh as he got a faceful of mud himself. "That serves you right for laughing at me." She and the Mudbray all laughed. Sora wiped off the mud with the towels provided for him and Kairi.

After Mimo came in with some ice cream cones enough for everyone.

"Mommy said it's time for all of you to have a little break," Mimo said.

"Sweet!" Sophocles said.

"I could go for one of those!" Acerola said.

"Yeah," Mina said.

Everyone took a bite of their ice cream and their tastebuds were instantly in heaven.

"This is great!" Sora and Kairi said at once.

"Good to hear it!" Kiawe said. "The ice cream is made from our finest Moomoo Milk. Our farm has been good business to all the shops and stores all over Alola."

"If only Lea and Isa came with us, they would have like this," Sora said taking another bite.

"They sure would," Mallow said.

"Who are Lea and Isa?" Mimo asked.

"They're two guys we met back in Kanto," Kiawe said. "And they treated us with some ice cream I never tasted before. Called Sea-salt."

"Sea-salt?" Mimo asked.

"It's really good," Lana said remembering the taste. "It's salty and sweet at the same time. It was like I had a taste of the sea."

Just hearing about it just made Mimo wanna try it herself. Just as everyone finished their ice cream and went back to work, they all heard a loud shriek coming from the barn.

"We should go see what's going on," Kiawe said.

Everyone agreed when they all saw a Kangaskhan at a silo drinking the water. The Kangaskhan kept any Mudbray and Miltank from getting any water.

"A wild Kangaskhan," Hapu said.

"How did it get here?" Lana asked.

"Kangaskhan must have came looking for something to drink," Kiawe said. He took out a Pokéball. "Maybe I could get Turtonator to scare it away."

"Wait," Kairi said stopping him. "Look at that pouch." They all looked at how empty the pouch it is. There was no baby in the pouch.

"You're right," Lillie said. "There's normally a baby in the pouch."

"And there it is," Mina said pointing to the parent Pokémon's right leg. They all the baby there.

"There's the baby," Sophocles said. "But why isn't it in the pouch?"

"I think I know," Illima said. "The baby must be injured and the adult Kangaskhan is just protecting the infant."

Before anyone could put a plan in motion, Sora went in to calm the parent Pokémon down.

"Sora," Kairi called out before Hapu grabbed her by the arm.

"I think he knows what he's doing," Hapu said.


"Easy there," Sora said trying to calm the wild Pokémon down. "Just here to help you. Not gonna let anything happen to your baby. I swear it." Sora got close enough which made the Kangaskhan growl in anger. "It's okay." Just as Sora was gonna pat Kangaskhan's arm, she swipes at his hand. "Ouch!"

"Sora!" Kairi called out in horror.

"Kairi! Stay back! I don't want you to get hurt!" Sora said. Sora tried again and said, "I know you're only protecting your baby. I won't let anything happen." Sora rubbed Kangaskhan's arm letting her know it's going to be alright. He turns to Kairi. "It's good to go." Kairi went up and wrapped a bandage around the baby's injured leg.

"There. Just keep your baby in your pouch for a while, because you'll heal faster," Kairi said.

With that said the wild Kangaskhan and her baby left the farm. Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, and the Alolan nine left the farm and continued on with seeing Akala Island.

"And here is Wela Volcano Park!" Kiawe proclaimed.

"This place looks amazing," Kairi said.

"It sure does," Sora agreed. "This is where the Wela Fire Festival is held for year after year for over a century."

"That is correct, Sora," Illima said. "And Akala Island's Kahuna Oliva is the one who gives Pokémon the Wela Crown to Pokémon with additional power. It applies especially for Fire Types."

"Hey down there!" A new voice called out. The group turns to see where the new voice came from. It was Olivia and her Midday Lycanroc. "It's been so long!"

"Hey, it's Olivia!" Sophocles recognized.

"That's Olivia?" Sora asked.

"That's her," Lillie answered.

Olivia and her Lycanroc comes running down the trail towards the group. She looked at Kukui's former students smiling at everyone of them.

"I hope you've all been well. What brings you all here?" Olivia asked.

"Just showing our friends around," Acerola said.

"Is that right?" Olivia asked looking at Sora and Kairi. "Oh, hello. It's nice to meet you. My name is Olivia."

"I'm Sora," he introduced himself.

"And I'm Kairi," she added.



"I take it you two are enjoying the Alola region?" Olivia asked.

"We sure are," Sora said.

"This place is even more wonderful than I thought," Kairi said.

"That's good to hear," Olivia said. She turns to the Alolan nine. "So how's Riku and his Eevee doing?"

"They're doing well," Lana said.

"Riku is with his new girlfriend in Saffron City meeting her parents," Lana added.

"Riku has a girlfriend now? How nice," Olivia said. She turns to Sora and Kairi. "Are they a couple too?"

"They are," Hapu said.

"I figured as much," Olivia said. "They do look so cute together." That made Sora and Kairi blush.

"So, Olvia, what Type do you specialize in?" Sora asked.

"I use Rock Type Pokémon," Olivia answered. "And my Lycanroc is one of my Pokémon."

Olivia led the group to the queue where she performs the ceremony. They were amazed by how a crown could make Pokémon strong. It was no surprise to Kairi to hear about a crown as a symbol. In Sora's case, knighthood.

They made their way ti Ula'ula Island and they met an older man with grey hair, red eyes, and thick eyebrows. He also wears a burgundy shirt with a black jacket on it that has two yellow emblems on the sides. He also wears long black pants with sandals. He steps out his booth and smiles at the group.

"Well now," the man said. "If it isn't it Kukui's old class." He then notices two new faces with them. "And two more."

"Hello officer Nanu," Illima greeted.

"It's been a long time," Kiawe said.

"I haven't noticed," Nanu said. "So, who are they?"

"This is Sora and Kairi," Acerola said. "Our new friends from Kanto."

"Kanto, huh?" Nanu asked. He looks over to the couple. "I thought you didn't look familiar here. The name's Nanu. And in case you didn't guess it, I'm Ula'ula Island's Kahuna."

"Is that right?" Sora asked.

Just when Nanu was about to explain, a brunch of Alolan Meowth had shown up. They all crowded the the group.

"Hey, Meowth! Cut that out!" Nanu told the Meowth. One of the Meowth eyed Togepi in Kairi's arms.

Kairi turned to the Meowth leering at Togepi.

"Don't get any ideas!" Kairi told the Dark Type Meowth.


The Meowth jumps onto Kairi's shoulder and start making faces to the baby Pokémon.

"Don't worry about a thing, missy," Nanu said. "This one happens to like babies; humans or Pokémon." Togepi laughed at the funny faces the the Alolan Meowth's funny faces. "And your Togepi likes Meowth too."

Nanu took the couple on the tour of Nanu Ula'ula Island. Kairi handed Togepi to Mallow while Sora and Kairi took a stroll in Ula'ula Meadow and Sora picked a flower to give Kairi. He placed a red one in Kairi's hair.

"Looks great you, Kairi," Sora complemented.

"Oh, Sora," Kairi cooed. She wrapped her arms Sora and he did the same thing with her. "Very thoughtful and sweet. I love you so very much." She kisses Sora on the lips. Sora kissed her back. They swirled around until they fell on their backs. Sora turns to look at Kairi and noticed some flower petals on her face. Sora picked the petals off her face.

"Much better," Sora said.

"Why's that?" Kairi asked.

"Those flower petals are better in your hair than on your face," Sora said as Kairi giggled.

"Your're right, they are," Kairi said giving Sora a light kiss on the lips. Sora and Kairi hugged each other in a loving fashion.

Nanu, Pikachu, Togepi and the Alolan nine all watched the scene. Togepi managed to wriggle out of Mallow's arms and went over to Sora and Kairi. Pikachu didn't waste any time heading to them. Nanu could only smile at the sight.

"Oh to be young again," Nanu said to himself.

After the tour of Ula'ula Island was completed, the group made their way to Poni Island. Hapu especially was looking forward to this visit. The group arrived on Poni Island and they made their way to a small house with a turnip garden in front.

"Look at that," Sora said. "This is where you live, Hapu?"

"Sure is," Hapu said. "This is where grandpa and I would grow our turnips."

"Your grandpa sounds like a great guy," Sora said.

"He is," Hapu stated. "He taught me so much. And the turnips here are the best there is. He taught me so much about the land when I was little. He loves the land the same way as I do." Just then, some wild Mudbray came to the house. At that time, a small elderly man walked out with cane in hand. He had a gray beard shaped like three scales and a gray tuft of hair on the top. Hapu beamed at the sight of the elderly man. He pulled out a huge turnip which almost made Sora and Pikachu jump. "Grandpa!" He turns turns and sees Hapu. His face lights up.

"Hapu? Is that really you?" Hapu's grandfather asked. Hapu went over to him and hugged her grandfather tight.

"I missed you, grandpa," Hapu said.

"I missed you too, Hapu," Hapu's grandfather said. "It feels like it has been years, I have hardly recognized you."

"Hi, Hapu's grandpa," Lana greeted.

"It's nice to see you again," Lillie said.

"I feel the same way, kids," the old man smiled. He took a look over to Sora and walked up to him. "Hmmm."

"Um, what?" Sora asked. He took Sora by the arm and felt it.

"You feel skinny, boy," Hapu's grandfather said. "You barely have any meat on those bones." Kairi and the Alolan nine all laughed. Hapu walked up to his grandfather.

"That would be Sora, grandpa. And the girl with him is Kairi," Hapu introduced them. She turned to Sora and Kairi. "Sorry about that, Sora. Anyway, this is my grandpa Sofu."

"What brings you back here?" Sofu asked.

"Just showing the lovebirds our home islands, grandpa," Hapu said.

"I thought for sure he was your boyfriend," Sofu said. Hapu and her friends did an anime-style fall hearing that. Sofu laughed heartily. "I was only kidding, dear. I just couldn't resit." Sofu laughed some more. He turns to Sora. "Sorry about that, sonny. I heard all about you from the letters she wrote to me. Just wanna mess with you."

"Oh, grandpa," Hapu said rolling her eyes.

Sofu took his granddaughter and her friends all over the island until the finally reached the Vast Poni Canyon. Sora and Kairi shared a ride on Silvally while Lillie rode on her Ponyta while Kiawe, Mallow, Lana, Sophocles, Mina, Acerola, and Illima all ride on other Mudsdale. Hapu and Sofu rode on their own Mudsdale, but Sofu's Mudsdale was much, much older.

"Down there lays the Altar of the Sunne and Moone," Sofu said. "The sacred shrine of Solgaleo and Lunala."

Sora and Kairi definitely remembered hearing about the altar from Lillie and Gladion's story. The tour ended as Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, and the Alolan nine all returned to Mele Mele Island for the night. On the very next day, the group all hit the beach. They all ripped off their clothes and wore their swimsuits underneath.

"Yes!" Sora shouted as he jumped in the water.


With one big splash, it hit Mallow, Lana, and Mina. Sophocles and Togemaru were laying on an innertube and he kicked the water to move.

"Kairi, think fast!" Sora said splashing water on Kairi.

"You are so dead, Sora!" Kairi said splashing him back. Sora laughed as he splashed some more. The splash off continued until Gyarados came out of the water and sprayed water all over Sora and Pikachu. The water got to Kiawe and Sophocles as well. Marowak was building a sandcastle with Togepi and Snowy when the wave got to Marowak but for Tsareena lift Togepi so Togepi wouldn't get wet. Marowak wasn't so lucky as he got soaked.

"Hey, that was cheating!" Sora said.

"All's fair in a splash fight. Right Gyarados?" Kairi asked as the atrocious Pokémon roared with agreement.

The fun went on for a few hours before everyone took a break for some lunch. They all got dressed and headed to a restuarant owned by Mallow's family.

The name of the restaurant is Aina's Kitchen, and it ran by Mallow's father. Sora and Kairi remembered Mallow sharing a story about her late mother being so sickly and became extremely saddened when she passed away.

Sora and Kairi felt sorry for her, but decided not to ask any painful questions about her deceased mom. Mallow's father had the same hair and eye color as his daughter and he smiles at the sight of her.

"Mallow. Good to see you and your friends again," Mallow's father said. He spotted Sora and Kairi with them. "Let me guess, you must be Sora. And you're Kairi. I was looking forward to meet you for a while."

"Thanks sir," Sora said feeling humbled.

"Anyway, my name is Abe. And I own this restaurant," Abe said.

"Mallow told us all about you," Kairi said. "And Mallow is quite a cook."

"Well, you're a pretty good cook too, Kairi," Mallow said. "Your grandma was nice enough to let me cook for us when we were staying with her."

"It does my heart to know my Mallow is making some more friends," Abe said. "I only wish my wife was alive to see you now. She would be incredibly proud." Abe said with tears streaming from his eyes.

"Don't cry, dad," Mallow said.

"Sorry, honey. I just can't help it," Abe said. "Anyway, I'm guessing that you're hungry. I'll make some lunch for you and your friends."

"I'll lend a hand, dad," Mallow offered.

Abe didn't want Mallow to go through any trouble, but he did miss her greatly since she left for Kanto with her friends, so he accepted her help.

After waiting for a little while, Mallow, Tsareena, and Abe came out of the kitchen with Alolan dishes. Their mouths watered at the sight of the delicious food in front of them.

"Time to dig in!" Everyone said in unison.

Everyone started to chow down on their meal loving every bite. Pikachu and Togepi even loved the special Pokémon food Mallow had provided.

"Pika!" Pikachu beamed at the taste.

"Toge, Toge," Togepi also beamed.

"Do you like it, Togepi?" Kairi asked.


"Togepi should, because I mixed in some ingredients that would satify Fairy Type Pokémon," Abe said.

After everyone ate their meal, they all thanked Mallow's father for the meal and continued on with their vacation.

"Lillie!" A new voice called out. Lillie recognized that voice. She saw it was her father Mohn had stepped out of a small limo. Stepping outside with a man wearing a dark red tuxedo and a monocle. He had black eyes and gray hair and mustache.

"Daddy? Hobbes?" Lillie recognized.

"Lady Lillie," Hobbes said. "I bid you a warm welcome back to the island. The same for all your friends."

"I'm so happy to see you again after so long," Mohn said embracing his daughter crying in joy. He turned to the rest of the Alolan nine and smiked. "Thank you all for taking very good care of my little girl!"

"Daddy!" Lillie blushed. Mohn looked at Sora and Kairi with her friends.

"You must be Sora and Kairi," Mohn said. "I've been wanting to meet you for a long time now. And from the letters my wife and I were recieving, she said that you're a skilled Pokémon trainer, Sora."

"Thanks for that," Sora said scratching the back of his head.

"Sora, Kairi, meet my father Mohn and our family butler Hobbes," Lillie introduced them.

"A pleasure to meet you both, Sir Sora and Miss Kairi," Hobbes said bowing his head. "And I trust Master Gladion, Sir Riku, and Sir Hau are doing well."

"They are," Kairi said.

"That's good to hear," Mohn said smiling. "I was hoping maybe if you would all like to come to the house. I have something I would like to show all of you."

"What is it?" Sophocles asked.

"You will all have to come and see for yourselves," Mohn said. He called for other limos for the others to get to the mansion. When they arrived, Sora and Kairi saw how small it was compared to the one James was staying at before he ran away. Once inside, they were both amazed by the size of the room.

"It looked smaller on the outside," Sora commented.

"Well, Riku said the same thing when he first came to visit," Lillie said.

"Indeed he did, Lady Lillie," Hobbes said.

They all reached Mohn's home office.

"And here is my office," Mohn said.

"So what is it you wanna show us, Lillie's dad?" Lana asked.

"Actually, it'll make its appearance any moment," Mohn said. And that timing was perfect when a mechanical Pokémon started to walk out of hiding. It had a pair of long ears and a teal dot (resembling its nose), two pink eyes with yellow outlines, a teal sphere connecting its head with its body. It has two short arms, a skirt-like sphere body, decorated with yellow lines and two short legs. Its head is a seven teeth gear and its skirt and torso greatly resembles a Pokéball. "And speak of the devil. Here it is." Everyone was at awe at the sight of the metallic creature walking. Lillie especially was astounded.

"What is that?" Kairi asked.

"Toge?" Togepi questioned.

"Pikachu..." Pikachu was at a loss for words.

"And how is it moving?" Sora asked.

"Everyone, I want you all to meet the artificial Pokémon, Magearna," Lillie's father introduced as it bowed. Sora, Kairi, and the Alolan nine were all stunned by the way it moved.

"Magearna?" Sora asked taking out his Pokédex.

Magearna, the Artificial Pokémon

Type: Steel/Fairy

500 years ago, Magearna was created by a scientist by order of a king to be a companion of a young princess. But amazingly, it began move on its own. It has been said what made this Pokémon come to life is what is known as the Soul-Heart. Where this Soul-Heart came from, no one knows.

"500 years ago and Soul-Heart?" Sora asked putting his Pokédex away.

"I was pretty surprised when Magearna began moving by itself. Lusamine was also shocked," Mohn said. "And like you, I have no idea what this Soul-Heart is."

"However did you find this one?" Illima asked.

"It was years ago and back then, Lusamine was pregnant with Lillie by that time," Mohn started his story. "I made a stop at this shop on my way home when I spotted this little one sitting on the windowsill. When I first found it, I thought it was just a metal doll at first, but the shopkeeper told me that it's actually a Pokémon called Magearna and it had been inactive for two hundred years. When I brought it home, Lusamine thought that it might scare her when she was born, so I decided to give it to her when she was old enough. And there Magearna stayed until it began moving on its own just four months ago."

"Whoa," Sora said.

"Pi," Pikachu shared Sora's bewilderment.

Togepi jumped out of Kairi's arms and walked up to the metallic Pokémon. Magearna looked down and picked Togepi.

"Toge, Toge, Toge!" Togepi chirped in delight. Magearna beamed as it held the baby Pokémon in its arms.

"Well, Togepi doesn't seem to be scared," Kiawe said.

"Because Togepi is just a baby," Acerola said.

"Yeah," Mina said.

Pikachu walked up to the artificial Pokémon and smiled.

"Pika!" Pikachu greeted.

"Magearna won Pikachu and Togepi over," Sora said. "Let's see how well it does well with Silvally and Poipole." Sora took out his Premier Ball and Beast Ball. He let out Silvally and Poipole. The two Pokémon looked at their trainer. "Silvally, Poipole, meet Magearna. Say hello."

The synthetic Pokémon and purple Ultra Beast looked at the mechanical Pokémon. Silvally and Poipole became instant friends with it.

"Look at that, they're friends already," Mallow said.

"Well, Silvally is just like Sora," Hapu pointed out.

"And Poipole would make friends with just about anything," Kiawe said.

Magearna walked up to Lillie and looked up at the blonde. Lillie smiled and bent down and held out her hand.

"Hello, it's good to finally meet you," Lillie said. Magearna took her hand and nodded. "Would you like to come with me?" Magearna nodded as Lillie took out an Ultra Ball. The artificial Pokémon pushes the button on the Ultra Ball and flowed inside. Stars swirls around the Ultra Ball confirming the catch. Lillie held the Ultra Ball close to her heart and cried tears of joy as she turned to her father. "Thank you, daddy."

"You're welcome, sweetheart. I just wish I was around to give it to you," Mohn said with a hint of regret in his voice. Lillie understood very well what he meant. She knew very well that he wasn't happy to hear about Gladion being a member of Team Skull. That did not surprise him since it was a result of him being in Ultra Space for all these years.

"I know Lady Lillie will take the very best care of Magearna," Hobbs said.

Later that night, the group was getting back to their vacation as a new addition to the group was added.

Everyone were greeted by the rest of the Alolan nine's families along the way. Sophocles parents were chubby in appearance. Sophocles's father had his face and dark brown hair while his mother had his eyes and light brown hair. Illima's mother had Illima's dark skin and pink hair and his father had light skin, brown hair and Illima's light blue eyes. Acerola's mother had almost the same appearance as her daughter, but her purple hair was longer and wore a dress similar to her. Mina's parents were dressed like stereotypical hippes. His father had Mina's hair and a big beard and a red cap and a blue shirt with a rainbow Pokéball in the center, and white pants, while her mother had a lighter blond hair and wore a sleeveless tie dye midriff shirt under a brown vest and blue jeans.

Sora and Kairi knew ahead of time they would get to meet Sophocles's, Illima's, Acerola's and Mina's families after meeting Lana's, Kiawe's, Mallow's, Hapu's and Lillie's families. They all took an immediate liking to the spiky-haired Pokémon trainer. Sophocles's mom pinched his cheeks while Acerola's mother gave Sora a hug suffocating him with her breasts.

"I need an adult," Sora wheezed.

The Alolan nine all laughed at Sora's dismay.

On the very next day, Sora and Kairi was doing some souvenir buying some gifts for Delia, Kairi's grandmother, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua and for Danny and Cattleya as well. With that done, Sora had a surprise for Kairi that night.

"Got something for you," Sora said pulling out a small box. Kairi opened the box and saw a ring with a white heart-shaped stone inside.

"Sora," Kairi lovingly said.

"Do you like it?" Sora asked.

"I love it," Kairi said. Sora placed the ring on Kairi's finger. She gave Sora a kiss on the lips as he kissed her back. Pikachu, Togepi, and the Alolan nine were all watching them kiss as they're joined by Moylane and Kalihi and a young guy, whose green eyes are shaded by a dark veil from his white/red wild hair, which has a long ponytail. He wears a red bodysuit with yellow markings and black borders, decorated with black metal spikes on his boots, forearms and fingers (except his thumbs). His bodysuit is exposed in the midriff area, decorated with yellow spikes. He also has a black belt, and a black collar.

"Hey there, lovebirds," Mallow called out as Sora and Kairi broke the kiss. They turned to see the Alolan nine and Moylane and Kahlili walking up.

"Came to watch the fireworks show with you," Acerola said.

"And I just wanna say that I'm happy to meet you," Kalihi said. "My name is Kalihi. And I specialize in Flying Types."

"I saw you on TV," the young man said. "The name's Ryuki! And I do Dragon Types!"

"Um..." Sora could only say.

"I thought I challenge the Indigo Plateau Pokémon League champ to a battle!" Ryuki said getting an Ultra Ball out. Illima stepped in.

"He's on vacation," Illima said.

"Yeah," Sora said. "I'm here enjoying my vacation with my girlfriend, so I'm going have to get back to you at that." Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, and the Alolan nine all walked away from Ryuki.

"Yeah, whatever! You're just afraid you'll lose against me!" Ryuki barked at him.

"I don't know, I battled him and I lost," Moylane said.

"And judging by how you told us about his battle skills, I'm not surprised," Kalihi said.

As the fireworks show had gone off, everyone was at awe by the beauty of the colors and images the fireworks had taken. Sora held Kairi over her shoulder as she rested her head on his. This was something the couple will remember for the rest of their lives.

On the very next morning, Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, and the Alolan nine all headed towards the airport to board the plane back to Kanto. The Alolan nine's families all gathered to say goodbye to their kids taking off again. They promised to write them again soon. During the flight, Sora and Kairi held each other by the hands for the duration of the flight. Once they arrived in Kanto, they saw Riku, Naminé, and Eevee waiting for them.

"Alola guys," Riku greeted. "Had a good time?"

"We did," Sora said walking up to the couple. "How did the meeting the parents go?"

"Better than I thought," Naminé answered. "I was worried about them not accepting Riku right off the bat."

Riku and Naminé explained to their friends about the meeting and about how Naminé's father wasn't so open with him at first, but her mother accepted him with no problem.

Once everyone returned to Pallet Town, Delia and Kairi's grandmother were accompanied by Terra, Ventus, and Aqua.

"Hey Sora!" Ventus shouted. He ran up to his older cousin. "How was Alola?"

"An awesome place to be!" Sora said rubbing his head.

"We should visit there sometime!" Ventus stated.

"Maybe, but not now," Delia said. "I'm glad to hear you had a good time, Sora." She smiles at her son. "Now come along. Professor Oak has a surprise for you at his lab."

"What?" Sora asked.

"It wouldn't be a surprise if we just blurted it out," Terra said.

"No, it wouldn't," Aqua agreed.

As everyone made their way to Professor Oak's lab, Kairi had s surprise for her grandmother.

"Here grandma," Kairi said. "I have someone who would like to meet you."

"Who is it, dear?" Kairi's grandmother asked.

"She's right in here," Kairi said taking out a Pokéball and letting out a Comfey.


Kairi's grandmother was at awe at the delightful gift her granddaughter had given her.

"Thank you, Kairi," Kairi's grandmother said. "A very thoughtful gift."

Comfey drop the flowers around the elderly woman's neck and let out a sweet smelling scent.

Once everyone arrives at Professor Oak's lab, they all saw just about everyone in town. Not just the locals, but Danny, Cattleya, Candy, and Big Earl was there. The large man ran towards Sora giving him a bear hug.

"Come here, champ!" Big Earl said squeezing Sora tight. He looked over to Kairi. "And you too, sweetie!" Kairi was caught in Big Earl's grip, but she giggled understanding how it must feel.

Tai, Kari, Matt, TK, Sara, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Ken were in attendance enjoying the party. The same for Takato, Henry, Rika, Guil, Jeri, Kazu, Kenta, Suzie, and Ryo was also attending. Ryo had defeated the Elite Four and earned the same reputation as Sora. Takuya, Koji, Kouichi, Tommy, Zoe, JP, Munchlax, and Mime Jr. were there enjoying the festivities as well. Hau, and Gladion were attending as well. They came to congratulate Sora for his victory as well.

Sora and the Alolan nine let out their Pokémon so that they will enjoy the party. Gladion was surprised to see another Silvally other besides his own and an Ultra Beast of all things. Riku had explained to Gladion about the situation about his mother arriving in Kanto, but he decided not to let it ruin his mood.

And we'll close it right here for now. The next chapter is when Sora and his friends set off for the Johto region. And who knows what adventures awaits them there. Just wait and see!