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Memories! Breaking the Ice!

By nightdragon0 (nightdragon0@hotmail.com)

"Come out! I know you're here!" Asiyu's voice reverberated off the walls, giving nothing but echoes. The cavern they'd climbed back into was surprisingly empty, although its entrance was still blocked up by snow.

<They were definitely here just a while ago.> Hazuki said from with the Ice Dragon.

"What if that thing took the others somewhere?" Nala wondered.

She leapt off Asiyu's back, and had to whistle to attract Yusia's attention in order to get her to come down. The young girl was simply fascinated by the Legendary Ice Dragon.

"Our opponent is hiding..." Asiyu muttered. "Wait here."

Nala nodded, pulling Yusia back as Asiyu charged into a wall, shaking piles of snow off the ceiling.

<Whoa, what gives?> Gwyen gasped.

"To see, you must listen." Asiyu replied, closing her eyes.

She then turned and rammed another wall with her shoulder. Immediately, she moved to hit another, continuing in that way for several rounds. Finally, Asiyu lunged forward, curling her body up and utilizing a Rollout attack.

The ice spikes on her back shattered an entire section of the wall, revealing a long tunnel leading downwards.

<A hidden passage?> Gwyen whistled. <Wow...>

<Asiyu, you were listening for the sounds of movement, right?>

"Indeed, child. There are, perhaps more things I'd like to know about you, but for now, your desire to rescue your friends is great. That's enough for me."

Asiyu cautiously tiptoed down the narrow passage, which led into a chamber with a hole in the center. She noted that it was too small for her to climb down as she was, however....

"Prepare yourselves for the ride of your lives." She grinned.

<Wait!> Hazuki protested. <Don't tell me you're gonna...YYYAARRGGHHHH!!!!>

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Asiyu curled up like a ball and spun herself down the hole, which soon became a winding series of narrow tunnels (Sonic the Hedgehog style). It was an adrenal rollercoaster-like feeling, through some weren't enjoying it as much as others.



As the tunnel widened into a much larger secret area, Asiyu gracefully flipped over and landed perfectly on all four feet.

"Humph, was that all?!"

<GGaargghh....I'd be puking my guts out if I wasn't inside you right now....> Hazuki moaned.

<Hey, forget about that and look over there!> Gwyen told them.

<Oh my....> Hazuki stared.

In front of them lay the motionless forms of Bahamut, Lombadra and Riot, all frozen solid.

<We have to get them out of there!>

Asiyu took one step forward, then stopped and shook her head.

"No, it's a trap. It's what our opponent wants us to do."


"Not to sound insensitive, but we'll have to leave them there for a while. The enemy lies in wait. We cannot charge in headfirst only to receive the greater bulk of the damage."

<Yeah, you're right.>

Asiyu snapped her head up, feeling a slight breeze.

"He's here...somewhere. Lying in wait...."

<Damn, just how are we going to find that thing?!> Gwyen growled in frustration. <It was made of ice itself! It could practically meld itself into any one of the walls here.>

"Koori to yuki wo, watashi no ryoubun, oboeru?" Asiyu winked. (Ice and snow are my domain, remember?)

<Sugoi...> Hazuki commented. (Amazing.)

"I could get used to being back in the world of the living like this. But for now..." Asiyu spun round and launched a series of star-shaped projectiles, Swift technique, as Regice materialized from the wall behind them. "There's a battle that must be fought!!"

Her attack drove the golem back slightly, but it flickered and began firing Ice Beams. Asiyu leapt and somersaulted away, dodging the beams and retaliating with a Hydro Pump, fired from her jaws.

Regice cast a Protect spell, completely nullifying her attack. It then fired off Shock Wave, an electric elemental attack that struck Asiyu as she was landing, throwing her into a corner.

"Urgh....not bad...but you'll have to do better than that to beat me!!" Her eyes glowed a bright white as she let off a purple Psychic blast of energy.

The golem took the blast head on and seemed to waver a little. It quickly recovered however, and came upon Asiyu with a full body charge in a Facade attack. She was sent flying and barely dodged a Zap Cannon in mid air.

"Grrr...so he wants to play with electricity huh? Well, time for some strategy of my own." She muttered, standing up on her hind legs and raising her front claws. "Clouds! Thunder! Send forth the storms....Rain Dance!"

As if from nowhere, rain droplets began pouring into the area, creating puddles and soaking the ground even more than the melting ice already did.

<Yeow!! Are you crazy!> Gwyen yelled. <Rain Dance with electric attacks?! We're gonna get fried!!!>

However, Asiyu seemed to be doing nothing but standing still with her front claws together and her eyes closed. Regice watched her cautiously for a moment, then blasted her, full force, with a Zap Cannon.

"Mirror Coat!" Asiyu roared.

She still cried out in pain as she fell back, her body convulsing from the both the shock and the paralysis effect that surged through her body. Almost immediately after, her counter spell took effect.

The energy beam that rocketed towards her opponent sent the golem clear across the room and through the far wall. Groaning in some odd sounds, it scrambled up, shook violently for several seconds, and finally exploded in a spray of ice shards.

Asiyu dropped to the wet floor and lay still for a while, panting wildly.

"Gargh....remind me never to do that again...."

<At least you gave him a real whacking for that, huh?> Hazuki grinned.

"That was an unnecessary risk, I admit....but it's a challenge, isn't it?"


"Unfortunately, I seem to have overlooked one slight problem in my battle intensity."

<What's that?>

"Grrraarrgghhh! Now I can't move!!!!"

Hazuki and Gwyen moaned.

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"Never mind, I'll separate into the both of you. Give me a while to recover and I'll be all right. Get the others out in the meantime...."

<Asiyu? But how? The others couldn't do that and...whoa!>

The Ice Dragon's body glowed and changed, sending Hazuki and Gwyen tumbling to the ground.

"Ow!" Hazuki moaned, rubbing her sore butt. "Hey, Asiyu?!"

She reached over and grabbed Asiyu's Spirit Crystal, which gave off a short glimmer.

<I'm all right. Go help the others.>

"Wow...." Gwyen exclaimed, getting up. "That was ssssooooo cool! I can't wait to do that again!! Now I've got something I can laugh in my brothers' faces about!! AAHahaahaha!!!"

(Hazuki sweatdrops.)

"Erm, Gwyen, how about them?" She asked, pointing to their frozen comrades.

"Yeah, we need to get them out. What do you think we should do?"

"I dunno. Use our heads?"

"Leave that to me!" Gwyen charged into the ice surrounding Riot with a Headbutt. "RRRAAGHH!!"


"Ow...I have a headache..." She groaned before collapsing.

"Oh brother..." Hazuki sighed. "Well, I can do this!"

Closing her eyes and concentrating, she managed to form a weapon out of ice in her hands. It was a simple club with a thick blunt end, but it would serve their purpose nevertheless. Drawing it back, the Lapras Chimera swung it with all her might.

Unbeknown to her, Gwyen's attack had actually made several small cracks in Riot's icy prison. The Aerodactyl had been struggling from within, and the ice abruptly shattered, just as Hazuki's club came down on her head.


"Eep..." Hazuki cringed.

"RRRROOOAARRGGHHHHH!!!" Riot pounced, knocking Hazuki the girl onto her back. "What in heaven's name are you doing you lunatic?! Trying to give me a concussion?! Oh, wait....I can move again!! Thank you so much!!!"

"Yeah, no problem." Hazuki breathed a sigh of relief as Riot let her up. Experience from living with the Aerodactyl had taught her that the ancient reptile wasn't exactly the most forgiving persona.

"You beat that thing yourselves?" Riot queried.

"No, we had some help." Hazuki held up the Spirit Crystal. "But we'll talk about it later. Think you can get the boys out of there?"

"I'll try..." Riot took several deep breaths, then charged up her Hyper Beam and fired, breaking Lombadra out as well.


<You?! What about us?!> Firestorm roared.

"Quit being such a bloody baby!" Riot scolded, slapping Lombadra's face with her wing. "And help get Bahamut out."

"Can't I leave him in there?"


"All right, all right. Jeez, females!" He growled, opening his mouth to unleash a Flamethrower.

"No Wait!" Hazuki and Riot jumped onto him, slamming his mouth shut.

Lombadra's eyes almost popped out of their sockets as he swallowed his own fiery breath.

"If you just blast like that the temperature shock could kill him." Riot explained. "Plus, he's a Steel elemental too! He hates fire."

"Aw shoot....erm....I mean....yeah, I forgot. I'll do it the hard way then." Lombadra cracked his knuckles and threw off a series of punches that eventually broke Bahamut out of the ice encasing him.

"Grrr...saving the best for last, eh?" The Steel Dragon panted.

"You should be thankful I even saved you at all! I'd have rather left you in that ice cube!" Lombadra jabbed a finger in his chest.

"Speak for yourself, popsicle!"

"Hey, you're not even weak against ice, so don't take it out on me!" Lombadra shouted. (Bahamut is Steel/Dragon, which nullifies ice damage to normal effect.)

"What?! You're not weak against ice either, Chopper-face!" Bahamut retorted. (Same here, with Lombadra as Fire/Dragon, which also nullifies ice damage to normal effect.)

"Fine! But you're Dragon side provides some fire resistance, and you're STILL afraid of it!" (Steel/Dragon, with the Dragon element nullifying fire damage to normal effect.)

"It's called hating fire, not being afraid. Unlike you....you're not completely vulnerable to water either....but YOU CAN'T SWIM!!!" (Fire/Dragon, with the Dragon element nullifying water damage to normal effect.)

(Author's note: Look at a Pokemon Weakness/Resistance chart and you'll understand.)



Kris, Jade, Firestorm and Nightslice all sighed heavily from within their Dragons. Hazuki walked over to Gwyen, who'd finally awakened and they remerged into Asiyu's form.

While Riot gasped in shock, the two male Dragons failed to notice, until....

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"Yes ma'am!" Both Dragons jumped, snapping to attention.

<Hazuki?!> Kris gasped.

<Yep, and Gwyen's here too.>

"Hey babe..." Bahamut started, waving a claw. "I gotta say that...."

Thwack! Asiyu gave him a tail whack right between the legs.

Bahamut kneeled over in shock, clutching his groin in just as much pain.

"Don't ever call me that, understand?!" She snarled, grabbing his neck.

"Uh-huh...." The Steel Dragon nodded meekly.

<I'm sorry about that!> Hazuki apologized.

"Asiyu?" Lombadra asked. "You....remember me?"

"Oh Lombadra, how could I ever forget you...." Her eyes narrowed. "You pervert!"


Lombadra was soon mimicking Bahamut's position on the ground.

<I'm really sorry!> Hazuki called.

"Now, if you boys are done fooling around, let's find a way out of here before I have to thaw you bunch out of another 6 feet of ice." Asiyu huffed, turning and marching down the new tunnel Regice had made.

"Ugh...I'd say she's a wonderful girl, but I think she's made me impotent." Bahamut moaned.

"She is usually nice. She's just in a bad mood." Lombadra replied.

<Hey, why did she call you a....> Jade began.

"NO! I mean....erm....no, I'd rather not talk about that." Lombadra said nervously. "Let's just say it wasn't exactly a PG-13 rated incident."

<And you people think I'm the one who's love sick.> Firestorm snorted.

<Haha, this reminds me of that incident where Hazuki had a wooden staff and gave old Kioi a real run for his money.> Nightslice commented.

"Huh?" The two Dragons wondered.

<Aw, forget it and go help Asiyu before she decides to do anything else to you two.>

"Huh? Yeah!"

The group followed and found Asiyu standing by the side of the smaller cavern. She gestured towards a small crack in the wall, which she was trying to reach her claw into.

"There's something in there, but I can't see what it is."

"We'll need some light." Bahamut decided. "Hey flame-head, this is your call."

"Right." Lombadra opened his mouth to unleash his flames, only to have his companion slam his jaws shut, forcing him to swallow his own flames for the second time.

"Not from your mouth, from your tail." Bahamut growled, snatching up the Charizard-like flaming tail.

"Hey! What gives?!" He cried as Bahamut dragged him towards the crack. "Wait a minute! You're not going to stuff my tail in there, are you?"

"Don't be silly." Asiyu said. "If we don't stuff it in, we won't be able to see anything."

"What?! NNNNNOOOOO!!!"

The other two Dragons tackled him and hauled the struggling Fire Dragon to the side. Bahamut shoved him down and handed Lombadra's tail to Asiyu. By carefully stuffing it into the hole, she was able to see enough to make out circular red button, which she pushed. The 'floor' they were standing on suddenly shook and began to rise, making loud humming noises.

"This room is really an elevator!" Riot whistled in awe.

"My tail!" Lombadra whined. "How could you people even think of stuffing it into some dark, dingy hole?! What if there was water in there?! You could've put my flame out for crying out loud! Hey! Hey, is anybody listening to me at all?!"

However, he was completely ignored as the secret elevator rose to the ground level, where Nala and Yusia stood waiting, waving as their friends came into view.

The happy reunion was short-lived as the area once again began shaking.

"Uh-oh! Looks like the fight didn't do anything good to the stability of this cave!" Asiyu realized. "Everybody out! Now!"

Leading the group, she used her Rollout move to break through the blocked entrance, just as the roof came tumbling down, throwing everyone off their feet in a wave of snowy whiteness.

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Gargh! Bargh!!" Firestorm gasped, bursting out of the snow. "Man, that was some weird dream."

<Reality check buddy, you ain't dreaming.>

Firestorm realized he had the Fire Spirit Crystal in his claw, which flashed as Lombadra spoke.

"Whew, I'm glad to be in control of my own body again." Jade muttered, jogging over from another pile of snow. "What happened?"

<Guess I must've run out of energy.>

"Hey guys!" Nightslice flew over and landed beside them, with Kris following closely behind.

"Everyone all right?" Kris asked.

Nala and Riot approached as well, and the entire group gave positive responds.

"Asiyu took Yusia out for a little talk." Nala reported. "She told us to go on first and that they'd catch up later."

<Damn, this sucks!> Bahamut's voice sounded from within his crystal. <You have the honor of being inside me, but I'm stuck in this stupid crystal when you're not!>

<Hey, I have it for me too, so don't complain!> Lombadra growled.

"Let's give this a try." Kris brought up the Spirit Crystal of Steel and pressed it to the handle of her Katana. Immediately, the crystal glowed as it magically melded itself into the handle, becoming part of the weapon itself, in particular a silver, metallic gem in the center of the handle. "Wow, these things are truly amazing..."

<So, I have to be inside this sword, huh? Well, it'll do.> Bahamut huffed. <At least I'm better off than chopper-face over there.>

<Hey! Jade! You'd better tell me you have some cool weapon or something, right?>

"Erm....heheh...." Jade giggled nervously.

<ARGH!! I hate this!!!!>

The party burst out laughing as they began their long trek down the mountain.

"You know, I wonder what Asiyu would want to discuss with Yusia?" Nala wondered out loud.

"Isn't it obvious?" Kris replied. "I'm sure you know that Yusia's a very special Chimera. Only now, I truly understand how unique she is."

"Hold on, you mean...."

"Well, we'll just ask them later."

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

"That's a lovely view!" Yusia smiled, riding on Asiyu's back as they flew across the snowy mountain. The orange glow of the setting sun added much to the beauty of the scenery.

"Certainly, it is." Asiyu nodded, smiling.

She descended and landed on a nearby ledge.

<You wanted to have a little chat with us?> Hazuki queried.

"Yes, especially your little sister. What I feel from her is truly unique....in fact, it is so much like myself."

<You mean...>

"Indeed, she 'is' me, so to speak. I felt it from within her."

"But how?" Yusia asked. "I thought you haven't been around for a very long time."

"In a way, that's not entirely true. But I should explain everything from the start." Asiyu took a deep breath. "I am unlike any of the other Legendary Dragons, in the fact that I was the only one who chose to give up my powers."

<Give up your powers?> Gwyen wondered.

"Long ago, two opposing Dragon Gods of good and evil met in a tremendous clash. It was then that my brethren and I were created, to fight in what you now call the Great Wars. However, I....defied....the laws of my kind....I fell in love...."

She was silent for a long time before continuing.

"I gave up the powers granted by my Spirit Crystal. I became mortal and ran....away from the wars, away from everything....to be with the one I loved."

<Of course!> Gwyen snapped. <I remember where I've heard your name now! You're the one they call the 'Goddess of the Lapras' !>

"Hmmm....I must've had a much greater impact that I thought." Asiyu chuckled.

<I don't get it.> Hazuki muttered.

<That guy she loved, he was the ancient ancestor of the Lapras species.> Gwyen told her. <I've always heard that Lapras were ferocious Dragons in the distant past, haven't you?>

<I may be from another world, but I've read about that story too.> Hazuki agreed.

"Heh, Miss Sarpal's old books really came in handy after all." Yusia remarked.

<Over all those millions of years, I guess Asiyu's Dragon genes must've been incorporated into the Lapras species, eventually vanishing amongst the midst of evolution.> Gwyen theorized. <That was probably when the Lapras changed from raging Icy Dragons to the gentle swimmers they are today.>

<No, not all the Dragon genes vanished.> Hazuki concluded. <Yusia is living proof that some still exist, deep within each and every Lapras.>

"Really?" Yusia beamed, glad to suddenly be the center of attraction.

<That's why you were always a little different from the other Lapras Chimeras: Sarpal, Ice and myself.>

"Fate is strange, isn't it?" Asiyu suddenly spoke up. "Seems I could never truly escape the powers of my Spirit Crystal, considering I'm back, for now at least."

<But what happened to your, lover?>

"I don't know. I only have some faint memories of our time together....I don't even remember when or how I, died in the past..."

<I'm sorry.>

"Don't be. You believe that I have returned for a reason, and I want to believe in that too." Asiyu grinned. "Just be sure you people can keep up with me, cause I'm still a tough fighter."

Smiling, Hazuki, Gwyen and Yusia all nodded.

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Ah, it's good to be out of there!" Firestorm yawned, stretching his wings.

The group had returned to Raijin's temple in town for some rest and recovery. Despite the exhausting battle yesterday, the Charizard found himself barely able to get any sleep. He was quite keen on exploring this new world, especially now that he was back in his own shoes, so to speak.

He'd practically gobbled down his breakfast earlier and had decided to take a short walk around town. It was actually a nice feeling, seeing all sorts of his fellow Pokemon walking around, and not a single human in sight. They didn't even exist in this reality after all.

An Espeon and an Umbreon walked past, giving him a wink as they did. Firestorm gleefully returned the greeting, flaring up his tail flame into a hot white fire for a second. The girls laughed before moving on.

"Hey, this world has some hot chicks too." He drooled. "I could get used to this!"

All of a sudden, a female Typhlosion strode past, flashing her 'mane flame' in a seductive manner.

"On second thought, I REALLY LIKE THIS!!!" Firestorm's eyes widened as he took off after the fire Pokemon.

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Later, the rest of the group had gathered outside the temple as they prepared to depart.

"So, you'll be going with them Gwyen?" Raijin nodded.

"Yeah, definitely." She replied. "I'm officially part of the team now. Besides, it'll be better than staying here with you bunch of losers."

"Same as always, sis." The thunder dog laughed. "Well, not like I could've stopped you anyway. You've always been the free spirit of the family."

"Just take care of yourself, and remember, you'll always be welcomed back here." Hojin finished.

"Erm....thanks a lot you two." Gywen blushed slightly.

Hazuki put an arm around Yusia's shoulder as they watched the siblings exchange hugs and nuzzles.

"It's always nice to have a family you can come home to." The older girl whispered.


"Hey, hope you're not forgetting us, are you?" Nala barged in, jumping between the two.

"Nah, just a little lost in thought, that's all."

"Hazuki, I have something for you." Raijin called. "Catch!"

"Whoa!" She gasped, stumbling back as an ankh was thrown into her arms.

It was white in color and consisted of a short staff about the length of her arm. Its top ended in an ansate cross-a 'T' shaped structure with a loop in the center of it.

"That's called the Mitra Ankh. It's a holy artifact said to have amplified the magical powers our ancestors used in their ancient traditions. It remains to us now as a reminder of a time long past, but I think you'll find a use for it."

"Bro! You can't just give it away like that!!" Gwyen shouted. "That's against all the traditions!"

"That's funny, who was the one who said 'tradition sucks' ?"

"Ooohhh....!!!!!" She fumed.

"Besides, I'm just lending it to her. You're in charge of looking after Hazuki and making sure she gets it back here safely, understand?"

"Bro, I hate you."

As everyone burst out laughing, Hazuki felt a nudge and pulled out Asiyu's Spirit Crystal.

<Try putting my crystal onto the ankh.>

Hazuki complied and the crystal glowed, melding into the staff and forming an ice-colored gem in the center of the cross. She channeled a bit of energy through the staff and caused a bit of snow to shoot out, falling to the ground in several puffs of whiteness.

"I think I'm getting used to it already." Hazuki grinned.

<Hey! This isn't fair!> Lombadra protested from within his crystal in Jade's hand. <She ran away from the war and she gets to be the Goddess of the Lapras?! Now she gets to be inside that sacred artifact too??!! Even Bahamut gets to be a sword!! What about me?! I died saving the world from a greater evil and look where I am now!!! What do you guys think I am?!>

<Chopped liver.> Bahamut sneered.


"Great, you think we could add a 'silent mode' button to these two?" Kris sighed, holding up her sword, which contained Bahamut's spirit.

<SHUT UP!!> Both male Dragons yelled.

Just then, Firestorm came lumbering back with his head hung low down and a large red paw-mark on the right side of his face.

"Hey Storm, what the heck happened to you?" Jade asked.

"How was I supposed to know she had a mate??!!" The Charizard wailed, bursting into a teary-eyed face.

(Everyone else sweatdrops.)

"I don't think I want to know." Nightslice moaned.