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Chapter Seven: Mother
The green-and-white psychic pokémon struck, rushing toward the assembled group without hesitation or fear. The only thing on its mind was destruction.
Green didn't know what hit her as she fell to the ground on her knees, holding her head in pain. Ash reacted quickly, scanning the area for any possible reason for what was happening to his friend. Was it Team Rocket with another harebrained scheme?
“Norie!” he cried out in fear. “What's happening?”
She closed her eyes in pain, while her Dragonite tried to feel for the presence of anything that was out of place in the environment. Its antennae twitched, and it turned its head toward the position of where energy was coming from. Without a command from its trainer it fired a Hyper Beam in the general direction, causing the Gardevoir to appear out of thin air, its camouflage effectively ruined.
“A wild pokémon?” Ash said with surprise, instinctively reaching for the pokéballs on his belt, the ones that he had inadvertently left at home. “Why is it attacking?”
Dragonite flew past Ash and toward the Gardevoir, intent on defending its master from any harm. The psychic pokémon put up a Reflect barrier at the last minute, causing Dragonite to bounce off it with a loud crash. While it struggled to regain its surroundings the Gardevoir levitated towards the group, glowing with blue and yellow energy.
“I will destroy you, Chosen One,” it said, directing its hand and unleashing a Thunderbolt combined with Psychic energy at its target.
“You're Steven Stone, aren't you? You're the current pokémon master for Hoenn?”
Steven gave the man a cold glare. “I thought your team had been disbanded by Ash.”
The grunt smiled and shrugged nonchalantly. “We're under new management. The boss wants you dead. Said you were the kind to meddle in affairs that don't concern you. Too powerful to let loose, a wildcard you are.”
The grunt didn't get a chance to finish, as he suddenly fell to the ground with a loud crash, his gun slipping carelessly out of his hand. Steven was surprised to see Phoebe, the ghost specialist of the Elite Four, behind the man, a Dusclops by her side.
“Sir, we need you to come to Evergrande City. You're not safe here,” she said.
He followed her wordlessly, knowing things must be very serious if one of the Elite Four was sent to protect him. That gun toting grunt wasn't just some random thug, but from the looks of it part of a much bigger plot.
Where did he fit in the grand scheme of things?
Delia ran as fast as her legs could take her, her Mr. Mime struggling to keep up with her.
Ash, her son, was in danger. Every part of her body was telling her that something was wrong; something close to her was in trouble. All she knew was that she needed to be there and protect him.
He was close now, she could feel him. There he was, lying on the ground, hurt! A psychic pokémon was close by; she could hear its thoughts, its feelings, and the power surging from its body. It wanted to kill her boy so badly it hurt.
No! Delia thought angrily. You will not harm him!
Mr. Mime instinctively rushed over toward the psychic pokémon, a barrier forming in its hands, while its owner took out an old looking pokéball and twisted the cap, calling out its name.
“Snorlax, go!” she cried out, and a red light came out of the ball, with a large pokémon materializing soon after. “Tackle that Gardevoir!”
It rushed over, surprisingly fast for such a large pokémon, and smashed into the Gardevoir, sending it flying into a tree, not knowing what had hit it before it was too late.
“What in the world?” it groaned, getting back to its feet quickly and sensing two more pokémon to deal with. “Looks like this won't be as easy as I thought it would be.”
It glowed with psychic and electric energy, preparing to fire off another combined Thunderbolt-Psychic attack.
“Finally,” Ivy said, leaning back in her chair, “I've finally found all of them. It won't be long before they're brought here.”
What would take the average person years only took Ivy a few hours. For her, it was a simple matter of calculating and balancing equations in regards to going through all of reality to find them. It was almost a tedious task for her, and she wished for something more challenging after this was over.
She looked over to the girl that had been lost. She seemed peaceful sleeping there. No would have known that right before she had been retrieved she had killed a boy named Brock.
Ivy turned away and looked at her computer screen, reviewing the codenames of each of the nine Others. Her boss had personally given each of them their respective codenames after reviewing their files; Ivy thought they sounded odd, but she didn't risk telling her that for fear of death…or worse.
The Lost.
The Collector.
The Imitator.
The Darkness.
The Mind.
The Beast.
The Shadow.
The Destroyer.
The Red.
These nine were essentially tools; all of them were a means to an end. Each of them came from a different reality, a place where they had done something that completely set them apart from their original. Each of them would be difficult to control if left by themselves, but Ivy assured her boss that she would find a way. She was, after all, the most brilliant mind in all reality.
“Officer Jenny, what can I do for you today?” Nurse Joy asked sweetly.
The officer looked the worse for wear, as if she had not slept enough. “I had a bad dream, Joy.”
A look of concern washed over the nurse's face. “Jenny…? What's wrong?”
The two of them had been friends ever since they were children. The two of them were not like the others…they had their own personalities and their own goals in life. They didn't fit in with their own sisters, so the two thought of each other as family instead.
As the eldest of their respective families, they had been stationed in Viridian City when the gym had opened up there years ago. Luckily for them, both of them had been transferred there together by order of The Pokémon League.
Both of them were there when Ash first started out, as well.
“I had a strange dream. You remember that one kid with a Pikachu?” Jenny said, her face looking pale.
Joy nodded. Most trainers coming from Pallet Town had either been given a Squirtle, Charmander, or Bulbasaur by Professor Oak; a Pikachu was a rare case for such a young trainer, so he was quite memorable. That and he nearly destroyed the pokémon center all those years ago…it had taken years to fix the ceiling as well as the bike that had been left behind.
“Well, here's the thing. I had a dream last night. I don't usually have dreams, cause I usually don't dream about anything.”
Joy nodded, urging her longtime friend to continue.
“The thing is, last night I saw that kid and his Pikachu. I saw fire…lots of fire. And people…dying. And then a blue light…” she said, rubbing at her temples.
“Fire? People dying? A blue light?” Joy repeated, pondering what the significance was. She had some training as a psychologist, as a Nurse Joy was required to be proficient in matters of human health as well. Dreams often symbolized something important, at least, that's whatshe remembered hearing at a course she took when she was first training.
What could all of that possibly mean?
“Give up, unless you all want to die as well!” roared the psychic pokémon, firing off blasts of psychic and electric energy at the pokémon attacking it.
Charizard and Dragonite fired off blast after blast at the Gardevoir, each time unsuccessful as its Light Screen was particularly potent. Starmie was darting around the psychic pokémon, firing combined shots of Water Gun and Psybeam to little effect. Mr Mime had been knocked out early in the battle, its inexperience in battle all to apparent.
Green was already up and about, suffering only minor injuries, while Ash was still woozy from taking a direct shot by the psychic pokémon. He had been attacked before by pokémon, but never with such violent intent. He could make out another figure, a feminine one, fighting alongside Green and Misty.
May? he thought, his mind still hazy. No…mother? Is that you, mom?
“Don't move too quickly Ash,” Misty said, taking notice that he was struggling to stand up, “we'll take care of this! Just sit back and watch!”
His mother desperately wanted to go over to her son and cradle him in her arms, but she needed to finish off this pokémon quickly before it caused anymore damage.
“Use Brick Break on those barriers Snorlax! Without those protecting it we can knock it out!” she commanded skillfully.
The rotund pokémon complied obediently, using its large body to break through the Reflect and Light Screen barriers that the Gardevoir had put up, as if they were made of glass. The other three pokémon took this opportunity and fired all at once, hitting the psychic square in the chest and sending it crashing to the ground, smoke rising from its chest.
Ash stared in amazement, wondering where his mom learned how to battle so effectively. Was she a trainer and never told him? He passed out, feeling overwhelmed from the display and the wounds he had taken earlier.
I have failed...please forgive me, master… was the Gardevoir's last thought before too losing consciousness.
As soon as it stopped moving Delia rushed over to her son, with Misty, Green, and the rest of their pokémon following behind them.
To be continued
Author's note:
I've grown to hate making author's notes (they take up valuable space and I would rather have the work speak for itself), and I will probably delete this after the next chapter is up.
Green is from the manga and games (check serebii(dot)net for a picture of her).She's not an author created character. I originally named her Amy, but then renamed her to Julia (she had no English equivalent at the time) because I realized Ash and Gary both match the letters for Red and Blue.
Red 3 letters, Ash 3 letters; Gary 4, Blue 4. Norie 5, Green 5. Got it?
These are the English names given to Green when you choose her in Pokémon Leaf Green: Norie, Kiko, Amanda, Paula, Rey, Omi, Mina, Leaf, Sai, Makey (too weird), June, Michi (eh), Hillary, and Green. Out of all these names, I have chosen Norie as the new official name for Green, as it contains 5 letters (matching the 5 in Green) and it's quirky like the name Ash. I've already updated all chapters of Ascension to reflect this new name change.
Wes and Rui are from Pokémon Colosseum, while Michael is the hero to the sequel, entitledPokémon XD; both Gamecube games. Shadow Pokémon are corrupted pokémon who have their moves replaced by Shadow moves. Team Snagem and Team Cipher are both the main villains in the two games.
Pokémon Rangers are from Pokémon Ranger for the DS.