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Tsuki: This is a story about Ash (Female) and Misty, or as I'd like to call them, Satoshi and Kasumi. ^^; Sorry, I like using the Japanese names.
Satoshi: >> You like it? Wow…most people just call me Ash or Twerp…
Tsuki: I have high respect for you Sato-Chan. ^^ this fic will be in Satoshi's P.O.V. so…^^ Enjoy~!
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
It's been four years…four years since I met her, and not once have I told her my secret. Should I tell her? Will she hate me for it? Would she even want to talk to me after I told her?
“Kasumi-san…” I whispered out hoping she'd not heard me, but she did.
Her soft red hair had grown out since I met her…she usually had it in a side ponytail but, but not this time. She had ravishing green eyes that, in a certain glow, looked blue to match her passion of the water. Her pale skin had a blue tinge to it that, I guess, could make you think she were a mermaid. She looked like one, and well…she was so beautiful it was out of this world. I understand that it's wrong for me to think this, after all, I too am a girl but I feel this and it feels so wonderful.
Obviously hearing me call her name she turned to see what it was I wanted…what was I going to say? It was just she and I at this point…we had left Brock with Professor Ookido and well we were alone. She turned her soft gaze to me and I blushed looking away quickly.
“Yeah, what is it?” She asked her voice fitting the profile of a mermaid.
Could she really be true? She has to be a fake, not human; no human could be so beautiful. None.
“Oh…um…I-I just wanted to ask you if you were…were hungry.” I lied with a shaky voice.
“…But Sato-Chan, we just started walking…” She told me with curious eyes.
“Yeah, you're right…I-I'm sorry…” I hesitated.
“What's wrong Sato? You seem…different, you're acting…like a girl.”
I blushed deeply, and then began fiddling my thumbs together. Suddenly Pikachu jumped on my head and smirked, he quickly grabbed my hat and ran off. Me being stupid, didn't notice until he stopped and waved it at me saying; “Pika pi!!”
“Whoa! Pikachu! Give me back my hat!” I squealed out in my boyish voice as I ran after my pal.
“Sato, wait up!” Kasumi shouted running with Togapi in her arms.
I stopped abruptly but not because of Kasumi, it was because Pikachu had jumped on a stone in the middle of a large hot spring. Now I would have gone after him if I were still ten or eleven but…I had to stop going into the water when I turned thirteen, since my cover would have been show if I did. I was a girl dressed as a boy, pretending to be a boy and I tricked everyone I ever met, except Shigeru Ookido, whom I grew up with. I began growing and taking the much-defined shape of a female when I turned thirteen and going into the water would show it all to well. I guess this just wasn't my day though…because Kasumi had ran right into me knocking me into the water…and falling in on top of me.
“Oh I'm sorry Sato, I didn't mean to-to…”Kasumi's voice faded and a pink tinge filled her cheeks.
I stood up and helped her up, the water coming up to our waists. I looked down at myself, my shirt was clinging to my body and my chest was showing the shape of my developing breasts. Kasumi looked at me in shock and then turned away…either in horror or shame I couldn't tell and I didn't want to know either so I turned around to look away from her.
“I'm sorry Kasumi…I should have told you…” I said in a crackling voice.
“Yeah…you should have.” She said sounding coldly. “Why'd you let me believe you were a guy? Of all the people why didn't you tell me?!?”
“I'm sorry! I thought you'd hate me for it…hate me for my feelings for you! Hate me for being something I'm not to protect my feelings…I love you and I knew if I were to remain a boy to you you'd love me back…return my feelings.” I looked down, at my reflection in the water. “I thought you would never want to be my friend again…like now…like you are now…”
As soon as I finished I ran out of there…Pikachu following behind me with my hat atop his small head. I stopped running when I fell into the dirt. I didn't bother getting up; I just lied there and began crying…with Pikachu at my side. I turned my gaze over to the small electric mouse I've been pals with for so long. I didn't smile or laugh at his cute confused face; I just looked at him…with a confused face of my own. Did he know what he was doing? Did he want to show Kasumi who I was?
“Pika?” His charming voice changed from that of his mysterious language to Japanese at my ears. `Satoshi?'
“Did you know?” I asked him sitting up and wiping my face with my hands. “Did you know what you were doing?”
`Pi pika pikachu! Pika pi pika pi pi…cha!” He stood on his hind legs and waved his arms furiously. `She would have discovered it soon anyways! I didn't know it would go wrong…sorry!'
“Don't worry buddy…I'm not upset with you. You're right after all, she would have found out sometime…” I said as I collected the little mouse into my arms, cradling him and kissing his head.
“Pika-cha…” He cried to me. `I'm sorry…'
“I know Pikachu, I know…” I hugged him close to me and continued crying into his yellow polished fur.
How could he, I mean she…Oh! Whatever Satoshi is! I thought she was my friend, how could she keep something like this from me?
“I love you and I knew if I were to remain a boy to you you'd love me back…”
Her words are echoing through my head…she held some truth about me in there…I did love him thinking he was a boy, but, I still have feeling for her…for Satoshi. Is this even right? I can't love a girl! I'm a girl, but I do, I do love Satoshi. Through all the lies and this whole gender mix-up about her, I still love Satoshi.
“Oh, I blew it…she's probably long gone now…and I never got a Poke' gear to contact people…how will I find her now?” I sighed, running my fingers through my wet hair.
I can't believe I let her go so quickly…so easily. I know that somewhere deep inside I've had this feeling Sato was different. When `he' stopped bathing with Takeshi and made a separate bathing time for herself…when she no longer wanted to sleep in the same side of the tent as Takeshi when we had one…I knew something was up but…I also knew I still love him or her, and I know I still do.
I sighed and stood up with Pikachu in my arms still…and I dusted the two of us off, noting this mud that was formed from the water from my clothing. I looked at Pikachu and noticed his fur was clumped with mud and dirt as well.
“I guess we'll just have to travel around and find another spring to bathe in huh?” I asked Pikachu and he nodded sadly.
“No. Please don't go…I'm sorry I overreacted…” Kasumi's voice broke my thoughts on which way to head and I looked back behind me to see her dripping wet and clutching Togapi to her chest. “I was just…upset. You never told me…I wouldn't have hated you…I don't hate you. The truth is Satoshi…I had a feeling you were different…and I still liked you too. You remember when I told you I loved you two years ago?”
I nodded. I remember that incident so perfectly.
“Well, my feelings for you haven't changed…even after today…after what just happened, they haven't changed.” She smiled sadly at me and Pikachu jumped on my head with the hat still on his head.
My arms dropped to my side and I stood there dumbfounded. She confessed to still loving me…to loving me as I truly was; a girl. I blushed brighter than I ever had before and she walked closer to me, using one hand to hold Togapi and holding the other out for me to take.
“Let's go get washed up and let our clothes dry okay?” She asked me with a charming smile to which I nodded and took her hand.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
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