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Where I Belong
Talk of the Past
5 minutes later...
I couldn't believe it, my brother was right in front of me! I started to say something, but then stopped. What the boy in front of me wasn't my brother and that him having the same name as him was just a mere coincidence. So I asked him a few questions that only my brother would know.
“(Hey Paul, how did you die?)” I asked.
“I got hit by a car on my way to the store.” he said.
“(And were you going to pick up some milk?)”
“(And did you have a talk about what you wanted to be if you came to the pokemon world?)”
“Yeah, but how did you know that? The only people who knows that are me and my brother Aid-”
He stopped. He looked at me with eyes filled with disbelief.
“It can't be,” he said in shock, “you can't be Aiden.”
“(But I can,)” I said, “(I died Alex.)”
“Who, What, Where, When, Why?”
“(Who, guess it's April's fault. What, a car. Where, outside our house. When, as I was walking to school. And why, I don't know.)”
“Why is it April's fault?”
“(She's the one who left me when I was late and then I got hit by a car).”
We sat there in silence, caught up in our own thoughts.
I thinking about that day when Alex interrupted my thoughts.
“Guess we both got what we wished for huh.” he said, almost in a whisper.
“(What do you mean?)”
“Well, remember that talk we had before I left to go to the store?”
“And remember how I said that I wanted to be a trainer and you said you wanted to be a pikachu? Well, we got what we wanted.”
“(Not quite)”
“What do you mean?”
“(I'm not a pikachu, I'm a pichu remember?)
“We could always train you you know. In fact, we could go start right now.
“Yup, the forest might be burnt, but there's always the pokemon center. Besides, look outside.
I looked at the window and saw the sun coming up.
“My guess is that Mom won't be up for another hour, plenty of time to get some battles in. Do you want to go now?”
“Then let's go!”

One hour later...
“(That was the best I've ever felt in my entire life! It was so invigorating!)”
“If you like that, wait until Mom brings us to Vermilion. As soon as we board the S.S. Anne, we'll start our own adventure!”
We were now in Alex's room talking about this morning's battles. We talking about how I won the third battle when Alex's mom called.
“Paul, it's time to go!” she screamed.
“Alright Mom.” Then he turned to me, “Ready?”
“(Ready as I'll ever be.)”
“Then let's go!”
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