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A/N:These are the different forms of speech
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flashback speech
Now, chapter five of “Where I Belong”
Where I Belong
Thanksgiving Dinner
20 minutes later...
“(LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT!)” I screamed as I was banging my fists.
After realizing where I was, I started looking for a way out and found an invisible wall which I supposed was the way out. Then I spent the next ten minutes kicking, screaming, and punching.
“(Even in another life, I'm still miserable.)” I sighed, “(If only you were still here...)”
Two years earlier...
Alex look, look, look!” I said, “I beat the game, I beat the game!”
Good for you little bro,” he said as he saw the credits roll down the screen, “but why haven't you evolve pikachu yet?”
Because,” I began, “even though I don't hate raichu, pikachu is still better.”
Oh, hey Aiden,” he said.
Yeah,” I said.
If you could go into the world of pokemon, which would you be, a trainer or pokemon?”
That's easy, I would go as a pokemon and a pikachu at that.” I chirped, “What about you?”
A trainer. Whoa, look at the time, I gotta go.”
To the store, Mom wanted me to buy some milk.”
Promise to be back soon, ok?”
Ok, I promise.”
End Flashback
(You never did come back you know.)”
It was so sudden, the phone call, the screaming, the morgue, the funeral, and the tears.
“(You were the only who understood,)” I said fighting back tears, “(Mom and Dad never spent time with any of us and April was always a brat.)”
I was on the verge of crying when the ball was filled with a cool gentle breeze.
“(How is that possible?)” I said in whisper. Almost immediately after I said that, I felt my eyes drooping and I fell into unconsciousness.

When I woke up I notice two things. One, I was out of the ball. Two, three pairs of eyes of were looking down at me, two which I was happy to see, the other a human.
“(Hi!)” said none other than...Bob and Dan!
“(You're alive,)” I yelled “(how did you escape?)”
“(Well,)” Bob began, “(after you were caught in the ball thingy, this guy,)” pointing at the third pair of eyes, “(picked us up and took us here.)”
“(Where is here exactly?)” I said.
“I can answer that,” the boy said, “we're at the pokemon center.
“(Whoa, how could you understand me!)”
“Translator,” he said pointing to his ear, “just bought it.”
“Anyways, let's get going.” he said walking towards the door.
“(Where to?) I asked.
“The Hoenn region.”
“Yup, my mom is taking us too vermilion city where we'll take the S.S. ANNE to Hoenn so, come on already.” he said running out the door.
“(Wait for us!)” I yelled as Bob, Dan, and I ran to catch up with him.

“Hi Mom!” my new trainer said.
“Oh, Paul you're home,” she began, “I need you to wash up for Thanksgiving, the guests will be here any moment.”
“Okay” he said as he ran up the stairs.
(Thanksgiving already? Has it really been that long?)” I thought.
“They're here!”
That night was one of the happiest nights I've had in a long time. Everyone was happy, including me. Which was just what I needed to recover from this morning's fire.
After everyone had gone home, Paul, along with Bob, Dan, and I, went up to his room where Dan and Bob immediately fell asleep on his bed. I eventually join them.

I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of Paul crying.
“(What's wrong?)” I asked him.
“Huh, oh wait,” he said as he put the translator on his ear,”say that again.
“(What's wrong?)” I asked for the second time.
“Do you know what it means to be reincarnated uh...”
“(Aiden,)” I decided to tell him my other name, “(and yes I do.)” He seemed to shake when he heard that name, but he continued.
“Well that's what happened to me and well... I miss my other family.” he started sobbing again.
“(What was your name?)” I asked as I suddenly thought of something.
A/N: What a twist! Okay, to clear some things up, the breeze was the rejuvenater in the pokemon center.