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Now, here’s chapter four of “Where I Belong”

Where I Belong

New Friends


1 week later…

I was still upset about my brothers’ departure a week ago. Sure I was happy that my brothers found a nice trainer. Sure I was happy that they were happy. The thing was, I wasn’t happy myself. So, after a week of moping, Mom was taking me to meet the other pichu in the forest.

As they we were walking, I realized that this was the first time I would met other pokemon besides my family, and this cause me to be nervous. The thing was I didn’t have any friends in my other life. The only comfort I had then was his laptop. So the thought of having friends unnerved me.

As they approached they’re destination, I stopped.

“What’s wrong”, asked Mom

“I…um…don’t think I can do this”, I said

“Why am I so nervous, I feel like I’m in preschool again!”

“I understand, but you need so make new friends”, said Mom “It’s unhealthy”

Suddenly, I felt myself being dragged the rest of the way there.

“Um… hi”, I said

We were in the home of one of my mom’s friends and I was introducing myself to two pichu Dan and Bob after they’re parents’ former trainers.

“Um… hi to you to”, said Bob

“Yeah…um…same to you to”, said Dan

Perfect”, I thought “They’re just as nervous as me, now what to say next…”

I was saved the trouble of saying something because, just then, my mom came and suggested that we go outside and play.

“Sure”, I said

So, we raced each other to outside.
______________________________________________________________ _________

30 minutes later…

“You know”, I began “You guys are like the only friends I have right now”

“I can’t imagine why”, said Bob

“Yeah, you’re really fun to play with”, said Dan

“I guess it's because I never really got out of my nest." I replied

"Why?" asked Bob

"I guess it's because of some thing that happened long ago." I said


"Hi, my name is Aiden and can I be your friend?" said a 5 year old Aiden

It was a cold autumn day in August and I was trying to make friends with some of the other preschoolers.

I remember being desperate for friends because since I was the only kid that knew how to read, write, and do math, all the other kids thought I was too weird.

So, since Bill, the new kid didn't know this yet, I thought that I might be friends with him.

Nope, I heard what the other kids say about you and I don't want to be friends with you because then they're think I'm weird.” he said

Then he ran off to play with the other kids.

Later that day, I ran up to my room as soon as I came home and I cried myself to sleep and didn't wake up till' dinner.

As I was doing homework, I thought about tomorrow. Mrs. Johnson said that I was going to a different class because of my intelligence.

I thought that maybe some kids from my new class would be my friends tomorrow as long they didn't know how smart as was.

Satisfied that I would have the opportunity to make new friends tomorrow, I dismissed the thought and played with my gameboy...

End Flashback

“Hello, are you there?” I heard Bob say

“Uh?” I said, confused

“You kinda zoned out for a moment there, you all right?” he said

“Yeah, sorry about that.” I replied
We started run back for home when I stopped.

I started smelling the air. Something didn't smell right, it smelt like something was...burning.

“Quickly, smell the air. Doesn't it smell like something is burning?” I asked

“Yeah” they said after a moment, “and it's coming from the nest!”

We started again once more for the nest and when we got there, what I saw made me froze in fear.

The entire forest looked like hell. Trees were burning, pokemon were screaming in terror.

When I snapped back into reality I realized that my mom was still in the nest.

“MOM!” I screamed out and started to run for the nest, but was stopped by Dan and Bob

“Stop” they said with tears in their eyes, they probably figured that their parents were very much dead, “it's no use...they're gone.”

“NO!” I screamed “they can't be gone, they still might be there. All we have to do is-”

I stopped what I was saying because, just then, I felt myself hit in the head by a small object followed by a sucking sound.

When the sound stopped, I found myself in white, endless void.

“Where am I?” I said to myself.

My mind was going through the possibilities when I realized what happened.

I had just been captured.


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