Pokemon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Where I Belong ❯ Learning ( Chapter 3 )

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Now more of…
Where I belong
~ A few weeks have passed since I hatched from my egg. Since then, I've been learning what life is like as a pichu. Like eating berries, sleeping in a nest, living with the group of dozens of pikachu in the forest, and getting used to my new name “Chu.”
One day, while lying down with my brothers at the pond, pipika made an announcement.
“Chu, today Pikapi and I are going to teach you how to use attacks” said Pipika
“What!” I asked bewildered
“Yup, you need to know how to defend yourself.” said Pikapi
“We'll start with tackle.” added Pipika
So for next week, I worked day and night perfecting my tackle. Then, I spent another week working on my thundershock.
Then, something amazing happened…
Pikapi, Pipika, and I were training when a trainer appeared.
“Wow, Three pichu!” said a trainer
“Stand back Chu!” said Pipika and Pikapi
“Squirtle, I choose you!” said the trainer
At this point, I was scared out of wits. They could be captured and I would never see them again! My mind was racing; I tried to think of a way to get ourselves out of this mess when suddenly…
“Thundershock!” Yelled Pipika and Pikapi in union
“Squirt…le” said Squirtle just before he fainted
Of course, Squirtle was a water-type, and since we were electric, there was no way he could have beat them!
Just as I was about to run to my siblings, they started glowing!
I couldn't believe what was happening.
Then, just as suddenly as it began, it stopped. I saw in front of me two pikachu where my brothers were.
“What happened?” I asked bewildered
“We've evolved!” said an excited Pikapi
“Which means there's only one thing left to do.” said Pipika with a mischievous look on his face.
Together, they shocked the trainer with their new strength. We then sprinted for home.
At home, after our parents hugged us to death, Pikapi had an announcement.
“Pipika and I have decided to find a trainer.” said Pikapi with pride
“What! I don't want you guys to leave.” I yelled in disbelief
“We know you're upset Chu, but Pikapi and I want to see the world and we can only do that with a trainer.” said Pipika
Then they turn to Mom and Dad
“Mom, dad, will you let us?” said Pikapi
“Of course.” said Mom
“What! You can't let them leave! I love them. Who am I going to play with and who's going to teach me how to attack.” I yelled
“You can make friends with the other pichu in the forest.” said Mom
“And I'll teach you how to attack.” said Dad
“And we'll come back after our journey.” said Pipika
So it was settled. Tomorrow morning, they would go out and find a trainer who would take them both.
That night, while I was sleeping with my brothers for what might be the last time, I thought to myself.
If they can evolve, that must mean I can too!”
I'm just getting used to being a pichu; I don't want to think about being something else right now.”

But then, I could be a pikachu, and I've always wanted to be one.”
That would also mean I'd probably need a trainer
Stay or go. Stay or go. I just don't know”
And with that, he fell asleep.
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