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Where I belong
Born Anew
~ When I woke up, the first I noticed was the lack of space. It was really cramped in here that I couldn't breathe! So I guess that explains why I started panicking. It shocked me when I found out that the roof collapsed. That was when I realized where I had been. I was inside an egg!
When I tumbled out of the eggshell, I started hearing voices.
“The egg has hatched, the egg has hatched!” I heard a voice say
“Quick, get the kids!” said another voice
Very quickly, two pikachu and two pichu appeared in front of him.
“Where am I and who are you?” said Aiden “and why is my voice so high?”
“We're your mom and dad” pointing at herself and the other pikachu “and these are your brothers, pipika and pikapi.”
“Hi!” the two pichu said
“And you're at home in the forest.” the other pikachu said
“Okay” said Aiden
Suddenly, he realized something
If that pikachu before said that they were my family, then that must mean…”
Quickly, I looked at myself. I was covered with yellow and black fur, I had paws, I had huge ears on top of my head, and I had a tail!
I guess that all of the information was too much for me, because the next thing I know, I started crying.
“What's wrong with baby brother mommy?” one of the pichu said
“It must be hungry.” said my new mom
The next thing I know, I was picked up and was fed pikachu milk.
Right now, I didn't care that I was being fed some weird milk (although it did taste good) I just cared about my new mother pikachu because strangely enough, I felt the same motherly warmth from her as I did with my human mother. So I let myself sleep in her arms and I thought about what would happen now that I'm a pichu.
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