Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Carry On, Blissey ❯ Little-Wit ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Spiritomb would often speak in pride about his two daughters. I had only seen his youngest, Little-Wit. I think that Little-Wit is most likely to be his favourite daughter, he talks about her the most. I'm sure he loves Minerva just as much, but I don't think they really see each other. To be fair, Spiritomb is very lucky to be able to see his direct family. Not many pokémon from the working class can say that they're still in contact with their biological relatives.

The same could go for the domestic class. Pokémon get captured, released, traded away, sent to day care and get to travel. There were a lot of pokémon social classes acknowledged, but the class terms are only used in education institutions nowadays.

At this current moment in time, there were 649 species registered as pokémon in the national pokédex. Back when I was a chansey, they didn't have national dexes. Pokédexes were pretty poor because they only did regional dexes, pokémon that originated from other regions where classified as missingno. The healing machine wrongly diagnosed them with the Hacked Syndrome and they didn't enforce the Drug Protection For Pokémon Act properly until I worked here.

Regardless of Spiritomb's state of mind, he would have been considered a glitch to the pokédex, because his species was registered under Sinnoh's pokédex. They had recently added pokémon that originated from Unova onto the national pokédex, so Spiritomb's daughter, Little-Wit would have been officially seen by the Pokémon League as a pokémon.

They were still major flaws in my opinion, although I can see it's improvements. Kanto had always been the ultimate pokémon region. If a pokémon didn't originate from Kanto, then it wasn't a pokémon according to the experts at the time. Then they added pokémon from Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova respectively.

The pokémon god, Arceus wasn't added to the national pokédex until they added all of the Sinnoh pokémon. It was shocking that hardly any trainers (apart from the ones that specialise in ghosts) knew about Arceus until he was added by the league. Don't they teach religion any more? Criminal gangs know more about pokémon, then the league do, but they're slowly catching up with the help of Bulba University, Smogon University and the University Of Orre.

The former Gym Leader of Viridian City discovered that Rhydon could evolve in the same underground clinic I used to work for in Kanto. He also owned Team Rocket and quickly evacuated when defeated by a young boy who would eventually become the Kanto Champion. The underground clinic was converted into underground trains. Although Little-Wit has told me that they've reserved some of the clinic as museum.

Little-Wit sat quietly in the staff's lounge, munching on assorted berries. Next to her, was a mismagius, whom I've never met before. I assumed it was Little-Wit's older half-sister, Minerva. On the opposite side of them, Sparkles was spending her lunch break sleeping.

“Hi Matron,” Little-Wit said. “When does Dad's shift end?”

“He'll be out soon,” I replied. “I told him to have a bit of a rest before he goes home. So... how's your mother been?”

“Our mothers are gone,” Little-Wit responded. She tilted her head down as she continued with, “They were traded away to someone from Brazil.”

“You must be Minerva then?” I asked with my eyes on the mismagius. They both nodded as Minerva hand-picked the darkest berries left.

“Yes,” Minerva nodded her head. “I'm a care assistant at Lavender Town Nursing Home.”

“It used to be a beautiful place,” Little-Wit added. “Until they converted Pokémon Tower to a radio station. It was a lot of fun when it was a cemetery.”

“Lavender Town's still a nice town,” Minerva objected. “A lot of people were sceptical about the radio tower, but we've gotten use to it now. Why they did it? I don't know, but Mr. Fuji has built a memorial house next to where I work.”

“Mr. Fuji's a nice man.” He came several times to the underground clinic, requesting that they took greater responsibility of the pokémon in their care. One of his relatives was involved with trying to get Mew pregnant.

Minerva didn't speak much about herself other than the fact she worked in a nursing home. Little-Wit had discussed about her time in Lavender Town until Spiritomb came into the staff room.

“I've booked the two weeks off,” Spiritomb told us. “I'll be spending a lot more time with my little gem.”

“What about me?” Minerva asked.

“And you too Matilda,” Spiritomb asked.

“...It's Minerva. Matilda's been traded away,” Minerva moaned. There was a tint of sadness in the tone of her voice. Little-Wit was too young to notice it, but I could. “Maybe you should go to the respite in Celadon for a while.”

“Why do we have to go to Celadon?” Spiritomb asked. “I thought you worked in Lavender Town?”

“Oh I still do,” Minerva responded. Her enthusiasm of seeing her father deteriorating. “You'll need a rest after working so hard. Come on, Agatha's waiting for us.”

“Sure,” Spiritomb said. “Let's hope she wins big on them slot machines.”

“I think we'll be visiting Bertha first,” Little-Wit said, looking up to her father. “She's not been very well lately.”

“Oh that's unfortunate,” Spritomb said. “Her quagsire was in not so long ago.” Spiritomb followed his daughters out of the staff room. Before leaving the room, he turned around and said to me, “see you in a fortnight, Matron!”

Sparkles remained laying flat on the chairs. There was nothing else for me to do here: my lunch break had ended. I could still hear Sparky, the pikachu from the A&E ward wailing in agony. The injuries he sustained were vicious, but losing his trainer was what left him distraught. If Sparky keeps going, he'll develop a soar throat. Telling him to stop would only make it worse. I don't think it's right to tell someone when to stop grieving. I'm sure it will all be fine by the time he's ready to sleep.

I went into the discharge ward to have a check up on some of the patients. They need access to fluids at all times. I was happy to see that Mr. Fierce was there, but I had hoped that he would have been gone.

Mr. Fierce was in-between a sleepy bisharp, known as Bishop and a timid cubone named Phantom. Phantom was a strange cubone. He collapsed in the shopping centre from deficiency in nutrients. He was also one of the fussiest eaters I had ever met, but he also seemed to have valid reasons. We had to put him on the drip because we were concerned that he may die of hunger.

And all he'd ever eat was spinach and cabbage. As healthy as they are, he needed much more than greens to gain health.

Phantom's ribs above his stomach and spikes on the tail horrified me. This Cubone had anorexia nervosa. Luckily we managed talk to his trainer about introducing regular meals and a healthy and balanced diet. Phantom's trainer had been going through diet fazes which Phantom had tried to picked up on, but confused him along the way.

“I can't have this drink,” Phantom announced. Holding his bone in both hands he pushed the drink to the corner of the table.

“Of course you can,” I said.

“I'm diabetic I can't drink it.”

“I'm aware of your diabetes,” I assured Phantom. I held the drink to him and told him, “but this juice is suitable for diabetic people.” This reminded me of the times where he had his dinner. On his first night in the hospital, he refused to eat his beef lasagne because he said he was a vegetarian and that he was on the Atkins diet so he couldn't have any food with carbohydrates in them.

One time he was served an omelette, but he refused to have it because he said he was a vegan. He wouldn't have his pudding because he was scared it would effect his diabetes. In the end, the other pokémon patients would polish his plate on his behalf.

Pokémon should never go on those kind of diets. Never!

“Go on have it!” Mr. Fierce told Phantom. “You don't want to go on the drip again.”

With his free hand, Phantom reached for his blackcurrant juice and took a sip. Bishop's eyes shot open. He jumped on the bed when he saw Phantom drinking.

“Oh my goodness,” Bishop cried. “Phantom's having something.”

“Well done Phantom.” I patted his head as he tucked into a bowl of peanuts.

“Was I asleep for long?” Bishop asked.

“Not really,” croaked Mr. Fierce. “That pikachu's still at it though. I couldn't really sleep that much to be honest.”

“I didn't get a wink of sleep last,” Bishop confessed. “I was in A&E and the noise was dreadful. And I thought my wounds were bad, but everyone else seemed to have it twice as worse as me.”

As I walked away from Mr. Fierce, Bishop and Phantom, I wondered how much Kanto had changed since I left. From what Minerva and Little-Wit have said, it seems to have changed immensely. I wonder if they'll start making dangerous drugs such as action replay, game shark, game genie, and equalizer illegal? Action Replay Pills were still commercially available in Kanto.

Maybe if they stopped selling it, so many pokémon wouldn't die from the hacked syndrome. The hospital's expert of the hacked syndrome will be on holiday for two weeks, we had a reputation of giving the best care to people with that disease. Will be still be able to save lives without Spiritomb's assistance?