Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Evolution ( Chapter 7 )

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Pokemon Quest
Riolu charged at the Onyx with anger in its eyes as it unleashed a powerful Force Palm to its face. Riolu was well aware that Onyx would be weak against it, so Onyx flinching as a result of the attack was not unexpected.
However, that was not the result the poor infant received. Instead, Onyx seemed unfazed and lifted sent Riolu into a wall with a loud roar. Then it proceeded to chase the poor Pokemon who started to flee for his life.
Darkrai had explained the deal he'd made with Riolu and this frightened Jacob. Izy, however, wasn't frightened but really angry at the dark Pokemon. This was ridiculous. If Darkrai was one of the good guys, why would he put their lives on the line?
Anna simply smiled calmly and said dreamily, “I wonder what being a mummy will be like,” Jacob and Izy staring at her as if she was a mental patient.
“You're not really gonna do that, are you?” Jacob asked as Izy nodded and added, “Surely, this is just to motivate Riolu.”
“I am a Pokemon of my word,” Darkrai replied abruptly while the Jacob started to panic and Izy yelled curse words that Darkrai chose to ignore. If Jacob truly was the right trainer for Riolu, the infant would surely defeat Onyx.
Riolu tried Force Palm after Force Palm, but Onyx didn't seem to be getting any weaker. What was up with that? No matter what Riolu did, Onyx felt no pain.
He could have contemplated this fact longer, but Onyx caught him off guard and smacked him into the wall with its long tail. The Onyx then proceeded to dig under the ground, Riolu looking back and forth with fear. He had no idea there was sand below him. It looks so convincingly like stone. Onyx could rise up at any moment. Riolu was already surprised he'd stood up after being whacked so hard by it.
Suddenly, Riolu realized something he could do about this. It was time for him to start thinking like an adult and less like a child as he closed his eyes. He heard sound waves emitting from the ground and opened his eyes, leaping to the side five seconds before Onyx rose up out of the ground.
After delivering another Force Palm, he leapt back catching his breath. Riolu realized that this was getting him nowhere. This Onyx didn't seem to feel pain. But then Riolu's eyes noticed when the infant saw a crack on one of Onyx's stones. Despite Onyx feeling no pain, Riolu had been dealing damage to it, so this hadn't been a total waste.
At this very moment, Riolu's confidence went up ten-fold. He felt as if he could do anything, so he charged at Onyx with fury in his eyes, his eyes glowing.
Unlike his violet eyes, which allowed him to use Shadow Claw, this look seemed to unleash a far more devastating attack known as Reversal. This was an all-out assault that got more powerful as the user took in damage, and that whack by Onyx's tail certainly made Riolu weak enough for this to do some serious damage.
Onyx, for the first time in the entire battle, cried out in pain as it started to feel something overcome it. Its eyes glowed yellow and all cracks left behind from Riolu's attack vanished.
The Onyx charged at the now frightened Riolu who had no idea how he'd just unleashed a Reversal. He then ran away in terror as Onyx rammed its head into his back sending him crashing hard into the wall again.
Riolu fell flat on his back, tears forming in his eyes. How could this happen? Jacob was undoubtedly going to die and he could do nothing to stop it.
No! There was no way Riolu would allow his beloved master to become a mummy. He had to win at all cost. Riolu's eyes started to glow red with rage, but this was a darker shade of red than before. Onyx was going down whether it liked it or not.
Suddenly, a bright light shone around the infant's body as its form started to change, Onyx pausing with a look of fear. The Onyx knew what was going on, but Riolu was confused.
His body became taller and more slender as his upper body was now covered with white fur rather than blue fur. It still had its blue head with the black stripe and black ears, but the head was bigger and the nose was pointier. He also had a second pair of ears atop his head, only these were blue. His black ears now looked more like strands of hair now. His paws had also become black and more dog-like and had spikes sticking up out of them rather than the white pad-like shapes that were originally on his wrists. Finally, his legs were longer and more spread out much like a kangaroo's and his tail was longer.
Riolu had no idea what had just happened, but he felt so much stronger now. This was the just the edge he needed.
Onyx's fear left it as it charged at the infant only to receive a powerful slash to the face that put a rather big mark in it. This wasn't Shadow Claw but rather a move known as Metal Claw. It was a steel type attack, which rock types were also weak against.
As the name implied, Riolu's claws had temporarily become metal for the attack to work. It felt good using such a strong attack.
Onyx continued its assault as Riolu leapt over its head landing on its back and repeatedly slamming its fists into it. This was known as Close Combat, another fighting move.
Onyx was frightened as cracks formed all over its body, then Riolu leapt high above its head charging up a ball of blue energy in its hands, which were cupped. Finally, Riolu unleashed the ball known as Aura Sphere as it created a massive explosion on Onyx, knocking the rock snake out for good, its entire body smothered with cracks, on section preventing it from falling to pieces.
Riolu didn't care. He had won the battle and gotten a new look to boot. He felt very satisfied.
It had been quite a long wait. Jacob and Izy were getting restless now as it seemed the infant wouldn't make it out alive. But Darkrai had a look of happiness in his eyes, if possible, as he seemed to know something the others didn't. Even Anna had a positive feeling too, though that might have been due to the fact that she thought the idea of being a mummy was cool.
Jacob's eyes went wide and sparkled when he noticed a light shine and a shadowy figure that looked like Riolu enter the area. But as the light dimmed, he realized it wasn't Riolu but a different Pokemon.
“Most impressive,” Darkrai said, “Your Riolu has evolved into a Lucario.”
Jacob's eyes sparkled as Darkrai unchained the trio. Jacob ran over to Rio- I mean Lucario and hugged the Pokemon while I, the author, sat idly by feeling incredibly stupid for not realizing it myself.
Izy blinked and stood there speechless. This was incredible. It wasn't just the fact that the infant had won but that he had evolved so quickly. No recorded evolution had ever been so quick before.
Anna's eyes were sparkly too as she had been blessed with the sight of a Lucario. She knew Riolu would evolve, just not so early in his development.
“Congratulations,” Darkrai said as Lucario looked at him with a serious look, Darkrai nodding and saying, “It seems you recognize me. I didn't think you would after I turned back time for you and restarted your life.”
“Wait…” Jacob said in response, “what's this all about?”
Darkrai sighed, feeling that he may as well explain this and started his story:
“That Lucario you are holding has seen many battles,” Darkrai said, “He was actually born more than 300 years ago. I have sent him to many trainers over the past to make sure he fulfills his duties and stops any threat from taking over. I send him to the trainer I feel the strongest energy from.”
“Are you saying that Lucario is over 300 years old?” Izy remarked as Darkrai nodded and continued; “That Pokemon is the most powerful of his kind. That is why I've relied on him all these years. Every time his trainer dies of old age, he's always too weak to continue, so I always appear before him to transform him back into his egg state so he can continue to fight to this day.”
This was a lot to take in, but eventually the three understood. Now this had gotten serious. Jacob had a serious responsibility on his shoulders now. His life had just become more complicated than it had already been.
Lucario looked up at his master and took his hand as Jacob sighed, “Don't worry, Darkrai. We promise we'll help you defeat Team Advent.”
Izy nodded as well saying, “I have a serious grudge against those men, so count me in as well,” Anna nodding and saying, “Those Team Advent guys are mean.”
Darkrai nodded and said, “Don't rush into things, though. I and the other legendary Pokemon will see what we can do. Save your efforts as a last-minute resort. I do not wish for this to get in the way of your own goals, understand?”
Jacob nodded, feeling rather confused by all of this. Weren't Legendary Pokemon more powerful than Lucario was? Why was Lucario a last-minute resort?
Whatever the reason, Jacob dared not question things any further. When the group left the temple, the boy wished that he'd remembered to ask Darkrai about Lucario's glowing eyes. Why did Lucario's eyes glow every now and then and how did this allow him to use Shadow Claw?
Nevertheless, Darkrai had assured him that he needn't worry, so he and his friends were back on track, back on the road to Celestial City where the second gym battle would wait.
Meanwhile, Donavan and Jenna had just captured something. I know, it scares me too, but they actually managed to do it.
“With this, who needs that stupid Riolu?” Jenna asked as Donavan nodded while saying, “This is much better.”
The two held up a cage with bars made of pure energy. Within the cage was a small hedgehog-like Pokemon, but rather than having bristles, it had what looked like moss covering its back. It had snow-white flesh and flowers next to its ears. This was a Shaymin.
Shaymin weren't just rare, they were legendary. For Donavan and Jenna to find one was a miracle of a lifetime. But these two didn't even realize it. They just knew it was rare and that was enough for them. Whether it was legendary or not didn't matter to them.
See, the boss only revealed his biggest plans to Team Advent members who he had big trust in. He didn't trust Donavan and Jenna that much, so they didn't know about his need for legendary Pokemon. They knew he'd be pleased, but they had no idea how pleased he would be to receive Shaymin.
I'm going a little too far into detail right now, so let's get back to the main story. After traveling for another hour or so, our three main characters finally arrived in Celestial City only to find that the gym was closed.
“What's going on?” Jacob asked, eye twitching as Anna skipped over to a sign on the door and read, “Sorry for the inconvenience. I am out doing research right now. Sincerely, Jonathan.”
Jacob sighed and said, “I guess we have to wait.”
“Well, you can wait here all you like,” Izy stated, “I'm going to look around town.”
Jacob felt insulted as he ran after his friends insisting that he would join them. Despite the events that had happened as of late, some things didn't change. Jacob was going to keep his promise to Darkrai no matter how bad things got.