Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Second Contest ( Chapter 12 )

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Pokemon Quest
The group arrived in the small town of Grazzalia where lots of grass grew. The entire town was just covered with the stuff. Even the houses were all painted green to match the color of the grass. In the middle of this town was a contest stadium, the only building that wasn't green.
“Well, here we are,” Izy said with a grin, “Wish me the best of luck.”
Jacob nodded as Anna looked at the stadium saying, “This looks pretty intriguing.”
“What are you getting at?” Jacob asked as Anna smiled warmly saying, “I wouldn't mind being in a contest myself.”
Jacob rolled his eyes as Lucario was a bit confused. Was Anna implying that just anyone could enter a contest?
Turns out she couldn't just join. What was required for contests was a special license. Jacob figured that Anna was just wasting her efforts until he discovered that she did, indeed, have one of these licenses.
“When did you get that?” he asked, eyes twitching as Anna smiled warmly after registering and explained, “I got it from Rowerberg. They sell contest coordinator licenses there. I figured I might use one someday.”
Jacob rolled his eyes and smiled, shaking his head. Anna always seemed to have a positive outlook on just about everything.
And with that, Jacob and Lucario were sitting in the audience to cheer their friend on. A woman stood up on a stage and shouted, “Welcome to the Grazzalia Pokemon Contest! You all look lovely today! I hope you're ready for some exciting contest action because it's time to get it underway!”
The crowd clapped in response as the woman bowed and called up the contestants. One-by-one, various different people came on stage to show off their Pokemon's talents. Soon enough, Izy was up.
Jacob simply cheered her on as she let loose her newest Pokemon, Scyther. The bug Pokemon did a bit of aerial ballet impressing the crowd greatly. A big part of contests was to look good, and Izy had made sure ahead of time that Scyther would wow the crowd with his skills.
“Scyther, use Agility!” Izy shouted as the bug sped through the sky at amazing speed leaving behind a trail of white light, impressing the crowd.
Izy mouthed some other commands as Scyther nodded and used his X Strike to leave behind a red X in the sky. He then finished off with Wing Attack, running into the X and splitting it up into little particles that sprinkles all over the arena, the crowd marveling at the sight of it all.
After a couple more entries, it was Anna's turn. Jacob was interested to see how Anna would handle a contest. Her Pokemon seemed more designed for battling, and he and Lucario both knew that Nosepass would be far too big for the stage.
“Go, Graveler!” Anna shouted releasing Graveler who used two of his four arms to perform a handstand and clapped his feet together, the audience rather thrilled at the sight of this. Jacob had to admit, that was impressive.
The crowd was interested when the contest staff placed twenty rocks on the stage. Anna smiled warmly thanking them for fulfilling a request that she had made and commanded Graveler to use rock throw. The rocks all piled up to form what looked like a man made entirely out of stone.
“Good job, Graveler!” Anna shouted, “Now use Earthquake!”
Everyone was alarmed by the sound of this. What if an Earthquake destroyed the stage? Well, the stage luckily stayed up while the Earthquake managed to destroy the stone man, the rocks flying through the sky and out of the stadium like jets.
The crowd clapped for what was quite an original act from Anna who bowed along with her Graveler, a warm smile on her face. It felt good to receive so much praise.
And after a few more, Roxanne was last. The girl entered the stadium and looked up at Jacob waving and shouting, “HI, JACOB!!!! YOU CAME TO SEE LITTLE OLD ME AGAIN!!!! HOW SWEET!!!!!”
Lucario and Jacob all groaned really wishing they'd seen this coming. The girl held up a Pokeball and threw it into the air calling out a bird carrying a leak known as Farfetch'd. The bird didn't seem to put much effort into his entrance as Anna looked with concern.
“Now, Farfetch'd, don't disappoint me,” she said as the bird Pokemon rolled his eyes. He really didn't want to be in a contest. But he knew that if he didn't try, Roxanne would never shut up about it.
“Use Fury Cutter!” the girl shouted as Farfetched swung his leaf around rapidly. Sadly, that was pretty much it. No impressive sparkly effects or anything were added to the mix and the crowd was growing bored already.
“Not bad,” Roxanne said, “but could you try a little harder with Aerial Ace?”
Farfetch'd glared at her, making it known that he hadn't learned Aerial Ace yet. Soon enough, Anna's time was up as the crowd sighed, really let down by this performance after all the good ones prior.
Roxanne sighed, returning her Farfetch'd and said, “Perhaps he's sick,” exiting the arena, Jacob sighing with relief. Now he didn't have to see her in every round.
And so the contest went into the tournament battles portion in which trainers didn't win for beating opponents but rather for looking good while battling. The participants were picked based off of the half that had actually passed the first part of the contest. Luckily, Anna and Izy had managed to make it and Jacob and Lucario cheered with all their might for the two. Now Jacob was actually intrigued, wishing he'd joined the contest too.
The order was picked completely at random by a machine and first up was Anna and a young country boy named Steven. His Pokemon was a rose-like creature known as Roselia.
Anna knew perfectly well that Nosepass wasn't build for contest battles, so she once again sent out Graveler. Now, if this was an actual battle, Graveler would have been under a disadvantage as Roselia was a plant type. But luckily, this was a contest, so that didn't matter too much.
“Use Stun Spore!” Steven shouted as the rose Pokemon released an orange power into the sky. The powder rained down upon the arena, the audience truly wowed, but seemed to have no effect on Graveler.
“Graveler, use Rock Blast followed by Roll Out!” Anna commanded as the boulder Pokemon shot a series of rocks from his palms at Roselia. The rose Pokemon dodged a couple but was hit by the other three. Then Geodude rolled towards her like a bowling ball, leaving behind a lovely trail on the ground and smacked into Roselia, proceeding to form a heart shape while the rose was recovering.
The audience was really loving this, but just how long could this last? This was answered when Roselia finally recovered from Roll Out and unleashed Magical Leaf, sending a series of leaves with a black aura surrounding them towards Graveler and dealing major damage while also looking beautiful.
With all said and done, Roselia and Steven ended up claiming this victory as Jacob and Lucario sighed. Anna just smiled her warm smile and congratulated her opponent. She wasn't the kind to lose her temper over a loss.
After a few more rounds, it was Izy versus a dashing man named Chester. His Pokemon was Mr. Mime, an odd creature that was dressed more like a clown than an actual mime.
Luckily, flying types weren't all too helpless around Mr. Mime, and she had a psychic type of her own. The crowd cheered when she sent out Hoothoot, who perched himself on the ground with one leg.
“Use Peck!” Izy shouted as the Hoothoot soared towards the mime Pokemon, its beak out and a trail of light following it. Chester simply had Mr. Mime unleash a powerful psychic attack simply called Psychic.
The mime's eyes glowed as Hoothoot stopped midway and let out a cry, but luckily, flying types weren't exactly vulnerable to psychic attacks, so Chester's moment in the spotlight wouldn't last too long.
Hoothoot's eyes glowed a beautiful blue color letting off what looked like stage lights as Mr. Mime succumbed the Confusion attack. Before he could respond, Hoothoot went in for another peck, this time landing the blow while the crowd cheered.
The battle raged on for another couple of minutes. At times, Mr. Mime would gain control, but most of the time, Hoothoot was just dominating the battle and ended up winning his master the first round.
“WAY TO GO, IZY!!!!” Jacob shouted excitedly as Lucario clapped happily for his friend.
After a while, it was finally time for the final round. Izy had fought well and hard and ended up successful in each battle. Her last opponent was a lovely young girl named Jessica.
The crowd cheered as she summoned a small salamander-like Pokemon with a flaming tail known as Charmander. Anna, now a member of the crowd, had sparkling eyes as did Jacob. Not only was Charmander super cute, it was also rare.
Izy's Pokemon for the last round was her Beedrill. Many were rather confused by this choice. Beedrill was not only a flying type but a bug type, meaning she had a weakness to fire. Nevertheless, this was not a regular battle, so Izy had no reason to worry.
“Use Flamethrower!” Jessica shouted as the salamander opened its mouth releasing a beautiful flame. As part of the contest version of the attack, Charmander shifted its mouth to split the flame into three smaller flames, impressing the crowd.
Izy mouthed a command as Beedrill nodded and threw the needles on its arms forward, delivering its Twineedle attack on the middle flame. The hard needles split the flame creating four smaller ones that traveled around the bee's body. The crowd was very impressed as Beedrill had just turned her opponent's attack against him, making herself look more impressive in the process.
The flames then surrounded her body spinning like a drill. Once would think this would be bad for Beedrill, but the bee Pokemon was making sure the flames didn't touch her and rammed her body into Charmander, who was too shocked by this action to respond to it.
Jessica's eyes went wide as Charmander groaned, the girl smiling and saying, “Not bad, but let's see how you handle Fire Spin!”
Charmander then shot a ring of fire below Beedrill. Izy rolled her eyes in response to this. What a stupid move on the girl's part. Beedrill was already off the ground, so Jessica couldn't even take advantage of this like Jacob had with Chimchar's battle against Ledyba.
“USE DRAGON RAGE ON THE FIRE!!!” the girl shouted much to everyone's shock. Charmander opened his mouth unleashing a big blue flame to the ring of fire making it a beautiful mix of the two colors, but also added to its power as it rose up into the sky surrounding the bee Pokemon.
Lucario started to tremble as Jacob had a look of worry. Anna now had her neutral face on as the Jessica had her Charmander shoot a flamethrower at the flaming tornado, thus forming a spiral of flames around it. This was truly a sight to behold, but the best was yet to come as the flames moved inward, Beedrill unable to escape while they scorched her body.
The crowd cheered wildly except for Jacob, Lucario and Anna who were rather disappointed by this result. Izy had lost the final round and Jessica accepted her contest ribbon.
Jacob waited outside with the others for Izy, and when the girl emerged, he walked up to her and embraced her saying, “It's okay, Izy. We don't hate you for losing.”
“You better not,” Izy replied while laughing, “Don't worry about me. Everyone loses at one point or another. This one contest loss isn't going to crush my spirits. It just means I have to practice harder.”
As long as she wasn't too upset, Jacob figured it wasn't worth dwelling over. Anna was just happy to have participated in the contest at all. All in all, it was a fun experience and now the group was back on the road, headed to the next town known as Narunia.
Meanwhile, at the Team Advent head quarters, Donavan and Jenna had just presented their stolen Larvitar to Varen. The man laughed, feeling so happy at the moment and said, “Well, you two have certainly caught yourselves an excellent find. I can't believe I used to look down upon you.”
The duo simply smiled feeling as if they could conquer anything. They'd gone from failures to successes just like that and they could only hope their success would continue. The only problem was they still hadn't captured that Lucario, but with their Pokemon evolved, maybe they could now.