Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Jacob, Izy and Anna vs. Perona ( Chapter 13 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Pokemon Quest
And so our young adventurers were on the road again headed off to a town known as Mossberg. There, the third gym leader would be waiting and Jacob was determined to earn his third gym badge.
While they traveled through a mountainous region, Perona was walking around holding a radar she shifted her eyes back and forth thinking, `I know that Heatran is supposed to be here.'
Heatran was a legendary Pokemon with fire and steel attributes. It was claimed to live in mountainous areas, and it seemed as if Perona had locked onto which mountain he was living in.
The woman had a radar with her so finding Heatran would be easy, however she was still having trouble finding the beast. Just where was this thing?
She then heard footsteps approaching her and hid behind a rock. She peered around the corner noticing three kids walking by. She thought nothing of them until she saw a Lucario walking with them.
She grinned wickedly thinking, `That's the Lucario that Donavan and Jenna have so much trouble getting. If I catch it, maybe Varen will start paying attention to me again.'
The woman leapt out from behind the rock and pointed at the kids shouting, “STOP RIGHT THERE!!!”
The group turned to the source of the voice as Jacob tilted his head asking, “How can we help you, Miss?”
“Shut up and surrender that Lucario to me!” the woman snapped, “I am Perona, the top general of Team Advent! If you hand over that Lucario, I'll leave you be!”
Hearing that name made Izy furious. It was bad enough that Donavan and Jenna were after them, but now this other woman had just appeared out of nowhere. And I'm sure we all know of Izy's deep hatred of Team Advent.
“You'll never have Lucario!” Jacob snapped as the woman grimaced, “Either beat it or we'll have to use force!”
“That's what I like to hear,” Perona said with a grin as she pulled out a Pokeball and hurled it in front of the group, a large dinosaur-like creature emerging. Its head was similar to that of a hammerhead shark only the sides were shaped like rocket thrusters. (Not that they are, they just look like it) Its entire body was blue and its tail had four spikes coming out of it. Its arms each had two spikes as did its skinny legs and instead of hands, it only had large claws. Hanging from each arm was a big flap of skin that kind of resembled a shark fin and its back had something similar coming out of it. Its chest was also red with a yellow spot at the bottom.
“I can't believe it,” Jacob said, eyes wide while Izy trembled asking, “Is that a Garchomp?”
“You have good eyes,” Perona said with a grin, “Yes, this is indeed a Garchomp. Its seen many battles and developed lot of power. Do you think you're up to the challenge?”
Jacob nodded with a look of determination, Perona excited to see Lucario in action. But instead of choosing Lucario, Jacob sent Buizel.
Perona groaned, looking disappointed, but she decided to accept this anyway. Jacob figured that Buizel deserved her first battle now.
“Buizel, use Water Gun!” Jacob shouted as Buizel shot a blast of water from her mouth. Perona simply gave Garchomp a command as he easily dodged the incoming blast of water and bit hard into the weasel's skull. This was simply known as Chomp.
Buizel started to bleed from the pressure of it all as Jacob quickly returned her to the Pokeball. He knew Garchomp was a tough Pokemon, but Perona had really trained this one well.
“Alright, maybe Buizel's not strong enough,” he said, “but maybe I should try a Pokemon who's already evolved!”
This was it. Perona was going to face Lucario. But that went down the drain as his next Pokemon was Monferno. This was getting rather irritating.
“That's not such a great choice,” Izy stated, “Monferno's fast, but Garchomp a dragon type. That makes it strong against fire attacks.”
And this was certainly a true statement, but Jacob knew this as well as he barked, “MONFERNO, HIT IT WITH SCRATCH!!!!”
However, despite her amazing speed, Monferno wasn't able to land a blow on the dragon swung his arm out delivering a swift Slash Attack to the monkey's chest. The monkey started to bleed as Jacob quickly returned it.
Izy couldn't handle the sight of this anymore and stood up shouting, “Jacob, we're going to help you! Don't forget, I have a serious gripe with these people too!”
“Team Advent deserves to be punished,” Anna stated with her rare angry face on.
Jacob let down tears of joy shouting, “It means so much that you'd help me!”
“That seems a little unfair,” Perona said pulling out two more Pokeballs and throwing them into the battle field sending out a large blue crocodile-like Pokemon called Feraligatr and a light-green lizard-like Pokemon called Sceptile. Now it was three-on-three, and her backup Pokemon weren't quite as strong as a Garchomp.
Jacob sent out Heracross, once again to Perona's displeasure, and targeted Garchomp. For Sceptile, Izy chose Hoothoot, which was certainly a good choice as plant types had a weakness to flying types. To face off against Feraligatr, Anna chose her ever-powerful Nosepass. Sure, Feraligatr had an advantage over Nosepass, but it was kind of unfair as Sceptile did as well. At least Nosepass was bigger than Feraligatr.
Knowing it would be difficult to focus on all three Pokemon at once, Perona decided to allow her Pokemon to make up their own strategies. They'd been trained so well that they could fight independently if they wanted to.
Heracross soared towards Garchomp with his horn lowered and glowing for a Mega Horn. However, this proved futile as Garchomp dodged to the right. However, Heracross was prepared and did a U-turn in the air, appearing right behind Garchomp's neck and ramming into him. Jacob's eyes sparkled as Heracross had just performed Aerial Ace.
However, Garchomp was far from finished as he slashed Heracross, not with slash attack but this time with an attack known as Dragon Claw. Perona was a bit impressed that Garchomp had gotten hit, but that died when Heracross, like the last two, was down and out in one simple move.
Nosepass rushed towards Feraligatr preparing a tackle, but the alligator Pokemon opened up his mouth an unleashed a fierce water attack known as Hydro Pump, hitting Nosepass and dealing a lot of damage. See, Hydro Pump was one of the strongest, if not the strongest water attack of all time, so Nosepass going up against such a highly experienced Pokemon didn't stand a chance and passed out right away.
For once, Anna was actually worried and concerned. If this were any other opponent, she would have accepted defeat, but Team Advent was evil. They were the kind of people who really shouldn't have been winning.
Hoothoot got a good start on Sceptile, delivering a powerful Peck Attack, but Sceptile shrugged off the pain and rammed into the bird for a Slam Attack. Sadly, this had been more than enough and Hoothoot was down for the count.
Perona grinned wickedly saying, “Come on, you and I both know your regular Pokemon are useless in this battle, Jacob.”
Jacob had to win at all cost, and he only had one more option. He looked down at Lucario who had a serious look in his eyes and stepped forward, ready to face Garchomp once and for all.
Izy and Anna felt that they should at least try to help out, but Graveler lost even more quickly than Nosepass had and Scyther and Beedrill, while they certainly put up a good fight against Sceptile, even they ended up losing. It was quite sad, really. All this time, only Izy had an advantage, and even she'd lost.
It was all down to Lucario and Garchomp, Perona sportsmanly returning her other two Pokemon to make it more fair. She may have been a villain, but Team Advent had a code, and that was to avoid fighting dirty until things became too difficult. If it hadn't been so easy for her up to this point, she would have gladly pitted all three against Lucario.
Lucario charged towards Garchomp for a quick attack, but the dragon countered with a well-timed Slash Attack, forming a cut on Lucario's chest while the infant fell to the ground. Perona felt disappointed until Lucario ended up being the only one who actually survived the first attack.
“Good job, Lucario!” Jacob shouted, “Now let's go for an Aura Sphere!”
But the Aura Sphere of all things also failed as Garchomp blocked it with his fin-shaped skin. But before he could attack, Lucario's eyes glowed yellow, yet another color that hadn't been seen up to this point.
“What's he gonna use now?” Izy asked as Perona blinked, rather confused. She didn't know Lucario's eyes could glow.
Lucario proceeded to open his mouth releasing a devastating Hyper Beam. Since these random attacks always seemed more powerful than the regular versions of them, one could only imagine how much damage this would do.
However, this was unknown as Garchomp narrowly dodged to the side, the beam hitting one of the mountains in the background leaving a gaping crater in it. Garchomp opened his mouth and finished Lucario with a powerful flame known as Dragon Rage. Jacob's eyes went wide while the others just gasped in fear. And yes, that includes Anna.
Lucario had actually lost. It couldn't be. Of all the Pokemon in his arsenal, Lucario was the only one of Jacob's who hadn't lost a single battle up to this point. To see him lying there unconscious was just painful.
Perona grunted and said, “That's the great Lucario that Donavan and Jenna were so afraid of? That thing's too pathetic. There's no way the boss will accept something so weak.”
That said, Perona took off, returning Garchomp while Jacob just fell on his hands and knees letting down tears. Lucario was supposed to be the final hope incase the legendary Pokemon failed. But how could Lucario replace them when he was so weak?
Izy placed a hand on his shoulder and said, “It's okay, Jacob. Everyone loses at some point.”
But Jacob slammed his fist into the ground shouting, “But if Lucario can't handle a member of team Advent, how is he supposed to help the legends defeat the entire organization?”
“I knew I recognized that hidden power,” came a loud booming voice. The three humans turned to the source as Jacob's eyes sparkled. There was no way they could be in the presence of this particular Pokemon.
Standing before them was big red lizard-like creature yellow dots on its back and round steel bits. It also had a steel helmet on its face and four big feet along with a row of metal circles surrounding its mouth. This was the legendary Pokemon, Heatran.
“That Lucario of yours is the one chosen by us,” he said as Jacob lowered his head in shame saying, “You just saw him lose, didn't you?”
“Yes, that I did,” Heatran replied, “but don't let it get you down. That Lucario is still only a baby and has only been battling for a few days. You can't expect him to beat every opponent he faces just yet.”
Hearing these words got Jacob thinking. Maybe his expectations of Lucario were too high. It was as the legendary Pokemon had stated. Lucario was still a beginner when it came right down to it. Sure, he'd defeated powerful opponents, but that didn't mean the infant was ready to face just anything.
“You've done a great job training Lucario so far,” Heatran said, “Darkrai sent me a telepathic message saying Lucario passed his test. Don't lose faith in your partner just because of one loss. What doesn't kill you can only make you stronger.”
With that, Heatran turned around and exited the area, Izy placing a hand on Jacob shoulder as the boy got to his feet, drying away his tears and said with a grin, “Come on, guys. I got a gym battle to win.”