Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Gym Leaders can be EVIL!? ( Chapter 14 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Pokemon Quest
Finally Jacob had arrived in Mossberg where the third gym battle awaited the boy and his Lucario. Despite the name, Mossberg was more of a port meaning it was right next to an ocean and had a dock for ships. But first, they needed a quick stop to the Pokemon Centre. After all Pokemon were healed, the group headed to the gym only to see that it was closed!
“WHAT!?” Jacob spat as his legs trembled, Izy sighing, “We'll just wait for the gym leader to return. It can't be too long of a wait, right?”
Suddenly, Jacob noticed something as he shushed the girl. Izy felt rather offended until she noticed what Jacob had. There was a rather suspicious-looking man boarding a ship carrying a rather big oil drum. What could this possibly be about?
Anna squinted and smiled warmly saying, “It looks like that man's putting a drum of nitroglycerin on a cargo ship,” Jacob and Izy's eyes widening in response to this.
Nitroglycerin was a chemical used to give bombs their explosive properties. What was this man doing with this substance and where could he possibly be taking it? As the man turned towards their direction to take a quick breather from carrying the heavy container, all three notices a badge shaped like the letter A on his shirt around the chest area.
“It can't be,” Jacob said as Izy stated, “That guy works for Team Advent. Whatever that nitroglycerin is for, we gotta stop him from delivering it.”
Anna nodded in agreement. She was passive about many things, but everything Team Advent did just aggravated her. Until she met Donavan and Jenna, there was no one in the world she hated. She wanted revenge on them for ruining that for her.
As such, the teens snuck on the ship when the buff man climbed aboard and hid in some crates. While inside, they overheard everything the man and the captain of the ship were saying.
“I see you brought the cargo,” the captain said, “How much is in that drum, Miles?”
The buff man, known as Miles, simply lifted it up replying, “You tell me.” He placed the drum in the captain's arms as the boater struggled to keep it held up but had to put it down after five seconds. It was certainly heavy. It must have been filled up to the top.
“Good job,” the captain said, “but please, don't jeopardize the cargo like that again. Who knows what this stuff could do if we dropped it?”
“How quickly you forget,” Miles remarked, “It's hard to imagine you're the captain of this vessel. We're wearing explosion-proof vests underneath our clothes. Don't you remember? Our aim is to blow up this ship the second the mayor of Paken Island greets us with us still in it.”
Jacob and Lucario's eyes widened while Izy and Anna both gritted their teeth. This was awful. Something needed to be done.
Miles and the captain entered the ship completely with the drum of nitroglycerin while the teens and Lucario climbed out of the crates. Action had to be taken quickly, but they needed to be ready if they were caught.
The machine attached to the anchor started to turn as the anchor was being brought up. This was bad. The four had to hurry this up otherwise it would be too late. The four of them opened the door to the inside sneaking about, quite fortunate that there were no team Advent goons near the entrance.
They ran from room to room, hiding behind anything that seemed convenient and luckily, they had managed to avoid detection from any Team Advent members onboard. But just as it seemed like they were in the clear, a man tapped them on the shoulder and asked, “Hey, what are you kids doing here?”
Jacob started to panic as Lucario clung to his legs, but things took an unexpected turn when Izy punched the Team Advent agent hard in the face, knocking him to the ground. Everyone, even Anna, was in shock as Izy's angry expression left, the girl realizing what she'd just done.
“You kids are crazy!” the man spat, “I'm calling for backup!”
Before the teens could do a thing to stop him, he pulled out a small controller and pushed a big red button setting off an alarm all around the ship. It wasn't long until backup had arrived and all four teens were surrounded.
“I guess we have no choice but to fight,” Jacob said, scowling at Izy who shrugged and let out a weak, “Sorry?”
And so the group sent out all of their Pokemon while the seventeen Team Advent members sent out theirs. Some had big rat Pokemon called Raticate while others had while others had large bat-like Pokemon called Golbat. There was also a boxer called Hitmonchan and wolf-like beings known as Houndoom.
Despite the amazing power and number of the Team Advent agents, Jacob, Izy and Anna's Pokemon seemed to have the advantage. Lucario mowed down an opponent with Aura Sphere while Monferno finished a good number of them with Flame Wheel. Buizel took out a couple with her ferocious water attacks and Heracross managed defeated one with his Megahorn. While battling with a Hitmonchan, Hoothoot was just about to lose when something came over her.
Instead of look like an owl's head, she now had the body of a fully grown owl. Her feathers were now light-brown and her wings and back were dark-brown. She had evolved into Noctowl and Izy couldn't have been more pleased.
As Hitmonchan rushed in for a fierce punch, Noctowl flew over his head and a delivered a powerful chopping attack with her wings simply known as Air Slash. This was truly a shining moment as she wasn't just more powerful, she was also more beautiful to look at.
Scyther and Beedrill had both managed to take out a good number of foes while Graveler bowled over many. Anna would have used Nosepass, but he was too big for the ship to handle.
After the battle had ended and Team Advent retreated, Izy wishing she could have done so much more to them, Anna noticed the door to another room just hanging open as if someone had forgotten to close it. For the first time ever, she started to look sad as she noticed a containment pod within it holding a small fox-like Pokemon with six curly tails called Vulpix.
“You poor thing,” she said compassionately, pressing a button and opening up the pod, hugging the fox-like creature who felt very happy to be free, “I'll give you a good home.”
Vulpix noticed that Anna had an empty Pokeball with her and whacked it with its paw, opening it up and allowing itself to enter it. Anna's eyes sparkled as she held up the ball, nuzzling it up against her cheek. She was used to training rock types, but to own something as cute as a Vulpix was just too good to be true.
“Hey, Anna,” Jacob called, “are you gonna be in there all day!? We gotta hurry!”
The girl nodded and smiled happily, skipping out of the room. But just as the teens and Lucario were about to continue, a brute man appeared before them with a look of frustration on his face.
“You kids are the intruders who made my agents run to me crying for help!?” he spat as Izy snickered and thought, `Babies.'
Then the man, namely Miles, shook his head with a sigh. How could top agents lose to simply teens like these? There was no way he would believe that three kids could stand up to his men.
That was until he noticed the Lucario with them. His eyes widened when he realized he was in the presence of the boy he'd been warned about. As hard as it was to believe, Donavan and Jenna actually had a good friend in Team Advent and Miles was that friend. He had been warned about a kid with a loose Lucario traveling around, so to see this was alarming.
“I don't know why you're here,” the man said, pulling out two Pokeballs, “but if you want to make it out alive, you must best me in battle.”
Jacob stood tall and proud saying, “You guys stay out of this. I wanna beat this alone.”
Izy grimaced as she wanted to get a piece of the action. Defeating an army of Team Advent members just wasn't good enough for her. She wanted to tear apart the entire organization limb-from-limb, and for Jacob to request a solo battle in such a dire situation was crazy.
But before she could object, she and Anna were tapped on the shoulders as they turned to see the captain of the ship juggling a pair of Pokeballs himself. Sure, Izy didn't get her chance to face Miles, but at least she had a shot at beating an important member of Team Advent.
The captain hurled his Pokeballs into the air sending out a seahorse Pokemon called Seadra and a more vicious-looking one known as Kingdra. This was no problem for Izy as she sent in her Scyther. Anna chose Graveler feeling confident, despite her Pokemon having a type disadvantage yet again.
Miles hurled his two Pokeballs sending out a large camel-like Pokemon with big volcanoes for humps known as Camerupt and a very odd Pokemon to go with it called Magmar. Magmar was a fire type with a very odd-looking body. For one thing, its mouth was shaped like a duck bill. The rest of its body was like that of a dragon with a burning tail, a color scheme of red and yellow, the top of the yellow lower body shaped like a couple of flames. It also had two flames on its head that resembled ears.
Jacob grinned as he said, “Using fire types against me would have worked a while back, but now I have the upper hand,” throwing a Pokeball and summoning Buizel while he Lucario joined the weasel. Miles grimaced at the sight of this. Both of these Pokemon would make things a lot harder for him, and he just wanted this to be over with right away.
The sea captain seemed to have the upper hand as Seadra and Kingdra pelted Scyther and Graveler with Hydro Pump. While the two breathed heavily, Anna and Izy grimaced. This was not going as planned.
“Did you honestly believe you could defeat me?” the captain laughed, “I am a very highly respected member of Team Advent. A couple of kids can't possibly defeat me.”
Anna grimaced, which was quite rare, as she spat, “For your information, I used to be a gym leader!” the captain putting on an alarmed expression. Well, this wasn't completely true, but Anna certainly had the power and skills of a gym leader.
Izy glared at the man herself and stated, “You Team Advent members have caused me nothing but misery and sorrow! You are going to pay for your actions!”
With that, Graveler and Scyther seemed to ignore all pain dealt earlier as Graveler rolled into Seadra with a powerful Rollout, knocking the seahorse Pokemon out like a light. Kingdra did all he could to prevent Scyther from getting closer, but the bug Pokemon dodged each attempt and slashed him across the chest, putting a big cut in the enemy.
The captain grumbled and returned his Pokemon saying, “You may have won this, but your friend is still in a world of trouble.”
This seemed to be true as Jacob's eyes were wide open, Lucario hit by a powerful flame thrower from Magmar and Buizel caught off-guard by Camerupt's Take Down Attack, which involved the Camel ramming his body hard into Buizel, dealing a bit of damage to himself in the process.
How could this be? Lucario's fighting type moves had an advantage of Camerupt and Magmar should have been easy pickings for Buizel. Jacob's eyes were wide open and twitching as Miles laughed.
“Did you honestly think you could defeat the might of a gym leader?” he asked as the humans in the area gasped except the captain.
“You're a gym leader?” Jacob asked as Miles nodded saying, “Well, I was the Mossberg gym leader nine years ago. That replacement of mine goes way too easy on the trainers who challenge him.”
Izy just trembled and asked, “Why? Why would you throw that away for this?”
Miles simply grinned replying with the words, “Let's just say Team Advent gave me an offer I couldn't refuse.”
When Miles got a good look at the angry Izy, his eyes went wide. She looked familiar to him. What was it? Then it hit him. He had seen similar hair and eyes before.
“Hey, little girl, I happen to have known your father,” Miles said as Izy's eyes went wide. Miles looked her over and said, “Oh yes, you're almost a spitting image of Jack Valor. He was a good employee.”
“Employee?” Jacob remarked as he stared at Izy with wide eyes. What did the man mean by that?
Izy let down tears of anger while Miles grinned wickedly and explained, “Izy's father, Jack Valor, worked for us after we kidnapped him and his wife. We didn't even realize those two had a kid. While his wife was useless baggage, Jack himself was an amazing worker.”
Jacob and Anna looked at Izy with confused expressions. What was this all about? Izy had never told them this.
Izy had no idea how to respond. She was too angry and sad upon the mentioning of this. Miles was about to reveal everything she'd wanted to forget.
“Did the girl not tell you about this?” Miles asked as Jacob snapped, “Shut up! We know you're lying!”
“No,” Izy said, shaking her head, “He's telling the truth. Dad wrote to me about it every month when I was growing up in the orphanage I grew up in and my caretaker would read them to me.”
This was a real shock. Why would Izy's parents work for such an evil organization?
“It was a shame he snapped and rebelled against us,” Miles said shaking his head, “otherwise, we wouldn't have had to execute him and his wife. Why must the good ones always turn on us? It seems to happen quite frequently.”
Izy was so angry that she couldn't even lash out at the man. It was bad enough she knew that her parents had died but she wished she hadn't heard the details of him working for Team Advent.
Jacob and Lucario were filled with the same hatred as was Anna. All Jack did was try to stand up for what was right and he was punished for it. It was this kind of thing that made the world a sad place to live in.
“BUIZEL, LUCARIO, LET'S GIVE THIS GUY A PIECE OF OUR MIND!!!” he shouted as Lucario nodded and slammed a powerful force palm into Camerupt's face causing the Pokemon to see stars.
Buizel opened her mouth unleashing a fierce Water Gun attack, soaking Magmar and dealing an incredible amount of damage to the odd beast. There was no way Jacob was showing any mercy to a member of such a cruel organization. After losing to Perona, he knew that he couldn't take such a risk anymore.
But unfortunately, this just wasn't quite enough as Camerupt shook off the pain, grunting and rising to his feet. Magmar got up with a look of anger and seemed more than ready to test his luck again. Jacob's eyes widened as Izy gritted her teeth. She just wanted this to end now.
Anna had a neutral look on her face, not sure what the outcome would be while the captain just watched with a sneer. It seemed like Miles just might win out in the end.