Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ The Power of Lightning! ( Chapter 18 )

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Pokemon Quest
The gym battle started with Pikachu charging towards Cacnea preparing for a Quick Attack. Jacob felt confident that Cacnea could counter this with Needle Arm, but much to his shock, the Pikachu simply dodged to the right and rammed its head into Cacnea's side, the cactus groaning in pain.
“You were smart to choose a grass type to combat an electric type,” Marcy stated, “but don't forget that Pikachu is a very fast Pokemon.”
That was true, and Cacnea wasn't exactly a fast-moving type. Nevertheless, Jacob was determined to win this and would stop at nothing to earn his forth gym badge.
The boy pulled out his guidebook in search of an attack that could catch Pikachu off guard as Marcy gave the command for Pikachu to use Slam. Cacnea started to look rather nervous as he turned to his master, a look of worry on his face. Unfortunately, he was too distracted by Jacob's bad timing to avoid the incoming attack.
“CACNEA, USE COTTON SPORE!!!” Jacob shouted, then noticed the cactus growling at him, smiled nervously and said, “Sorry about that.”
Cacnea attempted the attack Jacob had told him to use but to no avail. It seemed he didn't know how to use this attack. This gave Pikachu the perfect opportunity to hit him dead-on with another Quick Attack.
Cacnea was looking very weak, Jacob worried about his Pokemon while Lucario simply clung to the boy's leg. Marcy's Pikachu was quite strong.
“I understand now,” the boy said, “Cacnea, you've been losing this battle because of my own incompetence. Let's try working together a bit better, shall we?”
Cacnea's look of doubt became a smile as the cactus nodded. Jacob gave a command as Cacnea held out his arms unleashing a series of needles, shooting them like missiles towards Pikachu. This attack was known as Pin Missile.
“Nice try, but not good enough,” Marcy said, “Pikachu, show them the superiority of electric types!”
Pikachu simply leapt over the attack as Jacob shouted, “We got her right where we want her! Use Sucker Punch!” Cacnea leaping towards the electric rat and planting his fist into Pikachu's face.
“Excellent work!” Jacob shouted with a grin of satisfaction, Marcy's eyes wide. She was truly impressed.
Cacnea proceeded to hit Pikachu with a well-aimed Pin Missile, this time actually locking onto its target, and punched the rat with one of his spikes, performing an attack known as Poison Sting. Pikachu's arm started to bleed as the rat felt weaker, Marcy's eyes wide with shock. Her precious Pikachu had been poisoned.
“That was so amazing!” Marcy exclaimed, “That team work is so inspiring! Unfortunately, this battle is far from over!”
Her smile then turned to a wicked one as she shouted, “PIKACHU, USE IRON TAIL!!!!”
Jacob's eyes went wide at the sound of this. Had he heard that right? How could a Pikachu learn a steel attack, let alone Iron Tail? He'd never heard of such a thing being possible.
As such, he was unable to respond to this as Pikachu's tail briefly turned into steel, the rat smacking it hard into the cactus' skull. As a result, Cacnea passed out, Jacob's eyes wide and twitching.
Jacob returned his Cacnea as Lucario had a worried expression. The boy couldn't believe that this had just happened. But even so, he wasn't ready to give up just yet.
Lucario had a look of confidence on his face as if he was determined to avenge his fallen comrade. Well, Lucario didn't exactly have a weakness to any of Pikachu's attacks, so maybe this could work.
“Well, if you insist,” the boy said, pointing towards the battle field, “Go get her, Lucario.”
The infant leapt into the battle field with a look of confidence, Marcy a tad surprised. To see an opponent with a Lucario, such a rare specimen, was really a sight to behold. Along with that, she was also aware that Pikachu would most likely fall to such an opponent.
“Pikachu, you've done a great job, but it's time to rest!” the woman said returning the infant to his ball.
Her next Pokemon was a big yellow beast with black stripes in specific areas. It also had red eyes, two antennae sticking out of its head and what looked like two electrical chords coming out of its back. This was known as Electivire.
Jacob had a serious look in his eyes as he said, “Lucario, don't feel too intimidated. We've dealt with worse.”
Lucario nodded and charged at Electivire, delivering a heavy force palm to his face. Marcy was a bit surprised by this rash action, but the attack hadn't dealt too much damage.
“Let's show him what we're made of!” Marcy shouted to Electivire, “I mean, you have electrical wires coming out of your back! That alone makes you one of the mightiest of all electric types!”
The electric Pokemon grinned, nodding his head and doing a model-like pose, Jacob and Lucario both letting down sweat drops before the posing was over. Electivire unleashed a lightning attack from his wires known simply as Thundershock but Lucario simply leapt to the side, preparing to use Metal Claw.
Unfortunately, Electivire was prepared for this as he grabbed Lucario's arm, both Lucario and Jacob's eyes wide, and sent a punch powered by electricity into the infants gut. Lucario moaned in pain as Marcy smiled almost evilly while saying, “Now you know just how great my Electivire is!”
Her eyes then sparkled as she said in a heavenly tone, “His electrical powers are unmatched worldwide. His look, his power, and his wires: he's perfect in every way and my personal favorite Pokemon in the world.”
Jacob just stared blankly at her. Marcy had once again gotten ahead of herself and forgotten about the battle.
He wasn't going to give her a chance to counter this time, so he commanded Lucario to attempt another Metal Claw, but Marcy ended her praising of Electivire just in time to command another counter attack. This time, Electivire used a punch powered by fire simply known as Fire Punch.
`It can't be,' Jacob thought, his eyes widened as Lucario let out a cry of pain falling on his back hard. Since Lucario was part steel type, fire attacks dealt additional damage to him. This looked like it would be the end.
No, Jacob couldn't lose. He wouldn't allow himself to lose. With that in mind, he shouted, “Lucario, stop lying around and get to your feet! This battle isn't over yet!”
With a big stroke of luck, Lucario had managed to climb back to his feet, his eyes glowing yellow. Electivire and Marcy were both shocked at the sight of this, too shocked to respond as Lucario opened his mouth unleashing a powerful yellow beam and sending his opponent flying into the wall. The gym leader simply marveled at this display. This was truly an amazing show of power. She couldn't help smiling as she returned her Electivire.
“That was truly astounding,” she said walking towards Jacob who simply scratched his head asking, “Isn't the gym battle still going?”
Marcy shook her head and replied, “To me, you've already earned this badge,” handing him a badge that resembled a screw.
Jacob smiled and jumped for joy while hugging Lucario. He had earned his forth gym badge. Sure, he felt a little bad for getting it without defeating all of Marcy's Pokemon, but the point was he had the badge now. Izy had told him not to let the reason he got the badge get to him just as long as he had it, and he planned to use her advice.
Speaking of Izy, he needed to at least catch the final round of the contest before it was over. When he and Lucario arrived, they were surprised to see Izy in the audience.
“Izy,” Jacob said, sitting next to her, “What's going on?”
The girl shrugged and replied, “I lost. I faced an opponent who was too good for me.”
“You're certainly a good sport for staying here,” Jacob said, eyes shifting back and forth to make sure Roxanne wasn't there. He expected her to have joined this contest as it was, after all, a contest.
The judge stood tall and proud announcing, “It's now time for the final round! Our first finalist is Anna Mizuru!”
When Jacob saw Anna enter the area, receiving many cheers, it was clear to him why Izy had stuck around for the other rounds. It was because Anna hadn't lost yet and was using Vulpix for the final round.
Anna's opponent, a young red-head named Samantha, entered the area calling out a Pokeball with eyes known as Voltorb. The battle began with Voltorb using Sonic Boom, releasing a shockwave from his body.
“Vulpix, respond with Flamethrower!” Anna shouted as the fox nodded and unleashed a powerful stream of fire from her mouth.
Now, one would think this wouldn't stop a shockwave, but it did and it sent the shockwave in various different directions, the audience truly amazed by the display. Anna had used her opponent's own attack to earn herself score, Samantha looking rather annoyed.
The Pokeball-shaped Pokemon growled and unleashed a flurry of electric sparks that flew towards Vulpix and looked rather beautiful while doing so. Despite this, Vulpix dodged to the right and rammed into Voltorb, unleashing a beautiful quick attack, posing all the while in order to please the fans.
“Anna's gotten really good at this,” Jacob stated as Lucario cheered, Izy sighing, “Yeah, she certainly has.”
Jacob saw a down expression on the girl's face and placed an arm on her shoulder asking, “Are you jealous?”
Izy looked at him prepared to lie, but sighed and nodded her head. Jacob patted her on the shoulder and reminded her of the most important thing: Anna was their friend and Izy just needed to support her.
“Use Fire Spin!” Anna shouted as Vulpix unleashed a ring of fire around her opponent. Voltorb's eyes were wide open as he knew that he couldn't escape from this.
Vulpix proceeded to end it with a beautiful flame thrower to Voltorb's head, time running out and Anna's victory official. The girl received her medal with a very excited look on her face. She hadn't expected to actually win, and this was a very good feeling.
And so the friends were back together, Izy giving Jacob and Anna congratulatory hugs for both of their wins. Things were really looking up for the group, but what of the rest of the world?
We now go to the Team Advent headquarters where Palkia and Dialga had been placed in an inescapable room. Electricity flowed through it as Varen looked at this, laughing.
“You did a great job bringing these two in, Perona,” he said, “I'm very proud of you. You were always my best worker.”
“Thank you very much,” Perona replied with a smile, satisfied that the boss favored her over Donavan and Jenna again.
“So, what will you do with them?” the woman asked as Varen grinned wickedly saying, “These two are going to help me capture the other legendary Pokemon. In only a couple of hours, they will be mine to control.”
This was certainly looking bad. If Team Advent succeeded, this could very well spell the end.