Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ It's too Late! ( Chapter 28 )

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Pokemon Quest
Anna had finally calmed down and it was time to get back on track. Jacob and Izy had gotten their friend back, but far worse things were going on right now that they still didn't know of. Sarah explained to them the full details of Varen's plan to the best of her knowledge and all of it came as a shock.
“We have to stop him,” Izy said as Sarah shook her head stating, “Right now, Kevin is most likely battling him, and if I know Kevin, there's no doubt he'll be the winner of this battle. We're better off taking out the agents and making sure they don't mess things up.”
“But there's a problem with this,” Jacob said with a sigh, “Aside from Izy's Pokemon and Anna's Tyranitar, we really don't stand much of a chance. All of my Pokemon are badly injured and so are yours.”
Anna smiled as her eyes sparkled, the girl turning west and shouting, “There's a healing machine this way! If we hurry, maybe we can heal your Pokemon back to good health!”
As Sarah had predicted, Kevin was winning despite Varen's best efforts and Clarissa and Perona were both down to their last Pokemon. Things were looking up for the good guys.
“I didn't actually think you'd go so far as to defeat my precious Garchomp,” Perona said with a vein as Clarissa smiled proudly, her last Pokemon smiling with her as well.
Clarissa's last Pokemon was a rather odd-looking creature. It had a large shell around it with spikes coming from the sides and its main body was like a purple ball with a devious grin. With the addition of a unicorn horn atop its head, this was a powerful mollusk known as Cloyster.
“So, what is your last Pokemon?” Clarissa asked, “I don't believe you've ever used it in battle before.”
“To the best of your knowledge, I haven't,” Perona replied, “but this little baby helped us capture Palkia and Dialga!”
That said, the woman hurled a Master Ball into the air as a large electric bird emerged. Clarissa's eyes went wide as she was truly amazed at what had just appeared before her. This was the legendary bird, Zapdos.
“You see this?” Perona asked, “I have one of the legendary Pokemon in my arsenal. How do you expect to beat me now?”
“I don't know,” Clarissa replied, “but that doesn't mean I won't try.”
While the group rushed towards the emergency Pokemon Healing room, they were blocked by a team of agents, each with their Pokeballs out. Izy grimaced and said, “You guys can go on ahead. I'll take these guys myself.”
“Thank you,” Jacob said, giving his friend a pat on the shoulder, “Do your best, Izy.”
“Please, you're talking about me,” Izy remarked, “I can handle this.”
And so Jacob, Anna and Sarah rushed into the room, Lucario hunched over the boy's shoulder while Izy sent out her partners. There was a slight problem with this. There were three agents and each had two Pokemon, so it was going to be six against four. Nevertheless, Izy was certain her Pokemon's quality outweighed Team Advent's quantity.
The group marveled at the sight of this beautiful contraption that stood before them. This was far more high tech than the healing machines used in the Pokemon Centre. When Anna explained that it healed Pokemon at ten times the speed, Jacob and Sarah were very pleased. However, the machine only took one Pokemon at a time, so this would take a while.
Zapdos sent a thunderbolt towards Cloyster only for the oyster-like Pokemon to close his shell, using a defensive move known as Protect to prevent any damage from being dealt. After that, he unleashed a series of spikes from his shell, a few piercing Zapdos' wings.
Perona was becoming very annoyed by this. No matter what electric type attacks her Zapdos used, Cloyster would find some way to prevent taking in damage from it. Then it hit her… maybe she was using the wrong strategy.
“ZAPDOS, TRY USING DRILL PECK!!!” the woman snapped as the bird nodded and soared towards Cloyster who simply tucked himself back into his shell to avoid damage. Zapdos' beak rammed into the shell spinning like a drill, but the shell was made from a very hard material.
Despite this, Perona would not allow Zapdos to let up and this worried Clarissa. Was she going to lose?
Zapdos kept fighting harder and harder, and soon his entire beak had managed to drill right through the shell, making a big hole in it. Luckily, Cloyster's round body was far enough away from the shell's walls for the beak to do anymore than lightly graze his cheek. Unbeknownst to him, this did not make him safe as that hole started to spread, turning into a series of cracks that traveled alongside the shell.
Once the cracks traveled all the way around the shell to the other side, Cloyster and Clarissa's eyes went wide. The shell shattered in many large chunks. Zapdos took no chances and sent a quick little shock to Cloyster's pearl-shaped body. The Pokemon coughed up smoke and passed out, but at the same time, the chunks of his shell with spikes coming out of them flew into Zapdos' face, the electric bird bleeding and falling to the ground.
“I guess this is a tie then,” Perona said, returning her legend with a smirk, “but even though it's a draw, I ended up performing a true miracle. I made that Cloyster of yours useless.”
“He's not useless,” Clarissa replied while embracing her partner, “He can still fight. He just doesn't have his training wheels anymore.”
Izy couldn't believe this. Sure, she'd taken down four of her opponents, but afterwards her Pokemon felt weak. These agents were much more skilled than the usual grunts found at the base.
The last two Pokemon they had were Electabuzz and Houndoom. Houndoom was a vicious wolf with black and red fur along with horns. Electabuzz was a tough alien-looking creature with black stripes along with a lightning bolt on his chest. Perhaps this was the reason she was losing. Houndoom had weakened Scyther and Beedrill by a lot as they were both bug types and Electabuzz had done a lot to Noctowl and Gliscor.
`No, it can't end like this,' she thought as the Team Advent agents were about to unleash one last attack, `I need to stall them a little bit longer until my friends are done in there.'
Suddenly, a red streak of light raced through the area striking Houndoom hard and knocking the wolf on his side. A blue blur also rushed into the area and did the same to Electabuzz. Izy stood there staring, a look of shock on her face as soon enough, two small white rodents stood tall. Both looked about the same with large ears with different fur colors and circles matching the ears in color on their cheeks. However, there was a slight difference between the two. One had red as his main color along with plus signs on his cheeks. The end of his tail was also shaped like a plus sign. The other was the exact opposite. Her color was blue and instead of plus signs, she had minus signs.
Izy realized right away that these two rodents were Plusle and Minun, two Pokemon who were known to battle better as a team. Plusle was the red one and Minun was the blue one. The way these two seemed to stick together, Izy assumed they were either siblings or best friends.
Houndoom and Electabuzz angrily rose to their feet as the two rodents started crying. This may have seemed like the two giving up, but they were actually using a defensive maneuver called Fake Tears, which lulled the opponent into a false sense of security.
Sure enough, Houndoom and Electabuzz fell victim to the duo's fake sadness, allowing themselves to fall victim to another hard quick attack each. Plusle and Minun gave each other a high five as the Team Advent agents returned their Pokemon and fled.
Izy sighed, returning her own Pokemon and said, “Thank you, Plusle and Minun. That was very helpful.”
But as she turned to check up on her friends to see how they were doing, she heard small footsteps coming up from behind. She stopped and the footsteps also took a moment of silence. She slowly turned around to see Plusle and Minun there looking up at her with sad expressions.
“Oh no…” she groaned, “Listen, you two, I only train bird type Pokemon. It's against my morals to keep you.”
The two looked at her, water forming in their eyes as something odd came over Izy. She'd never felt this way before. Was this guilt?
She sighed and pulled out two Pokeballs saying, “Well, it's not like I'll have to use you two for any contests.”
The girl hurled her Pokeballs at the two consuming them. Why were they even in this building in the first place? Then she turned her gaze to the right and saw it: The reason for their presence here.
Her eyes went wide as she peered into an opened lab door. The professor inside was knocked out, most likely because Plusle and Minun had escaped. What Izy saw next was even more horrifying.
There was another Plusle and another Minun in there. They looked older so Izy assumed they must have been Plusle and Minun's parents. What made this a frightful sight was that both were cut open, their organs exposed. How cruel that Team Advent would use them for that kind of experimenting, especially since taking live Pokemon apart for medical research had been illegal for well over 200 years.
She sighed, remembering that this was Team Advent she was thinking of, and rushed to the healing room to reunite with her allies. Luckily, it was at this very moment when all the Pokemon had been healed.
“I see you won, Izy,” Jacob said as Izy smiled replying, “I had a little help,” and loaded up one of her Pokeballs into the machine. Now her Pokemon needed healing too.
Mew lay on the ground as Mewtwo breathed heavily, Kevin wiping sweat off his forehead saying, “I've gotta hand it to you, Varen, Mew did put up a better fight in his regular form.”
“So you managed to defeat me,” Varen retorted, “It doesn't matter. Soon, my plan will be complete and defeating me will not stop it.”
Meanwhile, a group of search droids had been sent out to find the missing links for the plan. After a while, they found the spot that Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf, Phione and Manaphy were hiding in. The group got up as Shaymin joined them, ready for make herself useful and fight. So far, she had been a burden and had only caused the downfall of the other legends, but now she was going to help like she had many years ago.
Manaphy and Phione managed to take apart a couple of droids as the three magical beings combined their powers to destroy another one. A group surrounded Shaymin, though.
The hedgehog did all she could, hitting them with balls of green energy known as Energy Ball and sending Magical Leaves at all of them, but she wasn't putting up quite the fight the others were. The other five started to worry and turned to check up on her when more droids came up from behind and knocked them out cold.
Suddenly, something came over Shaymin. Her body changed from the form of a hedgehog to that of a small puppy. Instead of a bush on her back, it was now green fur and was only atop her head and on her legs, which had become much longer. She also had long, straight ears now and what looked like a red wing on her left shoulder. Shaymin couldn't believe this. She had transformed into her Sky Form.
She let out a loud roar unleashing an onslaught of sharp leaves known as Leaf Storm. This was more than enough to take the search droids apart, but she was unable to celebrate this for long. At this very moment, another army of droids appeared. One whipped out a lasso, wrapping it around Shaymin's neck and sending an electric current through it, the dog-like creature slowly weakening. The others placed mind control bracelets on the five unconscious legends and took control of their minds. It was over now.
The legends who had arrived to prevent this very fate united together in the sky and let out their battle cries. At that moment, small orbs came from them as they all fell to the ground, unconscious. The orbs soared through the sky until they reached a cave far from this location. A light shone from where they landed a loud, booming roar emitted from the cave.
For some odd reason, everyone in the building heard the loud roar as Varen grinned wickedly saying, “It's time!”