Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ The Rebirth of Giratina ( Chapter 29 )

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Pokemon Quest
The loud roar coming from the cave traveled throughout half of the world. Many who heard the loud roar believed it was just the wind, but those at Team Advent's headquarters knew exactly what this meant. The legends were stone dead on the ground as their souls had gone to another being.
A pair of red eyes glowed within the cave as a large creature started to emerge. This being had a great body with a black mark across the middle of its front. Within the black on its neck, which was the same length as its body, were red stripes. It also had ghostly bat wings with sharp red spikes coming from the tips. Its face was hidden by a golden mask and around its neck were three golden rings with a quarter missing from each. Its legs were very thick, its feet baring gold claws. This was the legendary beast, sealed away for years, the dragon of destruction. This monster was none other than Giratina.
The dragon's eyes glowed briefly before it took off from the ground, headed towards the one who had helped him return. Surely he wanted to repay the favor.
Kevin trembled as his eye twitched, Varen laughing maniacally. The gym leader knew that it was hopeless. Giratina had been awakened and soon everyone would suffer because of it.
“This is quite the predicament, isn't it?” Varen asked while Kevin gritted his teeth, glaring at the man, “Soon, this whole world will be mine. Well, it was fun, but it's time this silly battle ended.”
Kevin tried his best not to show it, but he had tears. All of his efforts had been useless. Now the whole world was going to be under Varen's control and there was nothing anyone could do about it.
“What was that sound?” Marcy asked, still in search of the power source for the mind control machine while Derk entered and hung his head saying, “I think Varen just succeeded in his plan.”
Jonathan and Veronica had helped each other take care of the guards when they also heard the roar. Jonathan still had his smile on but was just as worried as Veronica. Both knew what creature made a sound like that.
Aragon gritted his teeth and slammed his fist into the floor cursing, “DAMN THOSE TEAM ADVENT SCUM!!!!!”
Clarissa was in shock as Perona laughed saying, “Well, what do you know? My master succeeded in the end. It's too bad, really, you all tried so hard to stop us.”
Jacob, Izy, Anna, Sarah and Lucario also heard the sound and their reactions were no different. They knew that their world could very well end in the next few minutes.
Varen opened up a window and leapt out of it, using a parachute to land perfectly on the ground. He then pulled out a master ball and waited with anticipation for Giratina to arrive. Kevin simply watched, knowing there was no point in stopping the man now. Varen had won.
Giratina landed in front of the man and looked down at him as Varen grinned shouting, “GIRATINA, I HAVE SUMMONED YOU FROM YOUR SLUMBER!!!!! IT'S ALL THANKS TO ME THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO CLAIM THE WORLD, SO WORK WITH ME AND WE CAN RULE TOGETHER!!!!!!”
The man held up his master ball and hurled it at the dragon, but much to his shock, a long shadowy object with a red spike attacked struck the ball, putting a large hold in it and causing it to fall to pieces. Varen couldn't believe this. Giratina had transformed his wings into long serpent-shaped claws and just destroyed the master ball.
“What are you doing, Giratina!?” Varen snapped, “You're supposed to obey me!!!”
Perona watched this from another window with a shocked expression as Giratina rose one of his claws and rammed it into Varen's stomach, a large hole appearing. The man coughed up a high amount of blood and fell to his back, gasping like a fish out of water.
Why? Why had Giratina turned on him? Was the dragon too unstable to follow orders? Had Giratina no intention of helping his savior?
Whatever it was, Varen was dead. And to make things more complicated, most of the Team Advent members along with some gym leaders had witnessed this thanks to the windows. Team Advent was ashamed now for having assisted Varen in all of this.
“You know,” Jenna said from a distance with tears forming in her eyes, “this wouldn't have happened if we hadn't captured that Shaymin.”
“Well, at least we did something truly evil,” Donavan said, forcing a smile and patting the woman on the shoulder, Jenna letting down tears.
“Why did I go along with this?” Perona asked herself, “I should have known how flawed this plan was, but I truly believed Varen when he said it was perfect.”
“At least now you realize that the path of evil is a bad one,” Clarissa stated, Perona nodding her head, unable to make a witty remark.
Alex watched this sight while still on the roof, mourning the loss of his Fearow, but all of that was soon forgotten when he witnessed the end of his own leader. What made this all worse was that he assisted in all of this.
Miles saw this after leaving the building and gritted his teeth. He had been promised that he wouldn't be a victim of Giratina's destructive powers as long as he worked for Varen, but now that seemed impossible. With no one to control Giratina, everyone was doomed, even those who'd helped wake him from his sleep.
What happened next was truly a horrifying sight. Giratina unleashed a devastating roar before moving its claws close together, the claws creating a large ball of energy. After that, the ball was released and hit the Team Advent tower hard causing the building to collapse with many still inside of it.
When the remains fell to the ground, Miles, Jenna and Donavan were both wide-eyed. Had Giratina just killed the heroes along with every other member of Team Advent?
As luck would have it, the rubble flew high into the air as a large orb of light shone around the area, evidently protecting everyone from harm. This orb, or rather dome of energy belonged to Kevin's Mewtwo.
Mew immediately flew out of his ball and hugged Mewtwo as if to apologize for fighting alongside Varen. The psychic legend pet the cat-like Pokemon on the head, showing that all was forgiven.
But this did not change anything. Giratina had taken to the skies, aiming to head towards other parts of the world and destroy those areas. Seeing the legends all scattered across the ground with no life in them was satisfying.
Shaymin watched this sight and gritted her teeth, a look of fury on her face. She let out a battle cry and took off towards the large dragon, willing to do all she could to prevent the dragon's revenge from taking place.
Jacob stood there, looking up at Giratina and said, “That's the monster that my father was looking for… how is he here?”
Izy gasped, noticing the legends on the ground and spat, “WHY ARE THE LEGENDARY POKEMON JUST LYING THERE!!!!??”
Kevin sighed, placed his hands on the kids' shoulders and said, “I'll explain everything. The rest of you, do what you can to stop Giratina! We cannot allow his plan to succeed!!”
The gym leaders nodded, sending out all of their Pokemon. All of their strongest long-range attacks combined to his the dragon, who was none the wiser, hitting him hard in the back.
Giratina glared and realized this would pose a problem, slowly descending towards the ground while the gym leaders and their Pokemon ran towards the scene.
Clarissa was the last to go as Perona placed a hand on her shoulder and said, “I'm going to help you guys. I didn't realize things would get this out of hand.”
Clarissa smiled and nodded, glad that Perona had realized the truth. And it wasn't just her, either. Every member of Team Advent realized that they had been fools and sent out their own Pokemon.
Jenna and Donavan stepped forward with a serious look as Jenna held Donavan's hand asking, “So, what say we give being the good guys a try?”
“Well, we're not great villains,” Donavan replied, “Maybe we'll be more successful fighting for what's right for a change.”
No one dared question why their Pokemon were in good health. The reason was because that orb of energy was not only to protect everyone from the wreckage caused by Giratina, but it was also to heal all the Pokemon who had sustained serious damage.
Kevin had finished explaining the whole situation as Izy's eyes went wide, Jacob and Lucario trembling. They never would have guessed that Team Advent was that crazy.
“I also have some bad news regarding your father, Jacob,” Kevin stated, “He was a good friend of mine, so he had me receive a letter courtesy of his Staraptor.”
“So, how is this bad news?” Jacob asked as Kevin sighed, “Your father discovered Giratina inside a cave located miles from here. That was to be that beast's resting place so he would never try to destroy earth again. I told you father he was a fool to even attempt catching that creature, but he really wanted Giratina as his own partner. Unfortunately, Giratina got to him first.”
Jacob's eyes went wide. His father was dead? All this time, the boy figured that his father had simply traveled to another continent to catch more Pokemon.
Izy held the boy's shoulder, knowing she couldn't make him feel better with simple words. Her parents were dead too. She knew the feeling.
But Anna was distracted by something, truly unable to smile now. The others turned to her and sighed. Anna had just lost her last parent as well.
“Even though he was evil,” Anna sniffed, “I was just happy to have met my real daddy…”
Horrible things had happened. Everyone had lost someone. But there was one force to blame for all of this.
“It killed my father,” Jacob said as Izy nodded adding, “This monstrosity is the only reason Team Advent exists!”
“You're right,” Kevin replied, nodding his head, “everything that's happened so far… all of it happened for one reason…”
“Giratina,” Anna finished, wiping her tears, “We need to end Giratina's life. It's not enough to seal him up again. We need to erase him from existence!”
The others had to admit she had a point. If Giratina was sealed up again, anyone could try to revive him again. The only way to fix this was to kill the dragon and ensure that he would never spread chaos and destruction again.
Everyone else was gathered together, surrounding the dragon as Giratina's eyes glowed, the monster setting up for a devastating attack. The group knew this would more than likely take them out, but they felt good knowing that they had at least tried.
However, just before the attack could be unleashing, a series of leaves slammed into the side of Giratina's face. The dragon turned angrily towards Shaymin who had just arrived in the area. Before the dragon could respond, the gym leaders and Team Advent agents all took full advantage of this moment, unleashing an onslaught of their most powerful attacks upon the dragon.
With more than 100 Pokemon up against this destructive dragon, perhaps victory was possible. They may not have had the power of the legends, but there was a lot of them and that might have been enough.
However, after the onslaught which had created a cloud of smoke, the smoke cleared to reveal a horrifying sight. Not only was Giratina still standing, but it seemed as if he had taken in no damage at all.
Before anyone could respond, the dragon let out a loud roar unleashing a large blast from all sides of his body. What was this? It wasn't a recorded Pokemon attack but rather a strange power and whatever it was, it had knocked every Pokemon unconscious, the humans barely conscious to return them.
“I can't believe this,” Sarah groaned as Aragon spat, “WE CAN'T STOP HIM!!!!”
“Don't give up hope yet,” Kevin stated, entering the area, “All of you clear out. We will handle things from here!”
Aragon gritted his teeth and tugged on the man's collar shouting, “There is no way you can win, even with Mew and Mewtwo! Giratina is far too dangerous!”
“Pipe down,” Kevin remarked as Aragon gritted his teeth, releasing his leader, “I can assure you, I have this taken care of.”