Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Lucario vs. Giratina ( Chapter 30 )

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Pokemon Quest
Kevin and the kids stood before the large destructive dragon. Their looks were serious and their will was strong. But how could they possibly defeat Giratina? As Aragon had said, Giratina was dangerous. This dragon had just defeated 100 Pokemon with one attack.
“Are you sure we can win?” Jacob asked as Kevin nodded saying, “I'm not sure how I know, but somehow, I can sense that Giratina can only use that destructive attack of his once. Now, battling him should be a tad fairer.”
“I'm more than ready for this,” Izy stated, pulling out her Pokeballs, “Team Advent brought this monster back. Now we should make sure it stays sealed away.”
Jacob grimaced and said, “We should do more than that…”
The others gasped, staring at the boy with dumbfounded looks. Did Jacob just imply that they should destroy Giratina? It was a good idea, but even Kevin knew it would be far too difficult a task.
But after a few seconds, it sunk in. They saw Jacob's point. If they sealed up Giratina again, what would stop him from returning? Someone else could come along and unseal him again. The only way to make sure Giratina would never threaten the world again was to destroy him.
“I will warn you,” Kevin said, “some of your Pokemon may die in this battle.”
Anna turned to the man, her smile replaced with a serious expression as she said, “It's a risk we're willing to take.”
All the gym leaders could do was watch. Their Pokemon had been defeated as well. This also made them feel useless, which filled them with doubt. But their leader looked confident and while that may not have been the most reassuring thing, it was good enough for them.
Kevin whistled, calling Mew and Mewtwo to his side while Izy unleashed all of her Pokemon. Anna and Jacob nodded, sending out their Pokemon as well, Lucario stepping forward to strike a heroic pose.
Kevin noticed the Lucario and said, “You'd better save Lucario as a last minute resort. Don't forget, he's the one who's supposed to take the legends' place in stopping the enemy.”
“That's true,” Jacob replied, “but he's too young to rival the power of the legends at this point. Sure, he has godly powers, but he has no control over them.”
“Nonsense,” Kevin replied, “Lucario's been able to control his powers this whole time. It just doesn't work well unless you believe he can do it.”
Jacob's eyes went wide. That was the key to unlocking Lucario's special power? Why hadn't Darkrai told him this? It would have made things so much easier. Come to think of it, why hadn't believing worked in Lucario's first Pokemon battle, back when he was still Riolu? Perhaps it was because Jacob questioned the possibility of a Riolu learning Shadow Claw on its very own.
The battle seemed to be going well for the first portion. Mew and Mewtwo dealt some serious damage to the dragon with Mega Punch and Psychic. Plusle and Minun combined powers to form a large lightning bolt simply known as Thunder upon their opponent. Gliscor managed to graze Giratina with X-Scissor while Beedrill dealt a powerful Poison Jab. Noctowl hit the dragon hard with Zen Headbutt and Scyther followed it up with his own X-Scissor.
Giratina was now distracted, so the land-movers could strike him more easily. Nosepass heaved up remnants of the Team Advent base and mashed them together, slowly forming a large boulder over his head for rock throw. While the totem sculpted the projectile, Graveler sent a battalion of stones Giratina's way. This attack was known as Stone Edge. Ninetails sent out a power Fire Blast while Rampardos unleashed a much more powerful Headbutt known as Head Smash. Armaldo smashed his claw into the side of Giratina's head for Crush Claw and Tyranitar ended the assault with Hyper Beam.
Jacob, heeding Kevin's advice to keep Lucario in the back, shouted his commands as Heracross flew towards Giratina's head, planting his horn hard into the dragon's chin. Cacturne sent out a powerful Pin Missile while Floatzel unleashed a devastating sharp wind called Razor Wind. Manectric unleashed his own Thunder and Infernape finished things off by cloaking herself in fire and ramming hard into her opponent, unleashing Flare Blitz. This dealt a great deal of damage to her as well, but she would make all the sacrifices in the world to help Jacob.
Giratina roared furiously in response to the terrible onslaught. The kids and Kevin all knew that Giratina would not fall to these attacks, but they hadn't anticipated that the beast would be this mad.
Mew and Mewtwo were the first to fall when Giratina unleashed a powerful storm called Ominous Wind. Sure, this was an average attack, but something about Giratina using it made it more powerful.
Kevin's eyes went wide as he let out a weak, “It's over now…” while Giratina glared at the other Pokemon. Nosepass' large boulder was completed as the totem hurled it at the dragon, but just as it was about to hit, the dragon unleashed a series of magical rocks with a force known as Ancient Power. Not only did the smaller rocks take apart the boulder, but those that remained hit Nosepass. Despite being a rock type move, Nosepass couldn't seem to stand up to it and passed out.
While Giratina was distracted, Gliscor flew up behind him and raised his claw. Kevin felt a little more confident seeing as Gliscor was planning to use Guillotine, a move that would cause an instant KO to whoever it hit regardless of how powerful the target was.
However, before it hit, Giratina vanished. Kevin started to panic and shouted, “LOOK OUT!!! HE'S USING SHADOW FORCE!!!!”
But Gliscor was unprepared as the dragon appeared behind him, striking him hard in the back of the head. Let's just say the battle was in favor of Giratina from this point on. Slowly, one-bye-one, Jacob, Izy and Anna's Pokemon fell. Despite their best efforts, some even dealing a bit more damage, Giratina was reining supreme. Soon, the only two left were Plusle and Minun.
“Plusle, Minun, return!” Izy shouted holding out their Pokeballs, but the two leapt to the side, refusing to allow the beams from the Pokeballs to consume them.
“SERIOUSLY, JUST RETURN!!!” Izy cried, “You can't take Giratina by yourselves!”
The two shook their heads, but before they could do any more, a large flame came at them from behind. Plusle immediately pushed Minun out of the way, taking in the blast himself.
Minun ran over to her brother in panic, the rodent unable to move. She let down tears and allowed Izy to return them. See, Plusle and Minun were completely opposites, and opposites attracted one-another. The two needed each other to battle at their very hardest.
“Well,” Kevin said turning to Jacob, “Now would be a better time than ever to use that Lucario of yours.”
“Of course,” Jacob said with a look of determination on his face, “Lucario, let's do this for not only the world, but for the legends who were sacrificed to revive this horrible beast!”
Lucario nodded with a look of fury in his eyes, an aura surrounding his body and a white glow coming from his pupils, the infant now floating above the ground. Was this the power of the gods?
“I've never seen him do that before,” Izy said, Anna's eyes sparkling at the sight of this.
“You were right, Kevin,” Jacob said with a grin, “All I needed to do was believe Lucario could use his powers without relying on luck.”
“Of course I was right,” Kevin replied, “Darkrai told me that before this whole thing started.”
Jacob felt a bit envious of Kevin's friendship with Darkrai, but nevertheless, things were already starting to look up. Lucario's presence, the way this new form made him look… this alone gave everyone in the area confidence.
“There's no way Giratina can stand up to that!” Jenna shouted as Donavan said, “That kid truly is something.”
“I am sorry, Jacob,” Perona whispered to herself, “I underestimated your Lucario's strength.”
The first thing Lucario did was cup his hands together before unleashing a larger than normal Aura Sphere. Now, one would think this was stupid. Giratina was not just a dragon but a Ghost Pokemon, so fighting type moves were useless against him.
However, this was a special Aura Sphere, one with the power of the gods aiding it. With that in mind, Giratina's ghost stats were useless as the dragon took in a large explosion. Before he could respond, Lucario opened his mouth, unleashing a power shockwave called Dragon Pulse. Unlike the other legendary dragons, Giratina was actually weak against other dragon attacks, so this was very effective against him.
It didn't end with that as Lucario dealt more damage with Dark Pulse. Giratina was also weak against dark type moves, so this was very effective. Finally, Lucario unleashed Hyper Beam and Giratina flew into large rock close by.
The others cheered as Izy hugged Jacob shouting, “YOU AND YOUR LUCARIO DID IT!!!!!”
But Anna had a neutral look as she said, “I don't think it's over yet,” while joy turned to discomfort, Giratina moving towards Lucario as if he'd taken in no previous damage.
“I should have expected this,” Jacob said as Lucario glared towards Giratina, “I should have known that wouldn't have been enough.”
“You'd better be sure you two are prepared,” Kevin stated, “Giratina looks really mad now.”
Jacob nodded as the man took hold of Izy and Anna, dragging them away from the area and to a safer distance. If they were too close, Giratina could have killed them at any given time.
Lucario cupped his hands together to set up for another Aura Sphere only for Giratina to vanish. Jacob's eyes widened as he shouted, “LUCARIO, AIM BEHIND YOU!!!”
But much to Jacob's shock, Giratina appeared right beside Lucario, ramming one of his wing spikes into the infant's shoulder. Blood poured from Lucario as the dragon sent him flying into the ground with Shadow Claw, a cut forming on Lucario's cheek.
All hope seemed lost now. The positive feeling everyone had felt when Lucario unleashed his power was gone. What could they do?
“Lucario, you've taken far worse than this!” Jacob shouted, running over to his partner and holding the infant in his arms, “I know you're not finished yet.”
Lucario slowly opened his eyes and nodded, flying back into the battle only to be sent into a rock courtesy of Giratina's Dragonbreath. While this happened, something started to overcome Anna as she found herself slowly walking towards the battle.
“Anna, what are you doing?” Izy asked as Sarah held the girl's shoulders saying, “You should stay here where it's safe. We can't do anything to help at this point.”
These words didn't seem to reach Anna's ears as the girl lifted her sister's hands off of her, walking towards Giratina. Izy and Sarah were about to rush in and stop her when Kevin held them back, shaking his head. The others had no idea what was going on, but if Kevin saw a good outcome from this, they may as well allow it.
It seemed as if Anna was possessed. Her eyes had changed from green to violet and were wide open. Jacob saw her approaching and shouted, “ANNA, GET AWAY FROM HERE!!!!”
Giratina turned to the girl and raised one of his claws as the girl held out her arms doing one of the strangest things she could do at such a time. She started to sing:
“Oh, Giratina, destructive Giratina, why do you terrorize the land?”
There was silence all over the area as Anna continued, “Oh, Giratina, wonderful Giratina, what do you wish to gain from this?”
Jacob, Izy and Sarah simply blinked, the others too confused by all of this to react. Whatever reason Anna was singing to Giratina didn't seem to matter as Giratina's eyes started to glow, his claw no longer raised.
“Oh, dragon of destruction, why are you ending lives? This world is precious, full of life, yet you try to blow it up. May I ask what your reason is for this? May I ask what you wish to gain? Giratina, stop this madness. I know you do not live for evil.”
Much to everyone's surprise, Giratina looked less angry than before. The dragon lowered his wings and lowered his head. What was going on?
“Oh, Giratina, destructive Giratina, please do not tare apart our world! Giratina, wondrous Giratina, you don't live for this! Why don't you look inside your soul and spare our world instead?”
Giratina looked completely powerless as he just stood there, no expression on his face. Anna lowered her arms and smiled at Jacob saying, “Now's your chance. Finish him off.”
“I knew it,” Kevin said with a laugh, “That girl's descended from the ancient people of way back. I'd heard they created a song to make Giratina weak. I just never believed it until now.”
Izy and Sarah were both confused even after hearing the explanation, but while Jacob was also confused, this was no time for questions. He turned to Lucario and two nodded at one-another, Lucario unleashing a devastating Aura Sphere, surrounding Giratina in a large cloud of smoke.
But even though this had more force and Giratina could not defend due to his state, the dragon survived. But unlike before, there were now signs that he had taken in damage. His body was covered in bruises and burn marks and this gave everyone confidence.
However, Anna's power of Giratina had also subsided as the dragon's strength returned, Giratina ready to strike Lucario. But Lucario would not allow Giratina to win, not when he was so close to victory.
As the dragon sent his wing spikes towards Lucario, the infant unleashed Dragon Pulse, Giratina's spikes disintegrating from the godly strength shown by the shockwave. Then Lucario rammed his body hard into Giratina, soaring high into the sky, his hands and legs clinging to the dragon's chest.
“Oh no,” Izy uttered, her hand over her mouth and her body trembling as Aragon said, “He's not going to use that move, is he?”
“WHAT MOVE ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!??” Jacob spat as Anna blinked saying, “I think Lucario's going to use Explosion.”
This was certainly alarming. This attack now only dealt a lot of damage to an opponent, but it knocked out whoever used it. With Lucario's godly powers, all of his attacks were 4 times more effective than if used normally, so one could only imagine what could happen as a result of this.
“LUCARIO, DON'T!!!!” Jacob shouted at the top of his lungs, but it was too late. Lucario let down tears as his body started to glow, his eyes glowing red and a large explosion erupting around him and covering Giratina. The explosion had a force almost equal to that of a nuclear bomb and had enough power to send Giratina flying hard into the ground, now knocked unconscious.
But the result was just as bad as Jacob and Izy had feared. Lucario's body was nowhere to be seen.
“Please tell me he didn't die,” Jacob uttered, tears forming in his eyes. When he saw a blue tail descend towards the ground and land before him, he knew it was hopeless to pray. Lucario was in a better place now.
Anna noticed this and started to tear up herself, which was a very rare sight. She embraced Jacob sniffing, “I'm sorry that had to happen. I liked Lucario too.”
Izy ran over to the area, tears in her eyes as she said, “Jacob, this must be very hard on you.”
“Yes, this is indeed a great loss,” Kevin said, biting his lip, “According to Darkrai, Lucario has always been able to defeat those that the legends could not, but he was usually mature enough to avoid using something foolish like Explosion. Now the legends can't send him to serve another trainer when you're too old to take care of him.”
Jacob's eyes went wide when he noticed something missing. He looked back and forth asking, “If Giratina's dead, why haven't the legends gotten their souls back?”
Then he saw it. His jaw dropped and everyone was in a great deal of panic as the dragon slowly rose to his feet, fury in his expression.
Jacob let down tears, shaking with fury as he shouted, “Why!? We did everything we could!!! Lucario gave his life to win that battle, and yet that… that THING continues to breathe!!!!!”
Even Kevin had lost all hope. With Giratina still alive and Lucario dead, there was nothing that could stop the end of the world now. What could anyone do to help now?