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Pokemon Quest
Note: Four new characters in this were submitted by jcogginsa, and sorry jcogginsa, but I'm gonna have to change the gender and name of two of them. Everyone knows that they can't all be males… well, they could, but the Pokemon writers have never allowed that. (And since I don't remember ever getting descriptions for these characters, I'm coming up with the appearances)
All seemed lost. It was doomsday for mankind. The trainers had done all they could to stop Giratina from destroying life as they knew it, but it had all been for nothing.
“It was nice knowing you guys,” Jacob said with tears running down his face and a forced smile, turning to his friends, “You're some of the best people I've ever met.”
“Likewise,” Izy replied wiping her tears from her eyes, “If it hadn't been for you, I would have never gotten a chance to enter Team Advent's headquarters.”
“And you filled a void in my heart,” Anna stated with her warm smile, the kind everyone was used to by now, “Without you, I would have never gotten my chance to travel the land.”
Giratina took off into the sky and opened up a dark portal behind him. Kevin recognized this as the opening to Giratina's original home, the Distortion World. This was how Giratina could ensure the planet's destruction without himself being destroyed in the process.
“We did our best,” Kevin said with a sigh, “but we just couldn't stop him.”
Suddenly, a small white and green wolf-like creature flew up towards the dragon with fury in her eyes. Shaymin had not been defeated by that earlier attack like the others had. But as Shaymin closed in on Giratina, she was immediately sent soaring hard into the ground by the dragon's whip-like wings. His fighting claws may have been gone, but he could still use his wings as weapons if he pleased.
Upon hitting the ground fast and hard, Shaymin could barely breathe as Jacob knelt down, petting the small creature and said, “I'm sorry, Shaymin. This must all be so hard for you.”
Jacob didn't fully understand Shaymin's pain, and why should he? He didn't know the full story. He didn't know that Shaymin played a large role in Giratina's awakening. He didn't realize that Shaymin was the reason the legends had been put under Varen's control. But he did know how useless Shaymin felt as Jacob couldn't help feeling the same. What could he do? He was just a human with no weapons or anything.
Up in the sky, Giratina was forming a large ball of energy over his head. Kevin knew this as Giratina's orb of destruction. Once this reached full size, the world as everyone knew it would end.
Suddenly, everyone heard a gruff male voice shout, “Don't lose faith yet! We have arrived!”
The gym leaders all turned with a look of shock in their facial expressions. Before them were two men and two women, but who were they? One wore a white sleeveless shirt and a pair of blue half-jeans. His hair was striking red and his body very muscular. The other, a young woman, had short violet hair and a cold stare. She also wore a fancy purple and green sweater and had her arms folded. Another was an elderly man with long white hair and actually looked quite young for one at the age of 90. With a robe on, he held a walking stick with Pokeballs tied to it. Finally, the last was a middle-aged woman with red hair and a rather revealing top.
“I've heard of these guys!” Jacob exclaimed as his eyes sparkled, “I always dreamed I'd meet the Elite Four, but I never imagined I would!”
Izy stared wide-eyed at the sound of that. These people were the legendary Elite Four? She'd heard they were the best trainers in the continent, so to be in their presence was truly an honor.
Jacob squealed and pointed to the red-head saying, “That's Bermuda Suzuki!” then pointing at elderly man, he stated, “That man's Eagun Mustard!”
Pointing to the one with the cold stare, he explained, “That woman's Paula Daniels and the tough guy is Don Dordonii Van Peela Kres!”
Don fumed at the head shouting, “THAT'S KRUSZ, NOT KRES!!!!!! WHY DOESN'T ANYONE GET THAT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!??”
“Oh, shut up,” Paula remarked as Eagun looked up at Giratina and said, “We have a job to do, Don. This is no time to talk about the pronunciation of Kris.”
Don twitched, holding in his anger and frustration at the old man's words, but he knew that Eagun was right. The group was now ready for action, Bermuda smiling and saying, “With the damage that thing took in earlier, this should be a breeze.”
And so the Elite Four sent out all of their Pokemon. Don's Pokemon consisted of a beast with four arms named Machamp, a large octopus known as Octillery, a turtle with a rock-shaped shell known as Shuckle, a golden moth-like creature with a halo over its head named Shedinja and a fighter known as Medicham.
Paula sent out her Pokemon as well. One was an Electivire, another a large bear named Ursaring. Another was a Magmortar while a large tortoise known as Torterra came out as well. The last on this list was a large sumo-like creature known as Hariyama.
Eagun's team consisted of a big orange mouse with elf-like ears known as Raichu. He also had a large dinosaur-like creature with a flower coming out of its back named Venusaur. Along with that were the familiar Charizard and Blastoise, the last of the starters from the Kanto region where the first 150 Pokemon were discovered. His last Pokemon was a Pidgeot.
Bermuda sent out her Pokemon and what a sight they were to behold. She had a Typhlosion, an Infernape, a Dragonite and a Gyarados. To top it all off, she also had a slim chicken-like Pokemon with a face similar to a falcon's named Blaziken.
The second Giratina saw them, he knew they would be a hindrance to his plan. As such, he slowly descended towards the ground preparing to face these new opponents.
The second he landed, the onslaught started. None of Machamp's regular moves could effect Giratina, so it was fortunate that he had been granted the ability to use Poison Jab. Octillery hit the dragon with a well-aimed Ice Beam to the legs, trapping the beast against the ground and dealing a bit of damage as well. Giratina was just about to respond with Shadow Ball when Shuckle sent toxic fumes from his shell, the attack becoming useless. This was known as Gastro Acid, a move that rendered any previously used move useless. Shedinja added to the damage with Shadow Ball and Medicham delivered a fierce Thunder Punch.
As Giratina finally shattered the ice, more attacks came at him. Electivire hit the dragon with Thunderbolt while Ursaring unleashed a powerful Faint Attack. Magmortar released a powerful Flame Thrower while Torterra used a large battalion of strong leaves called Leaf Storm. Hariyama planted his hand hard into Giratina's skull for an attack known as Knock Off. Had Giratina been holding an item, he would have gotten something from using this.
Raichu unleashed a powerful Thunder Attack while Venusaur charged up an attack called Solar Beam, which took a while to use. Charizard hit Giratina with a fierce Fire Blast while Blastoise delivered a fierce Hydro Pump. Finally, Pidgeot followed it all up with Gust Attack while Venusaur let loose his solar beam.
Typhlosion let loose a powerful Eruption Attack while Bermuda's Infernape used her own Flare Blitz. Dragonite added to the damage with Hyper Beam while Gyarados did the same. Finally, Blaziken dealt some serious damage with a powerful Flying Attack known as Brave Bird, which had the same side effect as Flare Blitz.
Everyone watched in silence as it seemed Giratina was done for good. There was no expression in his eyes, nothing but emptiness. Was it all over?
All hope was lost again as Giratina opened his eyes and with every move in his arsenal defeated each member of the Elite Four one-by-one. His opponents all fell to the ground and were returned to their balls, the top trainers feeling ashamed of themselves for losing like this.
“I KNEW THIS WAS GONNA HAPPEN!!!!” Don shouted with fury whilst throwing a tantrum even too childish for a 2-year-old.
Paula sighed, shook her head and said, “Why couldn't you defeat Giratina, you useless defects?”
Those words made Izy and Anna mad. Paula clearly had no relationship with her Pokemon.
“You did the best you could,” Eagun said, petting his Pokeballs, “I'm proud of each and every one of you.”
Bermuda sighed, putting away her Pokeballs and said, “We were so close.”
Shaymin saw the inevitable result taking place and let down tears. It couldn't end like this, could it?
Giratina took to the skies once again, the large energy ball gathering dark power once again. It seemed no one could stop this now.
Jacob's eyes suddenly started to glow white. His friends looked at this with confusion, but Shaymin looked happy to see this. Jacob slowly lifted up his hands to see that they were releasing a blue aura and soon it surrounded his entire body.
“We can win this,” Kevin said with a smile, “It would seem Lucario's soul has merged with his owner.”
Everyone in the area stared with shock. How was such a thing even possible? As Jacob took off into the sky, Izy gulped and shouted, “KILL THAT MONSTER!!!!!!!!!”
Anna nodded with her warm smile and called out, “Jacob, it's all up to you now!”
And soon the entire area erupted with cheers. Jacob was truly the world's last hope now, and with Lucario's soul giving him strength, he couldn't allow himself to fail.
Giratina was just as surprised as everyone else, so surprised that he was unable to respond when Jacob rammed his palm hard into the side of the dragon's face. His nails then turned into steel as he delivered a fierce strike to Giratina's golden mask. The cut traveled right down the front as the hard object split into six segments, falling towards the ground and revealing Giratina's true face made up of nothing but dark energy.
Giratina opened his mouth and unleashed Dragonbreath, Jacob unable to avoid the attack. How could he? He was at point blank range.
But as the attack hit, it dealt no damage as Jacob had a bright blue sphere of energy around him. With it, he sent the attack right back at its owner. Since Dragonbreath was, as the name implied, a Dragon Attack, Giratina took in a lot of damage from it.
But the force not only damaged the dragon, it also sent him reeling into the portal to the Distortion world. Jacob gritted his teeth and shouted, “I THINK NOT!!!!!” flying in after him, the portal closing up.
“This isn't good,” Aragon said with his eyes wide open as Izy turned to Kevin who explained the whole situation. Jacob had just entered Giratina's home, the Distortion World. Here, platforms floated in various different angles. The sky was always dark blue and gloomy, and if one looked down, they would swear there was a vortex waiting to suck all life into it. Mind you, it really was just a group of swirling clouds, but it still looked like an endless void in the eyes of newcomers. It was said that time did not flow in this world, that every waking moment was the same day, the same hour, the same minute, and even the same second.
Jacob hovered in front of the large dragon that lived in this world. He knew that this would not end until Giratina was gone for good, but what if Giratina was destroyed? Would the Distortion world implode, taking Jacob with it? Nevertheless, he knew that this was the worst place to fight Giratina, but he also knew that Giratina had to be destroyed.
The boy cupped his hands together, a large mass of energy appearing in his hands. With a look of anger and sadness in his eyes, he said, “You are a menace to this world, Giratina. You have caused nothing but trouble for as long as you've existed.”
Giratina started to tremble as the boy shouted, “You have been a very bad Pokemon! Everything you have done up to this point is unforgivable! I know you're not fully to blame for the creation of Team Advent, but you are a leading contributor in all of it! And worst of all, it's because of your persistence that my best friend is dead!”
Giratina attempted to strike the boy with his wings, but the boy ignored this saying, “Scum like you needs to be destroyed…”
With that, he unleashed a large onslaught of energy balls towards the dragon, each hitting him hard in the chest. The balls soon were replaced by a large beam that blasted straight on through to the other side of Giratina, creating a massive hole where his heart was.
Giratina's eyes went wide before vanishing, the dragon's body glowing before it exploded. There was nothing left. Giratina's armor was destroyed and his entire body had gone with it. Not even a small trace had been left over.
However, Jacob's worst fear was coming true as the distortion world started to vibrate. Soon, that swirling deep space below started to swirl faster, forming an actual vortex and pulling in all that existed in this world. Jacob had no way to escape. The portal out of this world was gone and Lucario's spirit couldn't allow him to fly fast enough to keep from being pulled in.
Suddenly, the power left Jacob as he was mortal once again. This would have worried him had the power not formed into a familiar figure.
“Lucario…” he sniffed, tears in his eyes, “You're alive…”
Lucario shook his head as he revealed himself to be only a spirit, his body circling around Jacob and forming a blue aura around the boy. After a few more seconds, Jacob's body vanished and the boy fell into a deep sleep.
Jacob slowly opened his eyes after what felt like an hour and noticed the faces of Izy and Anna looming over him. He moaned, rubbing the back of his head and asked, “What happened?”
“I don't know how you did it,” Kevin said with a smile, “but you defeated Giratina and escaped from his Distortion world.”
Jacob immediately sprang to his feet at the sound of that and looked around shouting, “Lucario! Where is he!? He helped me escape!!!”
“Calm down, kid,” Perona said placing a hand against his shoulder, “Lucario's at peace now.”
Jacob then remembered something even more important and turned to see the legendary Pokemon standing before him. All bowed down to him in gratitude.
“Thank you, Jacob,” Darkrai said, “If it hadn't been for you, our world would have been lost.”
Jacob didn't feel as happy as he should have, though, and everyone knew why. Lucario, who had been with him from the start, was gone. His best friend had left him and was never coming back.
“Please tell me you can revive him,” he said as Darkrai sighed, “I'm sorry, Jacob, but we can't revive Lucario. We're only able to restart his life cycle when he's old and in need of a new owner. He's never died in battle before.”
At this very moment, Shaymin tugged on Jacob's pant leg with her teeth and looked at him with a smile. She let out her Pokemon sound as the legends stared in shock.
“What did she say?” Donavan asked as Jenna stated, “She must have agreed to take Lucario's place as Jacob's partner!”
“I wish she'd said that,” Darkrai replied, Neil, Izy and Anna all confused, “Shaymin has agreed to revive Lucario.”
Jacob smiled and hugged Shaymin asking, “How is that a bad thing, Darkrai?”
“You don't understand,” Cresselia replied, “To bring back Lucario, Shaymin must sacrifice her own life.”
Jacob happiness turned to sadness as he said, “Shaymin, please, don't die for my sake. I'll get over Lucario's death, I promise.”
But Shaymin shook her head and looked into the boy's eyes. Seeing how serious the legendary canine was about this silenced everyone. If Shaymin really wanted to do this, even her friends, the legends, could not object.
A light surrounded Shaymin as her body vanished and in its place was an egg. Jacob recognized this as a Riolu egg.
“I thought she was bringing Lucario back,” he said holding up the egg as Darkrai nodded saying, “She did, but just like how we can only make him younger by restarting his life, she could only bring him back as an egg. That means he will be a Riolu, and since we did not create the egg, he will no longer have the ancient powers that we bestowed upon him.”
Jacob seemed fine with that until the ghost-like Pokemon added, “And just like before, he won't remember anything from his past. He will more than likely not even remember you.”
Jacob's eyes widened at the sound of that and the boy seemed unable to say anything in response to this. Izy placed a hand on his shoulder, a look of concern on her face while Anna's smile turned to one of worry.
The others in the area realized what this must have felt like. Miles especially felt the boy's pain. He had lost his best friend and had to replace him with another. Jacob's case was only slightly different in the sense that his friend actually returned.
After a while, the boy sighed, smiled and said, “Well, I owe Shaymin for her sacrifice. I don't care if I have to start anew with him. I'm just glad my buddy's back.”
And so he embraced the egg, letting down tears and saying, “Don't die on me again, Lu… I mean Riolu…”
Then he remembered what he had set out to do in the first place. With Giratina gone, it was back to earning gym badges. The gym leaders realized this too and returned to their respective hometowns, going back to their normal lives. Jacob didn't immediately go back to traveling, of course. He first decided to stay in a Pokemon centre in a quaint little town called Greenpine until the egg was hatched.
He, Izy and Anna helped Riolu adapt to his environment. As expected, Riolu had forgotten his past life and had no idea who Jacob was, but despite this, the two still had a strong bond with one-another. Without his special powers from Darkrai, Riolu developed at a slower pace and he could no longer use powerful attacks that Riolu could not learn, but all of this was fine for Jacob. He was just happy to have his best friend back.
And once things had settled down, it was back to his journey. He was going to earn himself the last 3 gym badges and nothing was going to stop him. Izy and Anna accompanied him, of course, and just like before, Riolu refused to rest in a Pokeball. And thus the journey continued.
Author's note: This fic is far from over. I intend to let everything end before ending this fanfic for good. That means you can look forward to the Ultimate Pokemon Challenge and more contests.