Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Back on Track ( Chapter 32 )

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Pokemon Quest
After the previous mess involving Giratina and Shaymin's sacrifice, Riolu was slowly developing into the powerhouse he was before. Of course, with his godly powers gone, he could no longer use attacks outside of his type, so he could only rely on his natural powers.
Like before, Riolu had a natural fear of humans, but was even less trustworthy this time around. It had taken a good five hours for him to become comfortable around Jacob and his team, and it took even longer for him to accept the fact that Anna and Izy were his friends and companions.
Eventually, when all had been sorted out, which took about five days, the group arrived at Exclessia, the town Veronica lived in, and of course, that's where a gym battle took place. It was a difficult struggle, Jacob being limited to the number of Pokemon he could use, but with the help of Infernape, Manectric and Floatzel, he pulled through in the end, receiving the Mummy Badge, which looked just like a mummy's head.
Izy had also won herself a contest ribbon that same day, and what she hadn't expected was that Plusle and Minun had helped her a lot more than her flyers normally did. It made the flyers envious, but she showed enough affection towards them for them to forgive the two rodents for stealing their thunder.
The old Riolu would have been jealous of having no time in the spotlight for himself, but as he was more timid now, watching the others battle caused him to worry about what would happen if he himself were to enter a gym battle.
Now, some of you might be wondering what happened to the others. For the legends, before leaving the location of Team Advent's demolished headquarters, the Pokemon had gathered around in the very spot where Shaymin had sacrificed herself, setting up a memorial shrine in her honor. After Darkrai made a long speech about why Shaymin was a great friend to the legendary Pokemon, all of them went back to their separate ways.
Darkrai returned to his temple while his servants, Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf flew off to three small islands, each inhabiting one. These islands were peaceful as no one else lived there.
Cresselia flew to a large mountain, of which she lived near the top. Located there was a rock shaped like a moon, and this was secretly a portal that Cresselia used to hide herself from forces that sought out to destroy or capture her.
Phione and Manaphy flew off to their home as well, a small lake well hidden from the world. Only other water type Pokemon were to know of its existence.
Arceus, however, had no specific destination, or so it seemed. He traveled the land, making sure to stay as well-hidden as possible. Where was the centaur headed? This was a mystery that man was never meant to know.
Heatran, of course, returned to the mountains. The other Pokemon living there were very happy to see his triumphant return. See, before he left, he had told the other Pokemon living near the mountain of his departure and his reason behind it, and it had saddened them to see him go. To see him back safely made them happier than ever before.
With Varen dead, Team Advent no longer existed. Every former member went on to live out his/her dreams. No longer were they going to work for evil because of fear. Some became nurses, others became Scientists. Some even went on to work in the fast food business.
Jenna and Donavan decided to start on their own adventures. Jenna tried out for the Ultimate Pokemon challenge while Donavan aimed for contests. Truth be told, the two of them performed much better than one would have expected. By the end of a mere week, Jenna already had three gym badges and four new Pokemon while Donavan had also caught four new partners and won himself a contest ribbon.
Jenna's new Pokemon were Diglett, Tentacool, Girafarig and Pachirisu. Let's just say Pachirisu and Purugly did not get along well. Meanwhile, Donavan's new Pokemon were Venonat, Mareep and Slugma. He'd also been allowed to keep the Gyarados he and Jenna captured prior to the battle between Team Advent and the gym leaders.
Miles decided to return to his home town. He and Derk made an agreement that Miles would be Derk's substitute for when the man was away on business. While there, he set up a small shrine in his back yard in honor of his old Camerupt, who hadn't been given a proper memorial.
Perona discovered when searching through record books on the elite four, that this specific group did not have a leader. Every other Elite four, which existed in every region, had one main leader who was more powerful than the Elite Four's trainers combined. As such, she jumped to the challenge. Of course, to become the Elite Four leader, she needed to defeat all four members, and defeat them she did.
Jacob's mother eventually received a letter telling of what her son had been doing. She became frightened out of her mind when she read the details of Jacob going up against the beast that had killed her husband, but sighed with relief when she saw the part telling of how Jacob also ended Giratina's life.
She smiled, put the letter away and let down a tear thinking, `I'm proud of you, Jacob.'
Come to think of it, what happened to Dialga and Palkia? Well, after both had been captured, they agreed that they should be separate from one-another in case something similar happened again. Palkia was the one who agreed to leave and find another island. Dialga remained on the one with the ice crystals all around while Palkia eventually found one that was quite similar. Things were now looking up for everyone.
Okay, that may be a lie. Alex was still torn up over his loss of Fearow, but was slowly getting over it. The kid was still 8 years old. The fact that he had gotten over it this quickly was simply amazing. As for his life now, he'd agreed to return to his family who lived in Celestial City.
Asuna went off to a forest that she had grown up in. Located within this forest was a small shrine where she'd trained everyday. She had completely forgotten about it until now.
The young woman walked inside the shrine and knelt down before a golden statue and said, “Lord, please forgive me for my actions. I went against the ninja code of honor, using my ninja skills for evil. I hope you can forgive me.”
At that moment, something odd happened. The statue started to move as it walked up to the ninja girl and smiled saying, “Worry not, young one. Ninja or not, you are human, and all humans make mistakes. The fact that you are repenting for it tells me that you have not lost your sense of honor yet.”
Asuna refused to question the logic behind all of this and simply bowed to the golden man saying, “Thank you, lord. I promise I will never let you down again.”
With all of that taken care of, it's time to get back to Jacob and his friends. The group was headed towards Kevin's home, a city known as Scalboro. Riolu looked at all the buildings and felt overwhelmed, but Jacob ensured the infant that cities were safe.
“Hey, look at this banner,” Izy said with a smile, pointing to a large sign, “It says there's a contest here today.”
Jacob smiled, letting down a sweat drop and said, “Sorry to burst your bubble, but this banner was put up yesterday,” pointing to a set of small print with the date written on it.
Izy hung her head with disappointment as Anna, her warm smile on, pointed to another sign saying, “You might be interested in this, Izy.”
Izy's eyes sparkled when she saw a sign that told of the city having a Pokeringer Contest. This was perfect for any bird trainer. This contest involved two bird Pokemon going head-to-head with one-another in a very competitive game involving a ring and two ring holders.
The main idea was that the bird Pokemon would fight for ownership of the ring, being allowed to take whatever extreme measures possible to win. The bird that put the ring around its designated holder, which was like a sideways pole, was the winner.
“Sorry I can't see your gym battle,” Izy said as Jacob sighed, “It's alright. I've grown used to it by now.”
As the two went their separate ways, Anna once again sent out Ninetails to decide which battle they should watch. As the Pokeringer contest seemed more boring to Ninetails than a contest, she chose to watch the gym battle instead.
Upon entering, Jacob started to feel nervous. He was well aware that Kevin had the legendary Mewtwo on his side and to defeat Mewtwo was not an easy task.
But upon entering, he noticed that Kevin was nowhere in sight, but instead, three Pokemon were lined up ready for a battle. The boy blinked and asked, “What's going on here?”
One of the Pokemon, a large buff rodent with a horn walked over carrying a note as Anna read it over saying, “Kevin's out on business, but he's given these three Pokemon instructions to face whoever challenges them and give the badge to whichever challenger beats them.”
Jacob let down a sweat drop, Riolu confused about the whole thing. But the boy decided to accept these terms. All he wanted was the gym badge. How he got it was nothing to make a fuss about.
`It seems all of his Pokemon are ground types,' Jacob thought, looking over the competition, and this couldn't be closer to the truth. Aside from the Nidoking, the one that had handed him the paper, there was a tough blue one without a horn known as Nidoqueen. The last of the trio was a large yellow hippo with a black snout and back and holes coming out of it named Hippowdon.
Jacob realized his best bet for this would be a water type, so he sent in Floatzel right away. See, a grass type would also work wonders against Hippowdon, but the other two had poison attributes as well, so they didn't share Hippowdon's weakness to grass types.
Upon seeing Floatzel, the trio started whispering among one-another, Anna's eyes sparkling at the sight of not only the three Pokemon but to witness them strategizing in a way similar to that of a sports team. Jacob was more confused by this behavior as huddling was more common with humans.
However, after a quick conversation, Nidoking was the first to step forward as Floatzel put a fighting stance, feeling very confident in herself. Jacob was certain that he couldn't lose this battle, and the fact that the trainer wasn't even present made him feel more confident.
However, Anna had that neutral look on her face, the one that showed uncertainty. Perhaps Kevin's absence wasn't a hindrance, but they couldn't confirm that yet.