Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ The Champion's Ball ❯ Lazy Days and Carnival Nights ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5: Lazy Days and Carnival Nights

Ash grumbled as the morning sun shone in through the curtains. He sat up and looked down at the girl sleeping by his side. Never did he think that Misty and him would become so close. Sure, his thoughts drifted to her when he was on his journeys, but he always thought his fantasies would be just that, fantasies. Now, he had much grander thoughts. When they had dinner with Jessie and James, he saw the fascination Misty had with Jessie’s engagement ring and wedding band. Tomorrow, when they went sightseeing with Jessie and James, he would have a talk with him about how he knew it was time to propose to Jessie. Ash saw Misty’s nose twitch and knew she was about to wake. He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek and whispered “ Time to get up, Mist.”. She blinked her eyes open and smiled. “Morning, Ash. What time is it?”

“It’s almost eight. We have a couple of hours before we have to pick up Pikachu, Azurill, and the rest of our Pokemon from Rudy’s.” Misty nodded and smiled. After a minute, her smile turned sensual and taking advantage of their alone time, she soon climbed on top of Ash and started to kiss him passionately.

A while later, Ash and Misty were resting from their previous activities. She glanced at the clock and saw they had about an hour and fifteen minutes to get ready and leave. The pair separated and Misty sat up. All of a sudden, Ash was staring at her. She was about to ask him if something was wrong when she realized the sheet had slipped down. She blushed when she noticed the two things he was staring at. Misty quickly grabbed her nightgown off the floor and put it on.

After Misty went into the bathroom to get ready, Ash got dressed in the bedroom. She went and checked the weather as Ash took her place in the bathroom. She was disappointed to find that it was supposed to rain all day. The good part was that the rain was supposed to stop by the time they were going to go to the boardwalk for the carnival. As Ash walked out to the living room, he told Misty “ Hey, I heard the weather forecast from the bathroom. I guess the beach is out for today. We’ll just talk about what to do today while we eat breakfast.” Misty agreed and even though a half a hour early, went to pick up the Pokemon.

Pikachu and Azurill were both excited to see their trainers when they picked them up. Both Pokemon ran up and jumped into Ash and Misty’s arms. Last night was the longest time that Pikachu had been away from Ash, ever. Thankfully, keeping Azurill’s thoughts away from the fact Misty was missing had kept him from thinking about Ash. Pikachu watched from Ash’s shoulder as Rudy told him about the only incident with Azurill that had happened while they were gone. When Kasumi had to get up at Five o’ clock in the morning to get ready for her seven o’ clock shift, she had accidentally woken up Azurill. Not seeing Misty had sent Azurill into a panic. Its’ screams woke up everyone in the room. Pikachu had eventually calmed her down and everything was now fine. After saying their goodbyes, Ash and Misty went to eat breakfast.

As they ate breakfast, they decided to take in a movie. There was a mall that had opened up since the last time they had been on Pummelo Island. It had everything you could think of: Movie theater, Food court, restaurants, salons, all types of stores, a grocery store, and even a Pokemon Center. They would spend the day there, sheltered from the rain.

As they left the movies, Ash was glad Misty had recommended the movie about the Pokemon trainer that was forced into saving the world, especially when he saw that the main character’s main Pokemon was a Pikachu. It was now about one in the afternoon. They decided to have lunch in the food court, Ash getting a hamburger and Misty getting hot dogs. After lunch, they walked around the mall looking in a few stores here and there. They had decided not to buy anything today, since they had promised Rudy and Kasumi they would go shopping for the ball with them on Saturday. They made mental notes about stores that looked promising. There was one dress in the window of Kelly’s Boutique that made Misty stop in her tracks. The dress was beautiful. It was strapless with a bodice top and a knee length skirt. The top reminded her of a corset especially with the laces going up the back. The skirt was made of several almost see thru layers that, as she saw when the air conditioner blew on it, were very light. She could just see her self dancing with Ash in this dress at the ball.

Ash seeing how much she liked the dress convinced her to go in and try it on. She was glad he did. The dress on the mannequin was lilac and she was looking for an aqua blue dress. Upon coming into the store, she gasped. On the rack was the same dress in aqua blue staring her right in the face. She tried it on and Ash’s face said it all. After saying a quick “ Sorry guys! I couldn‘t wait for you.” to her self, she paid for the dress and they left the store. They made a quick stop at Golem’s Grocery for some basics. By this time it was about five o’ clock and the rain had stopped.

After dropping off the groceries, they made their way to the carnival on the boardwalk. Apparently, everyone in town had the same idea. The boardwalk was crowded. They made their way around and visited all the booths. Along the way, they had corn dogs for dinner and ice cream for dessert. Ash played the fish catching game. With eight torn paper nets around him, the ninth try was the charm and he won Misty the stuffed Golduck. They went on a few rides, but saved the Ferris Wheel for last. They paid their way on and the ride started. Ash kept looking at his watch nervously . He hoped he timed this right.

Every night the fireworks would start at eleven pm sharp. As Ash’s watch turned to 11, two things happened. They stopped at the top of the Ferris Wheel as they let passengers off at the bottom and the fireworks started. Misty gasped and turned to Ash. “ This is why you kept us from coming to the Ferris Wheel earlier isn’t it?” At Ash’s embarrassed nod, she hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. They snuggled against each other and looked out the window as the ride slowly let off its other passengers and they reached the ground. They got off the ride and stayed together as they walked along the, by now, dry beach. They slowly made their way back to their room and fell asleep in each others arms once again, except this time sharing the bed with a stuffed Golduck that Misty fell asleep with as Ash got ready for bed.

The next morning they got up early since this was the day they were to go sightseeing with Jessie and James. They were starting to form a routine in the morning. Misty would get dressed first and make coffee and something to eat while Ash dressed. They would check the weather and then leave for the day.

They met Jessie and James in the hotel lobby after a quick hello to Kasumi. They went many places around the island. First they went to the Lanturn lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in the Orange Islands. Next, they went to Moltres’ Volcano, the place where Moltres was first discovered hundreds of years ago. They then stopped for lunch about two in the afternoon at a noodle shop. After a few more stops they decided to go freshen up and meet back in front of the hotel at six to go to the carnival together.

As Ash changed into his jeans for the carnival, he couldn’t help but be nervous about how he would approach James about the subject of marriage proposals. He had tried to talk to James all day without much luck. Every time he would get too nervous and chicken out. He looked up at the clock and realized they only had fifteen minutes to get downstairs. He hurried and they soon left. They met up with them three minutes late.

They all went all over the carnival, stopping here and there. They had a lot of fun. Just like Ash the night before, James took nine tries to win Jessie a stuffed Skitty. Both Ash and James were starting to think the game was fixed. Again, they timed their ride on the Ferris Wheel just right. Everyone sat cuddled with their respective partners and their Pokemon on their shoulders watching the fireworks. They got off and made their way to the beach to relax.

Ash was still nervous about his talk with James. Even as the girls and Pokemon made it easier for him by going off to look for shells. James could sense Ash wanted to talk to him about something all day and was tired of waiting for him to say something, so he asked him “ What’s wrong Ash? Is there something you want to talk to me about?”

Ash suddenly got even more nervous, if that was even possible. All of a sudden he blurted out, quickly “How did you know it was time to propose to Jessie?” At first, James stood surprised at Ash’s question, but then smiled and answered “ Well, Jessie and I always felt something for each other. We’ve been friends ever since we were in Pokemon Tech together. We got closer when we were paired together in Team Rocket. Eventually we fell in love, but to answer your question, one day I couldn’t see myself spending my life with anyone but Jessie and that’s when I knew. Do you feel that way about Misty, Ash?”

It didn’t even take Ash a second to answer him. “Yes. I love her and I can’t see being with anyone else ever.”

“Then your ready. Just make sure it’s romantic, she’ll like that. Take time and really think about what she likes and work it in your proposal. For example, my proposal was very simple. She likes rice balls. So, since we were in Team Rocket at the time, even though it looked like we were broke, I had been putting away money to buy her a nice ring. I took some of the left over money and bought gourmet rice balls for her with the money. I put the ring in her rice ball and gave it to her. She bit into it, found the ring, and I got on one knee in front of her and proposed. She started to cry, she told me yes, and the rest is history.” James became quiet as everyone else returned.

As they reached the front of the hotel, Jessie made a comment that made Ash and Misty freak out. She said “I don’t believe I’m actually wearing shorts and a tank top five days before Christmas!” While they walked to the elevator, Jessie calmed down Misty while James leaned towards Ash and told him “Well, I guess I know what Misty’s getting for Christmas.” Ash nodded and everyone went up to their rooms. After changing and climbing into bed, they fell asleep holding each other again. As he drifted off he wondered ‘How am I going to do this?’

They woke up to a gorgeous day. After going through their morning routine, they went out to the beach. They played all day, only stopping for lunch. As they played Ash’s mind was going nonstop about his proposal and about Christmas. He decided to ask Rudy for help, since years ago he had been the only other man to ever sweep Misty off her feet. He remembered how that morning he had called Misty’s sisters to tell them of his plan and to get info on Misty from the years she wasn’t with him. During that call, he had found out Misty hadn’t even looked at any other men since she returned to the gym. She had been asked out hundreds of times and said no to everyone of them always saying that she was with someone. He was shocked when Daisy went into Misty’s room and returned with what Daisy had said Misty had stared at every night. It was a picture Brock had taken at the Festival at Maiden’s Peak of them dancing together during a slow dance.

It was towards the end of the night when they started to play slower songs. They were both tired but still wanted to dance. They held each other and danced to the music. Halfway through the song, Brock having lost his dance partner, went to find Ash and Misty. Seeing the sight, he quickly brought out his camera and took the picture. Brock smiled as he realized they were so absorbed with each other they had not noticed him at all. He left silently and took Pikachu with him. As the song ended, Ash had realized Misty had fallen asleep in his arms. He took her back to the Pokemon center and tried to lay her in bed, but she wouldn’t let go of his kimono. Blushing, he climbed into the bed with her and fell asleep. Early the next morning, he woke up and freaked. Thankfully, she had let go of his kimono by now and he changed and went to bed in his own bed. When she got up, she had no memory of what had happened after the dancing. Even though nothing happened, Ash couldn’t look Misty in the eye for two weeks.

Ash was brought back to reality when Misty shook his shoulder. Misty and the Pokemon were ready to go. They walked back to the hotel and decided to go back to the carnival one more night this week. Misty had thought she had seen a necklace and bracelet set that would have matched her dress perfectly at one of the booths there. They cleaned up and made their way to the carnival. On the way they met Rudy and Kasumi, who were also on their way to the carnival.

Ash and Misty made their way around the carnival for the third time this week. They showed Rudy and Kasumi their favorite places and where to find the best fried dough and takoyaki. After Rudy, just like Ash and James, took nine tries to win Kasumi a stuffed Marill from the fishing game, the girls went to look at the jewelry with the Pokemon in tow, leaving Ash to talk to Rudy alone.

After Ash told Rudy of his plan to propose, Rudy congratulated him and pat him on the back. Talking to Rudy was the best idea he had. Rudy told him how Misty had loved dancing with him. He also told Ash of a Christmas Eve cruise around the islands that had dinner and dancing. Kasumi and him had bought tickets to this cruise since it would be one year exactly since he proposed to Kasumi. Knowing how the cruise was now sold out, Rudy handed Ash two tickets to the cruise with a “Merry Christmas, Ash. Make these tickets count.” Ash thanked him and they rejoined the girls. Ash yet again timed the ride on the Ferris Wheel just right for the third night in a row.

The two couples separated when Ash and Misty wanted to walk on the beach before going up to bed. Rudy and Kasumi watched as Ash showed her the tickets and Misty squealed as she had seen a poster for the cruise in the lobby of the hotel and had wanted to go. At first Kasumi was upset at not being able to go on the cruise, but when Rudy told her why he had given away their tickets, she smiled and hugged him. Rudy and Kasumi gave one last look towards the couple on the beach before going back to the hotel.

As Ash waited for Misty to get changed, he thought of everything Rudy had done for them. Not only did he give Ash the tickets, he offered to Poke-sit again on Christmas Eve and told him he’d help him find a ring for Misty the next day while they went shopping for the ball. Misty came out and hugged him from behind startling him back to reality. Ash turned around and looked down at her. “What are you thinking about?” Misty asked.

He told her the truth saying “Christmas.” “It came fast this year didn’t it?” “Yeah. Well, let’s get to bed, we have an early day tomorrow. We are meeting Rudy and Kasumi at eight o’ clock in front of the hotel in order to eat breakfast and get to the stores early.”

They climbed into bed with Pikachu and Azurill sleeping in between them. After a quick kiss good night they settled in for a good nights sleep. They each put an arm over their Pokemon intertwining their fingers together. Anyone looking at the group would have seen a perfect little family.