Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ The Champion's Ball ❯ Christmas and Old Friends ( Chapter 7 )

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Chapter 7: Christmas and Old Friends

Misty woke up as the radio played “Jingle Bell Rock”. She sat up and stretched her arms out in front of her. As she did, her ring hit the light from the lamp on the nightstand and the glare hit her square in the eye. This made her look down at her hand. Even staring at the ring, she still couldn’t believe he asked her to marry him.

Ash woke up and watched as Misty stared at the ring. He was so happy. He had been so nervous about her answer all day. Deep down he knew he had nothing to worry about, but he still had his doubts. When he looked into her eyes on the ship, all his nervousness faded. When he reached into his pocket for the ring, he was never more sure about anything in his life. Ash knew she would say yes.

He hugged Misty from behind with his right arm and ran his left hand down her arm and took her hand. Ash rubbed his thumb over the ring. Misty turned her head and smiled at him. He looked at her and then the ring and asked “ You still don’t believe it, do you?”

“No. It’s just so unbelievable. Just a little less than a week ago, we found out how we felt about each other. Now, we’ll be together forever.”

“ Yes we will. But your wrong about one thing. I didn’t know what it was back then, but when I saw you as you pulled me out of that river, I felt something. As I was riding your bike to the Pokemon center with Pikachu, I was thinking ‘ I hope I get to see her again.’ and not just about paying you back for the bike.”

The song on the radio changed to “Silent Night” and Misty was reminded of what today was. Her face lit up and she yelled at Ash “Merry Christmas, Ash!”

He smiled at her and replied “Merry Christmas, Misty! Now, I think that there are some presents under the tree with your name on them. Want to go open them?”

They both laughed and went into the living room. Misty was shocked when she saw the small tree the hotel had set up in everyone’s room now had nearly double the amount of presents. Before she went to bed, she had snuck out of the room and put Ash’s presents under the tree. She had taken up about half of the space for Ash’s presents, but she didn’t get him a lot. She had gotten him a new backpack for their journey to Okinawa, and it was quite large.

Fifteen minutes later Ash and Misty were surrounded by tons of torn Pikachu and Togepi wrapping paper and ribbons. Ash loved his new backpack and Misty didn’t realize that, until Ash brought her attention to it, it looked just like Brock’s backpack, only in black. He also loved the set of potions, the new CD by his favorite band, and the tie clip with the turquoise stone in it. Misty loved Ash’s presents to her as well. He got her a purple heart shaped charm she had her eye on at the carnival, a certificate to her favorite bath and body shop, socks with her favorite Pokemon on them, and a beautiful hair clip with blue rhinestones in it.

Ash looked into the middle of the tree at the present that sat there. He smiled and stopped Misty from picking up the paper by telling her “ Hey Misty, I think you forgot a present.” She looked at Ash and he pointed at the small box wrapped in glittery red paper. Misty picked up the box and sat back on the couch. She ripped off the paper and looked at the box. The white box had gold lettering that said ‘Jirachi Jewelers’. She opened the box and gasped. There were three different sized heart shaped blue diamonds hanging down from the gold post in size order from smallest to largest.

Misty hugged Ash and told him “These are beautiful! I love them! Thank you!” She put them in and got up and started to pick the paper off of the floor. Ash got up and helped her. When they finished they got dressed and went down to meet Rudy and Kasumi. The two couples decided to spend the day together to keep each other company since their families were so far away. Rudy’s sister Mari went on a ski trip with a friend and her family and Kasumi’s family lived in Edo.

Kasumi had told them the other day about the breakfast buffet the hotel was serving for Christmas. It was free for whoever was staying at the hotel on Christmas eve. The couples met in the lobby. Ash was surprised when Pikachu went straight to Misty. He jumped on her shoulder and looked down at her left hand. Misty realized what he was asking her. She lifted her hand up to him and told him “Yes, Pikachu. This ring means what you think it means. I won’t leave Ash ever again.”

Ash looked down when he felt his leg being tapped. Azurill looked up at Ash and bounced on her tail. He picked Azurill up and held her. When Misty walked over to the two of them, Azurill looked at the two of them, gave a huge smile and started to glow white. When the light faded, Marill was in Ash’s arms. Seeing the two finally together made her happiness level max out and she evolved. Misty hugged her Marill and they went to breakfast.

After eating, the two couples separated to call their families. Before they did, Misty handed Rudy her key to the room since they had more calls to make. Misty called her sisters first. She told them about all that had happened in the week since she left home. She then became nervous when she was about to tell them about Ash’s proposal on the ship. Ash put his hand on her shoulder and smiled at her and she told them. All three sisters shouted at the same time “ Oh, my god! That’s so awesome! Congratulations!” They talked a few more minutes and then hung up when her sisters had to go feed the Pokemon. They then called his mom.

While Misty and Ash were talking to her sisters, Delia woke up and stretched her arms above her head. She brought her arms down and looked at her hand. The night before, both Ash and Professor Oak had the same idea. She had the surprise of her life when her Sammy took her out to dinner and when they brought dessert, instead of a cherry on her sundae, there was a diamond ring. He got down on one knee and proposed right in the middle of the restaurant. She was so embarrassed but told him yes and kissed him.

Delia leaned over and kissed Sammy. He woke up and kissed her back. They started to make out when the phone rang. The normally easygoing Delia yelled “ Damn it!” and answered the phone.

Ash had gotten nervous when his mom didn’t pick up the phone at home. He called Professor Oak’s lab to see if he knew where she was. He was shocked when his mom answered the phone wearing a nearly see- through nightgown. She noticed his expression and then realized what little she was wearing. The screen quickly went blank and then said ‘Voice Only’ while she put on a robe and pulled her hair back. She let the picture come back on the screen and she explained why she was there. When she told of how Sammy had proposed, Misty told her about Ash’s proposal. Both women were happy for each other as were the men. They caught up with each other, talking for a few more minutes.

Ash and Misty were sad about the fact they couldn’t tell Brock about the good news. He was on his way to Pummelo Island for the ball and would arrive tomorrow. He would be coming not as a gym leader, but as Lucy of the Battle Frontier’s date. Who else would she take but her husband?

They went up to the room and watched the horror movie Kasumi had found on TV. When the movie was over they decided to go down to the beach for a while since it was only noon. A few hours later, they went back and got ready for dinner. Just like that morning, the hotel had taken care of their dinner. After a very good turkey dinner, the two couples went back up to Ash and Misty’s room to eat the Christmas cake they had bought on the way back to the hotel. When they finished their cake, they exchanged presents. Everyone loved each others gifts. Ash and Misty didn’t know what to get them, so they gave them a Christmas card that had an I.O.U. for dinner and a movie inside. Rudy and Kasumi also didn’t know what to get Ash and Misty. They gave them a gift certificate to the music store in the Pummelo Mall.

After one last cup of coffee, Rudy and Kasumi left. They would all meet up on Friday night so Rudy and Kasumi could cash in their I.O.U. When they shut the door, Pikachu and Marill both let out huge yawns at the same time. They chuckled and told them to go off to bed. Ash, not being tired, asked Misty if she wanted to go out on the balcony.

After going out, they sat down on the bench that was out there. Misty cuddled up to Ash as they looked out towards the ocean. The island was beautiful. The weather was great. Ash looked down at Misty, put his finger under her chin, lifted her face towards him and kissed her. “Merry Christmas, Misty.”

She smiled and snuggled back up to Ash once again. They sat like that for a while. Ash tried to get Misty’s attention but realized she was asleep. He chuckled and picked Misty up and brought her inside. Just like years ago, she wouldn’t let go of his clothes when he laid her down in the bed. He curled up next to her and fell asleep.

The next morning, Misty woke up and the first thing she noticed was her clothes. ‘ How come I’m not wearing my nightgown?’ she thought. She looked over to see that Ash was also wearing the same clothes he had on last night. This reminded her of the time she was at the festival at Maiden’s Peak and she had still been wearing her kimono from the night before. She remembered how she had danced with Ash that night and had fallen asleep. The next thing she knew, Ash was laying her down in her bed at the Pokemon center. As she felt him start to get up, she quickly grabbed his kimono and wouldn’t let go. Misty blushed as she remembered how Ash slid in next to her. She never slept that night. Being so close to him made her too nervous to sleep. Just before sunrise, she noticed Ash was starting to wake up. She reluctantly let go of his kimono and pretended to be asleep.

Ash woke up and saw Misty was deep in thought. She was apparently thinking about something happy since she was smiling. He was about tap her shoulder when the alarm went off. They got up, got ready, and made their way downstairs. After stopping in the lobby to say hello to Jessie and James, they hailed a cab and went to pick up Brock and Lucy from the ship.

As they watched the ship pull into Pummelo Port, Ash remembered how Brock and Lucy got together. It all started when he fought Lucy for the luck symbol. That time, it was just an embarrassed glances, but it would eventually become more. Whenever they would make their way home, Brock would always make sure to pass by the Battle Pike and see Lucy. Over the next couple of years, Brock and Lucy would call each other nearly every day. It was no surprise when Brock announced that he would not be traveling with Ash to the Edo region. Six months later, Brock told Ash the good news: they were getting married.

With how busy Lucy was with the Battle Pike and with Brock finally becoming a Pokemon breeder, they didn’t have time to plan a wedding. They had a simple ceremony outside the Battle Pike. Only their families and close friends were invited. About two months later, Brock called him with great news: Lucy was pregnant. Ash had come home from Edo just in time to be there when Lucy had her little girl Haruka. Lucy was now currently pregnant with her second child, a boy. Brock was surely on his way to having a large family.

Misty’s shouts of “Brock, Lucy over here!” drew Ash’s attention to the couple pushing a stroller towards them. They hugged each other and caught up with each other as they rode to the hotel. When Ash and Misty told them about their engagement, Brock and Lucy were both happy for them. As they waited for the cab driver to unload the stroller, Lucy told Misty as she rubbed her belly “One day you’ll look like this too.” .

Ash was listening to the two women talk. He nearly dropped the diaper bag he was holding for Brock when he heard Misty reply to Lucy “Someday, soon I hope.” Brock had also heard the girls and laughed at Ash’s reaction. They went inside and got Brock and Lucy settled in their room. When Lucy said she needed a couple of things at the store, Ash and Misty offered to bring them to the mall and show them around.

While shopping, Ash and Misty found that little Haruka was a quiet baby. You hardly knew she was even there. She had only fussed once when she became hungry, which reminded everyone else it was time for lunch. They stopped at a diner and went back to the hotel.

They unloaded what they bought in their rooms and changed to go down to the beach. When they were about to leave someone shouted Ash’s name from across the lobby. He looked to see who was calling his name,

Lance waved to Ash and ran over. After greeting everyone Lance noticed they were ready for the beach. He told him “I won’t keep you. I just wanted to ask you and Misty. Congratulations, by the way. I wanted to ask you if you would have dinner with me tomorrow night at Maria’s on the boardwalk. There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

Ash and Misty promised to meet him for dinner, but were curious about what he wanted to talk to him about. Lance wouldn’t say anything in front of Brock and Lucy. They went to the beach and stayed a few hours. It was Haruka’s first time at the beach and she immediately fell in love with sand. She ran it through her fingers and giggled.

They all went out to eat. They were about to go to the carnival when Haruka let out a huge yawn. Lucy checked her watch and realized it was Haruka’s bedtime. Brock and Lucy also decided to go back to the hotel. After they left, Ash and Misty decided to walk down to the beach. They sat down and watched the waves as they came to shore. Ash put his arm around her shoulder and she looked at him.

He leaned down and kissed her. Pikachu and Marill watched as their trainers showed their love for one another in their kisses. Ash grinned at a breathless Misty as he yelled at Pikachu and Marill that they were going back to the room. When they got there, Ash and Misty went into the bedroom and as Pikachu went to follow he was stopped by Ash. He knew what this meant. Pikachu took Marill, pulled her to the living room and started to play with her. He looked back at Ash and winked. Ash smiled and shut the door. About a minute later, Pikachu found he had been right. He blushed as he heard clothes coming off and then moans coming from the bedroom.

That night, as Ash lay next to Misty, her arm across his chest, he thought about what Lance had wanted to talk to him about. He hoped he wasn’t in trouble. It made him remember the red Gyarados incident that happened in Johto. Ash hoped Lance didn’t want him to do anything dangerous.

Little did Ash know, it wasn’t anything near what he was thinking about. Lance was about to offer him something that could change his life forever.