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Chapter 11: The Champion’s Ball

As they walked into the room, they all gasped at the beauty of the decorations. The room was all decorated in silver and gold. Drake hadn’t been kidding when he had said that this ballroom was the biggest in the Orange Islands. Ash did a quick count and saw that there were 17 tables with each table having about 15 seats at each table. Even with all those tables, there was still a very large dance floor. At the front, since they were kind of early, the band was just starting to set up.

Misty tapped him on the shoulder and pointed at the ceiling. Above each table was a chandelier that had crystal Pokeballs dangling from it. Ash absently wondered if the chandeliers had been made by anyone on the island where they had met the crystal Onix. He looked down at the tables and saw how elegantly they had been set.

Each table had silver, round tablecloth, with a smaller square gold one on top of the silver. Since it was a buffet style dinner, no plates sat on the table, but each place had napkins folded to look like roses. In the center of each table was a beautiful flower arrangement made of yellow flowers, he couldn’t tell what kind.

Ash looked up towards the stage when he heard music start to play, but then realized that they were just tuning their instruments. Misty tapped him on the shoulder and asked “You mind?” He looked at her with a puzzled look on his face. She realized he hadn’t been listening, so she asked him again “Do you mind taking a picture of all the girls for me. You’re the best photographer here, Ash.”

He nodded and had the girls get together. As he got the picture just right, he remembered how he had learned how to take great pictures from Todd when they traveled together for a little while in the Edo region.

He had met Todd as he was leaving the city of Ginza and found he was going to Yokohama to enter his photos in a contest. Since Ash was going to Yokohama himself to challenge the gym leader there, he asked Todd if they could travel together. One day as they were walking James asked Todd “How do you take such great pictures?”

He told them “It’s taken many years of practice. Basically, I’ve just picked up a camera and just started shooting. It’s been a lot of trial and error. Believe me; I’ve taken albums worth of bad pictures in my time.”.

Ash then spoke up “Could you teach us something, Todd? I know I take awful pictures.” Todd nodded and over the next two weeks, as they traveled to Yokohama, Todd taught them how to take better pictures. After Todd left them, Ash found that he enjoyed taking pictures and took some classes in between his travels. Now, although he didn’t believe it, many people thought he was an excellent photographer.

Since they wanted to, in case they got messed up, he took more pictures. First one of the guys, then each couple. Then Luana came over and she took one with Rudy and Kasumi. Rudy then grabbed the camera from Ash and said “Now it’s your turn. You and Misty get close now.”

Ash smiled and put his arm around Misty’s waist and pulled her close. She smiled also and they both looked into the camera. He took the picture and handed the camera back to Misty, making sure she would give everyone a copy of the photos.

By this time, other people had made their way into the ballroom. Kasumi looked at her watch and realized it was almost eight. The band, now finished tuning their instruments, were going over songs with their male and female lead singers. Drake was making his way through the people, greeting them, sometimes stopping to talk for a while.

As Drake was talking to Danny, the Orange Crew gym leader from Navel Island, he caught sight of Ash and Misty sitting at their table with their friends. He excused himself and made his way towards them.

Ash saw Drake coming and nudged Misty with his elbow. When she looked at him confused he pointed at Drake. Misty gave a soft “Oh!” as he got to the table.

“Ash, Misty, guys! How is everyone?” Everyone at the table greeted him before he turned back to Ash and Misty. “Guys, I’m so sorry I couldn’t get to see you these past two weeks. Every time I thought I had some time free, someone would come to me about something for the parade or the ball.”

Misty smiled and told him “That’s all right, Drake. We knew you’d be busy. It’s not your fault. This is an important event for you.” Drake nodded and they talked for a while longer. Ash and Drake were discussing how strong Pikachu had become when he looked at his watch. It was five after eight and he had to get the ball started. He excused himself and he went up towards the stage.

Drake walked up the stairs of the stage and took the microphone from the female singer of the band who handed it to him. He turned it on and began his opening speech.

“Welcome to The Champion’s Ball. Everyone here tonight has some connection to the Orange Islands and its prestigious league. While now there are only two champions still alive today, tonight is about celebrating everyone who has participated in this league. The gym leaders may have changed, but the spirit has stayed the same through these two and a half centuries. The Orange league has been a stepping stone to bigger and better things for trainers. Some have become gym leaders themselves; some have become famous professors, Pokemon Breeders, Coordinators, and so on. We at the league and all around the Pokemon world hope to continue to see trainers take on the challenge of the Orange league for at least another two hundred and fifty years. Now, let’s get this party started!”

Ash chuckled at Drake’s last comment. Looking over, he saw that the bar had opened. He asked “Who wants to come with me to get some drinks?” James and Rudy volunteered and after getting everyone’s orders, they walked up to the bar.

“What can I get for you guys?” asked the blonde man behind the bar.

They put in their order and after James and Rudy had to show their I.D. s because they ordered glasses of red wine, they talked while they waited.

“So, Ash, what’s Lance going to do tonight?” asked Rudy as he ran his hand through his hair.

“Well, he told me that at some point tonight he’s going to announce it to everyone here. I just don’t know when.” James nodded just as the drinks were ready. They grabbed them and brought them back to the table.

They sat talking for a while as the band played some soft rock, both Japanese and English songs. Misty was impressed at the bilingual band. After a few minutes, caterers began to set up some appetizers and salads. Ash excused himself to get another soda. Making sure Misty wasn’t looking, Ash made a detour towards the stage. As the band finished singing “Winter Love” by BoA, Ash got their attention and handed them a piece of paper and asked “Do you know this song?” When they nodded he asked “Could you play it later?”

The male lead singer smiled and told him “Sure. We’d love to play this for you two. It fits you guys perfectly. We’ll play it a little after dessert. Ok?”

Ash nodded and told them “Thanks!” before running back to the bar to get his soda. He got back just in time to follow Misty to the appetizers. After everyone got a little something, they sat back down and began to talk and eat.

As they finished, plates were cleared by hotel workers. By this time, the band started to play more dance worthy songs and everyone got up to dance.

After about five songs, everyone but Ash and Misty had sat back down. They were about to also when they heard one of Misty’s favorite songs. As the band began “Could I have that kiss forever” by Whitney Houston and Enrique Iglesias, they decided to stay. Ash grabbed Misty’s waist and began to dance with her. As they swayed to the music, others stopped to look at the couple. They watched as the two ground their hips into each other. Misty ran her hand through her hair as she looked at Ash with half lidded eyes. Everyone in the room could feel the attraction between the two as they danced. Ash smirked as he saw Misty becoming hot and bothered by their dance. He didn’t care who saw them as he moved his right hand down and rubbed her behind for a second before putting it back on her waist.

Back at the table, Mrs. Ketchum watched Misty and her son. She swore she was seeing one of the scenes from one of her romance novels being played out right in front of her eyes. She had to fan herself with her napkin as she saw the steamy dance. When Ash’s hand moved south and Misty didn’t even flinch, but smiled sexily, she gasped. She knew what kind of things the newly engaged couple was doing, hell, Sammy and her were doing the same things. It was just unbelievable to think about her little boy doing them.

The song ended and the couple was greeted with whistles and shouts of “Go Ash!” and “Go Misty!”. Ash grinned, while Misty blushed and hid her face in Ash’s chest in embarrassment. He guided her off the dance floor and they sat back down at the table.

Kasumi, who was sitting next to her, turned to Misty. She put her hand on her shoulder and told her “I didn’t know you had that in you, Misty. “ Misty folded her arms, put them on the table, and rested her head on them.

After a minute, Misty raised her head slightly and looked at Kasumi. She was blushing as she told her “I don’t believe I did that in front of all those people.” Everyone at the table smiled as she continued to ramble. “The music and Ash, I just blocked out everything else.”

Ash watched as Misty talked through her embarrassment. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his mother still trying to catch her breath. He chuckled at that. Misty looked over and asked “What’s so funny?” He shook his head at her and then noticed dinner being put out by the caterers and people getting up. Ash told everyone and they all got up to get their food.

The band began to play soft songs once again as dinner began. Brock, Professor Oak and Rudy volunteered to get drinks for everyone to have with their dinner. When they returned, they ate and talked.

Ash was beginning to wonder when Lance was going to make his announcement. It was almost nine- thirty and he saw no signs of Lance saying anything.

Hotel workers once again cleared their plates and the band’s songs became more upbeat. Misty pulled Ash back out on the dance floor once again, making sure he promised not to dance with her like he had before, unless she started it. He agreed, grudgingly.

Another half-hour passed by before they returned to the table. Everyone at the table had been up at least once, but Ash and Misty were dancing machines. Jessie smiled and asked the couple “Have your feet fallen off yet?”.

They laughed and shook their heads making everyone else at the table laugh. May looked over and saw dessert and coffee being put out. She told the rest of the group and they got up to get dessert. Even as they sat down Jessie still couldn’t get over the small round cakes that were made to look like oranges, they even had a green ‘leaf’ made out of candy sticking out of them. She was even more surprised to find the cake also had orange flavored icing, her favorite flavor.

Ash secretly kept looking at the stage as he ate his cake. He had hoped he’d be able to dance with Misty to the song he requested before Lance made the announcement. As he took a sip of coffee, he saw the band talking to Lance. From what he could tell, they were arguing about something. The female lead singer looked at Ash a couple of times. Eventually, the band won the argument and Lance walked off.

Misty got up and got both her and Ash another cup of coffee. Misty sat down just as another song ended. She took a sip and put down her cup as the band began to talk.

“Earlier tonight, we were asked to play a song special to two people in this room. It tells their story perfectly, and we are honored to sing this song for them. This song is from a movie that came out several years ago, but you’ll remember it as if it came out yesterday.” The female lead singer clipped her microphone to the stand and began to play her keyboard. From the first few notes, Misty immediately knew what song it was and gasped. She turned to Ash and noticed he was standing with his hand extended towards her.

“At the beginning” from the movie “Anastasia” played as they glided across the dance floor. No one else in the room dared to move as the couple danced to the song that told their story. Mrs. Ketchum nearly cried as she had seen Ash talk to the band earlier. Misty was on cloud nine as she danced with him. Her eyes were closed as she laid her head on his chest. The two lead singers smiled at each other as they sung their duet.

As the song ended, Misty looked up and told Ash “Thank you, Ash.” He nodded and brought her back to the table. Everyone at the table was speechless as they returned. Ash was relieved that no one had a comment. As the band’s next song played, the silence at the table was broken and they talked as if they hadn’t just seen one of the most romantic things ever.

After a couple more songs, Lance approached the stage once again. This time the band welcomed him and handed him a microphone.

“Tonight, is the beginning of a new chapter in the story of the Pokemon League. As most of you know, Koga is retiring and Aya will not be taking his place. This means that, of course, a new gym leader must be found. I know you have all heard rumors. In fact, the news on “Wake up, Pummelo! was almost right on the money, but you see they have the wrong person.”

“There was someone else at that restaurant that night. I, on the behalf of the Pokemon League, would like to officially announce that the new gym leader of the Kanto region is none other than Ash Ketchum.” The crowd gasped in shock. “He will be operating the new Pallet Town gym which will start construction next week. All of his accomplishments in the Pokemon world have prepared him for this and I believe he will be a great gym leader. Thank you.”

Lance walked off the stage and smiled at Ash, who nodded back. Ash was worried at the crowds’ reaction to the news. The whole group stayed at the table and talked for a few more minutes before everyone got up to go and talk to some of the other people there.

As Ash and Misty went around the room, they saw that everyone’s reaction to the news was positive, with many saying that it should have happened a while ago. Especially since he nearly defeated Lance.

Ash noticed that the band still played as it turned ten- fifteen. At about ten- thirty, the band announced that the D.J. had a family emergency and couldn’t make it. It wouldn’t be a problem though, as they also knew some more recent songs and would be happy to stay and take requests. Misty was happy at that, as she thought the band was very good.

Noticing she wanted something, Ash said their goodbyes to Prima before pulling Misty off to the side of the room. “Something wrong, Misty?”.

“No. I’m just dying to get on the dance floor again.” Ash smiled, nodded, and guided her back on to the dance floor once again.

They danced on and off for the hour or so. During one slow song, Ash danced with his mom as Misty danced with Professor Oak. Misty also danced with Rudy and Drake. About eleven forty-five, Mrs. Ketchum, Professor Oak, Norman, Caroline, and Max went back up to their rooms.

At the same time many of the older partygoers left as well. Seeing that, the band decided to change their songs up a bit. They had known what kind of songs the D.J. would have played and decided to play some of them. The female lead singer and the guitar player/ backup singer switched places and they began to play.

May was surprised when the band began to play “Breaking the Habit” by Linkin Park. Lucy dragged Brock out to the dance floor as this was her favorite song. They all danced to the now edgier music for the next almost two hours.

Drake came up to the stage as there were still a good hundred and fifty people still there. “I just wanted to come up and thank everyone for coming. Hope you all had a good time.” At the cheers, he continued “I’d like to thank our band, The Midnight Stars, for staying on after the D.J. couldn’t make it.” The crowd cheered one more time. “Now I’ll hand this over to the band for one more song. Thanks again and good night!”

The female lead singer took the microphone from Drake and told the crowd “For this last song, were going to tone it down a bit.” She nodded at the other guys in the band and they began to play. Couples held each other close as the band sang “Jewel Song” by BoA. As the song ended, everyone clapped and the band bowed.

After stopping by to say good night to Drake and Lance, who were talking by the exit, they went to the elevator. As they got to each of their floors, they said their goodbyes to their friends. Ash and Misty would meet Rudy and Kasumi for lunch the next afternoon and meet up with everyone else at about seven to go to the New Year’s Eve party at the restaurant.

When they reached their room, Misty ran to the bed and laid down with a loud “Ahh! I’m glad to finally be off my feet!”

Ash chuckled and followed her into the bedroom. He sat down on the edge of the bed and took off his dress shoes and took off his jacket and his tie after removing the clip. He reached over and removed Misty’s shoes and stockings before rubbing her feet. Misty sighed in relief as he rubbed. After a few minutes, he stopped and got up to get ready for bed.

While Ash was in the bathroom, Misty helped Pikachu with his bowtie, as he was having trouble. When he was done, Ash and Misty switched places. When she came out, she grabbed her camera to see what pictures were taken. She had left it on their table, allowing anyone of the group to use it. The ones Ash had taken in the beginning of the night were first. Then there were random pictures of them all: talking, eating, and dancing.

As she flipped through the pictures, one made her nearly drop the camera. When Ash heard the curse leave her lips, he went to her to see what was wrong. He gasped as he saw the picture. It was during their steamy dance. Someone had taken the picture just as Ash had put his hand on her behind and she smiled back at him.

Misty turned to Ash and asked “Did we really look like that?”. Ash could only shrug his shoulders as he continued to stare at the picture.

She went to pull up the camera’s menu to delete the racy picture when Ash’s hand shot out. “Don’t.” was all he said. She understood him and stopped herself. They flipped through the rest of the pictures, stopping to stare at the picture of them dancing to “At the Beginning” with everyone else on the dance floor staring at them.

They set the alarm for nine, so they could get in a swim in the ocean before meeting Rudy and Kasumi for lunch. Deciding to leave Marill in its Pokeball until the morning, they got in the bed. Pikachu got in between them and after Ash and Misty shared a quick kiss good night, they all fell asleep instantly.

It had been a fun, but exhausting, night. They would remember this night for a long time.