Power Rangers Fan Fiction ❯ Dear Diary ❯ My brother is Bipolar, I SWEAR! ( Chapter 1 )

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Title: Dear Diary
Series: Power Rangers
Rated: PG-13 and might go up.
Warning: OFC
Note: Introducing Jaden Oliver, Tommy's little sister and first technical advisor in Power Ranger history. Spoilers for Green with Evil part 1 to 5 for the moment.
Disclaimer: I do not own the series. I only own Jaden and the idea of this story.
Dear Diary
Chapter 1: My brother is Bipolar, I SWEAR!
LOG #246
Jaden here!
So, we moved to Angel Grove. It's not so bad... I just hope I get to meet great people and make new friends. It's not that I like to be alone, but after all this time, I just want to have at least a friend. In L.A, I didn't have friends because of several reasons and I always hung out with Tommy and his friends... And those guys only tolerate me because of my brother.
So, the reasons I didn't have friends... I'm a girl with WIERD taste (according to some people). I practice martial art, but that's Tommy's fault. I play violin since I can hold one in my hands... But blame it on mom, since she wanted me to learn something that Tommy didn't know. And it seems that each time I get into my little bubble, I play like a genius... Which I don't believe... BUT, the weirdest is that I love computers. I program, build and repair them. Now, the fact I touch three of the high school stereotypes makes people to just ignore me. I don't fit in with the jocks, the artists or the geeks.
Another reason that I might be disregarded would be because I'm shy to a fault. Okay, not exactly... I don't trust people easily, unless Tommy is around. I don't make friends easily either... And yet, I don't get scared if I have to be in a competition or something...
Anyway... The fact that I'm only 10 months younger that Tommy also freaks people out. We're adopted, but the blood test proves we are blood siblings. People wonder how our biologic mom could do it. Wish I knew...
Back to my original thought; we move to Angel Grove. And already Tommy managed to enter a Martial Art competition. I would have done the same thing, but I twisted my left wrist, while I was practicing for it too. MAN! I was so looking forward for this.
Oh well... I better go! I don't want to miss the competition!
A young girl closed her program, secured her computer and left her room. She couldn't wait to see her brother compete today.
Jaden Oliver was probably what you would qualify has the girl next door at first sight; long black hair that was always tied up in a ponytail, chocolate brown eyes and average height for her age group. Her clothing didn't really help to not put her in that stereotype; she usually wore blue jeans with a t-shirt, white running shoes and a black hoodie. Her t-shirts were in all different colors, but today, she chose a green one.
But what made her not so girl was the fact she was a musician, a computer geek and a martial artist at the same time, while she was somehow shy around people she didn't trust. The weirdest combination in one person if it was one.
Jaden ran downstairs of their new house to join her older brother. He was getting ready to leave.
“Wait for me Tom!” she said, jumping off the last few stairs. “I wanna go see the competition!”
“Sure sis,” replied Tommy, turning around. “But man! Wish you could compete today! Your katana routine would have been amazing to see!”
“Don't remind me...” added Jade. “Just wish I didn't twist my wrist...”
“Awww,” said Tommy, hugging her. “You'll get your chance. Don't worry.”
The younger sibling just grumbled while the older one smiled. They left together to where the competition was held; the Youth Center. They could see that many people were already here. Tommy left to change to his fighting gears while Jaden find a spot to watch the competition. So far, the weapon exhibition was going well. She just sighed, if only she hadn't messed up her movement the other day.
She looked around and saw some of the fighters; so far, she could tell that none of them were a match to Tommy, except with the guy who seemed obsessed with the color red. He had a similar build that her brother, but she could tell the guy was more into strength than speed. He was kind of cute, but not really her type. She also noticed he was surrounded by four other people, probably his friends.
She couldn't help to smiled when that group noticed her brother practice and they seemed a little nervous. She knew this was going to be an interesting match.
* Later *
The match was going well and she could tell that if Tommy was going to win, it was going to be a close one. The red guy was almost matching her brother move for move and was at the same level that Tommy with his speed and strength.
`Only a few seconds Tom...' she thought. `You'll win if you keep going.'
But it didn't happen, in the last few seconds, the other guy turned the table around and tied up with Tommy. It ended in a draw, no winner. Jaden just smiled; this was going to give Tommy a competitive edge. She knew that her brother would want to fight the guy again. She past behind the group and heard the conversation between the friends. She couldn't agree more with the Chinese girl about martial arts and found amusing that the girl with the pink cowboy hat found her brother cute. She chuckled a little bit before joining her brother.
“Good match Tom,” said Jaden. “Never expected that you get such a competition.”
“That guy was good,” replied Tommy. “He got me in the last few seconds.”
“Yea,” added Jaden. “No offence Tom, but you could have won this one if you didn't want to rush it.”
“Awww! Come on sis,” said Tommy. “I'm doing fine!”
“Just saying the truth,” replied Jaden, grinning. “And now, hit the showers! I want to see and locate some of the places around here... Especially that medical center since I have to go there after school tomorrow.”
“Sure!” said Tommy. “But you own me some food.”
“Whatever...” replied Jaden, trying to not sound amused.
* Next Day *
She wanted to go back home and crawl in her bed to never get up. So far, she had a horrible morning; she had to make a 2 minutes introduction in her first class about herself. That didn't go so well; she probably already alienated half of the class with her interest. The only thing positive about that was the Chinese girl that was friend with the guy Tommy fought was in that class. And the other class was worst because she made a total idiot of herself when her math teacher got her daydreaming.
Everything had been bad until she saw Tommy make his knight in shining armour appearance to help that girl in pink. She had to laugh at what Tommy did. He had to show off a little. The pink girl looked at me, also amused by the whole situation.
“Bulk and Skull always do that,” said Kimberly. “Oh! By the way, I'm Kimberly. You two are new around here aren't you?”
“Yea,” replied Jaden, calming down. “I'm Jaden, and the knight in shining armour is my brother Tommy.”
“Don't exaggerate Jaden,” said Tommy.
“It's nice to meet both of you,” added Kimberly. “Hey! Would you guys would like to hang out after school. Nothing major... My friends and I usually are at the Youth Center after school.”
“Sure!” replied Tommy.
“I would but I have a medical appointment,” added Jaden, showing her bandaged left wrist.
“Oh! How did you do that?” asked Kimberly.
“Move it wrong during practice,” replied Jaden.
“I see,” said Kimberly. “Well, I'll see you at the Youth Center Tommy. And see you next time Jaden.”
“See you later,” replied Tommy, leaving for his next time.
Jaden waved good bye to Kimberly. She smiled at this; she could tell that Kimberly liked her brother. This always made her laugh in someway. As she walked to her new class, she realized that she hadn't done her usual reaction toward new people; completely shutting them away. She noticed she could trust Kimberly somehow.
She smiled and entered her new class. Her History teacher, Mr McNeil, welcomed her and told her to sit next to Jason. He waved his hand and she recognized him immediately; this was the guy her brother fought the other day. She thanked the teacher and took her seat.
After a few minutes, Jason looked at the girl beside her and decided to talk to her. She seemed to be bored.
“Hey!” whispered Jason. “I'm Jason, and you?”
“Jaden,” she replied, whispering. “Nice to meet you. It's nice to know who my brother fought at the expo.”
“That was your brother?” asked Jason, surprised.
“Yea,” replied Jaden. “You gave Tommy a run for his money.”
“Glad to hear,” said Jason, amused. “By the way, want to hang out after school? Your brother is welcome too.”
“Can't... I have to see a doctor,” replied Jaden.
Jason was about to ask when she shown her left wrist. It was wrapped with an elastic bandage. He just nodded to show her he understood and was about to ask another question when the teacher asked Jason a question.
* Later that day *
She usually hated doctors, but Jaden admitted that Doctor Stein was okay. He had checked her wrist and told her that in two weeks she would be okay to move her arms and that in one month she could be back in action.
She entered home and put off her shoes.
“Jaden, how was your doctor appointment?” asked someone.
Jaden turned around and saw her mother. She smiled at her; Helena Oliver was her adoptive mother, but she liked her just as she was her real one. She was very open-minded and kind person. She also had a passion for music that she gave to Jaden. It was her that taught to play violin.
“Went fine Mom,” replied Jaden. “I can start practicing again in 1 month.”
“That's good to hear,” said Mrs Oliver. “Did you have a good day?”
“Not so bad...” replied Jaden. “Met a few people, Tommy showing off a little...”
“Why am I not surprised by the last part?” asked Mrs Oliver, amused.
“Hey! To Tommy's defence, he just protected a young lady in distress!” replied Jaden, just as amused. “Kimberly was bothered by bullies.”
“Kimberly?” asked Mrs Oliver.
“The girl Tom saved,” simply said Jaden. “Where's Tommy by the way?”
“I thought he was with you...” added Mrs Oliver.
“No... We separate half way,” said Jaden. “I went to the doctor's office and he went to the Youth Center to hang out with Kimberly and her friends.”
LOG #248
Okay, school was okay. I've met Jason, Trini and Kimberly. Somehow, I feel like I can trust them.
Trini was the Chinese girl that cheered up Jason after the Martial Art Expo. She's in some of my classes. She seems to be someone among her friends to be the voice of reasons.
Kimberly... I would qualify as a damsel in distress kind of girl. She's nice and all... And I believe she's going to be a Tommy fan girl soon. She does seem to like my brother.
As for Jason, he's the guy that Tommy fought at the expo. He's in my History and English class. He seems like a leader and a much disciplined guy. I have to admit he's cute.
Both Kimberly and Jason invited me to hang out. Just wished I hadn't that doctor's appointment because of my left wrist. For some reason I was looking out for this. And Tommy was supposed to go there too.
He didn't.
He came home late tonight and I asked how it went. He just brushed me off and told me he would never hang out with a bunch of losers. Okay, I'm putting this in a nice way. He was nasty the entire way he replied and left for his room.
Okay, I swear my brother is either bipolar or someone kidnap him and send us an evil clone!
He's never been this mean to me. What the hell is wrong with him?
To be continued
Author's note: I'm having a lot of fun with this so far. You have to notice that I have to modify how it goes since I'm introducing Jaden in moments that are originally from the show. This fic is actually allows me to rewatch the episodes and all. Hope you guys like it and please review.