Power Rangers Fan Fiction ❯ Dear Diary ❯ Halloween is the Best Time of the Year ( Chapter 6 )

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Title: Dear Diary
Series: Power Rangers
Rated: PG-13 and might go up.
Warning: OFC
Note: Introducing Jaden Oliver, Tommy's little sister and first technical advisor in Power Ranger history. Spoilers for Season 1, episode 26.
Disclaimer: I do not own the series. I only own Jaden and the idea of this story.
Words before I start: I originally wanted something complicated for Jaden, but after a while... I decided for something very simple. Jaden is going to be a witch. And think something a young Minerva McGonagall from HP would wear.
Dear Diary
Chapter 6: Halloween is the Best Time of the Year
LOG #278
I love Halloween. That's pretty simple. I love the fact you can be someone else for 24hours. I love to get candy... Okay, I do have a sweet tooth. I just love to wear a costume and scare people around. It's fun and probably the best holiday of the year! Beside Christmas that is!
Okay, so we are going to help Ernie to decorate the Youth Center for the masquerade. This is gonna be so awesome!
The gang was at the Youth Center, like many other teenagers, to help Ernie to decorate for the upcoming masquerade. Jaden had finish putting a mask on the wall when she saw Zack got distracted by a girl, she just sighed and grabbed what he was holding and help Jason.
“Thanks!” said Jason. “Zack is way too distracted.”
“You don't say,” replied Jaden. “Who's she anyway?”
“That's Angela,” said Jason, putting some of the decorations around the mask he was working on. “She's probably the only girl that can distract Zack that much. He likes her a lot.”
“I see...” she said, helping Jason. “It makes me realize that I don't know some of the people around here, beside you guys.”
“Well, you and Tommy have been here for a few weeks,” added Jason. “So, it's kind of normal.”
She was about to say something when she heard Skull laugh; both Jason and Jaden looked around and laughed too. It seemed that Bulk was again covered by something cross. Jaden was getting the feeling that every time something gross or something that could be smashed in someone face, it was always Bulk that received it on his head. It was like he was a magnet for that kind of thing. She just smiled again and shook her head; count on those two to make a mess.
“Oh man...” said Jason. “Ernie is not gonna be happy.”
“I think he should be used to it after all this time,” added Jaden, grinning. “I mean, with all the mess those two make.”
“True,” replied Jason, laughing. “By the way, what's your costume for the masquerade?”

“Not telling you,” said Jaden, smirking. “It would ruin the surprise.”
For the rest of the time, Jason tried to figure what was Jaden's costume, but completely fail to figure it out. She didn't even let a hint out, not wanting to tell him what was her costume. Jaden had managed to not breath a word, but Jason was getting pretty close when Tommy saved the day, saying that he needed her help back home to complete his costume. They waved good bye to their friend and left the Youth Center.
The ride was quiet between the Oliver siblings, but both of them had huge grins on their faces; Jaden love masquerades and Tommy couldn't wait to finish his own costume. Unlike Tommy, Jaden's costume had been ready for a very long time. It was going to be the second time she was going to wear it; a family friend, back in L.A, had made this for her. Although it seemed like a very simple witch costume, it was the details on the dress that was amazing; it looked like medieval dress. Tommy had dubbed it the Medieval Witch costume for some reason.
They finally arrived at home and both of them went to their rooms. Jaden didn't want to damage the costume so she didn't put it right away, but decided to do her hair in a bump. She didn't like that part of the costume because she hated making bumps. It always took her forever to make it look perfect. After a while, Tommy got in her room and sat on the floor, working on his costume.
“Was Jason bothering you at the Youth Center?” asked Tommy, curious.
“Not really,” replied Jaden, concentrating on her task. “He was just trying to guess what I was going to be for the masquerade. It's fun to let him in the dark.”
“True,” said Tommy. “He would never guess you will be a Witch, even if it's a classic. The poor soul will be drooling when he sees you.”
“Watch it Bro!” warned Jaden. “This witch could turn you into a frog.”
“I don't mind,” replied Tommy, working on some parts of his costume. “I'll just ask a princess to kiss me.”
“You mean you're going to ask Princess Kimberly to do it,” teased Jaden.
“Hey!” yelled Tommy.
“You asked for it,” simply replied Jaden, while finishing her bump. She stared at it and frowned; it was not perfect. She undone it and started again.
“Okay,” said Tommy. “I might have ask for it, but admit it, you're pulling the Medieval Witch to get a reaction out of Jason.”
“Nop,” replied Jaden. “It's because I want to wear this one. And why would I want a reaction out of Jason?”
“Do I need to spell it to you?” asked Tommy, staring at her.
“Bro...” started Jaden.
“For the past few weeks, you have said the same thing,” said Tommy. “But really, you have a crush on him. I mean...”
“Tommy,” cut Jaden. “I don't have a crush on him. Period. He's a good friend, probably the closest one I have in my whole life. I mean... Zack is fun to be around and has a very good sense of humour. With Billy, I can talk about computers all day. Trini is always there to share her wisdom. And Kimberly is sweet, caring and somehow an older sister. But with Jason, it's completely different; I can talk to him without fearing to get laugh at. He completely understands me in so many ways that I always get the feeling I have a second older brother and a best friend in one. He's the only one, beside you, that I completely opened-up and trust that much. You know how difficult it's for me to do that...”
“I know,” replied Tommy. “Does he know?”
“Yes,” finally replied Jaden, finishing her bump. “We talked about it two weeks ago. We both know that the others think we are close. Zack and Kimberly have been wondering if we started dating and all. To be honest, we both like each other, but in a sibling way.”
“Than why not clear it with the others?” asked Tommy.
“Where would be our fun?” asked Jaden back with a grin.
“You have corrupted Jason...” added Tommy.
“Nah!” said Jaden, laughing. “I personally want to see how long it's gonna take the others to figure us out and Jason has his own motive for it.”
“Now I'm scared,” added Tommy.
Jaden couldn't help but laugh. Jason had similar motive than she had found out, but she got the feeling there was something else. If Jason didn't want to say what it was, she would not insist and would found out on her sweet time. She finally was done with the new bump; she was satisfied with it. She turned around and saw that her brother was almost done.
“And Tom, when are you gonna ask Kimberly?” she asked Tommy.
“I don't know...” replied Tommy. “I mean, do I deserve a chance after what happen?”
“Bro, we did go over that a few weeks ago,” said Jaden. “If you need to blame someone, it's Rita. And she likes you and you like her. So why not?”
“Jaden...” started Tommy.
“Okay, I'll stop asking about that,” said Jaden. “Wants some help with the head piece?”
“Yea,” replied Tommy.
Jaden sat down beside her brother and started to help him on the head piece.
* Later that day *
Both Oliver siblings were talking and walking toward the door of the Youth Center when Putties suddenly appeared.
“Uh?” said Tommy.
“What the?” added Jaden.
The Putties surrounded the two of them. Jaden took a step back, her last meeting with those guys, this close, was when she broken her wrist.
“Man, I don't need these party crashers,” said Tommy.
“I thought that after a while, Rita would have learned not to send those after you...” added Jaden.
Tommy was about to say something when the Putties attacked. They had, for a few moments, an upper hand on her brother. Jaden decided to give a hand to him and got into the fight, kicking and punching some putties. She was happy, for once, that her wrist was okay and she was a good martial artist like her brother.
After a while, with both of them teaming up against the Putties and getting the upper hand, they disappeared. Jaden was annoyed because and was about to ask if Rita really wanted to ruin the day again when Tommy's communicator went off.
“Tommy, Jaden, come in,” Said Zordon.
“We read you Zordon,” replied Tommy.
“Tommy, your fellow Power Rangers are in trouble,” said Zordon. “You must join them immediately. Jaden, you are needed in the Command Center.”
“Right,” replied Tommy. “I'm out of here.”
“Be there in few seconds Zordon,” added Jaden, before grabbing both bags and teleported to the Command Center.
When she arrived, she quickly saw what was going on. A Frankenstein monster was trashing the Megazord like it was a simple toy. Jaden winced; it really looked like Tommy's costume. She put the bags down and joined Alpha.
“Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye! This is not good! They have activated the emergency power supply!” said Alpha.
“Crap! That might not be enough!” replied Jaden. “If they get hit a few more times like that before Tommy shows up, it won't be pretty!”
“You're right!” added Alpha. “Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye!”
“Alpha, I might be right, but I know Tommy is gonna make it in time,” said Jaden. “He's not the type to let them down.”
The second she said that, The Dragonzord appeared and saved the Megazord. The team up battle started well, until the monster got a hold of the Dragonzord's tail and tossed him around. Jaden winced; that was not good for the Megazord. It was child's play for the Frankenstein monster. Jaden looked at the current readings; if they didn't do something quick it was not going to be pretty.
“Jason... You better do something and quick...” whispered Jaden to herself.
It took a few minutes before the fight changed; the Megazord turned into MegaDragonzord. Now it was child play for the rangers. She could breathe a little easier, but she knew that she would have to think of something for the Megazord with Zordon, this had been a close call.
“That was close!” said Alpha.
“You don't say...” added Jaden. “I don't think we can afford close calls like this anymore. I mean, they had to activate the emergency power supply for this monster. I could understand if it was Goldar they were fighting, but this is a mere lackey we are talking about!”
“I understand your concern Jaden,” said Zordon. “We will think of something.”
“Agree,” replied Jaden. “I might have to talk with Billy on this one too. I think if we all work on this, we'll figure something.”
“That's a great idea!” said Alpha. “Should we go back to the Masquerade?”
“Uh? We?” asked Jaden.
“I was there too before Rita attacked,” replied Alpha.
It took a few minutes for Jaden to completely imagine Alpha in a costume party, full of teenagers. She shook her head and chuckles; of course Alpha would fit in. No one would guess he's a real robot; everyone would think it was a costume.
“Sure Alpha. Let's go!” said Jaden, grabbing her bag with her brother's before teleporting with Alpha.
They arrived quickly at the Youth Center, where Tommy was waiting for both of them. Jaden just gave Tommy his bag and they said goodbye to Alpha, running to join the others. They joined the others while they were looking around, proud of what they had done to Rita's monster. It was Trini who noticed them.
“Hey Tommy! Hey Jaden! Where are your costumes?” asked Trini.
“I got it right here” replied Tommy, patting his bag. “We'll go change. Hold on.”
“Yeah,” said Jaden. “Me too.”
Both Oliver siblings left the group quickly for the lockers. Jaden changed quickly and was about to put her hat on when she noticed that her bump was messed up. She sighed; it most had happened when she was fighting the Putties earlier. She groaned when she remembered that she only brought her brush, nothing else, with her. On a quick decision, he quickly undone the bump and brushed her hair, leaving it like that. She hated to not attach in some kind of way, but she really didn't want to redo the bump right now. She noticed that her hair was now reaching the middle of her back. She frowned; she really needed a haircut soon.
“You're done?”
She turned around and saw that Tommy was ready. She couldn't help but smirk.
“Done,” said Jaden. “You realize that you look like the monster you guys just fought, right?”
“Kind of noticed it since it gave me the idea for the final touches,” replied Tommy, amused. “What happened to the bump?”
“It was loose and I don't have the time to redo it so...” said Jaden.
He wanted to say something about how Jason would react, but decided against it. She had made a point earlier about what she felt toward Jason. It was obvious that she didn't want to go over that again.
“Let's go,” said Jaden, smirking.
They arrived in the party and saw that the regular bullies were bothering Alpha. Jaden sighed and was about to say something when Tommy started to growl like the monster he was personifying. Everyone turned around, scared when Tommy put off the head piece and started to grin like an idiot. Jaden was chuckling beside him; their faces were priceless.
“The Frankestein gave me some ideas to put some final touches on my costume,” Said Tommy. “So what do you think?”
“Quite believable Tommy,” replied Tommy.
“You look great in grey,” added Kimberly, smiling.
“Taking the way you react, I think it is believable,” said Jaden. “You guys should have seen your faces.”
“Sis!” warned Tommy.
“What? I did tell you about it before we got in,” said Jaden, smirking.
While the two siblings had a friendly argument, Jason looked at Jaden. First thing he noticed was the dress. It was one thing to see her in a dress, considering she never wore one, and how it fit her from the dark purple color to the shape of the dress that hug some of her curves. And after it was that her hair was loose. No wonder she didn't want to say something about the costume.
“Jaden, you look great!” said Kimberly. “Where did you get the dress?”
“One of my mom's friends made it for me a few years ago,” replied Jaden. “It's one of the few costumes I got that I love so much.”
“You don't say,” said Zack grinning.
Jaden was about to ask Zack why the grin when she noticed Jason's expression. She knew she would have to talk with him about this again.
“Okay everybody! Time to announce the winner for the costume contest!” announced Ernie, walking near the group. “And the blue ribbon goes too... Whoever you are.”
He putted it on Alpha, who got a round of applause from everyone, except from Bulk and Skull.
“You're kidding right?” asked Bulk, pissed off.
“Who's the mystery winner?” asked one of the girls that were hanging with Alpha since they came in.
“I'm about to find out myself,” said Bulk. “Skull! Give me a can opener!”
“There you go,” replied Skull, handing the can opener.
Jaden was amused about this, just like Kimberly and Trini. He knew this was not gonna end pretty for the two resident bullies, knowing their karma.
“It's a mystery that would remind unsolved,” said Alpha. “Sorry ladies!”
With that, Alpha left, followed by his fangirls and the two bullies, wanting to know who he was under the costume. The group just laughed at the situation.
“Why do I get the feeling something bad is gonna happen to those two?” asked Jaden, amused.
“Maybe it's because they ask for it most of the time,” answer Kimberly.
“The possibility that something happens to Bulk and Skull is 90%,” added Billy.
“Forget that I ask than,” said Jaden, smirking.
They laughed again. After a while, they decided to enjoy the rest of the party. Zack decided to go and just dance, while Kimberly and Trini chat. Billy walked around and talked with some of the others intellectuals while Tommy, after a while, joined Kimberly and Trini. Jaden was observing the party when she felt someone's hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw it was Jason.
“Nice costume,” he said, smiling.
“Thanks,” she replied. “So... Why the silence when you saw me at first?”
“To the point I see,” said Jason, amused.
“Yea,” replied Jaden, equally amused. “Well?”
“You are stunning in this costume,” said Jason, serious. “And it is the first time I see you in a dress, so I was surprised.”
“You realize that Zack thought you were actually checking me out?” asked Jaden.
“Can you blame him?” asked Jason in return. “They all think that we either dating or that I have a crush on you.”
“Can't blame them on that one,” answered Jaden, still amused. “Good thing I set Tommy straight earlier.”
“Really? Tommy thought that we were dating?” asked Jason, surprised.
“Not dating, but that we have a crush on each other,” said Jaden.
They didn't talk for a few minutes before they laughed at the situation. Jaden than told Jason about Tommy's reaction and what he had said about Jaden corrupting Jason, which gave Jason another good laugh. They kept talking until the party was over.
Author's note: So sorry about being this late! Life got in the way! And I have to say, this chapter is just in time for Halloween!!! Please enjoy and review!