Pretear Fan Fiction ❯ Himeno, Princess of Disaster ❯ Tainted Hearts ( Chapter 1 )

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Himeno awoke to the sun shinning through her blinds, she gently smiled as memories from the night before arose. "We. . .did. . .it. . ." Her tears flowed down her soft rosie cheeks, as she held herself. "It's all over, The Princess of Disaster is gone. . .for good." She walked out on to her balcony and watered her flowers. "Oh mom you would of been so proud of me. . ." She glanced over the balcony for a moment, as she noticed her father being gloomy.

Himeno leaped over the balcony rail, and landed on top of her father. "Oh thanks dad for catching me!" She said with a vibrant smile as her father laid twitching on the ground. "N-N-No problem Himeno. . ." "So Dad what's wrong? Did you run out of clay, so now you can't make hideous art figures anymore?" Himeno said as she sat next to her father as she laid her head upon his shoulder. "So really what's wrong?" She said as she closed her eyes to block the sun out. "Hayate quit. . .Now who am I going to talk with when I eat my lunch." It felt like a dagger had been plunged into her heart. *Hayate. . .* She got up without a moments hesitation and ran to the Leafe Knights apartment.

To her dismay the door was ajar, the place had been wiped clean. Only a piece of paper laid out on the counter. Her soft voice trembled as she read it. *Hayate. . .Sasame. . .Goh. . Kei. . .Mannen. . .Hajime. . .Shin. . .Why have you left me. . .* Himeno ran out the room, as she held onto the piece of paper. *Go to where I first met him! Go to the park near school!* Himeno turned the corner and tackled a man from behind. "HAYATE! HAYATE! HAYATE!" She screamed as her tears finally fell from her eyes. "Um. . .Excuse me but do I know you?" She looked up and saw that it wasn't him, and felt so embarrassed. "Um. . .Um. . .Um. . .Well. . .See. . .Um" She heard a sigh come from behind her as someone picked her up off the guy she was crushing. "Hayate. . ."

"I'm sorry sometimes she forgets to take her meds. . .Isn't that right Himeno?" She ignored him as she looked into his eyes. "Hayate. . .Why?. . ." He sat her down as they walked away. "Are job is done. . .We're no longer needed. . ." "Hayate! You know that isn't true! I need you and the rest of the leafe knights! Please don't leave me. . .Please." Hayate turned his head the other way as he avoided looking her in her eyes. "Himeno I'm sorry. . ." Hayate said as he vanished. Himeno fell to the ground clutching her sides. Himeno could feel everything slip away from her, her vision went blurry as she only had one thought in her mind. The thought of hate. The hate she felt towards everything, wishing to bring people the pain and agony she was feeling.

As she laid on the ground unconceince her mind still dwelling on what just happened. "Hayate. How I loathe you Fenryl was right. . .You only use the Pretear until the job is done. . .Then you get up and leave. . .Like nothing happen." A voice could be heard whispering faster and faster. "Destroy, Destroy, Destroy Them All! Destroy, Destroy, Destroy Them All! Destroy, Destroy, Destroy Them All!" Faster and faster this voice sung in her head. "Himeno felt a serge of power run through her whole body. "Why should I care what happens to this pitiful planet? Destroy them all, destroy all the happy couples all the people that believe in love, and all the plants. . .I need leafe. . ." Himeno laughed coldly.

Himeno awoke a few moments later, she sat up to see people standing over her murmuring things about is she okay. "Oh no dear don't try and move." A man said as he put his hand on Himeno's shoulder. She gave a low growl as she stood up and pushed the people out her way. She walked back to the mansion, and sat by the water fountain where she first met the rest of the leafe knights. "I don't want this anymore. . .Take my power and make it as dark as the night sky. . .turn my blood as cold as snow. . .give me the power of darkness. . .to destroy all that is. . .An turn it into whatever I please. . ." The clouds turned dark as Himeno's body became as light as a feather, and ascended into the ominous clouds. The Leafe Knights ran into the garden as they realized they was to late. Himeno had been engulfed in hatred for the world she once loved with great passion.

AN: I hope you like the first chapter, much love to Larania for letting me use her picture.